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My mum has cold in her

May 3rd 2012 10:35 pm
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All this rain and cold has got inside my mum and is now trying to get out again. We'll all be sitting peacefully and she'll suddenly go, "Achoooooooo!" and it makes us jump and she goes "cough cough cough" and sometimes "sniffle sniffle".

I'll be honest - it makes her a restless companion. I have decamped from her bed at night and moved onto the chair in the bedroom. I can still see her from there and it's quite comfy but I am safe from all the splutterings.

Josie takes a more paws-on approach to nursing. She spends a lot of time on my mum's chest and she sends me bulletins. "Still breathing. Yup, definitely still breathing". If she thinks mum needs it she purrs for her and gives her acupuncture massages. Her care and concern for my mum is in no way related to the fact it is still pretty cold here and mum is toasty warm.

It's nearly the weekend so my mum will get some rest time and we will help and the cold will soon be gone.


Helping mum

May 2nd 2012 10:43 pm
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It started raining again yesterday and we were bored, bored, bored! Luckily mum had a good idea for a new game.

she started with the traditional "I really need to concentrate so stay out of the way cats". Game on!

For the new wireless box had arrived. Mum opened the box, saw a little spanner and closed the box again and there it has sat ever since but she steeled herself and with us to help got stuck. The first job was to unfold a large piece of paper which I sat on. Mum said they were the instructions and she needed to see them and we played a happy game of "Move the Cat".

In the end I was persuaded to get off the paper by an enticing game of pokey paw under it. Then the fun really began. There were wires to pull out and wires to plug in and some of them were behind the tv so mum was stretching and we were there pointing at the wires we thought she needed and she was saying she can't actually see through us so had no idea which ones we meant.

Then of course there were the boxes that everything had come in to be played with. I wish we could install wireless every day.

Thanks to us the big blue light came on and it all works now and we are all pretty pleased with ourselves I can tell you.

Anyway thanks to our help it has all worked


Weird Weather

May 1st 2012 10:45 pm
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Yesterday it did not rain for hours. I had forgotten what that was like. I spent most of the evening in the garden enjoying the warm and re-visiting all my favourite spots. It's been so long since I could go outside that I think mum missed me as every now and then I saw her looking out and watching me.

The night before the rain was so big and heavy that it woke us all up banging on the windows. I went to the window to look and could not believe my eyes. The rain was bouncing off the road. I wanted a better look so I ran to the cat flap to see everything at ground level and the rain drops hit the ground and then boinged right back up again like my bouncy balls. Mum came in a bit later and said, "I hope you don't think you're going out in this" and she said it was hail and it would sting if it landed on me.

The sky flashed a lot and there were rumbles too. Wow!

I tried to get Josie to come and see but she was in her bed, curled up as tight and small as could be and she put her paws over her ears. She was scared and mum said to leave her be. Actually I don't think mum liked the storm much either so I purred her back to sleep as that is one thing I am really good at.

I wonder what weather today will bring..


Mum stomped on me

April 30th 2012 10:09 pm
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I had so many reasons to be happy yesterday. It was sunny for nearly a whole day so I could play outdoors. I was a Daily Diary Pick. I joined a new Catster Group and now hang out with all the other sleek and beautiful black cats.

I was running here, there and everywhere all at once to celebrate these points when it happened.

My mum was in the hall getting her things together and I moved forward as her leg was coming down. I said some very strong words and fled. Mum came after me "Toby" she said "I am so sorry" but I wouldn't let her near me in case she had developed a taste for cat stomping.

Josie poked her head out from under mum's bed to see what the commotion was and I called to her to save herself so she darted back under.

Mum looked at me and said, "I feel terrible" - how did she think I felt? She was the Stomper; I was the suffering Stompee.

I did accept an offering of Dreamies but only when left at a respectful distance. Then mum said, "You are running awfully fast for a boy claiming his leg is bust". Ok - my mum hadn't stomped actually much - maybe because I reacted so fast - and she never wears shoes in the house because she worries about our little paws. So I have forgiven her and she is being extra careful now.

I'm not - bonus Dreamies and the chance to guilt trip my mum! Not to be missed!!


A sad story that may have a happy ending

April 29th 2012 10:44 pm
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The weekend stayed pretty wet and windy. We didn't mind. We played games indoors and then we all watched a film called Coraline. It is all about a brave and handsome cat. Mum seemed to think it is about a girl called Coraline but I don't think she can have been following the plot properly. The cat was far more important.

Anyway then we all went to bed. When it is stormy out we like mum to make herself into an S. Josie curls up by mum's arms so she can get the headrubs and I like to sleep in the bend of mum's knees. That way we all get maximum mum contact. And we thought about all the poor kitties who don't have warm beds and loving homes on scary nights.

One such cat lives very near us. When her family moved in they brought her but they do not let her indoors at all. They also have not had her spayed but kittens do not stand much chance round here if they aren't safe indoors. Everyone has been very worried about her and her little family - everyone except her own people that is. Paul, next door, even fixed it with his vet that they would spay her for free, all they had to do was take her but they just didn't seem to care.

Mum saw Victoria from next door yesterday and Victoria said that it looks like the family have been even worse. It looks like they have moved away and left their cat behind. The flat is 'To Let' and vans have come and gone.

The little cat has been going next door for food. She has been coming more and more regularly. She has been outdoors so much she is wary of people but Victoria is hopeful that in time she will learn to trust them and maybe they can give her a furever home. Maybe she will bring the kittens along too and they can all be found good homes.

So we are purring for the little cat as if she does move in next door she will have a very happy life and she will be loved and taken good care of (and spayed!) so we hope that she can trust people again and know that some people are very kind to cats. They know it will take a lot of love and patience but for a cat in need they have plenty of that.


Josie is the boss!

April 26th 2012 10:36 pm
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She said she could do it but I didn't believe her. She got mum to serve up her breakfast on the mantlepiece!

Now as the man of the house I should get pick of both breakfasts and Josie can have what I don't want. That's how I see it anyway. Mum and Josie don't see it that way at all. So often we start with a bowl each and then I move across to Josie's. If mum sees us she swaps the bowls back again.

Josie will often walk a little way away from me so mum follows with the bowl until Josie thinks she is at a safe distance. Having felt bad about having her breakfast taken away from her she gets to feel good about having mum follow her about with food.

Josie's short walk has got longer and longer and this morning she jumped up on the mantlepiece (even though I am now big enough to jump up there too it remains her favourite place to keep out of my way). Mum said "Josie - that can't be a good idea" but she gave her the bowl anyway.

I let Josie be as I didn't want the bowl falling off if we fought over it and mum put it back on the kitchen floor when Josie was done.

But respect to Josie as there can't be many cats who get their breakfast served up in the location of their choice. Mum said it better not become a habit but I suspect it will!


Technical help

April 25th 2012 10:27 pm
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When Uncle Bill was here he fixed my mum's wireless and she was happy as she could tappity tap on her laptop without trailing wires everywhere. It worked fine when he was here but yesterday everything went horribly wrong. Mum was muttering and cursing and looking at a blank screen.

I'm not so much the kind of cat who knows about techy stuff as the kind of cat who will always try to help. I tried helping by pressing some combinations of keys and tugging at some of the wires but in the end we had to give up.

My mum rang a number and after a while I heard her say things like "nothings happening" and "I've tried that" and then "I've got two. A little black one and a cute tortie". I am so very proud of our mum's ability to weave her beloved cats into the conversation on any occasion. Not sure how she did it but for a while there she was exchanging kitty stories with the lady on the phone.

The good news is that she can get to the important websites i.e. Catster and the other good news is that the wires are back trailing because Josie and I like chasing them when they wiggle. Mum says the lady on the phone is going to send her a new box and that should be wireless again. I hope she doesn't get grumpy when she sets that one up and I will help all I can!



April 24th 2012 10:51 pm
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Uncle Bill has gone so it's just mum to entertain us again - only she was reading her book. I tried a tap on the cheek, I tried headrubs but only got a distracted stroke in return. Hmm.

Then I thought maybe she was worried about losing her place in her book so I looked where her eyes were looking, stretched out a claw and put a neat scratch where she needed to remember.

"Toby" she exclaimed. "That's a library book."

"You are very welcome."

She concluded that the line of the cut was so straight that putting sellotape on would actually look worse and hopes that the next person to borrow the book won't notices.

I got her attention anyway. Cats are more important than books!


Uncle Bill is here

April 23rd 2012 10:42 pm
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Yesterday mum came home but didn't settle like normal. She tidied bits and then every half an hour out she went and came back ten minutes later muttering, "He wasn't on that train". For Uncle Bill (my mum's brofur) was coming to stay. We live very close to the railway station but he has been known to get lost so mum thought she would meet him but didn't know which train he would be on. It was a surprise when he arrived ten minutes after mum had got back from one of her trips. She hadn't seen him get off the train as he had gone in completely the wrong direction. She wondered if he hadn't seen all the other passengers go the correct way but he had been sorting out his headphones and by the time he was ready they had all gone. (it's a very small station so it takes some genius to get lost there!) He may not know much about finding places but he does know good cat games. He gave me my game with the balls inside so I played with that to amuse him and after a while Josie got brave and came and joined us. Mum blew some bubbles for her to chase and Uncle Bill liked that so I had to think of something even more funny to do to get my attention back. We had a brilliant evening.


Being busy at the weekend

April 22nd 2012 10:26 pm
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Mum said she had lots to do at the weekend. I knew that. She had to play games with me, give me a thorough brushing, tell me she loves me, give me snuggles - so much to do!

Actually turns out that what she meant was that she wanted to clear out the spare room. Actually that was pretty much as good. We love to help with that kind of job - and now there are more flat surfaces clear in there for us to run about on. Plus we got double dip on changing sheets as mum did her own bed and the bed in there and that's one of my favourite jobs. Even Josie got pretty excited.

Then we all sat on the sofa and watched a movie. Josie was on mum's lap and I was in a tidy ball next to them both and the rain was lashing down and we were as contented as three creatures can be.

I am getting used to rain now. My new game is to guess which raindrop will run down the window fastest. If it looks like I chose the wrong one I tap the window to make it go faster which mum seems to find funny.

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