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Best Day EVER

May 9th 2011 11:51 pm
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I was Diary of the Day! How excellent is that! What a truly splendid cat I am!

I was so very very excited. Plus I had both my visitors in the day and my mum came home from work a little early. She played with me and then she wanted to know when I would get tired. Normally I do after about an hour if I've had good play time in the day but no way was I going to sleep on such a special day!!

Actually my mum said I was so hyper that when she went out in the evening she put me away from Josie as she thought even a very patient cat would fiind me a bit much today.

At night after many ingenious but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to get my mum to join in I slept on my pillow next to her again. I like it there.

And the other good thing is that Josie and I have been playing. I have been chasing her and she has been chasing me - no growls or smacks. I knew she would come to love me. We aren't best buddies yet but we have come a long way in two weeks.

Off for another happy day!


Film Star Cat

May 8th 2011 11:50 pm
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I was chasing shadows and my own tail yesterday and my mum said how cute I looked so she fetched the camera to film me. Only I was feeling cheeky so I hid. She came over anyway and was calling me to come back - only Josie thought that the summons was for her so she came. You will note on the film no growlses - and you will also note who is in charge!

In the evening last night my mum said "Time for Play" and off we went to the bedroom. That's where the misunderstanding happened. I am so sure she said "Time for Play" but she reckons she said "Time for Sleep". She can't have done - I wasn't the remotest bit sleepy!

In the end I did settle down on the pillow next to her. Pillows make a perfect cat bed and I liked to wake up and poke her with my paw and get stroked.

Josie and I have been really good together but I am shut in my room for the day. Mum says it's because she will be gone so long - she has left us alone for short times at the weekend and we were fine. I think we would be fine today too!


All back to normal

May 7th 2011 10:49 pm
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I feel great this morning - extra Toby. I think I must have saved up all my bounce from yesterday as I have so much energy today.

But the best thing of all was that because I was still not quite right at bedtime I wasn't shut away and I slept all night cuddled up with my mum. I was so happy. I think she is like my mum because she holds my paw when I'm not well and gives me my food and she loves me.

If Josie does not want her tail chased why does she twitch it in such an enticing way? And if my mum does not want her feet attacked why does she walk about? They want to play really. No-one is immune to the energy of the Toby this morning!


Feeling under the weather

May 7th 2011 11:03 am
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Things good with Josie . Yesterday she stayed put when we were fed so she must be feeling happier about me.

This morning I went to the vet. They were more impressed with me than I was with them. The receptionists both came to look in my basket and the vet said I am very beautiful. He was admiring my unusual colouring as I do have stripes underneath my black coat. Proof, were it needed, that I am actually a tiger.

He called me a black tabby. My person says she has a very large soft spot for tabbies so she likes my stripes.

The vet gave me a very thorough examination which I did not appreciate, I do not like to be poked and prodded like that. But he is happy that I am in good health and weigh the right amount. And my person got a pack almost bigger than me to read all about how to keep me happy and healthy.

Then I had my shots and it was time to come home. I've been really sleepy since then. I never liked to sleep on Josie's bed but it seemed like just the right place today which is where my new picture comes from. As I'm in the sunshine you can see my stripes.

And I've slept on my person and nestled up on my person and I was sick once and she says it must be a bit of a reaction to my shots and I'll be better soon.


The Mystery of the Mobile Phone

May 6th 2011 12:34 am
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Yesterday I got my person's phone out of her handbag and half way across the room before she noticed. She was keen to learn how and why but I wasn't telling.

Actually I had a good reason. When she comes home I am so pleased to see her as I've been bored and lonely all day and we must play, play, play. She told me that she knew I hadn't been alone all day as my friend Dee sent her a text telling her that not only had she and I done lots of playing but Paul stopped by too.

I don't like being grassed up like that so I thought if I took her phone away she couldn't find out what I've been up to.

But my person says she loves to get texts about how I am when she is at work.

Also, I may have taken a step back with Josie but I had a good reason. I love my food. I love breakfast time and I love dinner time and I love every food opportunity that comes along really. the sound of the sachet opening brings joy to my heart and I like to be close by to get the food as soon as possible. Josie doesn't like to eat too close to me so she chose to have her breakfast on top of the fort.

Now breakfast smelled Ok but I have had better. I looked up and Josie was tucking in to hers with gusto therefore she must have something better than me. I jumped up on the fort to have a sniff (good jumping by the way - first time lucky!)

Turns out she had exactly the same as me but now I had gone so far to get the food there didn't seem to be any point in going back to my own bowl so I nudged Josie out of the way and got stuck in. To find I was firmly picked up and put back at my own bowl.

Well - now it became the principle of the thing. I jumped back up on the fort for another go. Turns out kittens aren't allowed principles. So then I got picked up and lots of cuddles and love and I'll always purr for that - until Josie had finished her breakfast and I was once again released.

So we aren't better friends yet but it's the weekend tomorrow and that means we'll have more time together and less time shut away so hopefully I'll win her round.


Deliciousest Water

May 5th 2011 12:23 am
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When water is put in my bowl at first I don't like it. It smells of chemicals and I won't touch it. After a few days that smell wears off and it is delicious and I cheerily drink.

But Josie says the opposite is true. It is most deliciousist when it is fresh, the fresher the better. She even runs to the bathroom when our person goes in there so she can drink water straight from the tap and she likes her bowl replaced every day. At least.

At the moment we each have a bowl for when I am closed away but our person wants to know if we'll expect separate bowls when I am grown.

Yes we will.

I did excellent playing yesterday evening. In the hall I have found a fort. It's quite large but I can jump up on it, if not at my first attempt usually after a few. I can also run in it and climb in and out of the windows. From the claw marks inside I am not the first cat to enjoy the fort.

Yesterday I jumped up on it and Josie was there and we looked at each other and she did not growl so I turned around to see what to do next and I felt her paw tap me. It wasn't a smack - more of a "I wonder what this thing is made of" feel. And then she headed in for a sniff.

I am actually a very brave kitten but you should see the size of this cat so I thought maybe it would be better to leave the fort for the time being. But our person seems to think it os progress. Just not progress enough to release me yet.


Finding out things

May 4th 2011 12:16 am
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When my person is asleep at night or out of the flat I get shut away in my room. This is most inconvenient. I do like my room and it has my toys and my food and my tray and good places to sleep but I also like to be an intrepid explorer.

So I asked why this is so. That other cat, Josie, she doesn't get shut away like that. And my person said it is because Josie and I aren't getting along so well yet and whilst she is pretty sure Josie wouldn't harm me I am too precious to take chances with.

So the key to my release is to make Josie love me. Surely the more Toby Time she gets the better. I was her shadow yesterday evening, everywhere she went I followed, I playfully flicked her tail, I stalked her and I even attempted a cheeky headrub. My person asked if I was sure this was a wise strategy and I'll admit it takes some perseverance. But surely if I can keep this up she'll realise what fun we could be having together.

I think I saw a slight improvement but I seem to be shut away again anyway.

Yesterday I also found out about lace up shoes - best footwear EVER.

But I still haven't found out why I'm not allowed near tea.

I was visited and entertained yesterday and they know games my person doesn't so that was cool. I hope they come back!


Things I am Learning

May 3rd 2011 12:32 am
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Curtains are fun, you can climb up them. My person doesn't seem so keen on this one. The other thing she isn't happy about is my happy dance. After I use my tray it feels really good so I do a happy dance in the tray and watch all the litter fly about and she has asked me if I can come out of the tray before I do that. Now where would be the fun in that?!

We had a good day yesterday with lots of playing and snuggling. That other cat came in the room and settled on her bed and we all had a snooze. It was the very first time she has been settled in the same room as me so that's progress. She still growls at me if I get too close but I think she is beginning to realise how lovable I really am.

Today my person had to go back to work and I will be all alone. All day. Except for my visitors of course. All my favourite toys are laid out of the sofa to be ready. Cool!



May 2nd 2011 12:44 am
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Yesterday was a very happy day for me. I learnt about how to make cards as my person was making a birthday card. She brought out a box full of ribbons and rustly card and other good kitty toys and we got stuck in. Although apparently none of it is for eating which is a shame.

I have actually decided that I am a big boy really and do not want kitten food. Luckily the cat that lives here likes the kitten food so she eats mine and I eat hers.

We think she lets more time go before she growls at me so it's all progress on that front!

Then my person told me that her friend Dee was coming to visit so I should get some sleep so I would be a lively kitty when she arrived. Sleep! I was so excited at the prospect of a visitor I was extra bouncy.

I did get a nap later and was able to join in all the games when Dee arrived. Dee is also going to look in on me later in the week when my person works. I shall have a busy social life and that's what I like.



April 30th 2011 10:49 am
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Bit of a shock announcement today. My person says much as she has loved cuddling me and playing with me and pandering to my every whim she will be back at her job next week so she needed to get some chores done. I thought I was her job. She has told me that Paul from next door will be popping in while she's at work to keep an eye on me so I won't be alone for too long.

I like to be nearby where she is so I followed her round - including in the bedroom which is where the other cat lurks. I've been learning some things about the other cat. If I stay still she is fine, if I move away she growls, if I move towards her she runs away. It's all very peculier. We think she is getting a tiny but braver so the person holds out hope we'll get on in time.

I was weighed today - one pound and eleven ounces. That's a splendid amount to weigh.

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