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Princess cats

December 4th 2011 1:11 am
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My mum was talking to a friend on the phone last night. I think all my mum's friends like/live with cats. I wonder if when she meets people she says, "Hallo. How do you do? What do you think to cats?" and if they don't express immediate appreciation of us then she just moves on.

She reckons that she doesn't set out to be friends with animal lovers but just finds that generally they are the nicest people - they understand love and loyalty and don't mind picking up the odd bit of cat hair when they visit.

Anyway she was talking to her friend Rebecca. Rebecca already has two cats which came from the shelter but was telling my mum that she is sort of acquiring two more as a couple of stray cats in her area have sort of moved in as well.

There is a lady cat and Rebecca calls her Princess. I thought that was funny as mum calls Josie Princess sometimes and some of my lady Catster friends get called Princess too. Mum says that this is because they are so beautiful and graceful.

Mum calls me Trouble but I hope that's just an affectionate joke!

The other stray moving in with Rebecca is being called Mockturtle but mum never did find out why that was. It is good to hear of two more cats who will be warm and well fed this winter.

My mum says she is having to go away again for work next week so she won't be able to write my diary. I'll have to try and remember everything for when she gets back!


Sharing is sometimes OK

December 1st 2011 11:28 pm
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It began last night. It was really raining outside and Josie was all contentedly toasting in front of the radiator - so I wanted to have her place. I walked up, ready to pounce but my mum said "Toby, no!" in a voice that sounded like she meant it.

So if I couldn't have Josie's place whose could I have? When mum got up to go in the kitchen I was quick to move.

Mum came back in and said, "Toby - I was sitting there" and now she wasn't, I was. How fickle a friend is fate! It was warm where she had been and smelled of her so all comfy and love so I was happy and she sat at the other end of the sofa.

Later Josie moved all by herself so I got her place by the radiator. Mum took hers back and Josie sat on the arm of the sofa next to her. Mum was stroking Josie and telling her what a beautiful cat she was and I was jealous so I jumped up on the arm too. And we were sharing, two cats contentedly sitting together and we were good and I didn't bite Josie and it was lovely and mum asked why we can't always share.

I mean to but my excitable paws get in the way sometimes.


Josie sticky paws

December 1st 2011 12:11 am
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Yesterday dawned bright and sunny and mum said that she would paint seal on the window sills to make them waterproof for winter.

This sounded like a job that I could help with but mum told me to stay well away. Unfortunately she forgot to tell Josie. She was painting the ledge by the back door and Josie walked out - right on the wet seal. Mum called out "No!" and Josie thought she meant for Josie not to go outside so she ran in again, over the wet stuff.

So mum had to wash Josie's paws. Now Josie is quite particular about how her paws get washed and she doesn't like water on them and she said she could perfectly well wash the stuff off herself but mum said that she didn't think that wood seal is any good for cats' tummies and wouldn't let her.

Anyway mum got most of it off and Josie is in good health and spirits so we are fine.

And it's good that mum did it yesterday as it is raining today. We wished for it to as mum had planned to go for a walk today but she won't go in the rain so another day of cuddles awaits me!


Being winter

November 29th 2011 11:46 pm
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I wanted to go out yesterday evening - and it is getting dark quite early now - and mum opened our special door and - WOWZER! - cold blast of wind right in my face. I lingered a while. I really did want to go out but I didn't want to be cold.

Staying warm won. I went back in and found Josie looking very contented, curled up toasting herself in front of the radiator. So of course I had to move her and go there myself. Mum was cross with me and I heard her tell Josie that she should stand up for herself. She is the bigger cat but I am the most important so Josie had to move.

Mum says we are both important and just as important as ecah other but I'm sure she's only saying that to make Josie feel better!

Josie doens't like cold even more than I don't like cold so we played indoors later. Mum got the laser pointer out but I also chased an orange stick and a piece of cardboard and my favourite feather. Who needs outdoors when indoors has so much entertainment going on?



November 28th 2011 11:41 pm
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Mum was tired yesterday after her weekend away. Now if there's one thing us cats are good at it's relaxing so we spent much of the day on the sofa. Josie and I both like to be close to an arm so mum went in the middle, then we could both have headrubs at the same time.

Later we were all rested and it was play time. Mum brought out various toys but then - what was this? Bubbles. I am really not sure about bubbles. Mum blows at a little stick and they just appear out of nowhere and they bob about and then just vanish. They are unnatural and I didn't want to get anywhere close to them.

Josie loves them and she pounces on them until they are all gone. So it was Josie and mum time and I watched.

I am still having extra snuggles with mum to make up for when she was away.


Mum went away

November 27th 2011 11:54 pm
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She had been home all week but then off she went. We knew she was going to go as she had the big bag out. We took it in turns to sit on her clothes so she couldn't pack them but .. we just can't resist the treat drawer when she opens it.

She said it wasn't even for work this time, she was off on a line dance weekend.

Two good things. Victoria from next door came to feed us for which we are very grateful. The other that there was a cat where my mum went to keep up our training. The cat liked to come in and out of the hall and my mum was on hand to keep opening the door for her. The cat seemed to like the music and wandered on to the dance floor and even up on stage with the band at one point. The band didn't mind. A beautiful cat is welcome everywhere.

We used to get all excited when our mum came home from being away but that was rewarding her for being bad and leaving us. So we acted cool - at first. I found myself nestled in her arms and suddenly I just couldn't purr enough or give her enough kitty kisses. She was happy to see us too.

She is still off work this week so we have more missions to look forward to. And she reckons she may have to make our Christmas cards from the photos that she has managed to get of us together - none of which are of the two of us looking festive. This should be good!


Helping my mum sleep

November 24th 2011 11:20 pm
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Last night there was a noisy person in our street. He wanted to get in a house but the people in the house didn't want him in. He didn't take this well. He knocked on their door many times and sat outside and hooted his horn on his car, some long loud blasts some toot-de-toots.

This was at about 12.45am and went on for about half an hour and our mum couldn't sleep. She got so fed up she turned on the light and read a while. But she needs her sleep so I stepped in. I lay myself across her ear and purred my very loudest so all that she could hear was me purring - and it worked. Off she went to dreamland.

I like to be a helpful boy!


Drawers - more fun than we thought

November 23rd 2011 10:34 pm
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When mum said that her mission was the drawers in the sitting room we were a bit disappointed but how wrong we were to dismiss them.

There is the obvious pleasure of riffling through the things in them to see which ones make the best cat toys. Then we found out that if mum pulls a drwer part way out and leave it like that (a) a cat can climb in that drawer and (b)a cat can go to the back of the drawer, climb through and get into the drawer below. If you choose option (b) you get the added fun of hearing mum wonder how she can get you out as if she pulls either drawer there is a risk of hurting you and she won't do that.

Treats - they work every time! Just opening the drawer brings cats to our mum.

Mum had fun too as she found some people toys and gadgets. A mini video recorder that was all run down but mum charged it up and we looked at film of Josie sleeping and of Henry sleeping which made mum a bit sad so I had to cheer her up.

She also found one gadget in a little black bag and she wasn't sure what it was. When she turned it on it buzzed and she ran it down her arm - "It's a tiny hair remover! I wonder if it's meant for my eye brows." The answer to that one was yes - but not the way mum used it and she now has one eyebrow shorter than the other which is an odd look. We aren't sure it will catch on.


The Wrapping Cat

November 22nd 2011 10:37 pm
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I thought yesterday was going to be a wasted day as mum started by clearing out the kitchen cupboards and I can't think of anything more dull so I got some sleep in.

Good thing I did as the day picked up no end after lunch. Mum got all the things we bought when we were in Norfolk (I didn't go shopping but I did inspect everything after)and she got all the things that have been coming in boxes and she got rolls of paper and started wrapping things up.

Josie and I did try to help but weren't very welcome it would seem. So we made up our own game. Who could run closest and fastest without getting grabbed by mum? It was brilliant.

We were playing in because it was raining outside but then I remembered. Wet weather is worm huntin' weather! Out I went. I brought in four but mum kept throwing them out again. I would have kept going but mum went to bed and locked my special door. I gave it my best shot but I couldn't get it open again.

I wonder what today will bring...


Being a crafty cat

November 21st 2011 11:06 pm
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Yesterday happy happy thing. My mum did not go to work. She said in the year she has to take a two week block of holiday on account of working in finance. So her bosses say that she must spend two whole weeks at our beck and call. Fantastic!

Only mum said that she has a project for every day. That's fine, I like to help with projects. Yesterday's was making Christmas ards. Turns out that I am an excellent Christmas Card Making Helper. I was picking out things that my mum should use (there were little bows and stickers and sparkly things) and stirring the glitter and quality checking. Only mum kept taking my things off me and moving the glitter and she put all the finished cards on a high shelf.

This was tiring work and I had to sleep all afternoon. Luckily Josie was ready and willing to take over.

Mum said she will be making special cards for Josie and me to send to our special friends. She knows what they will look like - she just needs a nice photo of the two of us together. You have to love her optimism.

I wonder what today's project will be. I better have a little nap to build up my energy for helping.

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