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Oh My Oh My Oh My

Uh Oh

October 27th 2011 10:59 pm
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I’m almost back to my normal self YAY!!! However, I heard meowmy complaining that I’m channeling Sammy. Never met Sammy, he was already an angel by the time I came here but meowmy was saying I’m an awful lot like him. That can’t be bad right? because she loved Sammy.

Today though something wonderpurrl happened! I was sitting in front of the screen door and I saw the most enchanting bug flying around! Oh my it was beautiful it was. I just couldn’t help myself, I tried to go after it and guess what? The screen just opened up and there I was on the patio! But you know what? Before I could figure out what happened, there was meowmy, picking me up and bringing me back inside! Then she closed the big glass door!

I’m thinking she wasn’t very happy about my mini adventure and she was complaining that it was hot and that’s our only way to get air inside cuz it’s not hot enough for the a/c. She went away and came back with some big thing. I heard her say something about charging up the screw driver and tomorrow she’s going to put up some kind of guard. Wonder what she’s talking about … I hope it means we can open up the big glass door so we can smell the outside again. Maybe I can trick the guard into letting me out this time when meowmy isn’t sitting right there!

Oh my, I think it’s time for my mummification :-o


Getting Better Every Day!!

October 26th 2011 11:05 pm
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First I’d like to thank Diary Gal for making me Diary of the Day! And thanks to all my furiends for the gifties and comments. I am *ahem* humbly grateful hehehehe

All that yucky stuff seems to be working! Meowmy says I’m back to my normal self. Not sure what she means by that. I’m not supposed to try and steal everyfurs food cuz they’re not as fast as me? I’m not supposed to counter surf? I’m not supposed to jump around and try to trip meowmy when she’s putting down our food? I’m just a happy little guy though for some reason I’m still getting all those yucky medicines. Something about using it all up?

But today, meowmy says I was purrty good about the mummification so when she went upstairs to clean the yucky eye and nose off I followed her. We have a special bathroom bond now you know. She thought I was sooooooo cute she smiled and said, “OK, Way Way, you were a good boy.” Then she went and got out the treats! You can bet I followed her back to the bathroom! Oh yummers. I guess being sick’s not so bad after all if it means I get extra treats!


Still Being Tortured!

October 25th 2011 10:52 pm
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I forgave meowmy for making me endure such torture yesterday. When she woke up I was sleeping next to her. Before she would feed me, she made me take some yucky medicine but I was really good! When we went to get fed, I was all excited and even jumping around but when she put my food down, I just looked at her with sad sad eyes. So, she got out the can food and we went up to the bathroom! But I still wouldn’t eat. So then she mummified me and gave me those extra yucky eye and nose drops. Torrrrrrrrrrrrturrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!!! Then meowmy, Toby and me got our steaming. Meowmy says we’re gonna have the best pores in town hehe

I wasn’t real happy when she mummified me again in the afternoon but meowmy says I’m breathing through my nose and hardly any sneezes so I guess I should forgive her. By dinner time I was ready to eat! I ate everything she gave me and for once she let me clean up all the other bowls too! And I couldn’t wait for treat time and I gobbled up everything in sight! I’m feeling sooooooooooo much better but I think meowmy’s not done with the torture yet *sigh* I think she’s getting ready to mummify me again and she keeps finding my hiding places!


Purrlease Help Me!!!! I'm Being Torturted!!!

October 24th 2011 11:12 pm
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I just want to say being sick sucks. My nose is stuffy and meowmy says it’s blowing bubbles :-o Meowmy’s been making me stay in the bathroom with the shower running because she says steam is good :-o At least she stays with me and she’s been giving me more can food so now I’m eating in the bathroom too :)

Today she took me to see the vet. I was not happy and it was a long, long wait and there were lots of doggies. You know, those doggies smell funny oh wait I couldn’t tell. Finally we went into a room. I weigh 11.46 pounds hehe They took my temperature oh my I was not too happy about that! I got a shot too, but that wasn’t too bad.

Then when we got home, meowmy figured I was tired enough she could put in some of my medicine. I don’t mind the eyedrops so much but then she tried to put stuff up my nose! What’s with that?

Tonight she figured she’d better wrap me up in a towel. Well, I wasn’t pleased with that and so I did a pee pee on the couch and on the towel. It didn’t work, she kept at it till I was wrapped up and then she put those drops in my eyes and in my nose again! Tomorrow meowmy says is going to be even more fun because she has to put yucky stuff in my mouth too!

I also heard meowmy say there’s going to be a lot of laundry by the end of this week and she wonders if she should bother getting dressed what with yucky stuff in my mouth twice a day and even yuckier stuff in my eyes and nose three times a day! Maybe all that steam will keep her clean :)

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