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Top Toys

May 17th 2011 12:22 am
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At the weekend I got a new toy. My mum had read on a website that she could keep me entertained for hours by gluing empty loo rolls together in interesting formations and tucking toys and treats down the tunnels for me to discover.

She had been saving the rolls and she created the masterpiece on Saturday. I was very excited, especially about the treats.

All I can say is that the people who had the original idea also had stronger glue. Now we don't have so much of a creation as lots of loo rolls lying around. Mind you - as toys go I rather like them. They roll rather enticingly and you can chew on them and poke you paw down them and I live in hope that treats will re-appear in them.

My other top toy of yesterday was one mum gave me in the kitchen called "carrot peel". She threw it down from the counter for me and I loved attacking it and carrying it around with me.

She asked me what about all the actual cat toys that according to the packaging would delight and amuse me. Not so much really. I like balls that I can knock about but the mice not so much. I like playing with Josie most of all but she isn't always in the mood.

Anyway - carrot peel and loo rolls await!


Feeling cuddly

May 16th 2011 12:17 am
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My mum was still quite sleepy after not feeling so well. For me she had the perfect amount of energy - enough to flick a toy around but not so much that she went out and we all did lots of sleeping. I didn't snuggle with Josie again as I had my mum.

Actually we were having special purrs and headrubs and I was thinking how much I love her when my mum asked, "Toby - are you dribbling?"

I said "Yes", then "No" because yes didn't seem to be the desired answer and then "Maybe, just a little bit" as I am a truthful kitten. I was feeling all so cuddly and loved I couldn't help myself.

It happened again later when we were all snuggly so it must be the way I am when I feel all warmdly inside. Mum says it's OK as that's just me.

Yesterday Josie was munching biscuits and flipping her tail so I went to attack it but she turned round and gave me such a look. Being a fast thinking type of kitten I quickly put my paw down and then lifted it again, down again, up again - see! Not pouncing, no, not at all. I was waving!

So all is well really and we like it so.


Other cats

May 15th 2011 1:45 am
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Yesterday I had two interesting things happen involving other cats. As you can see from my picture I finally got to snooze close to Josie.

I had been happily on my mum's lap but she said she had to do stuff but I still wanted the warmth and lovedliness. I could see Josie on the bed so I gently went and joined her. She woke up and looked at me but didn't say anything so I curled myself up next to her to see what would happen. She went back to sleep so I made myself all comfy and we were as you see us in the picture. It was lovely - except when my mum wandered over with the camera and Josie flicked her tail in my face but we got over that one.

The other cat was Dylan from next door. I have heard him but never met him until yesterday. My mum had been outside hanging out washing and he sneaked back in with her and when I saw him he was polishing off leftover breakfast. I went over and he didn't growl - actually I don't think he even noticed me but I decided better be safe than sorry so I retreated.

When he had cleaned out the bowl my mum put him outside again. He is a cheeky cat stealing my food. Mum says he is a very old boy - he is about 18 years old - so we must be gentle with him.

The important job she did yesterday was put my two pounds weight on my profile. She also thinks I might be a Black Smoke tabby which sounds pretty impressive. I can look completely black but I have very clear stripes and if you ruffle up my fur the wrong way (please don't!) it's pale underneath. Whatever I am she says I'm very special and I won't argue with that.


I am a full grown cat now

May 14th 2011 12:59 am
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oh yes! Two pounds - with an extra three ounces on top of that. I am a big boy now and can be allowed to do everything Josie does.

Oh - mum says I still have more growing to do. The vet gave her a graph and she puts little crosses by my age and weight. I am in healthy range although she says I am at the smaller end of that. I shall have to eat more.

I had a happy day yesterday as my mum wasn't well so stayed home and we played and then we all did lots of sleeping and that's pretty much how I wish every day could be really.


About sleep

May 12th 2011 10:51 pm
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Sleep is a funny thing. Sometimes I like it but sometimes it sneaks up on you. I was sneaking up on Josie yesterday but she saw me. So I waited. Any second now she would close her eyes and I would pounce. And I waited. And I shut my eyes while I waited and before I knew where I was I was sound asleep - in stalking position. Josie seemed to think that was funny.

My mum wanted to sleep yesterday as she said she wasn't feeling very well. I wondered if playing with me might make her feel better instead. She must have agreed as she did join in until we both wore out and we had a snuggly sleep.

I have also found out that I can climb not just up the laundry basket but can sneak in at the back and snuggle up in the clothes. Mum reckons that's not my best idea as she might not know I'm there and throw more clothes in on me but I like finding out my boundaries.

Talking of which when mum came home Josie trotted out of the front door so I trotted out after her. Apparently that's one of my boundaries as mum scooped me up and brought me back indoors. I still have lots to explore what's indoors so I didn't mind so much.


Mysteries of life

May 12th 2011 12:29 am
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My mum has a puzzling thing she asked me and Josie about. She puts down our food and I have a good sniff of mine and then go and eat Josie's. Pretty much every time. Then my mum has to give Josie my bowl. We eat the same food - I have rejected kitten food. I nearly weigh two pounds so am hardly small any more.

My puzzling thing is why mum paints shiny stuff on her toes that smells so bad. Trust me - I went for a sniff while she was doing it and I won't make that mistake again.

Talking of mistakes - I keep having soggy accidents. No - not that sort. I'm a good boy. But when I run around I keep finding I bounce in my water bowl and get a soggy leg. I do not like soggy leg.

Josie and I played fort this morning. I went in and poked my paw out and it was fun but when she is done playing she doesn't tell me nicely. She smacks me. Doesn't hurt mind you - I always go back for more!!


Quiet evening, exciting night

May 11th 2011 12:32 am
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I loved being Diary of the Day Cat and found the whole thing very exciting. It does take it out of you though.

Mum came home and said happily that we had the whole evening to play but actually I was quite happy to play a while and then snuggle for some sleep. Snuggles are good too. I also did some playing with Josie - she can run fast and we had fun.

Then it was sleepy time. I woke up about three in the morning to a strange sound. Everyone else was asleep but I thought they should know. I sleep on my pillow and Josie sleeps in a special pink bed under mum's bed and I went to wake her up.

I told her I could hear a strange noise but she just growled at me to leave her be. My mum called me and told me to let sleeping cats lie so I went to tell her about the noise. She told me it wasn't play time at all but that wasn't what I was trying to tell her.

In the end I gave up and we settled back down and then my mum asked, "What's that?"

Drip. Drip. Drippety drip. Drip.

She went in the kitchen and said, "Oh no! Not again!" I have never seen this before but there was water dripping through the ceiling, slowly turning my leftover supper in to a bowl of soup.

She went outside and I hear her go bang, bang, bang on the door for upstairs and she shouted to them to sort the water out. She didn't sound very happy but we heard them move about so hopefully they fixed it. She told me last time it was ice melting from their freezer and she'll be really cross if they have let that happen again. In the past the water has made all the electric stop and that makes her grumpy.

This morning the drip had stopped and all there was to show for my adventure was a pile of soggy newspaper that my mum had put down.



Best Day EVER

May 9th 2011 11:51 pm
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I was Diary of the Day! How excellent is that! What a truly splendid cat I am!

I was so very very excited. Plus I had both my visitors in the day and my mum came home from work a little early. She played with me and then she wanted to know when I would get tired. Normally I do after about an hour if I've had good play time in the day but no way was I going to sleep on such a special day!!

Actually my mum said I was so hyper that when she went out in the evening she put me away from Josie as she thought even a very patient cat would fiind me a bit much today.

At night after many ingenious but ultimately unsuccessful attempts to get my mum to join in I slept on my pillow next to her again. I like it there.

And the other good thing is that Josie and I have been playing. I have been chasing her and she has been chasing me - no growls or smacks. I knew she would come to love me. We aren't best buddies yet but we have come a long way in two weeks.

Off for another happy day!


Film Star Cat

May 8th 2011 11:50 pm
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I was chasing shadows and my own tail yesterday and my mum said how cute I looked so she fetched the camera to film me. Only I was feeling cheeky so I hid. She came over anyway and was calling me to come back - only Josie thought that the summons was for her so she came. You will note on the film no growlses - and you will also note who is in charge!

In the evening last night my mum said "Time for Play" and off we went to the bedroom. That's where the misunderstanding happened. I am so sure she said "Time for Play" but she reckons she said "Time for Sleep". She can't have done - I wasn't the remotest bit sleepy!

In the end I did settle down on the pillow next to her. Pillows make a perfect cat bed and I liked to wake up and poke her with my paw and get stroked.

Josie and I have been really good together but I am shut in my room for the day. Mum says it's because she will be gone so long - she has left us alone for short times at the weekend and we were fine. I think we would be fine today too!


All back to normal

May 7th 2011 10:49 pm
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I feel great this morning - extra Toby. I think I must have saved up all my bounce from yesterday as I have so much energy today.

But the best thing of all was that because I was still not quite right at bedtime I wasn't shut away and I slept all night cuddled up with my mum. I was so happy. I think she is like my mum because she holds my paw when I'm not well and gives me my food and she loves me.

If Josie does not want her tail chased why does she twitch it in such an enticing way? And if my mum does not want her feet attacked why does she walk about? They want to play really. No-one is immune to the energy of the Toby this morning!

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