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Being neglected!

October 5th 2011 10:34 pm
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I thought that our luck was in yesterday. We had our normal breakfast, I had some of mum's cereal and then just before mum went to work she gave us breakfast all over again. There was some muttering about being home late so not to eat it all at once but I didn't really pay attention.

I wish I had as it got darker and darker and still no mum and all we had was some biscuits to eat.

We were so happy when she finally appeared that even Josie went a bit mad and we played happy chase games. I wish she would be like that more often. Mum said perhaps I could try not biting her so much.

The bad news is that I think we may be about to be neglected again as mum has her big bag out and she's putting things in it. A bad sign!





October 4th 2011 10:29 pm
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I have always enjoyed as much of Josie's breakfast as I can get but had never really considered mum's. Her bowl doesn't give off that rich aroma of chunks of fish or meat in yummy meat or gravy that we so enjoy.

But I got close to her bowl the other day and what is this? A more delicate ambrosial scent filled my nostrils and I knew I had to have some. There was a degree of argument on that front. I started with just pushing my head in but mum is less of a pushover than Josie. Then I tried a dainty paw dip but mum pushed my paw back. Then the sudden attack.

In the end I wore her down and she gave me the end of the bowl. Mmmmm! Milk. Delicious.

Mum says when she was a kitten all the cats drank milk not water and looking back she thinks that wasn't good but I envy those cats. We just get water but mum lets me have a little now on her cereal days. I am trying to be good and wait for her to finish her share but it isn't easy. Thw paw drifts.


Computer genius

October 3rd 2011 10:40 pm
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When my mum types in my diary I can assure you that I am a very active participant. Aside from telling her what to put I help with the technical side of things. I know how to do lots of things that my mum doesn't.

This morning for example I thought her eyes looked tired so I switched on the magnifier and made everything big. She didn't know you could do that and it took her a while to switch it back.

I also turned on the camera so she could see herself typing. It's about half six in the morning and she wasn't so happy with what she saw. Unlike cats who wake up perfect she likes to do stuff before anyone sees her. I think she is always lovely because she is my mum and she loves me.

My best help ever was turning on the numbers lock one day last week. She had no idea how to turn that off and she couldn't google it as when she tried her problem said "n40bers a**ear 5n w6rds" and that wasn't recognised. It took some time but she did find a forum where some kind person had answered that question.

She didn't seem very grateful for this tutorial on her computer but one day she'll want to watch herself typing numbers on a big screen and she'll appreciate me then.

I have to go now. I haven't cahsed Josie much yet this morning and she needs the exercise.


Another happy weekend

October 2nd 2011 10:46 pm
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It stayed hot and sunny all weekend and I loved it. Lots of running in and out. Mum came out to film me catching things but then she said I looked cute. Cute! I was an amazing predator so I ran indoors and wouldn't come out until she put the camera away.

My friend Dee came to visit. She has been in America and I wondered if she had been to visit my Catster friends but mum pointed out that she doesn't know them so she couldn't. Despite that she had an amazing time and said she saw some beautiful places and met lovely people.

We saw rather too much of Dylan. I do have a sneaky respect for him as he is very brave. He walked up to my mum, cool like the cucumber, while she was mowing the lawn. I see her stop mowing and chat to him. Mum said he was asking what we were having for supper and could it be soon? I won't go anywhere near that mower.

Later my mum went to see Victoria next door and Victoria said that she kept hearing a sad kitten from the shed next garden along. At that very moment it called again and mum looked up and saw a tiny tabby face peeking over the top. They both tried to reach it but it ran off and they couldn't. Victoria had tried to talk to the people who own the shed but they weren't home.

We don't know if the kitten is theirs or a lost kitten or one of a bundle of feral ones but they will find out and make sure that the kitten is OK.

It does make you appreciate the cat loving people in the world. Reading about Injen and all the people who are helping out to make sure that she is safe and happy and gets back to her family gave us a lovely warm glow.


Never underestimate a book mark

September 29th 2011 10:39 pm
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Mum thinks that when I run around outdoors I should wear myself out and come in all tired and quiet. She is wrong about this as about so many things. I come in all revved up and hyper. It's all so very exciting!

Lucky I am really as yesterday we had an emergency. I came in and saw that the book mark out of the book mum was reading had made a giant leap out of her book. Intent on worming its way across the carpet, who knows what havoc this bookmark planned on wreaking?

As soon as I saw the peril I was in action and attacked it, not once but several times. Some direct assaults, some walk past and then suddenly dart back. I showed that book mark what I thought of its evil plans.

Mum couldn't see it. She tried to distract me with my toys but I had work to do. She thought the book mark looked quite innocent, she couldn't see why I was so intent on destroying it. Cats know stuff!

I have showed it who is boss and it is now behaving and sitting quietly in mum's book as it should.

Mum and Josie are safe once again - although not as grateful as you would expect.


Sunny Days

September 28th 2011 10:36 pm
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We are having an Indian summer. I never had one before but I like it and hope it lasts for ever. It was getting all cold and wet and suddenly the days are all sunny and warm.

Mum comes home from work and opens the big doors and we are in and out. I like bringing favourite things in and I remembered that mum likes berries so I brought her some. She asked me if I couldn't bring her some of the edible ones but they are on the prickly bush so no. I couldn't.

My mum did a very foolish thing this morning. I was lying next to her having my tummy rubbed. I was completely blissed out and purring when the hand vanished. Naturally I grabbed her arm and pulled it back, keen to get more rubs.

What I didn't know was that mum had picked up her cup of tea with that very hand and hot tea and cats don't mix. Happily no-one got hurt but mum made some interesting noises and the throw needs a wash. She'll think twice before stopping rubbing my tummy in the future!!


Things in the air

September 27th 2011 10:44 pm
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I followed my mum into the bedroom. I like to follow her around as you never know if she might rustle up a tasty snack or launch into a game. As we wlked in my mum looked up and exclaimed, "What is that and how did it get up there?"

I'll admit to being slightly disappointed with her. "That" I replied "is Josie and I'm not sure but I would think she jumped." For Josie was up high, half way out of the window. We have never seen her up there before. Mum says it is odd how much more lively Josie has been since my operation. Mum wonders if is it because there isn't boy smell round the flat (not that she could smell it before but maybe she thinks Josie could). I think Josie is just relieved I am safe and well.

But it wasn't Josie that my mum had been looking at. It was a leaf, just hanging in mid air. Most mysterious! Turned out to have been caught on one very fine strand of spider web going across the room. Mum waved stuff near it so it wobbled about much to my excitement.

We got it down in the end and mum got out the feather duster. Talk about a top toy!

Talking about flying things mum looked up daddy long legs as she wondered whether the spiders were related to ours. They aren't but both sorts have little bodies and long legs . Ours are really called Crane Flies but Wiki says, and I quote, "they can be caught without much trouble." Not if they won't fly close they can't.


Best insects ever

September 26th 2011 10:33 pm
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Josie told me this would happen and it did. Last night I saw my first ever daddy long legs. Wow! All those legs and the way they bob about. And mum says they are safe to catch and as she isn't that keen on them herself she would be glad if we did.

Well, we certainly did try but they cheat! They fly too high and we couldn't reach them. I told them off at some length about it, calling them to come away from the ceiling and fight like proper insects but they just kept wibbling about in that enticing manner. Then mum turned the ceiling light off and they came a bit lower.

I didn't manage to catch one but Josie and I had good fun trying. Apparently they'll be around for another week or so before disappearing from whence they came so I bet I can catch one. I bet I can catch one before Josie does!


My favourite type of weekend

September 25th 2011 10:39 pm
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One where mum is home a lot and doing quiet things and playing with me and Josie and when it is sunny so the big door at the back is open so we can run in and out just as we like knowing that our mum is just a yowl away if we need her.

That was my weekend.

The only downside was that Dylan also wanders freely. He had the nerve to complain to our mum that our bowls were empty. Too right they were - fishy Felix is our favourite!

When mum put the picture of me being very small on my page I realised she has never put my story of where I came from on my page and she must do that.

I come from a military family which accounts for my extremely high levels of courage and self discipline (Mum seems to have deevloped a bad cough there!) They suddenly had to go to Belguim. My cat mum was going with them but I was too young to have my vaccinations. No shots, no passport, no international travel! So they needed a home for me and sent my picture all around and my human mum saw it and the rest was inevitable.

She came and fetched me and so met my cat mum and she says that is where I get my black fur from. I didn't like the drive as I don't like to be confined but once I got here I settled in fast. I could get a passport now of course but I think I'll stay put. I'm still getting mum and Josie how I like them and I hate to leave a job half done!


Pictures and how I came to be here

September 22nd 2011 10:36 pm
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Last night my mum had finally worked out how to download the very first picture of me that she ever did see. She was at work and an e-mail came which said "Warning - Mega Cute" and she opened it up and there I was! And pretty cute I looked too. My mum reckons she pretty much knew at that moment where we would end up. I needed a home and she needed a kitten to mend her broken heart.

There are some heart aches that only a cat can cure and this was one of them. Of course I see Henry about the place. He checks up that I'm looking after our mum alright. We play chase games sometimes and mum laughs at me because she thinks I'm going mad by myself. He told me to sleep with one paw behind my back because he always used to do that and he thought she would know he had shown me.

And he said one very important thing. I can go in the back garden and have all the adventures I like but never never never am I to go near the road at the front. He doesn't think my mum could cope with losing another cat like that. So I have been in the front but not very far. I stick close to home and mostly play indoors anyway. I think Henry gives good advuice.

When my mum was putting that picture on she remembered that she had taken more so you can see me with my legs shaved. The fur is growing back nicely now. And you can see with with a nice shred of wallpaper. And you can see Josie watching over me when I was sleepy. She likes to sleep where she can keep an eye on me, she reckons she sleeps better that way.

Actually seeing that picture of the wallpaper reminds me that there is more to rip. Time to get busy...

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