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Helen's Haverings

I'm Still Here!

November 23rd 2013 7:30 pm
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A month ago, when Mom wrote my diary, she really thought I was gonna journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I was more sick than anyone knew. I was coughing and gasping for breath ALL the time. I was a sad little cat and had no fun in my life. She had taken me to see what we thought was going to be a cat respiratory specialist. But Texas A&M goofed up and i had an appointment with a dog pancreas specialist instead. The dog pancreas specialist did one totally smart thing, and put me on a lung medicine. This medicine helped me a LOT, but only for short periods of time (6-7 hours.)

BUT, the good news is, Mom kept giving it to me long enough for me to last until the cat lung specialist came back from his vacation. The medicine didn't make me well, but it kept me from dying. And then I went to see the actual cat lung specialist two weeks ago and he changed my medicine around. I wrote about that in my diary.

SO here's the update: I haven't coughed or gasped for breath in TWELVE days!!!! We're not sure if it's the small change in the type of prednisone. or the course of antibiotics I took that's made me better. (That stuff was GROSS!) But Mom hasn't thought I should go to the Bridge in FIFTEEN days! I still have irreversible advanced lung damage, but I'm doing very well right now. Mom says I'm living on the edge of the Bridge, but I've got all four paws firmly on solid ground for now.

And I play again now! Mom doesn't have to play quiet games secretly with the boys anymore! If I hear any gaming going on, I'm THERE! Mom is so happy, she's kissing me ALL the time. She even comes in the Girl Cave at night to kiss me good night. And I purr for her. I've never been much of a purr-er, but I know she fought really hard for me, and I love her because of that. And we BOTH love Dr. August, the lung dude. He's our hero!


My Not-So-Big and B-I-G Adventures

November 6th 2013 3:48 pm
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I went to college again today. I go to Texas A&M. It's a good school, but I hate it. It's a million miles away from our house, and it takes FOREVER to get there. Today was a pretty good trip, tho, because I got to learn about windshield wipers. They are pretty awesome. I recommend all cats get to know windshield wipers. They'll really keep your attention.

I finally got to meet Roger's pal, the august Dr. August. He's a cool dude! He's very calm and really gets me! He looked at all the videos of me coughing and my CAT scan. They did a fresh chest Xray and some lab work. He said I have advanced irreversible lung damage. We're gonna try a different medicine regimen to see if I can live a better life.

After the visit, Dr. August walked us out to the car. Mom took me out of the stroller and was gonna put me in the car. But I had other ideas, so I made a run for it. I got under the car! I crawled up inside the front of the car. I was SAFE! Dr. August was crawling on the ground looking for me. Then he called in reinforcements of younger more agile people than he and Mom. Some other doggie owners came over to help too. One dude named Jayton, who's a third year vet student, got under the car with me. He and I had a talk. He told me there was nowhere else to run, and it was wet and cold and would mess up my fur. So I let him grab me and he handed me to Dr. August. They stuffed me in the car, and they all hugged as tho they had won. Then Mom and I drove home.

So now, I'm not talking to Mom. And I'll be starting new meds tonight. I'm not destined to live a real long time like Boomer, but we're gonna make the most of whatever time I have, and enjoy all my friends and love them back every bit as much as they love me.


I'm Still Pretty!

October 27th 2013 7:20 pm
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I'm sick, but I'm still pretty.
I have really bad azma.
I cough and wheeze and struggle to breathe every day.
I have had heart tests and tummy tests and chest tests.
I even had a CAT scan; That's a dumb test.
All you need to do is LOOK at me, and you'll see I'm a CAT.
All of the tests, of course, show that I'm pretty.
But they also showed I have VERY bad azma.
I've been on every medicine and have shown some response to the ones I'm on right now.

Mom stayed home with me ALL weekend, except for 4 hours.
I have to have medicine every 8 hours to do my best.
But Mom works, so it's hard to dose me every 8 hours.
Mom's gonna see if there's a form of the medicine that can be dosed every 12 hours.
But even WITH the medicine, I cough with any exertion.
Mom tried to give me inhaled treatment, but I fought so hard I exhausted myself.
I was so sick after that that Mom almost had me journey yesterday.
So we're not gonna do that anymore, 'cause it made my breathing WAY worse.

I don't have much joie de vivre. (That means joy of life)
But the boys are being nice to me, and not biting me anymore.
As long as I'm stable, I'll get to stay here.
But we just cannot tell how long that's gonna be.

Thank you all for all your love and concern for me.
Mom and I are trying our hardest to get me stable.
If I have more days like today, I might be around for a LONG time!
But no matter what, I'm still gonna be pretty!


I decided not to write very much in my diary

February 11th 2013 5:44 pm
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My last diary was almost a year ago. I think the boys like writing better than I do, so I'm gonna write this diary and then probably not write very much after this. I'm gonna tell you a lot about ME!

First of all, I'm pretty.
I'm a tiny little thing, and I'm pretty.
My eyes are very green, which makes me pretty.
I don't meow, I trill, but I'm pretty.
I'm not very smart, but I'm pretty.
I'm braver than the boys, but mainly, I'm pretty.
I am a relentless hunter, and I'm pretty.
The boys pick on me because I'm pretty.
I let Mom pet me because I know it's not possible for her NOT to, because I'm pretty.
I'm not vain, because I really am pretty.

That is all!
Bye, I'll be back if I think of something else that needs to be said!


I've about had it...

April 29th 2012 5:12 pm
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I get picked on a LOT in this house. Roger harasses me constantly, and there are huge clumps of my gorgeous fur all over the house.

But yesterday, the worst thing of ALL happened. I had carefully saved some poopies in my floofy pantaloons. I did it because Roger always smells my butt, so I wanted to really freak him out.

Well, Mom found out I was hiding it and she got a scissors and CUT it out! Now my pantaloons are unbalanced! I was MAD! I still AM mad!

I'm not the brightest bulb in the factory, so I've always relied on my beauty. Now, I am unbalanced. Unbalanced is unbeautiful. I am now officially o r d i n a r y.



I'm a hooker!?!

September 21st 2011 8:43 pm
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Last week I had blood in my poopies. So guess where I went? The v e t of course. They hurted me real bad and stole my poopies. What is it with these guys stealing our poopies?

So they gave me some Auntie Bii Otics. The blood went away, and I felt better. Mom can tell when I don't feel good because I don't cover my poopies, but I have been covering this week.

So today they called and said there was medicine waiting for me. Mom said "medicine for what?". They told her the name, and she had never heard of it. So she said she needed to talk to the doctor.

The doctor said my poopies had hookworm eggs in it! That's what they get for stealing it! But now I have to take MORE medicine. There is one consolation. Roger has to take it too!!!

I should stop being a hooker by Saturday! YAY!!! I hope Newman likes this story!


It's My Birthday. And an intellectual breakthru!

August 14th 2011 2:09 pm
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Today is my birthday. I have no idea what that means, because this is my first birthday. All I know is Mom is kissing me a lot and giving me special foods. I like that! Maybe I'll have another birthday tomorrow!

On the intellect front, I had a BREAKTHRU! Mom was unpacking a bunch of boxes and one of them was lying on it's side. Mom picked me up and put me in the box. And I figured out how to get OUT! ALL BY MYSELF! Mom was very proud of me, AND surprised!

I'm a genius! And I'm ONE! (One what??)


It's official. I'm dumb.

July 13th 2011 3:52 pm
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Mom has had a hard time deciding what color I am. She finally decided I am blond with black highlights.

Mom has suspected for quite a while that I am not the brightest bulb in the factory. That's because, when I am out on the lanai, and Mom leaves the door ajar, I don't have enough sense to push it open. But that door is kind of heavy, so Mom was giving me the benefit of the doubt that I may have tried and failed when she wasn't looking.

But last night, mom went to bed. I wasn't there, but Mom figured I was watching the late night bird show. At about 3 AM Roger was bugging Mom, so she put him in the hall and closed the bedroom door. She said: "go sleep with Helen". Roger was back in just a couple minutes, crying and crying. That's not like him, so Mom got up. Roger raced to the laundry room/office, and as they approached, I was trilling and trilling.

I was locked in the laundry room, because I had followed Mom in there last night. BUT, the door was ajar. And it's a hollow, very lightweight door. All I had to do to get out was pull on the door about 2 inches and I would have been free. But I waited until Roger found me and got Mom.

After she let me out, she's patted my head and said: "Awwww, sweetie, you're just stupid, aren't you?".

I guess I am. :(

Or maybe I'm just blonde! :)


I'm Fuming!

June 24th 2011 4:02 pm
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I am SO sick of hearing "Roger this" and "Roger that". Roger has ringy-dingy. Roger has crypto-dipto. Roger, Roger, Roger.

So what do you think happened today? ANOTHER vet visit. But this time I had to go! Now that ROGER has crypto-dipto, I have to be tested! How wrong is THAT?

They almost drownded me in alcohol and sucked out about a gallon of my blood. They looked at my teeth and said I'm a nice girl. (DUH!) I'm bulking up for my fights with that pest. My weight skyrocketed from 5.7 to 6.3 pounds. That twerp will NOT get the best of ME!

Girls, is life with boys ALWAYS like this?


I Have Something to Say

June 23rd 2011 4:15 pm
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Roger is a pest.

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