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The life of 2 Clinic Cats

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Hello from the clinic cats!

October 7th 2013 10:51 pm
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Although we do not see the food provider anymore, she does keep a tab on us!

She promised you guys that we'd keep you updated on our lives if she could.

We are good and well fed as always. Before the original food provider left Simon had been having blood in his poop. They had run tests on him a few times to see if there was anything wrong. Anyways now two of the staff had stepped forward and bought a new food for us (we have been on a weight loss food for a long time), there is now no blood! And they are looking a lot better, no dandruff and no greasy costs. Although we are getting a bit chubby as one of the staff is over feeding. The old food provider would have loved to change our diets but never was able to make it happen since the drs liked what we ate.

Anyways so we are doing well, and eating well of course. Yum.

That's about it from us for now. Purrs to anyone not feeling well, we hope our furriends are doing well.

The clinic cats,
Simon and tony

(Keep in mind the drs favourite foods are not nessicairly bad, just didn't work for Simon. And didn't really make us any skinnier... Although its hard to keep track of feeding with so many food providers, so secretly we probably get overfed too.)


Our last diary entry....

January 11th 2013 8:24 am
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Hey, it's us, your favourite clinic cats. We are sorry to break the news that this will be our last post. You see, it's not because we don't love it here on catster, but it is because today is the last day we will be seeing the food provider. And since she is the one that helps us write our diaries we won't be able to update you on our lives any more.

It has been a long time coming, we hear tid bits from all staff once in a while saying that they want to leave. It is finally the food providers time, unfortunately she told us she doesn't have a back up plan right now. Please keep her in your purrayers that hopefully she will find something soon!

Note: this is just us (Simon and tony) , Blade and Moppie are here to stay.


Calie and Tao update!!

September 10th 2012 2:46 pm
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We've just been talking to Tao via Facebook. He asked us to update everyone on how Calie and him are doing.

Tao is not feeling well today, he hasn't eaten all day. He has also vomited 8 times today. As most of you know if us cats don't eat that usually means we aren't doing well and need to see the vet! Tao also thinks he has a fever.

Some of you know vets in Tao's area are not very common. Tao's Mom contacted their vet trying to make an appointment but there was no answer. We hope they will be able to contact them tomorrow and get Tao some veterinary treatment!

Please send some big strong purrs for Tao!

Calie fell off the balcony again this evening. They believe she is okay but are not able to get her in the dark. By what Tao's Mom said it sounds like she may be stuck and/or unreachable?!

Please purr that she will be able to be rescued tomorrow morning!

We hope they will both be okay. Please keep those purr Motors going for them.

Simon and Tony


Entry from the clinic cats!

August 20th 2012 4:46 am
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Hey, thought we'd update you guys on clinic news. Things have been hectic around here for the staff, for us clinic cats its just the usual, Mol. We help here and there with the patients. Mainly keeping those kitties in the cages awake, hehe, we like to come say hi. Although the staff would say we're being mean.

About a month or two ago one of the staff was injured/bitten by a dog and was MIA for a month. They short staffed at that time so they got pretty tired after a while of continuous shifts. In the dogs defense he was hurting and they were trying to take an xray. I believe the owners did say he he was a fear-bitter.

Lately we've seen many raccoon attack patients. We are saying this partially as a warning to you as well as your parents. Stay away from the outdoors!!! Most were outdoor cats, one was one that just went out on the porch. There was even one or two small dogs that just went out in their back yard!! Sounds pretty scary! We love all of you and want you to stay nice and safe.

Lately we've also seen lots of patients with blood in their feces or that they are vomiting blood, not sure why so many right now. If you ever notice that in your pets its best to contact your vet as soon as possible.

We had a very critical case in last night. Simon and I took it upon ourselves to keep a close eye on him. It was a big dog. When he came in his heart was so slow the staff needed to revive him, had him on ECG for a few hours. Over night he started getting a bit more conscious. All in all he was doing quite a bit better by morning but had to go to their regular vet for continued care.

On a note of how Simon and I are doing. We have been getting a bit sick off and on. But staff did bloodwork and xrays and found nothing. We also have blood in our poop, they can't figure out why. But whatever it is it is affecting both of us. Again its an off and on thing, you really don't need to worry about us, we feel fine 97% of the time. We have loving and caring staff that want us to stay healthy! Although I myself have to admit that I hate medicine! It doesn't help me feel better - I get very angry with the staff. Mol.

We hope everyone is doing well. We apologize for not being around. Just holler and we'll be back in a hop skip and a jump.


Happy Birthday Simon!!

June 23rd 2012 5:15 pm
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Today is Simon's birthday! He is now 11 years old!! Wow, my partner is getting old! Mol.

Anyways, its a big day here for Simon. The food provider isn't here today but she said she'll bring us something tomorrow night when she works. The staff got us 'soft paws' this week, that is the nail caps so we can't scratch the chairs. Not much of a present, everyone is asking if the staff painted our nails (they're blue). Plus the staff still won't let us scratch the furniture, does that make sense to you guys?

We are very thankful for all the pmails and gifties you've all sent us for Simon's birthday! It means a lot to us. Thank you so much!

Your pals,
Tony and Simon! ~ The clinic cats


Happy Mothers Day!!

May 13th 2012 6:12 am
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Happy Mothers day to all you kitties and all the mothers out there!

Well, there is no Mothers here at the clinic but there are STAFF!! Happy staff day to you!!

Things we are going to do for the staff today:
1. warm up their seats
2. warm up their printer
3. welcome all the customers coming though the door
4. watching the patients
5. warming up the weight scale for the patients
6. ask to be fed (They enjoy feeding us of course!)
7. Well.... that's about it. Can't spoil them too much now can we?!

There is a cutie Pomeranian staying here at the clinic over night. He doesn't look like an ordinary Pomeranian, he has a bit of a fox look to him. The food provider and other staff think he is adorable. He is super shy, he is excited when staff come near the door cause he might get to go out but also cowers cause he doesn't want to be touched.

last week a stray kitten came in! The food provider was assuming he was probably the same age as Blade when she got him, about 2 weeks old, maybe a little older?! The food provider nursed him through the night until the spca could come pick him up and find a foster for him.

Everyone stay safe and healthy! Big purrs to those who are going through ruff times right now. We are thinking of you!

Simon & Tony ~ The clinic Cats


Busy nights at the emergency!

April 30th 2012 3:48 am
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The past two night have been pretty busy here! Yesterday after 6pm we had one patient after another! Two had to stay the night, one had surgery and got to go home. There were two dog attack victims, one had to stay and one needed surgery!

The one that had to stay (and is still here at the clinic) is a maltese cross, it was attacked by a bigger dog. There is no obvious tears of the skin but apparently he grabbed and shook her. So now the poor pup can't walk properly. We're thinking it is an injury to the shoulder or a brain injury.

The second dog attack victim was a larger dog. He had two big deep gashes that needed surgery and drainage tubes put in. He got to go home once he woke up from surgery.

Tonight there is a dog who got into mushrooms! Note that mushrooms are toxic to pets, so just be careful. This dog is in bad shape, with lots of bloody diarrhea.

There is also a cute Spca stray kitty here. Nothing is wrong with him. The food provider keeps saying how much he reminds her of Blade. He's crying for attention, he needs some lovin!!

The food provider stole my chair...

Over and out,
Simon and Tony


Nice day today!

April 22nd 2012 1:13 am
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The food provider was working today and since it was nice she opened the back door! She closed the glass/screen door so that we could listen to the birdies outside and sit in the sun. It was really nice having fresh air coming though the clinic. Sometimes it just smells too much like DOG and not enough like CAT!!! We need to air the place out and start fresh again, Mol.

Saturday is a hard day for us cause the clinic is open longer on that day so staff comes in earlier. Which means we beg for food and don't get it cause their waiting for dinner time!! How could they! Aren't they supposed to feed us when we ask for it?

We had a 5 month old puppy today, turns out he was stepped on. Poor pup. He was in a fair amount of pain too. There was no obvious break on xray but it may have been a bit of a fracture.

Just when the food provider left, a Dove came in!! Tony was super interested in getting into that exam room, Mol. Apparently their cat had attacked it, so the owner will be adopting it to give it a good home. Sounds like they will need to keep a close eye on this burdie, hehe.


I scared the dog lady!! MOL!!

April 17th 2012 2:31 am
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Mol, we had a puppy come in tonight who got into chocolate - the staff thought he was super cute! Of course cats are so much cuter then dogs so they were probably just trying to make him feel better. If it was a cat on the other hand it would be another story, mol.

For any of you who live in a dog family, we can't stress enough not to let your dogs near chocolate (unless of course your trying to get back at them), but for cats too, although we are usually smart that way. This dog got into a bag of chocolate kisses (mixed with almonds), the owners did not know how much she got into, and turns out she got into a lot more then the owners thought. Plus she puked up some fabric as well!!! Where did that come from? Dogs are weird aren't they?!

Anyways back to the title subject. The owner is a new dog owner, and as I always do I came to her asking for pets. She started backing away freaking out, Mol. I guess she isn't a cat person. Anyways it was pretty funny, it was well worth the cage time for the rest of their visit, hehehe.

Haha, plus when they came in they saw tony curled up in his bed up front. They asked if he was real!!

There was a cat yesterday who was sick. Once the owners left he stepped up his game and went into aggressive cat mode. Tips for future reference, if you don't want the vet to touch you hiss, growl, and bite them. They won't touch you unless they really have too! Although the downside of this plan is, it makes everything they do seem worse and they make you go off into lala-catnip-land!! It may sound nice but after witnessing it second hand you should know they get away with a lot when you are in catnip land. So follow these instructions at your own risk.

We've had a few bunnies come in in the last few days, I guess they are a little late for Easter, mol. We don't get bunnies here too often, I think we've had two bunnies and a guinea pig as well in the last week.

Anyways, OVER AND OUT.
-- & Tony


Life gets interesting around here!

February 25th 2012 2:45 am
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There is always so much going on here, but we have one story in particular we want to share, but of course we are not going to say it right away or that will spoil it!

Lots of changes are going on here with the staff, good changes and not so good changes. Etc.. There is one new lady, she is a cat fanatic, well lets just say she is our favorite, Mol. She lets us sleep on the chairs, where the other staff just take us off. When the dryer is done she lets us get comfy in the warm blankets, and gives us treats, can't forget about those!

Sometimes it is super busy here at the clinic and sometimes it is slow as molasses! This past Tuesday overnight there was absolutely no one in, so the food provider decided to sit and read for a little bit. Tony went and cuddled with her! Lets just say he'd not the best cuddler. Usually when he has enough he'll let you know by giving you a little bite. But he stayed with the food provider and stayed getting lovin like a pro! He then proceeded to sleep in her lap for about half an hour. Hehe, it was quite cute.

Anyways now to our interesting case! Might seem a little scary to you but remember this was a dog, not a cat, mol. Owner called in saying their dog had bit the bars of his cage and he was now STUCK!!! They said they'd try get him out but otherwise would come in. 15 minutes later they arrived metal bared crate and all. That poor dog was stuck in there all right. The doctor went strait to sedating him so that he'd loosen his jaw enough to get him out. Did they get him out at this point? Of course not! They proceeded to cut the cage wires all around his head and then very carefully had to cut the piece of metal stuck in his mouth. Finally they got him out! He had a puncture wound on his chin and also a slightly bleeding wound in his mouth. They sent the dog home safe and sound along with the cage, broken and no longer with lock. The End!

Its the first for our clinic I believe, or at least the first for this doctor that was on duty.

As of right now, we need to take our middle of the night nap, we'll try come back for more stories soon!

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