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Happy Josie made mum smile

June 9th 2011 12:49 am
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Yesterday my mum was late home from work because she had been travelling and worse, when she did come home she fed us and fed herself and then she went off to her dance class. Where was my play time?

When she came back she said she was very sorry and she would make it up to me and she did! We had a top time playing chase and I beat my personal record on curtian leaping and I chased my tail and I played with my toys and I chased Josie and then - the happy thing happened.

Josie had been wtaching and all of a sudden she got the play spirit too and she was joining in, attacking the toys and she chased me and that's the first time she's been the one to start the game. My mum smiled a lot because Josie looked like she was really enjoying herself.

I knew Josie would come round and learn to love games with me!


Top Game

June 7th 2011 10:10 pm
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Here's a fun game for bouncy legged kittens. The rule is no run up -stand on the bed and then jump as high as you can, claws out stretched and hang off the curtain. The claws are important as you need to leave little nicks in the curtains so you can see if you have beaten your previous record. I amazed myself with how high I can go.

Mum was impressed too as she was calling my name and exclaiming with delight as I swung off those curtains. At least I think it was delight.

One final question - mum swears that Josie and I are given the same food so why does the stuff in her bowl taste so much better than mine. It's a mystery but many meal times I have to push her out of the way and eat hers. Mum then gives her my bowl and Josie reckons they are the same but I don't think they are somehow.


Our own beds

June 7th 2011 12:19 am
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I was sorry to hear that our sunshine hadn't reached Australia because it was definitely gone from us. I was a bit cold so I squiggled myself under the throw on the sofa and slept there. Mum says Josie often does that too so when winter comes she will look like she has no cats, just a lumpy sofa. And she will have to be really careful before she sits down.

I laughed as I know she wouldn't sit on Josie but apparently she has once or twice but luckily they both move fast when that happens.

Talking of Josie - where was that cat? Mum looked and found Josie very happily snuggled up in the new bed. Josie says it has a furry lining so she actually likes it more than the old bed. So, come bed time, mum had her bed, I had my bed and Josie had her bed.

At about three am my party paws were activated so I went to see who would play. I started with Josie in her bed but she growled very loudly so I went to mum who doesn't growl and tried to interest her in some games but no-one wanted to play with me. Happily for me my tail is getting pretty long now so I can chase it better than ever. Mum said could I go somewhere else to do that but I hoped one of them would see the fun I was having and want to join in. But they didn't. Their loss - sleeping when there's games to be playing!


Happy Weekend

June 6th 2011 12:28 am
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My happy weekend is when my mum is home lots and that is just what happened this week. On Saturday she had to go out but when she came back she had been to the pet shop as promised. She brought back a new bed for one of us that doesn't want the pink one. We've had a good sniff but neither of us want it yet. Abnd she brought me a collar but I haven't put it on yet. She thinks I'm still too small. And she bought us a toy each. Mine is a ball on a string and I love it and Josie's is a big yellow feather on a string and she loves it. She even got to play with mum for a while but I just couldn't help joining in.

We played King of the Castle where Josie sits on the tower and I attack from below and my mum filmed us and put it on my page only she turned the camera round so we look like we are gravity defying cats. I wish I was but I'm not.

I think we've been successful in sending our warm to our friend Ka-Zar as it has all gone from us now. On Sunday afternoon it was raining so mum said that sounded like movie weather so I snuggled down on her lap and we watched Wall-E and we liked it. I was very content but I did have to tap my mum's hand once or twice to remind her to stroke me. I think she thought I was asleep but I wasn't.

So happy playing and contented snuggles and I don't think you could wish for a happier weekend.


Happy Morning

June 2nd 2011 10:33 pm
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I declare today to be a particularly Happy Day. Mum looked at me and reckons I am extra Toby - I do seem to have specially bouncy legs this morning. Maybe because we all slept well and I took my Catster friends advice and didn't wake my mum for snuggles. Though we did play fort on mum again this morning but we let her sleep in until half five before we did that so I think that was OK.

My mum was rootling in her purse so I put my paws in too and was trying to pull some of the crinkly paper out. She asked what I thought I would do with money for that is what I had in my claws. That's an easy one - I would go to the Pet Shop and buy lots and lots of lovely TOYS.

She said that tomorrow she might go to the pet shop and buy another bed so we can have one each.

And today she said she won't be going to work which made me all fizzy inside for play time but she said she is seeing a friend. She should bring the friend here and that's what I say.


Tiny Terror

June 2nd 2011 12:24 am
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It is so important to let your mum know that you love her. Personally I recommend frequent headrubs and purrs but if you really want her undivided attention wait until she is lying down fast asleep in the night and wake her up for some full on kitty love. I like to purr really loudly right in her ear, and rub my head against her face and just let her know how much she means to me.

Apparently this would be better for her if I didn't dribble but I can't seem to stop that. After a few minutes my mum does start telling me to settle down and then she starts pushing me away but I know she is just testing how much I love her and I wriggle back. I do this most nights and last night was no exception.

Then very early, as the sun was coming up, Josie came for a snuggle and we played such a top game. Josie would perch on my mum and I would attack. We did this about four times until my mum spoilt the game by getting out of bed.

She picked me up and looked at me hard and long and said, "How can something so tiny cause so much disruption?" I dunno. Gifted, I would say.

I really wanted to play chase with Josie this morning but she was grumpy and kept growling at me. Mum said I should take the hint but I don't really bother with stuff like that and kept going back. In the end mum and I played and Josie took herself off to my bed to sulk. Hopefully when she's had a good sleep she'll be feeling more playful.

Maybe I'll get a nap in too - in my bed. I'll get Josie to move out of it.


New Sleeping Arrangements

June 1st 2011 12:25 am
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At night time I have been sleeping cuddled up with my mum in her bed but - well, I'm a big grown up boy now. Last night I heard her wake up about 3am and she was patting the bed looking for me, but I wasn't there. So she went in the sitting room where Josie was asleep on the sofa. Mum petted Josie and asked her if she knew where I was and Josie said she knew exactly where I was. Why did mum think she was asleeping on the sofa?

Because yes, I was happily curled up in what we used to call Josie's bed. It's under mum's bed and feels all safe and snug and I think I'm butch enough to carry off the fact it's pink. I would have shared with Josie but she doesn't like me sniffing her so off she went to the sofa.

Mum said 'Poor Josie, losing her favourite place to sleep like that' but remember I'm the baby in this household so I get what I like.

I did, of course, climb up on mum's bed for a cuddle a bit later but I do think that little bed is mine now.


Big BAD cat

May 31st 2011 12:29 am
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Yesterday morning mum and I were settling down with a story book when we heard a thump and then a lot of rumpus from the garden. Mum ran to the back door and there was Josie being set on by a big bad cat. She had tried to get in the magic door but hadn't and he had her cornered.

Mum banged on the door and he ran away and a very relieved Josie ran indoors. Mum said she hated to see him run away like that with a mouthful of Josie's fur. Josie said it was worse for her actually, she wasn't so keen to lose her fur like that.

Josie didn't think he had managed to bite more than fur but mum will be keeping a close eye on her just in case.

Just let him wait until I am grown up and I'll go out there and sort him out.


My vet visit

May 29th 2011 11:15 pm
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On Saturday morning we had to go back to the vet. If there's one phrase you don't want to hear at the vet it's "Gosh - that's a big needle."

I was examined and am growing goodly and in tip top health. And I had my shots. But then my mum said I will go back in three months and be neutered (whatever that is) and chipped and the vet said he could chip me there and then. The good thing is he said I can go out in a week. The bad thing is that he got out the chipping needle and my mum said it was very big.

I was, of course, exceptionally brave. And am now a chipped boy but mum refuses to say I can go out next week even after all that.

The vet also found my pet flea and sadly we had to leave him there. Mum wanted to know where I found him as I don't go out but Josie and I both had to have flea treatment.

So that was quite a day for me. But I was much better than I was after my first set of shots. And I weigh 2.7lb and Josie and I did good playing.

And today mum says she has no work -it's a holiday day. Life is good.


People are funny

May 27th 2011 12:23 am
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Yesterday my mum left home really early and she came back really late so I wanted to know where she had been all day. She said she drove three hours to Norfolk, ran some training and drove three hours back again. So I asked her what did she train and she said 'Time Management'. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard.

Why would you drive all that way to say - eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, purr when your heart is full and everything else is Play Time? Mum says managing time isn't as simple as that for people which is why I think they are funny.

She also said she had a big projector so they could look at the things she wanted to show them and in their break she put my Catster page up on the screen so they could all admire me. Which, of course, they did.

Turns out Josie might have been telling the truth about the whole tree thing as I think my Catster friend wouldn't lie and they say it's true. I hope that it happens next week - mum has the catalogue after all so it must be soon.

Have to go now - Josie is flipping her tail and if there's one thing I can't resist!!

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