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Toby's Diary

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Where was mum?

February 17th 2013 10:39 pm
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She was late home again on Friday although not quite as late. I asked if she came another way and she looked a bit embarrassed. Turns out she had tried to take some back roads and much to her delight found herself speeding along a road alongside the one she wanted to avoid. She thought she had been really clever - until she saw a roadsign and found out she was speeding along in exactly the wrong direction, every moment taking her away from home.

When they were handing out senses of direction I think she got lost on her way and never got one!

It finally felt like Spring here on Saturday. You can tell how warm it was - Josie came outside with me. We wandered about for a while and it felt marvellous.

"I expect we'll be in and out all weekend" I told mum.

"Ah" she said. "That's not going to be possible".

For big bag came out and she was off and we were confined to our quarters. It felt cruel when Josie had finally found weather wram enough for her to be out in.

Our kindly neighbours popped in to feed us and mum came home on Sunday. Josie was not cool. She gets so excited when mum comes back from anywhere.

OK - I admit it. I was pretty pleased too and there was another bowl of biscuits incident. In my dashing about I skidded on the mat they share with our water bowl and everything went flying. This is why we need mum - to clear things up.

Mum was telling us that shed had been to look after her nephews while their parents were away. "I expect you missed us," I said. Mum agreed that it had felt odd to read a newspaper without a paw wiggling under it or watch a TV programme without a plaintive mewing demanding playtime. I imagine it was. Poor mum. I gave her plenty of snuggles to remind her how lovely I am.


Sad mum

February 14th 2013 10:35 pm
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Mum was very late when she got home from work yesterday. As she had been the day before. Our poor tummies were rumbling like billy-yo.

"Where have you been?" I demanded to know.

"Sitting in traffic. There's major roadworks."

"How long will they go on for?" - hoping for an answer of one day.


"Two weeks? Well it will be hard but I think we'll cope."

"No. Two.."

"What - a whole two months? What will we do?"

"Two years."

I haven't even been alive two years. I can't imagine such a long time.

We sat on the sofa and comtemplated our fate. Mum says she will find another route but they will all be longer otherwise she would have been taking them all along.

And she was also sad because yesterday was Henry's birthday. He still visits us of course but mum can't see him and I don't think a day goes by when she doesn't miss him. The love between cat and human is unbreakable.

Mum needed cheering up and no mistake. I know what makes me happy so I suggested she flip Da Bird about a bit and see what that does for her spirits and I think that seeing me leaping about did help. And then Josie joined in and we showed her just how much fun life can be. I think we helped bring her happy levels up a bit.


Mum not being sensible

February 13th 2013 10:39 pm
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As all good cats know it is healthful for people to rub our fuzzy coats and hear our purrs and I make sure mum gets plenty of snuggle time. I nestle by her side and let her rub my tummy and head and it's happy time. Last night I was all contentededly enjoying this time when she tugged at my paw, trying to push it, then my tail was brushed out of line.

"Toby - don't dip your paw in my tea," she said.

I purred and attempted to stretch back to how I had been.

"You'll get burned" she said and tried to push back. Then she reached over and picked up the mug which I now realise was rather close to my foot and tail. The coaster came with it so I tapped that as the mug moved close by and it fell down on me. Luckily it didn't fall far but even so...

"What were you thinking, putting your hot drink so close to me at snuggle time?"

She said that the tea was there before I was but I found that a feeble explanation.

She had needed snuggle time as when you change banks you have to telephone a million people and tell them it would seem and you have to kind of like hold music. Yesterday she rang our pet insurance people so Josie and I will be Ok and she rang her car insurance people only that was embarrassing. She gave them all the details and then I heard her say, "So I don't have a policy with you any more. Oh. I wonder who I am insured with." She found out from her old bank statement but she had to admit that wasn't ideal.

It's a good thing she has us cats to look after her otherwise who knows what trouble she would get herself in!


Cosmic Catnip

February 12th 2013 10:36 pm
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I was very tired yesterday morning after my night-time snuggles so settled down for a sleep and mum said it was alright for some. Then she got herself ready for work. she wore her wraparound dress so that Josie could chase the ties and then Josie chased her tights as they wiggled as she put them on and then Josie pounced on her pendant as she dangled that enticingly from her hands. She was very kind to give Josie such entertainment.

As she left home she wondered aloud why she ever thought that cats were a good idea.

But we know she loves us as she came home with a wonderful surprise. She has changed her bank and her new one is just two doors down from the pet shop. I expect that's why she changed.

Years of training have paid off and she cannot walk past a pet shop so she had gone in and we got a cosmic catnip fish.

Not everything that says catnip on the label lives up to its promise but mum is wary now and sniffs what she buys. If she can smell it then it must be good - and this was!!

Funny it doesn't seem to have the effect on humans that it does on us. Josie had it first and then me and we felt all happy and wild and wow inside. Then we fought but only for fun. Mum said if we got mean no more catnip but we didn't. We just got crazy.

I said I felt sorry for mum that she would never know the pleasure of catnip but she said we never know the pleasure of a good cup of tea so maybe we're even.


Sometimes life is good

February 11th 2013 10:35 pm
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Last night we had new food for supper. It was the most delicious food I have ever tasted. I licked my bowl clean and then licked Josie's in case she had left any. She hadn't.

"Have you got more? That was amazing."

Mum looked at me. "I do have more but that's for tomorrow."

"I want it now," I said because I did. But mum says she doesn't want us to get chubby so we have to wait.

Mum went to bed so to pass the time Josie and I had a brilliant chase game. She actually dive-bombed me from the table which surprised me but I had to admit was clever and we ran all around.

When we were tired out and ready to sleep I thought about my tasty supper and the games Josie and I play and my happy home and that I do love my mum. I woke her up to tell her.

"I love you too Toby. Now settle down."

But my heart was too big and I needed to purr and be stroked and give my mum lots and lots of headrubs. I think maybe she thought she didn't deserve so much love as she kept trying to bury her head under the pillow. But she has to breathe so I found where I could sneak a paw in and get more snuggles.

When I could reach it I purred right in her ear so she could hear just how much I love her. It's true that I do get so blissed out I forget to swallow and dribble just a bit but I think she over-reacted.

Once I was really sure she knew I love her and I had purred my fill I went to my chair and dreamed happy dreams.

Mum is tired this morning and muttering about lack of sleep. She also wants to know why half of our biscuits are scattered around the bowl when last night they were all neatly in the bowl. I think she is probably happier not knowing that one.


A Cat's instinct - Never wrong

February 10th 2013 10:42 pm
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I spent most of my weekend chasing birds, some real birds in the garden and Da Bird indoors. I think I like Da Bird best because I do catch that sometimes. When I catch it I take it out of the room and come back in for more and mum does a big sighing thing and goes and fetches it back. She says if I want to play with it please could I leave in in reach but she needs some exercise too!

I've never actually caught a bird outside but I like to try. So there I was on Sunday morning stalking my prey when I felt that whisker twitch, hm...something was happening without me.

I went indoors and I was right. Mum had been changing the sheets without me and Josie had been having all the fun. They tried to deny it but I gave the sheets a thorough sniff- yes, definitely fresh. They didn't have that comfy smell of us that they get through the week.

On the plus side there is something deeply satisfying about planting a trail of muddy paw prints across pristine linen and I did get to do that.

It rained a lot over the weekend so mum had to do lots of entertaining us both and this morning the snow is back but there isn't very much. We've been reading about the snow storms in America and purring for all the people and cats affected. It sounds very scary.


Josie still crazy

February 7th 2013 10:41 pm
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That mad kitty was actually chasing her own tail last night. Mercifully she didn't catch it, it kept moving out of reach. Mum and I were laughing at her as she spun round and round.

Mum asked, "Are you sure you wouldn't like a little run in the garden?" and Josie thought she might so mum held the door open and out Josie went - for a full sixty seconds. It's cold out there!

So I was a good cat and ran up to Josie and - tag, you,re it! Game on! We chased each other all round and up and down and it was a brilliant evening and we were all exhausted by bed time.

When I woke up I saw something very wrong. Normally Josie wakes in the night and goes and is snugglepuss with mum and I look up to see them curled up sleeping side by side but Josie was fast asleep in her own bed and mum was all alone.

Once again I stepped in to help. I would do snugglepuss duties. I woke my mum with a cheery meow and then started purring in anticipation of my lovely strokes and kisses. Mum did pet me, mostly because I clawed her whenever she stopped.

She reckoned she appreciated the gesture but says Josie is a more restful companion as she just nestles up, purrs and sleeps. I'm a more interactive kind of cat. At the moment a very unappreciated interactive kind of cat. And mum is a tired kind of person but says she'll catch up on sleep at the weekend. And Josie is slightly more normal having run off some of her mad last night thanks to my help.


Josie is going crazy

February 6th 2013 10:40 pm
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Mum said she was tired last night as she had a busy day at work. Josie and I joined her on the sofa as she read the news.

"They are going to make it law for all dogs to be microchipped," she told us.

"I'm glad I'm not a dog," I replied.

"Silly cat! You are already microchipped," she said.

"I know. I'm just glad I'm not a dog," I told her.

Dogs go out in all weathers but us cats get to stay warm and dry. It is still really cold out. Josie thought she wanted to go out so mum opened the door for her and Josie put her head out. And hurriedly brought it back in.

But the running about bug had bitten her. She did some random running to and fro. Then she had a go on my Pokey Paw Box and then she jumped up on the table. She started frantically going through our toy box. She was looking for a very specific toy and was throwing toys everywhere as she tried to find it. Mum asked her who she thought would pick them all up but we wll know it will be mum.

Then Josie got Catnip Fish from the bottom of the box and was happy again.

Once Josie had worn herself out and gone for a catnap I had my running about time. I am not crazy like Josie, chasing invisible prey, so I need mum to entertain me. She got out Da Bird and Cat Dancer and I was extremely happy.

Mum did ask why Josie and I can't co-ordinate our running about times and chase each other. Because sometimes it's fun to play tag and sometimes we each like mum's undivided attention I would say.


Cats' tummies

February 5th 2013 10:36 pm
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Our tummies are truly wonderful things. Obviously on the inside because that's where all our yummy food goes but on the outside too; soft, fluffy and warm and full of rumble purr.

I was lying there last night having my evening tummy rub dribbling just a little bit at the pure bliss of it all and mum laughed at me and said I did not look dignified.

I tried to tell her that I didn't care but it came out more like, "Mmmmmmmmm!"

"Lots of cats hate having their tummies touched," she commented.

I wondered why.

Mum said it's actually very natural for an animal not to be touched in such a vulnerable place.

"So how come I love it so much?" I asked.

Mum explained that she loves to rub a kitty tummy so when I was tiny she rubbed my tummy a lot so I would get used to it and think about snuggly things when she did it. Only she hadn't realised that I would expect tummy rubs every evening and every morning.

But I do!!


I had to bite my mum

February 4th 2013 10:36 pm
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Now I know some cats don't approve of biting the hand that feeds (and mum would like it known she never bites us) but I had really had enough.

Everything started companionably enough. Mum watching TV, me playing with my Pokey Paw box and then settling down for a happy snuggle by hjer side. But what was she watching? A programme about dogs?! And she was liking it.

She kept saying, "Look at that cute puppy. How gorgeous is that dog?!" On and on so I just grabbed her arm and bit it. Not hard of course. I was going for the gentle rebuke. I think she was more surprised than anything else.

"Why aren't you watching a programme about cats?" I demanded to know.

"They didn't make one" she seemed to think that settled it.

"Why not?"

She considered this.

"If you look at those dogs they do lots of stuff - they protect people and they fetch things and they follow instructions. Cats not so much"

I drew myself up. "When you look this good you do not do, you are. I would make a TV programme that would be us gorgeous cats all day long."

Mum thought fast and I think redeemed herself.

"But then no-one would go to work as we would all be watching it and then no-one would be making the kitty food and the toys and warm cushions and all the things cats love."

Good answer so we are back on good terms and I let her finish watching the dogs.

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