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The life of 2 Clinic Cats

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I scared the dog lady!! MOL!!

April 17th 2012 2:31 am
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Mol, we had a puppy come in tonight who got into chocolate - the staff thought he was super cute! Of course cats are so much cuter then dogs so they were probably just trying to make him feel better. If it was a cat on the other hand it would be another story, mol.

For any of you who live in a dog family, we can't stress enough not to let your dogs near chocolate (unless of course your trying to get back at them), but for cats too, although we are usually smart that way. This dog got into a bag of chocolate kisses (mixed with almonds), the owners did not know how much she got into, and turns out she got into a lot more then the owners thought. Plus she puked up some fabric as well!!! Where did that come from? Dogs are weird aren't they?!

Anyways back to the title subject. The owner is a new dog owner, and as I always do I came to her asking for pets. She started backing away freaking out, Mol. I guess she isn't a cat person. Anyways it was pretty funny, it was well worth the cage time for the rest of their visit, hehehe.

Haha, plus when they came in they saw tony curled up in his bed up front. They asked if he was real!!

There was a cat yesterday who was sick. Once the owners left he stepped up his game and went into aggressive cat mode. Tips for future reference, if you don't want the vet to touch you hiss, growl, and bite them. They won't touch you unless they really have too! Although the downside of this plan is, it makes everything they do seem worse and they make you go off into lala-catnip-land!! It may sound nice but after witnessing it second hand you should know they get away with a lot when you are in catnip land. So follow these instructions at your own risk.

We've had a few bunnies come in in the last few days, I guess they are a little late for Easter, mol. We don't get bunnies here too often, I think we've had two bunnies and a guinea pig as well in the last week.

Anyways, OVER AND OUT.
-- & Tony


Life gets interesting around here!

February 25th 2012 2:45 am
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There is always so much going on here, but we have one story in particular we want to share, but of course we are not going to say it right away or that will spoil it!

Lots of changes are going on here with the staff, good changes and not so good changes. Etc.. There is one new lady, she is a cat fanatic, well lets just say she is our favorite, Mol. She lets us sleep on the chairs, where the other staff just take us off. When the dryer is done she lets us get comfy in the warm blankets, and gives us treats, can't forget about those!

Sometimes it is super busy here at the clinic and sometimes it is slow as molasses! This past Tuesday overnight there was absolutely no one in, so the food provider decided to sit and read for a little bit. Tony went and cuddled with her! Lets just say he'd not the best cuddler. Usually when he has enough he'll let you know by giving you a little bite. But he stayed with the food provider and stayed getting lovin like a pro! He then proceeded to sleep in her lap for about half an hour. Hehe, it was quite cute.

Anyways now to our interesting case! Might seem a little scary to you but remember this was a dog, not a cat, mol. Owner called in saying their dog had bit the bars of his cage and he was now STUCK!!! They said they'd try get him out but otherwise would come in. 15 minutes later they arrived metal bared crate and all. That poor dog was stuck in there all right. The doctor went strait to sedating him so that he'd loosen his jaw enough to get him out. Did they get him out at this point? Of course not! They proceeded to cut the cage wires all around his head and then very carefully had to cut the piece of metal stuck in his mouth. Finally they got him out! He had a puncture wound on his chin and also a slightly bleeding wound in his mouth. They sent the dog home safe and sound along with the cage, broken and no longer with lock. The End!

Its the first for our clinic I believe, or at least the first for this doctor that was on duty.

As of right now, we need to take our middle of the night nap, we'll try come back for more stories soon!


Busy times...

November 9th 2011 2:14 am
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The clinic here has been super busy!! We haven't been around much, but we're still here.

A few days ago someone called into the clinic in the middle of the night, they had a chihuahua in labour! That night we had 7 other patents as well. The doctor called the other doctor to come in and help with surgery, the food providers job was to revive all the puppies! There were 5 puppies, and guess what! They all made it!! Ok so the food provider had a little help after a while, one was hard to revive but pulled around after some work. The owners were so happy!! MOL. They didn't think that one would make it as it was already stuck in the birth canal before they came in.

Last night a dog came in the middle of the night, the dog had surgery a few days ago and seemed in a lot of pain. So the doctor gave a pain injection and talked to the owner about all the details.

There was a very sick cat here on the weekend, he was brought in by the SPCA. He had a very bad upper respiratory cold. He was snotting all over the place. We didn't like him very much... but he was all right. He was sent to the SPCA after the weekend, we aren't sure about what will happen then.

The food providers Dog Stewie was in last night. She is worried about his paw, there is a lump on the side of his toe and it has lost hair and sort of looks infected. There are a few things that it could be, so for now she will be treating it with panalog (helps for infection, and fungus related problems) and hopefully it will get better. If it doesn't go away we may have to send it away for biopsy. Please purr that it heals soon!

We are short staffed here, they are looking for someone, but won't hire anyone until the staff finishes a manual on how EVERYTHING works in the clinic! It is one BIG project, and doesn't look like it will be finished soon. Espessially since the doctor keeps making the staff re-do parts of it.

Anyways, lets just say things are a bit tense here. But we're good as always, I enjoy my naps in on the weight scale and Tony loves his naps up front by the window. And as always our food tastes awesome! The food provider doesn't serve it fast enough!


DDP today!

September 13th 2011 2:56 pm
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We got a DDP today! Thanks to the diary lady for picking us as one of the DDPs.

Sunday was a busy night for our clinic. We had one dog with a GDV (bloat) which unfortunately didn't make it. There was another dog that had been attacked by a dog which the owner thinks was a pitbull but isn't sure, he had a small bite wound which we stitched up, but you'd be surprised of how much damage it did underneath! Anyways he is fine now, we just put a drainage tube in with it so that will need to be removed in a few days. There was a few other patients as well.

Soon we will be leaving on a pirate ship! MOL. We have made two separate pages for us mainly for this event so that we can comment separately - just to make things a little less confusing.


Thanks everyone for your comments and gifts for our DDP!


Secret admirer!!

September 10th 2011 2:46 am
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We've got a secret admirer!! Okay, so it's not what you think... Somebody has been dropping stuff off at the clinic for the last few days for us! So far we've got a new bed, some new toys, the staff took the dog toys home cause we can't do anything with those things, and some new food dishes! Okay so the food dishes are those unlimited food bowls which we won't be using (cause we're on a diet...) but it's the thought that counts right?

Last week Tony and I got in a tuff. There was a feral kitty that the staff had here and they make us very angry, so when we can't take our anger out on them we take it out on each other! We got into a few serious screaming cat fights (which really scared the staff) Tony even ripped out a chunk of my hair! Now I have a bald spot to show for it... The staff had to try keep us separate, but slowly it got better and we'd just avoid each other instead of going after each other. The staff didn't do much but separate us but the food provider pulled out the feliway that the staff never uses and tried it out. Within two of the shifts she worked we were all better, she'd like to say it was all her who helped us be friends again (more like acquaintances..) but she hasn't told the staff she used it. It is a our little secret, MOL.

Nothing overly interesting lately. Except SPCA is closed down and under lock down, MOL. A few of their staff have gotten mysterious rashes (which they think is sarcoptic mange) so they have been closed since thursday to prevent spreading and also in case it is something else. MOL, MOL, MOL!!!! We have had a cat of theirs here for 3 days now, they didn't answer our calls at all to come pick him up and we wanted to know why and now we do.

A dog came in today who just had a lump removed. The owner didn't think he needed a cone so they didn't put it on. Turns out they got home and he had ripped all his stitches out! Now they got them redone and have learnt their lesson. Note: when coming out of anesthesia they can be drowsy for the day so you may think they don't need a cone but once they are awake things can change.

Thursday morning there was a dog in with pancreatitis...

Today there is a cat who is very lethargic, blood in urine, possible kidney problems.

That's it for tonight.


Clinic Stories

August 4th 2011 9:28 am
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We realized we haven't told any clinic stories in a while. We know you guys enjoy hearing them - its better then experiencing them right? Sorry about not writing for a while, but you can blame the food provider cause she got all caught up in kittens, MOL. She is also at the clinic with us a lot and she doesn't come on Catster at work since no one else knows about it. Yes, it is our secret, the staff will never know how many friends we really have. MOL.

This past Monday was a holiday here. On us BC-ers call it BC day but on the calendar it says Civic holiday. It was a super busy day/night. The food provider worked the night shift so all the patients are usually the ones that need monitoring overnight.

Late that night a small dog came in, probably a chihuahua mix. Anyways she was in labor, and there had been some difficulty. The doc gave an injection of oxitocin to get the contractions going. So two were delivered naturally. There was a third though and the doc decided we needed to do a C-section. unfortunately the third one didn't make it... We tried to get him to start breathing but nothing came. The staff was trying to revive him for like half an hour or more!! Okay so the staff couldn't find a heartbeat half way through but the owner kept coming to the back so we continued to try even though it wasn't very hopeful.

The SPCA brought in a cat right before all this that was also in labor. She had had three kittens before she got to the clinic and the fourth was at the clinic and didn't make it. She was a cute kitty though.

That night there was a giant dog in the back too! It was a great Dane. He was so big that the staff looked small taking him out for a pee break.

There was also another kitten, was about blades age maybe a little older. Same colouring too!! But this guy had white paws where Blade doesn't.

There was two cats and a dog and they all had to be transferred to their own vets in the morning when we closed.

Tonight there was another SPCA kitten, this one was much older. Maybe 16-18 weeks?! Its hard to say... She was pretty cute too.

And there was also a cute dog in last night. The name of the breed escapes me at the moment... Malamute? anyways he was a younger fluffy dog. We don't think he enjoyed his clinic too much though.

That's it for now!

The food provider has been exhausted with work lately. She keeps saying she wants to tell the dr but never does. She thinks there won't be anything they can do about it this month... The thing is last month she was told she had to work extra but she put up with it because she thought it was temporary but this month is worse and she's looking up against it so much.

Anyways that is why us and the kittens haven't been writing in our diaries as often as we should. We're keeping up as best as we can.



July 23rd 2011 11:22 am
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Can you believe someone sent an EVIL kitty into the clinic last night!!! It does NOT belong here at OUR clinic! It wouldn't have been so bad if the staff would have been able to get it into the cage properly. But instead, it got loose!! This is Not Acceptable!

Okay so this cat is a feral kitty, most likely lived outdoors all its life. But it has decided to keep attacking this man's cat. So he went out to get a raccoon trap and trapped him in that!!! So the staff thought it may be easier to just let hi out strait into the cage but couldn't take the trap away and close the door quick enough and BAM he was out! He ran up to reception and to the back and ATTACKED US!! The staff threw us out of the room because we were getting in the way and then preceded to catch this evil cat. It was a chore and luckily it didn't get up into the ceiling or something... They put it directly into the shelters cage so they don't need to deal with it again today to pick him up.

The staff even offered it food and water! That kitty doesn't deserve food or water!

Well now Tony is all in a huff! Tony is now attacking me and the staff too! The staff put him in his cage until he calms down. Hopefully he'll be better today...

Anyways, that is our excitement for the day. Thanks Diary Lady for picking us as one of the DDPs. I hope Tony calms down so we can enjoy our special day!


Lovebug tag

July 22nd 2011 4:02 pm
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I was tagged by Tink MoneyPenny, thanks for tagging me. Its so much fun reading everyone's answers.

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?

Tony: I am a very quiet kitty, I only meow when it is time for food.

Simon: I also am very quiet. I am known to meow a whole bunch when I am hungry. I want my food early!!! I also make loud noises when fighting with Tony.

2. Litter box! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
We have newspaper pellet litter so it is not easy to cover. The staff don't give us much.

Tony: I don't cover very often, unless you count going out of the litter box and throwing all the blankets from my cage over the litter box to cover my poo. I don't always do this but its usually when the staff is leaving in the morning and I have to stay in my cage through out the day.

Simon: I try my best to cover. I paw at the sides of my cage and make dirty streaks everywhere, this is in attempts to get the staffs attention to clean the litter box/cage and also hoping some more litter will come so that I can cover properly.

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?

Tony: Naps, stealing the staffs chairs and more naps!! I also love playtime, both with Simon and our toys. Oh and stealing food.

Simon: Naps, I like napping by the front window where everyone can see me. Sitting on any papers the staff are currently working on. Asking for pets when the staff are busy typing on their puter. Going up to all the clients for pets and especially to those allergic to cats. I love my food, and whenever I hear cans of food opening I go see if there is any for me.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?

Tony: Nails. Being restrained in any way. When I can't get the food bin open on my own.

Simon: Getting nails trimmed. Not getting food. Not getting attention.

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?

Tony: I don't mind visitors, Sometimes I welcome them and sometimes I don't.

Simon: I love visitors, I AM the Welcoming comity! I go up to all the clients and soak up as much attention as I can.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?

Tony: I don't mind other animals, we go and meet them all the time. I don't usually stay around very long.

Simon: I also don't mind other animals. Sometimes I like teasing the dogs that don't like cats, hehe.

So now it's time to tag, so I'm tagging Gump, Callie, Smokey, Finney, and Tiny tot. If your reading this consider yourself tagged! I want to see what all your answers are, so I hope you can play, but if not, don't worry about it!!

Simon and tony ~ The Clinic Cats


Thank you!!

July 7th 2011 2:44 am
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Just wanting to thank all of you for celebrating our DOTD award on Canada day (July 1st). We feel so loved by all of you, we love the community we have here on Catster. We feel so connected with all of you, we love helping in any way we can and we are happy to know that you guys are here for us too.

Thank you Rory, Tundra, Manytoes and Lynze for the pawesome picture you made us for DOTD! You are so generous for making us and a bunch of others that we've noticed too, for pictures to celebrate our day in the spotlight.

Thank you to those who left prezzies on our page, we love reading all the little comments you write on them.

Sleeper and Samhain
Nadia and Gump
Tink Moneypenny
Alley Cat Angel, Calie, and Rose
The Bush Furs
Teebo, Callie and Rose
Nellie and Alexis
Da Tabbies
Ollie, Boo, Maizie and Family
Midnight, Popeye and Samantha
Zoe Kona Sunshine

Thanks for celebrating with us on our Diary! We love reading through your comments!

Da Tabbies

Also like to thank everyone who helped us celebrate Simon's Birthday earlier this month. I know its late, the food provider has been super busy.

Thanks for the prezzies you left on our page!

Tony, Anna, Greystone, Samy and family
Ollie, Boo, Maizie, and family
Sleeper and Samhain
Charley Bleau eyes and Tia Sydibil
Da Tabbies
Alley cat Angel, Calie, Littleboy, Booboo and family
Finney and Lacy
Tink MoneyPenny
Teebo, Callie and Rose
Missy, Pumpkin, Willow, Oreo, and Family
Nadia and Gump
Blizzard, Sqeaker, Panda and Family
Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny, Buddy and Family
Tully, Sammy and Natasha
Kibbles and Family
Milo, Smokey, Joe and Family

And for comments on Simon's Birthday Diary

Da Tabbies

Everything is well here. We've been napping in all our favorite places, eating our favorite food and zooming all around the clinic. The other day we had a big sugery in, I think we posted up a picture! It was a GDV dog (Bloat - twisted stomach where both ends are blocked off). Surgery went well and the dog made it! Since it is such a big surgery sometimes depending on the dogs health condition they don't always pull through in the end. But he did!! Yay!

Nothing special happend on Canada Day, we were open all day but the staff didn't really celebrate while they were here. But having the clinic open all day means we can be out all day! So that is celebration enough for us! Lots more attention.

We hear once in a while that many of you kitties are on diet plans. To set a good example for the clinic we are on a diet, and we've lost NOTHING!! We need to keep our mouse pouches full, customers pay more attention to us that way!

Whew!! The food provider just freaked out a little cause someone pulled in to our parking lot real fast! Looks like the mail guy is hear a lot earlier then usual. He always makes the food provider panic, MOL!

purrs and hugs,
Simon and Tony


Wow, DOTD!! And what he got one too?

July 1st 2011 1:11 am
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Wow! Would you look at that! We are DOTD! That is furry Exciting! Blade has been celebrating his DOTD & COTD for a while and now it's our turn! But guess what! The food provider's Foster kitten is a DDP today too!! Wow, how did that happen?

Celebration Central over here!!

Looking forward to a pawesome night with the food provider tonight to celebrate our DOTD award!


We just looked and our BFF Zach and Tia Sydbil are also DDP today!! Hurray!!


Opps! Almost forgot, HAPPY CANADA DAY!! Woohoo!

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