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The life of 2 Clinic Cats

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Happy Mothers day!

May 7th 2011 2:14 am
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yes, we know we don't really have a mother. But since we are missing out on it we thought we'd thank all of our furiends' mothers for taking such great care of them, because of them you guys are our best furiends!

The last shift with the food provider was not too exciting. There was a kitten there that had been there since Monday. It was pretty sick, congested lungs, watery eyes/nose. The food provider forgot to check what happened to the little kitten tonight, she said she hopes the kitten got better enough to go home but... she's not sure.

The food provider took some more video's of us on her last shift. We posed all nicely and played with the 'red dot' (laser pointer) for the camera. Although the food provider apologized to us that she hasn't been able to edit it because her video editor isn't any good, she wants to go out and buy one. Since It may be a little while we have decided to put the possum video up, we're not sure if it's working yet though. We'll have to check later on today... hope your excited, they're so cute.

Today was another interesting day! MOL, we keep getting exciting stories to tell!! A doggy came in, she swallowed a small tennis ball!!! It was a cute black lab, and swallowed one of those small doggy tennis balls. The staffs had to make him sick to get the tennis ball back... poor doggie but she was feeling fine after, although to be honest I don't think he really cared that she swallowed it in the first place! If you know any doggies be sure to tell them not to inhale toys. It isn't very fun for them. Although maybe some of you have eaten something too that didn't go down right, we've heard on kitties eating elastics, strings, and a bunch of other fun stuff. Any of you have stories of eating things?

Another doggie is supposed to be coming in who ate a needle!! How scary! They may have to do an endoscopy, do you kitties know what that is? It is where they stick a camera down into you and retrieve what is stuck. This method is used if it is too dangerous to pass on its own or come up from being forced sick. The food provider is going to miss it, she is disappointed because she hasn't seen one done at our clinic. She said she has seen a few before though, one being a fishing hook which is sort of similar. Anyways if that is what happens then that will be fun for us to watch.

Also there was a kitty brought in. The lady said she found her 2 months ago and was trying to find his old home or find him a new home.
But in the mean time found out she was pregnant. She paid for a c-section the other day for the babies. Now the mommy is sick and she can't afford any more.
We took them and will be sending them to the shelter in the morning.. There were 4 kittens. The food provider was worried that if the mommy kitty doesn't make it for some reason then what would happen to the kittens, she has heard rummer that if no one wants to care for the kittens that bad things might happen to them. So she is telling the shelter that she is willing to foster if needed. That way if something happens there is no reason for the kittens to get hurt.
We are so proud to call her our food provider. Only time will tell if they take her up on her offer though. But wouldn't that be fun!?! And she said she'd have to take them to work because she needs to be feeding them all the time, how exciting would that be for us! We'd get to see them grow up to be strong healthy kittens.

Anyways thats about all the excitement for tonight. We are so glad you guys are enjoying our diary's.

We are happy to have you all as furiends ♥.


A Pawsome Night!

May 3rd 2011 10:53 am
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We had another interesting night tonight!! The food provider got in right after our new 'play things' arrived. They made really weird noises.. they were really interesting, but didn't catch our attention quite as much as those cute ducklings the other day. The food provider came in wondering what was in, when she asked the staff they said some Joey's came in. (the food provider just looked up the word for them; they can also be called a kit, or a kitten - who knows why..)

**Simon. When the Joey's got put away I took the responsibility of keeping an eye on them for a while. I was up on the counter leaning off the edge trying to get a better look to see if they were all right. I stayed there for a good hour after they arrived.

**Tony. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of things I got locked in the back room and no one noticed. Or maybe it was planned... But the food provider let me out. One of the kitties in the cages kept hissing at me when I was passing or when I looked at him. Just to see what he'd do I went right up to the cage. He just hissed at me again, MOL he couldn't do anything else about it. Although the staff told me to go away from him, and threatened to lock me away again; so I decided not to bother him anymore.
The Joey's were cool, but I didn't pay that much attention to them. Except when the food provider was taking them out one by one trying to feed them. I got a good close up look then, and I stuck around until the food provider put them all away again.

**The Food Provider. Are you waiting in suspense to find out what Joey's are?? I know I would be, or I would have looked it up by now. A Joey is another name for baby possums. Yes, Possums!! Their momma got hit my a car, and when the driver went to look, these 7 little guys came out of hiding. I took some good pictures and video's too. I'll try get the pictures up later today but the video may take a little longer... I'd like to edit it, and won't have much time.


The food provider brought a video camera to the clinic today, we asked her to bring it so that we could post a video here on Catster. Who knew it would come in handy for something else too. We can now put a video together with us and our little furry visitors. We hope your looking forward to it as much as we are!!

A kitty came in with a bad runny nose and eyes, and congested lungs. They came with a taxi so the staffs decided to call someone to stay with the kitty for the day while the clinic is closed so that she doesn't need to come back and pick her kitty up so soon. (Pick up would have been only 3 hours after she left and would have had to be transfered to their clinic). Since the kitty needs to be hospitalized it works out well because it can just stay for the day and over night again without the stressful traveling.

Usually we are locked away during the day because of the alarms but maybe since there will be someone here maybe we'll be able to hang out around the clinic today.
Then the food provider is back again tonight!! Yay!

Purrr, puurrrrr, Meoowww...

Simon and Tony


busy night at the clinic!

April 30th 2011 2:26 am
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Someone brought in some 'snacks' for us to play with tonight. Unfortunately the food provider locked them away in a cage just to tease us.

**Tony: I kept trying to get up to the cage to have a closer look but my staff wouldn't let me. The food provider is so cruel not to let us have them... She called them ducklings and said they didn't want to play with us. Said they were gonna be sent off and released back into the wild. I think they'd like it better here with me.

The food provider bought a little red dot for us to play with too. She said it was cheap and she's not sure how long it will last... It wasn't very bright either. We were more interested in the little flashlight then the dot on the floor.

The clinic's drier is broken so for the last week whenever they are drying laundry the staff locks us away because the drier hose needs to go out the door. They think we'll sneak out, we don't think they have enough trust in us... maybe for good reason, MOL.

We met a great big stray dog today. He was a German shepherd cross. He was 130lbs, wow so big! He was so friendly, he came up to us and introduced himself. He said his owners didn't tattoo him or microchip him. He said he'd always wanted his own collar with his name on it, but now that he's lost its up to his parents to find him back.

The food provider said we probably shouldn't talk about owned animals too much because its supposed to be confidential...
But maybe we'll give some neutral stories with no names now and then.

The only kitty in today was in for a drainage tube removal, he had a bit of a fever so he wasn't feeling too well.
There was a beautiful GDV(bloat) dog, the doggy was getting older though and had been through a lot so unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him. RIP GDV dog, see you on rainbow bridge.

Just said bye to the food provider. The overfeeder has taken over for her. We'll see the food provider again on monday, we'll have all night to play with the red dot then :).


Life at an Animal Emerg.

April 29th 2011 12:18 am
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I am tempted to call myself mom since I am so used to doing so, although in this case I am not really a mom or owner. I am more of a partial care taker of Simon and Tony. All the Vet Assistants I work with take care of the kitties equally.

We love having the cats around, and they know how to get attention from us. Which includes sitting on our files as we work, or rubbing against us as we are typing out our files.

Because there are multiple care takers it is hard to get an agreement with everyone on how much they are being fed. They are getting pretty chubby. Simon is 18lbs and Tony is about 14lbs. I am planning on starting a system to make sure everyone is feeding the right amount of food, plus recording their weights each week.

Unfortunately I don't have a say in what food they are being fed. I myself would prefer feeding a more natural diet, but the clinic gets discount on the veterinary diets...

We have just discovered that Simon and Tony love chasing lights. I suppose this should be obvious but since this is a clinic we don't carry around laser pointers or anything. I am planning on buying a kitty Laser Pointer and bringing it to work tomorrow. Maybe we'll continue to do this to help them loose some chubs too ;).

Anyways, just like Stewie's diary I will let Simon and Tony do the rest of the posts. I Just wanted to start it off for them to give you some background info. I may add a note here and there; since I can't really say that I'm their mom I suppose I'll go by.. 'the food provider'.

I will be working tomorrow night so we'll have them start their diary then :).

Ta Ta, I am off. Have lots of paper work to do!

The food provider, Simon & Tony

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