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Being ons is cool

March 5th 2012 10:35 pm
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I had a lovely birthday. Thank you to all my wonderful Catster friends who sent me happy messages and friends and mum and I are going to sit down tonight and write my thank you notes. I always feel very lucky to be a Catster Cat and to count the very best cats in the world as my personal friends.

I had special fishy supper and it was delicious only I had to share with Josie and that's not right as it wasn't her birthday. Mum asked if I will expect to share Josie's birthday food on her special day. Of course I will. After all it won't be her very first birthday.

Then we played my favourite games until Josie and I were both fluffy tailed with excitement. This is a good day!


Being One!!

March 4th 2012 10:41 pm
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Yes!! Today is my very actual birthday! Hard to believe that this time last year I wasn't here. I was borned very late in the day - so late all my brother and sister kittens have their birthday tomorrow but mine is today.

I like to be one as I've seen a whole year now - I know it's true about trees coming indoors at Christmas and white fluffy cold stuff coming down in Winter and being one is very cool.

On Friday Victoria from next door came round with a big box and I asked my mum if this was my birthday present. Mum said it wasn't, it was some books she had ordered. But she was wrong. The box was full of packing worms and every single one is a gift to me.

I started by skewering them out one by one and flicking them across the room but that was too slow so I pushed the box over and they went everywhere and I attacked them. Then mum tidied them away back in the box so I climbed in and tried to find the bottom of the box and mum took a picture.

This was a great day. I am only allowed to play with them when mum is around to supervise so I have to hide some for later. Mum does find most of them.

Mum did buy me some other things for my birthday but nothing has been as much fun as my own personal box of worms. Josie is allowed to watch but not to play as they aren't her birthday present.

It's lucky we had such a good toy as it rained all day yesterday so we couldn't go out. Mum says we need the rain but we don't!


I have a furry face

March 1st 2012 10:39 pm
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Apparently my mum didn't know that!

You'll be thinking that of course I have a furry face, just like you do. We are gorgeous cats with fur all over and whiskers to boot. But I'll explain.

It is definitely getting much warmer here so my winter coat is too hot for me. Mum was stroking me last night and she commented that she is getting handfuls of fluff off me. I am in moulting mode. She reached into my toy box and oh the ecstasy out came my brush.

I was extremely happy being brushed but have you noticed - when fur is attached to you it looks like one sort - sleek and clearly coloured - but when it comes off it looks more fluffy and grey? I was quite intrigued by my fluffy fur si gave it a good sniff.

And that's when my mum looked at me and said, "Toby - you have a furry face" and I looked at her and she realised what she had said! She tried to say that she meant I had loose fur and she didn't want it getting in my eyes or me to swallow it. I let her remove as much as she could.

Anyway I am an extra handsome boy after all that grooming and beginning to feel ready for the season. More fur to go though and we need to make sure plenty of that goes in the carpet to make it smell right!


Wake up mum

February 29th 2012 10:38 pm
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Mum says that coming on one year ago she got an e-mail headed "Warning - mega cute" and in it was a picture of me. (And I still am of course!) Further e-mails were exchanged in which my disposition, excellent state of health and general loveliness were discussed and mum chose me.

I never got to choose her. No photos for me to rate her smile and stroke worthiness of her hands; no comments from Josie about mum's suitability. She just turned up and took me.

But I think I would have chosen her. She is (like I think all Catster people are) pretty good at the important. She fills our bowls with tasty food, chases away bad cats, knoes good games etc. BUT she is very lazy.

Sometimes I am very ready for breakfast and she lies there pretending to be asleep muttering things like "It's 5am Toby" when she should be skipping to the kitchen and opening a sachet.

Mostly I rely on that staple tactic the meow. I vary pace and pitch to see what works best but she is surprisingly immune to that. So this morning I wondered if a paw in the face might work better. I gave her a couple of prods but nothing.

So I thought and thought and then realised. There is one thing my mum can't resist. I rumbled up the purr and gave her a goodly nore rub. Success! She told me she loved me too and I got lots of stokes and no more pretending to be asleep.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar!


Bad Boy Smudge

February 28th 2012 10:40 pm
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I was sitting in my garden yesterday evening, minding my own business, savouring the evening air when out of nowhere Smudge appeared. Now he is meant to be being a more mellow cat since he had his operation but there was no sign of that yesterday evening.

I made straight for the magic door and safety but he cut me off and stood there. "There's no escape," he snarled "and now I shall grind your bones to make my bread."

I was very afraid as he is bigger than me. Much bigger than me and I didn't know what to do with him standing guard over my door.

Now I am always happy to see my mum but never ever so happy as just then when her face appeared at the magic door. She had heard his threats and no-one threatens her cats and gets away with it!

Lucky for us he has no idea that she can't actually get through that door so when she shouted at him to leave me be off he slunk. Mum called me but I wanted to be sure he had gone so I stayed in a hiding place and off she went.

Quickly I ran and padded at the door. How could she leave me now? I was so panicked I didn't hear the sitting room door open. I just felt her hands picking me up and carrying me safely indoors.

And that was my scary adventure. And a reminder why we have agreed that Josie and I only go outdoors when my mum is home. (And Josie mostly not even then!)


My mum made it snow

February 27th 2012 10:35 pm
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I was minding my own business in the hall when a shower of white flakes fell on me. I looked up and mum was shaking out the laundry.

"Darn it," she said, "I left a tissue in with the washing" and the tissue had disintegrated in the washing machine and become beautiful snow flakes on all mum's clothes so they were spotty.

Even when something doesn't smell very appetising I always like to test it out in case it's food so I started chewing on one of the larger lumps. Mum wasn't very happy with that I can tell you. There is no dignity in being forced to spit something out - it was quite chewy and tasted bland, needed a little gravy if you're wondering.

I wasn't allowed to eat it but the hoover was allowed out of his cupboard and he gobbled it all up which is so unfair.

And I was a Diary Pick of the Day so really I should have been allowed to eat anything I liked!! I always feel so very special when that happens.

One other good thing was that mum was out and saw the tabby cat that she had last seen when she broke up the fight with the fox. They had both run out of sight and she was pretty sure that the cat was fine but was pleased to see him none the worse for his adventure.


Spring is my very favourite season

February 26th 2012 10:38 pm
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I can't believe I missed it last year and intend to enjoy every second of this one.

In the day it is sunny and Josie and I warm our fur in a lovely sunbeam but in the evening it is cold so we still get to toast ourselves by the radiator. It's the best of both worlds!

Josie and I were in and out of the garden yesterday. I was chasing birds which cheat and fly away and bugs in the ground which cheat and burrow in the earth but I enjoyed the chase. Mum is less keen on me coming in and out so much as of course she has to let me in each time but I have her well trained.

It's not like she doesn't go out. She did on Sunday and Josie came to me and said, "Go and smell mum's socks" so I did. Mum had her feet up so it was easy and I gave them a very good sniff. Yes, she had definitely been walking about without shoes on with my friends Sandy and Minnie. Mum said she was slightly freaked out by both of us sniffing her feet so intently but she shouldn't go out visiting other cats when she has two of her own at home.


My friends at the shop

February 23rd 2012 10:30 pm
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Mum was rootling through her purse when she asked, "Toby - have you been talking to the people at the soup market?"

"No. Why?"

Turns out that they give her special vouchers off the things she might like to buy. And this week it is "Snack pockets with chicken and cheese"

"Sounds delicious. I would buy them"

And "Deli cat sticks with salmon and trout. Nothing for me this week. Just for you and Josie"

I think she should not delay. I gather those vouchers don't last for ever. The people at the soup market clearly know that we don't get nearly enough treats and are doing their bit to help.

Mum says we get plenty of treats and indeed are still enjoying some of our Christmas presents but you can never have too many.


Poppy the devious dog

February 22nd 2012 10:38 pm
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We have a friend called Poppy. Actually we've never met her which mum says is for the best as she is a lively Yorkshire Terrier but she does pick out good toys for us at Christmas so she is our friend and we choose some doggy chews for her.

She lives with my mum's friend Annie. At around 3am in the morning Poppy was scratching and whining and telling Annie that she really really needed to go outside NOW. So Annie got out of her warm bed and went to the back door - but there was no grateful dog by her side.

When she went back upstairs there she found Poppy - very contentedly snuggled up fast asleep in the cosy warm hollow that Annie had left in the bed. She apparently managed to look like a dog that had been sound asleep for hours and that she was in her very own place in the bed rather than a dog that had tricked her human into getting out of bed so she could take her place.

Cheeky dog! Josie and I put on our shocked faces but I have stored that one away for future use!!


My new sleepy place

February 21st 2012 10:33 pm
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I never did quite manage to repeat my triumph of getting under the throw on our bed. I forgot how I did that so despite much tugging at it I couldn't get under - mum was calling out "Go to the edge" but I didn't want to be under the edge I wanted to be under the middle so I kept pulling at that.

No need to worry though as we have another throw that is more Toby friendly. Over the armchair. And where the throw meets the arm the observant cat will see a gap - and in I went. Perfect! It's all dark and safe and soft but I am still in the same room as mum and Josie so can hear if mum wanders off to make me a snack or anything.

Mum didn't see me go there but Josie did and told mum and she came and peeked in. She says I am fine to sleep there as she normally sits on the sofa but to be careful when we have visitors as I am completely invisible.

Completely invisible we like; the visitors are the ones who will have to be careful.

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