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Christmas is over

January 4th 2012 10:31 pm
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I have just got used to the tree and yesterday I managed to knock one of the ornaments off it and now mum says that it has to go. I asked if we couldn't keep it all year if I promise not to knock any more off but she says the tree is special for Christmas (and she doesn't believe I wouldn't).

So today I was very sad. I wanted to go out but it is very windy and I don't like the noises out there. Josie surprised all of us by going out but she was blown back in a few seconds later and she said it is as mean out there as we think it is.

So what is there to look forward to now?

And Josie said there is Spring and I wasn't sure what that was and Josie reckons now the days will gradually get a little bit more light and then a little bit more warm and then the garden springs back into life which is how it is called Spring.

She said the best bit is that you feel it in your bones and it makes you feel all happy and alive and bouncy and mum and Josie looked at me and mum said maybe I would have calmed down a bit by then so it wouldn't be quite that bad. After all - Spring will bring my very first birthday.

I cannot wait for Spring and hope it happens tomorow!


It's MY food

January 3rd 2012 10:42 pm
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All of it. Mum gave us some especially delicious food yesterday, part of our Christmas stash! I was so happy and then I noticed that Josie had some too. So I went and ate out of that bowl. So she went and ate out of my bowl. But that's MY food!

Mum told her she was good, "He can't eat out of two bowls at the same time after all" she said.

She's right. I can't. But never underestimate the Tobester. I can eat and smacky paw at the same time. I could reach Josie and poke her away from the bowl whilst still enjoying my own feast. Sometimes I'm so clever I surprise even myself.

Mum wasn't so impressed and she took Josie and one bowl out of reach - and sight. I can give Josie the evil eye and put her off her food. But she was in hearing. I could hear her chomping away enjoying my delicious food. How could I enjoy my bowl? I couldn't finish it until Josie had eaten her fill and mum let me go and examine what she had left and then I polished that off and my own.

Mum's are mean!


Loving Bank Holidays

January 2nd 2012 10:32 pm
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Mum didn't have to work yesterday and we had a lovely day. I helped her change the sheets as per my New Years Resolution. I tug at one end, she pulls the other, we're a good team.

Then in the afternoon we all settled on the sofa, mum likes to stretch out with her book, Josie likes to lie on mum's legs and I like to settle on the arm of the sofa and we are all very content like that. After a while mum had to get up but Josie and I were feeling so mellow we settled side by side on the sofa and carried on sleeping. That Josie is warm and soft to snuggle next to - plus it made our mum very happy to see us friendly like that.

Then I played with my new toy from Uncle Bill. Turns out I CAN get the balls out and when I did I attacked them and chased them all over. Funny how the balls that you get yourself are so much more fun that the ones your mum throws for you. Plus these ones are furry so you can get your claws in.

Mum put the balls back in a few times and I kept taking them out and I love my new toy!


Happy New Year!!

January 1st 2012 11:18 pm
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I was so excited when mum came home early from work on Friday I went a bit mad. There is something about getting hyped up that makes me want to attack Josie so I did. Looking back maybe pouncing on her when she was on the mantlepiece was a mistake - I had no idea that we would both fall off.

Mum told me to calm down when she went out dancing.

I was fine. I had a good idea though. I don't like the brand of litter mum has bought us and no-one seems to be using the bed in that room so I pooped on it. So much softer on my bottom.

Mum wasn't happy when she got home. Not happy at all. So I told her that it was Josie that done it. Mostly it was on a folded throw so it wasn't actually that bad but mum has put loads of stuff on the bed now so I can't repeat the exercise. And she has bought some of our preferred litter so it was a good idea really.

Other than that I've been helping mum make our thank you cards for our new toys - only I got bored as you can see from my photo and started attacking the tree which turns out to be a fun thing to do.

Then yesterday I heard mum talking to Josie who was outdoors. Josie can use the door perfectly well to come in but she prefers to have it held open for her and mum was reminding her of this - only Josie was indoors with me. When we looked we found mum talking to a small tortie cat who we have never seen before and is definitely not Josie.

Mum said she looked very sweet and maybe she could be a friend for us but Josie and I weren't at all sure and defended our home with growlses. Luckily the magic cat door held firm and she didn't get it.

So 2012 looks like being another eventful year. Mum was putting the dates in her new diary and she said she couldn't beleive she was writing "Toby 1st Birthday" in for March as surely I have always been in her heart.

I hope that 2012 brings us all many cuddles and treats and good games and that the kitties who don't have homes can find them this year too.


My New Years Resolutions

December 29th 2011 10:36 pm
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I have to say my mum was extremely picky when I told her what I had thought of. None of the ones that involved Josie got accepted, none of the ones involving food either. It would seem that being a better cat is in the eye of the beholder rather than in my own estimation.

So we've settled on I am to help around the house more. I quite like helping with the chores and mum reckoned that was the best of a bad bunch.

Josie wanted to know what she should do and mum suggested that she do what she wanted and be less ready to do what other people (and mostly me apparently) tell her to do. She was happy with that and said if that was what mum wants then that's what she'll do.

I don't think she quite grasped the concept.

Having said that I was woken in the night by purring and it wasn't mine. I was against mum's legs and when I looked up I could see Josie in my favourite spot curled up in mum's arms on the pillow. She did sound very content there and mum looked happy enough too so I was merciful and settled myself back down. I am not a bad cat really!


An even better cat

December 28th 2011 10:41 pm
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Yesterday I had a pretty good evening as mum had a DVD and Josie didn't want to watch it so I had mum all to myself and we had snuggles and we had games and I love that.

I was saying that I am sad that there is no more Christmas and mum said that we still have New Year to come. I never had a New Year before. Mum said that I must think of my Resolutions which is things I decide to do to be a better cat in 2012.

Wow - Magnificent as I am she thinks I can be even better! I couldn't think how so she suggested I stop taking Josie's food or wait for the clock to go before waking everyone up in the morning. I was getting the idea - one could be that Josie could move more quickly when she is sleeping where I want to be.

But mum said we have to think of our own and not each other's. I haven't thought of one yet so that is today's challenge. It's tough when you are as near perfection as I am (That's a nasty cough Josie has there when I say "perfection"!)



December 27th 2011 10:38 pm
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Mum piled up all the cushions at one end of the sofa yesterday to make me a comy bed. As she left the room she said, "Go ahead Toby. I did that for you."

Well actually what she said was "Leave the cushions Toby. I'm just getting my book" but I knew what she meant.

The key in those situations is to move fast so when she came back in with her book, looking forward to a relaxing lounge on all the cushions, I was already apparently in a deep sleep from which it would be wrong to wake me. I love cushions!

Mum is back at work today. I know this because she has cereal for breakfast. I have really missed my morning milk so specially enjoyed it this morning.


Cats that cuddle

December 27th 2011 2:27 am
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Having got us off to a good start for Christmas my mum went away. Apparently Josie and I were invited but mum said there was a lot of driving about to see lots of different people and she didn't think we would like that.

She was probably right - especially as our neighbours came in and they gave us Sheba. Yummy!!

When mum came back she told us that one of the homes she went to had a cat who liked to cuddle. Josie does not like to be picked up at all although mum does do it in the hope that Josie will come to realise it's not so bad. I am sometimes Ok with being picked up and will give a little purr. But this cat loved to be picked up and would rest his head against the shoulder of the cuddler and be very happy.

Mum said we are lucky she didn't have a larger handbag as she would have been very tempted to smuggle him home with her.

Happily for us all she did bring back were more presents including some for us - more treats and a thing called Cat Grass that she says she'll have to grow.

So this has been my very first Christmas and I like it very much. I hope we can have another one next month. Josie says we have to wait a whole year but I'm not sure that I can.


Happy Christmas Everybody!!!!

December 24th 2011 10:58 pm
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I was the good boy. Josie was trying to get mum up to open presents at 4 in the morning.

We have had turkey flavour breakfast which was yum and we have turkey and sausage treat sticks which I like and Josie doesn't and we have new toys and we have some presents still to open.

I gave mum special kitty kisses but Josie has gone to sleep off her early start.

Good news on The Mockturtle. He has been neutered now and his operation went well and he did not have a chip. He does now. He is very much loved and belongs forever to his new home. So it's a very Happy Christmas for all of them too.


It's OK to be naughty

December 22nd 2011 10:36 pm
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In the morning I wait for mum to finish her cereal and then I get to polish off the milk and I really like that. But this morning I was ready for my milk and she was still eating. I tried dipping a paw in a few times but she pushed my paw away so I grabbed her hand.

She wasn't happy and put me on the floor and told me that I was being a naughty cat and naughty cats don't get visits from Sandy Claws.

But I think she's wrong because she has bought all her presents now so I reckon he will have too. He and the elves will be busy packing them into sacks for the big delivery day so he won't know if I've been bad. Tee hee! I can be as bad as I like!!

Then Mum said that she will give all my presents to Josie but lucky for me Josie is very good at sharing her things. Actually it's me that is very good at sharing Josie's food and toys iwth her but that amounts to the same thing.

Mum says we will have a serious talk about New Year's Resolutions next week...

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