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Define "Cats"

July 5th 2011 12:14 am
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Even though it was pretty hot again here yesterday my mum went Line Dancing. When she comes home and opens the front door Josie and I like to dash outdoors for a quick breath of evening air and once mum has taken her boots off and is ready she calls us back and we come.

Yesterday she called, "Come in Cats" and we came and mum looked at us and turned to one of the gang and she said, "You're not my cat. I've only got two" and the cat said that he heard her call for cats and he is a cat so he came. And there was no denying it. He was definitely a cat. But he wasn't me or Josie. Indeed we were deeply suspicious of him and hoped he would go.

So mum told him that he must leave and she gave him that look that Josie and I know so well and he recognised it too as off he went. Sighs of relief all round. Except of course from the cat who had been hoping for an extra supper.

So just the two of us again. And can I report that I was sleeping in a peaceful snuggle by my mum's side at 3am when Josie went mad. I had to join in of course, only polite, but she started it!


Catching mice

July 4th 2011 12:36 am
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On Sunday I was having a happy snooze when my mum told me to look out of the window and there was Kishmal who lives next door. He was in our garden and he was chasing a mouse. He looked like he was having fun as the mouse kept getting away and off he went after it.

Mum said when I go out she wants me to catch those bad mousies. I have lots of toy mice to practise with. Mum throws them across the room and I attack them. Luckily for Kishmal the real mice don't fly like the toy ones do!

I asked Josie if she catches mice and she said yes she has caught hundreds and mum said she thinks it is more like two actually. Two hundred? No, just two.

They had best be ready for me as mum says soon I can start having a wander in the garden.

After all the playing I was tired and spent most of the evening asleep cuddled up with my mum. She tried to get me to play but I was too sleepy. And she asked if I was saving all my energy for when she would be trying to sleep. She knows me so well.


Vegetable of the Day

July 1st 2011 12:19 am
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Yesterday mum gave me a broad bean (she eats some weird stuff). The bean was Ok but did not match the broccoli or the carrot for entertainment value so I went back and got another carrot top.

Josie saw my mum throw me something from the kitchen counter and said she wanted one too. She was very disappointed as she had thought it would be something good to eat but it wasn't. Josie is not as in to playing as I am.

Having said that we played fort. She was in the box poking her paw out and I attacked it, only then I wanted to be in the fort and what I want I get but after I ousted her she sulked and wouldn't play any more. And later I was sitting waiting for my mum to flip my toy when I felt a tap on my head. It was that Josie, I hadn't seen her on the chair above me so she batted me. Game on!!

So good games and some cuddles and that was another happy day in the life of Toby. even better I was a Diary Pick and I don't think life gets much better than that!


Toys and playing

June 30th 2011 12:13 am
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I have lost my broccoli floret. I took it somewhere, put it down and now I can't remember where I left it. I went and told my mum and asked for another but apparently she ate the rest. (I know! Uugh!) So she gave me a carrot top. Another great toy, it rolls, I can carry it - this had green stuff growing out of the top that flibbled nicely and I loved it. Only I've lost that one too.

So I went and told my mum and asked for another one but she wouldn't give me any more. She is worried friends will come round and find stray bits of vegetable in odd places and think she is weird. Actually she says when she has time we need to find the ones I have lost.

Josie and I haven't shared a snoozing spot again but Josie was in a good mood yesterday and joining in chasing games with our Skinny Kitty toy so mum thinks she's happy.


Good Boy Paws

June 29th 2011 12:26 am
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Yesterday the sky rumbled and was very noisy but I was incredibly brave about the whole thing. That's my story and no-one was home to see that I wasn't! Josie his under mum's bed throughout so she can't say either.

We were pleased to see mum home though. She said everything should feel a bit cooler now - but it didn't really.

Then she was sitting on the sofa talking in to that thing she does sometimes and I was nestled in my favourite part of the sofa arm. Josie was sitting on the back of the sofa by mum's head. Then Josie came down and sat on the arm of the sofa next to me and she settled down and had a little snooze there and I had good boy paws and let her be.

My mum said "The cats are sharing the arm of the sofa and no-one's fighting. That's a first" and we pretended we were asleep and not listening so we might hear more about ourselves and then she laughed and said, "Their bodies look asleep but when I said 'Cats' both of them flicked their ears round to hear" Rats! I had no idea my ears were giving me away.

But yes, it is true. Josie and I shared the arm and were content to be side by side and close to our mum. And we know this makes mum happy!



June 28th 2011 12:23 am
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Apperently a famous person once said he didn't like broccoli but all I can say is that he didn't know the right games!

My mum was in the kitchen last night and she was chopping stuff when one floret fell down and then - If I see a thing and want it, it's mine. That's the law according to Toby.

It made a fabulous toy, I could carry it round, drop it in mum's handbag and fish it out again, tap it and make it roll around, pounce on it. Broccoli is wonderful stuff.

Ah - mum says it was because he didn't like to eat it. Why would anyone want to eat such a marvellous toy! I LOVE my broccoli floret!


Being special

June 27th 2011 12:38 am
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On Sunday a made a new friend when my mum's friend Suzanna came and she gave me a cuddle but I would have liked her more if she hadn't taken my mum away after. It was very sunny outside so mum left the curtains drawn - she said it was to keep the flat cool. But Josie and I like to sunbathe so it didn't take us long to hook the curtains back again and let that lovely sunshine in.

When my mum came back she has been at a Crop and made pages with pictures on and you can see mine and I am very special because she didn't do one for Josie. When I laughed at Josie mum said she has others with Josie on so we had a look through her album. I prefer them out of the album as some have little bits of ribbon on or scrunkled paperand it's fun to touch that with your paw.

Mum said she was hot and thirsty and she got a drink from the fridge and it made a funny noise, bubbles and fizzes, after she opened it. So I tapped it with my paw and it made the noise again so I tapped it again and my mum said she would rather I didn't do that and I said that I would rather I did so I carried on. The harder I hit the can the more noise it made and this was very pleasing to me. Mum said if I kept hitting it I might knock it over. Challenge accepted!! But she said as it would be her that mopped up the lemonade she wasn't willing to let me. She has no sense of adventure sometimes.

It was very hot last night so Josie and I both cuddled up with mum. She wasn't sure she wanted two furry hot water bottles beside her but it was funny to watch her wiggle so she wasn't too close to us, without pushing us off.

Today she says it will be hotter still so she's left all the curtains drawn again and she says we are to drink plenty of water and mostly sleep. I never felt more lively to tell the truth but maybe when it gets hotter later in the day I'll be sleepy.


Being misjudged

June 24th 2011 12:16 am
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By morning time my mum is usually sleeping on her front and Josie likes to snooze on my mum's back at that point. I move her off of course. It's Ok for us kittens but what if Josie squashed my mum? So Josie settles and I join her, a few skillfully administered bats of the paw and my mum is once again safe.

But I was feeling mellow this morning. Lately I've preferred sleeping with my mum instead of in my own bed and I like that. So when Josie came I let her be.

My mum woke up, felt Josie and then waited for me to spring in to action. She knew I was on the bed so it was only a matter of moments. Only I didn't.

This is the sad part. Of all the possibilities that could have sprung to my mum's mind to account for my not moving Josie, 'Toby is a good boy' wasn't one of them. Indeed the only possible explanation my mum could think of was that I somehow physically couldn't - that some terrible event had occurred in the night and I had lost use of my paws. Once the notion had taken her she could not rest until she had checked it. She tried to reach out for me without moving too much and disturbing Josie but she couldn't find me with her hand.

So Josie didn't get the sleep she was hoping for and I was absolutely fine of course.


Cuddles and play and timing

June 23rd 2011 12:30 am
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Now I like cuddles and play as much as the next cat, maybe more - but I need to have a serious word with my mum about timing as she has developed a bad habit.

We get our dinner, I start from my bowl and then go to see what Josie has. I'm not mean to her, I just gently push her head out of the way. Actually it's funny to see just how many times I can make her swap in one meal. Josie was starting to eat with one eye on me.

Yesterday breakfast mum put Josie in another room with her bowl and Josie thought she was being punished so she didn't touch the food and I got it anyway. Score One Toby.

Only since then I start my meal as usual but when I go to see what Josie's got I find my mum in the way. Of all the moments in the day she has decided this is the time she wants to cuddle me or play with me and she doesn't stop until Josie has eaten. I thought it was unlucky chance last night but it happened again this morning. When we play I am free to go back to my own bowl but I can't get near Josie and it's very annoying.

Cuddles - Good! Play - Good! Not being able to bug Josie when she has her food. Bad!

Josie reckons she prefers it this way but it is now a battle of wills between me and mum!


Deeply Honoured

June 22nd 2011 12:19 am
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Yesterday I was Cat of the Day. I can't tell you how special that made me feel. I made sure my mum gave me a thorough brush and I had a think and then announced that I was ready.

"What for?"

"My acceptance speech"

Apparently it doesn't work like that. Which is a shame.

he Catster Cats have always been so kind to me, since I was a squib of a thing, and they give me good advice and happy messages and I wanted to thank them all in my speech. So I thank you all now. I was the proudest cat in the world when i found out.

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