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Toby's Diary

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Being a patient cat

March 6th 2013 10:38 pm
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Yesterday we were playing with Da Bird. I was doing some amazing leaps and jumps like us two years olds do. Then mum said, "hang on a minute" but I did not want to hang on.

Then she explained. The cord that Da Bird flies from had got all tangled up and knotted and she wanted to untangle him so he could fly free. I sat down and waited.

I was very patient for ages and ages while she had the toy on her lap and pulled at the knots. But every time she tugged at the cord he fluttered enticingly and suddenly I could take no more. I pounced.

I forgot that funny rule mum has about no claws on her leg and she did make an interesting noise when some of my claws missed Da Bird and got her instead.

Anyway she says he is about three quarters untangled and that's good enough for me. And she says she'll finish it off when I am outdoors as she doesn't want another shock like getting pounced on by me!


I love being two

March 5th 2013 10:36 pm
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So far it's been brilliant. I can't think why I wasted so much time being one. You know when the happy is bigger than your body and you just have to run to and fro until it's used up. That was me last night. Josie joined in for a while but mostly it was just me on my own leaping and bounding and just generally having a good time.

Mum was laughing and muttering, "Crazy Kitty" but I was happy.

Among my birthday treats I got sticks. Mum gave me one and then took one to Josie. She was breaking Josie's up for her - she thought having the stick whole would slow me down eating it. She doesn't know me at all. I was behind her in moments looking for seconds.

She didn't believe I had eaten it that fast and was looking for it but it takes more than that to slow me down. So I got some of Josie's too. Being me rocks!

If being two carries on like this I think I'll stick with it.


Whoopie Do! I am Two!!

March 4th 2013 10:44 pm
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I was so excited last night I didn't want to go to bed. Especially when mum told me that I was a Daily Diary Pick - and that I had lots of lovely messages from my Catster friends.

I ran around and chased Josie and my tail got all fluffy with the thrill of being a so very nearly two year old. But mum said bed time and off she went. But I wanted us both to stay awake until midnight so we could see my birthday arrive. I did my best - I purred, I head rubbed, I poked her face with my paw (Claws in at first of course. I do have some manners. But claws out when she ignored that. Never ignore a cat!)

In the end I had to give up so I didn't get to see the first minutes of my birthday but don't you worry. I woke up bright and early and went to tell her to wake up and PRESENT TIME!! She's actually a bit grumpy this morning although I can't think why.

I didn't get a butterfly like Squirrel's but we did watch his video and the toy is indeed awesome. Mum said, "Ah. Garden Centre" and has promised to look out for them.

I did get others toys and two new flavours of Felix Goodie Bag so I'm a pretty happy cat today. Yey! I love birthdays!!


I know what I want

March 3rd 2013 10:39 pm
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Spring was definitely poking its head above the parapet this weekend. We had a little sunshine and a little warm and the bushes in the garden that looked dead are sprouting little green shoots. Josie and I were extremely happy about this and kept going out to look. Only it was still quite cold so we kept coming back in again.

Mum said she was getting fed up of letting me in and out but I'm sure she's just so happy that I'm not a poorly boy any more she didn't mind.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for I will double my age. Oh yes- no more being a one year old kitten for me. I'll be the grand old age of Two. I think that will be a splendid age. I'll be properly a grown up cat.

Mum asked me what I would like as my present and I thought hard and long. Then I knew.

"I want a butterfly toy like the one that Squirrel was getting only it got lost in the stream." We had read this terrible story in his diary.

"You don't even know what the toy is like," mum said.

"No, but I bet it's awesome."

Mum agreed that a toy that has to come by truck is probably awesome and promised to look for one in the toy shop nand off she went. Only it turns out there is a reason Squirrel's toy came by truck as there were no butterfly toys to be had. But I did hear some interesting rustling from her bag of the bag of treat variety so she didn't come back empty handed.

I can't wait until tomorrow!!


100% Toby

February 28th 2013 10:40 pm
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That was a close run thing but thanks to the wondrous power of the Catster Purr Team I am all betterer.

Here are the signs that the boy is back: I ate all my supper and all my breakfast and I ate some of Josie's - and we are back on full portions; I complained to my mum about how long she was taking to feed us; I gave Josie whacky paw when we both wanted the same toy; I played with Da Bird for ages.

I was lying there last night thinking of all these good things and I wanted to share my happy feelings so I jumped up on her bed.

She was lying there and after a moment I heard a snicker.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked.

"I was laughing at my own foolishness," she replied.

"I like to laugh at your own foolishness too. Which bit were you thinking of?" I asked.

"I felt you jump up on the bed and the thought flashed in to my mind that if I just lay there and pretended to be asleep you might go away again and I could go back to sleep."

That was indeed foolish. Firstly us cats are sleep experts and know when someone is pretending. Secondly I wouldn't let a stupid thing like her being asleep let mum miss out on my loving. Don't you worry - I kept her awake for ages giving me headrubs and strokes while I purred happily. She can catch up at the weekend.


The animal psychologist

February 27th 2013 10:46 pm
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Mum reckons I am not 100% Toby yet but am getting close now. Thanks to the amazing power of my friends' purrs. I felt well enough to steal Josie's breakfast this morning and to wake mum up in the night for some snuggles and dribble time.

Josie says she prefers me poorly but I don't so she's going to have to get used to this again.

Mum was telling us about a friend at work who is adopting a dog which is called Whisky. Poor Whisky has been at the shelter so long he was on the euthanasia list but tomorrow he leaves the shelter and goes to his forever home.

My mum's friend had to prove she was going to be a good parent. She had to visit him lots so they could bond, she had her home inspected and she had a session with the animal psychologist.

I said it was lucky for Whisky that Julie did pass that session. Then something struck me.

"Did you have to be approved by the animal psychologist before we came along?"

Mum said no. She said with Josie she got a phone call at work saying, "I hear you like cats. Would you like another one?" and with me she did explain how she had a broken heart and a massive cat shaped hole in her life and I was allowed to come to her.

"I fixed your heart, didn't I?" I said proudly. I might have been tiny then but I always knew my stuff. Mum gave me a headrub and kiss and said that yes, I had.

I'm glad mum didn't have to see the animal psychologist. She's not always exactly normal but we love her anyway.


I think the purrs are working

February 26th 2013 10:37 pm
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Mum came home yesterday and fed us but I wasn't feeling right so I didn't eat anything and I was mewing at her and pacing and mum found where I had been sick in the day she said that was it. Vet tomorrow. She couldn't see me like this.

Uh oh! Focus, Toby! I sat and concentrated on all the Catster purrs coming to me from all over the world.

"I hate it when you are all subdued," said mum.

"Shh!" I said, "I'm working on being betterer".

Then after a few hours I thought I was.

"Test me," I said to mum.


"Test and see if I'm betterer."

Mum looked around - she is a bit slow sometimes but she got there. She picked up Da Bird and I chased him round. I even caught him once. So mum said that wasn't 100% Toby but it was the closest she had seen in a while.

"Now feed me and I'll eat"

So she gave us some food and I ate all mine up (although she did say it was a half-portion) and I had some biscuits and I haven't been sick at all since then.

That did take it out of me and I didn't want any breakfast but mum says as long as I'm not sick again and eat something today no vet for now. It was a close-run thing and I really needed all my friends purrs so please keep going so I can be 100% Toby again. And thank you very much for all my purrs so far. Catster purrs are the best!


I am a bit betterer

February 25th 2013 10:44 pm
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Thank you for all your purrs. I think I am better and have no need to see a vet at all. Ever. Mum says I am better but not completely so vet is not ruled out.

I had my supper and I was fine then at 5 this morning I was sick but it was just some grass so I think that means I am fine. Mum says it doesn't and I am still not as perky as usual but if I keep going in this direction than no vet.

So please rev up your purrs!!

I would like to say that Josie is being sympathetic and holding my paw but that would be a lie. She is filling my space as flat mad cat. Yesterday she was playing with our Pokey Paw box. Mum had put her favourite mouse in there so Josie was enjoying fishing it out. Mum kept putting it back in for her and they were having a happy time like that. Then Josie grabbed the mouse too hard, yanked her paw out and the mouse flew into the air and on to mum's lap.

"That was brilliant. Do that again," said my mum but Josie got shy and wouldn't.


I am a poorly boy

February 24th 2013 10:39 pm
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Mum heard me being sick and when she came out there wasn't much and she siad to Josie - "that's the way to do it, not too much for me to clean up."

Then later she went to get her boots out of the cupboard and stepped in the rest which was funny so I think we can say that is really the way to do it.

Sadly since then I've been sick a few times and I'm not really hungry. I think I'm going to be and get all excited and then I sniff the food and I'm not. Actually I felt so rough I didn't even want to join in when Josie and mum were playing with Da Bird last night.

Josie says she hopes I feel unwell for a long time.

I've been eating some grass which helps and drinking lots of water. I am still washing and purring and playing a little so mum says she is just going to keep a very close eye on me and see if I need vet. I'm sure I don't.


I got my fish back

February 21st 2013 10:32 pm
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I didn't say this when it happened as I didn't want anyone to think badly of my mum but the week before last she confiscated my catnip fish.

I had been playing with it and was feeling all revved up and I attacked her hand and when she told me not to I attacked Josie. After she had rescued Josie mum took my fish and put it in a drawer. She said if it made me mean I couldn't have it.

But I noticed which drawer and I bided my time.

Opportunity arose last night. Mum was writing a birthday card for a friend and needed to check her friend's address and I know just where her address book is. Mum got the book out of the drawer, I waited until she was busily writing and made my move. The drawer was open, in went the paw, extend the claw, hoick fish out and scarper. Mum didn't even see what happened. She sealed her letter, address book back in drawer, drawer closed and on her way.

Then, "How did you get that, Toby?" Having retreived my fish I was quick to indulge in some serious catnip sniffing and she came across me and the fish rolling ectastically in the hall.

Of course she didn't have the heart to take it back and I remembered not to be mean to Josie after so I can keep it for now.

Humans may think they have the power but us cats always win in the end!!

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