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An unfortunate combination of circumstances

September 5th 2011 10:35 pm
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Yesterday my mum was really late home from work. Supper time came and went with no key in the door and I decided that she must have gone away again or something dreadful must have happened.

It was the better part of two hours late before I saw her walk up the path. She said there had been a really nasty accident on the motorway so everything was all jammed up.

I was so happy to see her. You know what it's like. Once I had my supper I just had to run around a lot and be all excitable.

Mum said that I had better run in the garden as I had so much energy and that was a good idea, only it was raining and I don't like that so I stayed in and ran around the flat. Mum played with me a bit but she was tired, something about Josie and me having kept her up a lot of last night which I'm sure we didn't do, and Josie played with me a bit but I soon wore that cross patch out and she didn't want to play any more.

Mostly our flat feels quite large enough for the three of us but last night it felt very terribly small as I bounded around. I was bounding from just after I got fed to when mum went to bed and on and on. It was unfortunate, mum said, that I had such bouncy legs on a rainy evening when she really wanted an early night.

I think that I am more back to normal today. I asked mum to promise never to be late again but she said she can't do that. But she promised to always drive carefully and get to us as soon as she can and I had to be happy with that.


Saturday was better than Sunday

September 4th 2011 10:38 pm
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On Saturday my mum said that her sister was coming to meet me and I was very excited. Actually my mum told me to calm down a little as she didn't want me worn out when her sister came.

First they went to the Town Show though. They were admiring the produce competition, seeing home grown vegetables, and cakes and jam tarts when a lively young dog jumped up and grabbed the First Prize winning bread. Mum said he showed good taste taking the winning bread but if he has waited a while he would have found sausage rolls further down the table and he could probably have managed to eat one before it got taken off him, unlike the bread. Dogs - they just don't think things through! He got told off but mum said he didn't look especially sorry for what he had done.

They came back and sat in the garden. Mum's sister was very taken with me and said I am very cute and still pretty small but then she didn't see me as a kitten so she doesn't know how much I've growed. I came in the garden with them and they admired me chasing bugs awhile. Then I settled down by my mum's sister's feet and had a snooze and that went down very well.

It was a happy sunny evening and Josie and I did some top chasing about.

Sunday was not so good. Mum found out that I had taken my own collar off so she bought me a new one. I haven't managed to get this one off yet. It is less itchy than the other one and I have noticed that I can use the cat door again so maybe it's worth it.


I missed my mum

September 1st 2011 10:39 pm
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My mum went away for a night and left Josie and me home alone. We were OK and next door people came and gave us our food. But I was happy to see her yesterday when she came back. She said she had to go away for work.

This was not acceptable to me and after my initial happy at seeing her again I gave her a good telling off. In the night I heard her moving so I went and purred her back to sleep - and then I remembered what it was like when I went and she wasn't there so I told her all about that and all about everything that happened while she was away. I think I talked for an hour or so. Every now and then she would drift off to sleep which was quite rude but I made sure she woke up again and carried on.

I am not wearing my collar and mum said she wanted to find out why before she put it back on me as she doesn't think they would take it off me without a good reason but she did warn me that if I go outside I'll have to wait for her to let me in again as our magic cat door won't work for me without a collar.

I did go out for an explore this morning and the big bad cat suddenly appeared. I could hear that my mum was in the shower. Oh no! Would she hear me call to be let in very very quickly? He was advancing on me in that mean way of his and I was making myself big when mercifully I heard mum hold open my door and call me. She had heard and had leapt out of the shower to save me - and there is an awful lot of dripped shower water on our kitchen floor. The dripping did make me hesitate about coming indoors again but one look at the bad cat decided me.

Glad to be happy indoors with mum and Josie.


I think I'm normal...

August 30th 2011 10:42 pm
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When my mum is reading her book or wactching TV like she was last night sometimes I like to have a cuddle. Surely normal behaviour for an affectionate cat?

What my mum thinks is weird is how I go about it. I stand on the arm of the sofa and fall sideways to land on my back. I think this is fine, I know she will catch me and I land in perfect tummy rubbing position. She says normal cats get comfy on the lap first and build up to the rolling on the back. That strikes me as a terrible waste of time! The first time I did it she thought I had made a mistake but cats never make mistakes and I knew exactly what I was doing.

Do others cats just tumble into position or am I odd like my mum says?


Being a helpful boy

August 29th 2011 10:31 pm
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Yesterday I was helping my mum out with her jobs. She was sorting through her sock drawer and I was fishing in and pointing out which socks were neatly in balls and which ones were on their own and most of the time I was right. Then I noticed that lazy Josie was asleep in her bed and not helping at all so I went and woke her up and got her moving.

Then my mum had been draining potatos when one made a run for it and hid under the stove. My mum had forgotten that she meant to retrieve it in all the excitement of her supper (I know that feeling!) so I fished it out for her and left it in the middle of the kitchen floor where she couldn't miss it.

I don't know what she would do without me and I went and got myself a well deserved tummy rub later.

My friend Dee came round and she said she can't believe how big and handsome I am now and it is true, I've been doing a lot of growing. Mum says she must weigh me again for my profile only she isn't sure how to get me on the scales. She doesn't have big scales, only kitchen ones.

They went out all day and when mum came back she told me that I was a Diary Pick and I was so very proud. She was reading out all my Catster friends comments and I was happy to think that so many of my friends live where there mums and fellow animals all smell of love.


My favourite scents

August 28th 2011 10:29 pm
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My mum puts stuff in with the laundry and she says it is to make everything smell nice. Trouble is that I'm not sure it does.

My favourite smell is "Home" = that's part me, part mum and part Josie. When I smell that I feel all warmedly and safe and when the clothes smell of 'White Jasmine' or whatever mum puts in there then they don't smell of home. Of course they can't put Home scent in bottles because all my Catster friends have their own special one that they love.

So I got to thinking. My second favourite smell is fish. I love fishy cat food. But when I have that it goes very quickly where it belongs - in my tummy!! So I can't make the clothes smell like that.

Hmm, Got it! Cat nip!! When mum bundled up the laundry I sneaked in one of our cat nip bananas. Now she would smell delightfully of cat nip and what could be better? She didn't see it and I couldn't wait for the clothes to come out. When they did there was the added bonus of a funky yellow pattern on some of them so they were even catnip banana coloured.

She wasn't as grateful as I thought she would be.

And actually if she did walk about wafting cat nip other cats might start to follow her home. I take a lot of time giving her headrubs precisely so any cats she meets will know that she has a cat and so they shoulnd't try and adopt her.

So I don't think I'll do that again.

Today is a Bank Holiday which means it is a happy day as my mum won't be going to work. Hoorah!!


My difficult decision

August 25th 2011 10:30 pm
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Yesterday we had a very special treat. My mum bought us some ham. I have never had ham before but I took to it straight away in its pink deliciousness.

We had a piece each and I started in on mine before realisins that Josie had been given a much bigger piece. Over I trotted. I am boss so I should get the big piece.

Only when I started eating it I wasn't so sure it was bigger after all and I didn't think it tasted quite so good so back I trotted to my original piece.

But when I saw Josie happily enjoying hers I wondered if I really had made the right decision after all and over I...

Naturally Josie accepts my right to choose and she works around me but mum said I had to decide properly and leave poor Josie to enjoy hers in peace.

It took another few trials before I knew I had the right one. I knew this because mum stood over Josie and stopped me swapping. I suggested if we had ham more often this wouldn't happen but mum said that I haven't really convinced her that this would be a good idea!


The giant snake...

August 24th 2011 10:34 pm
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Sometimes when I chase things it's odd because I can really see them but my paws just can't seem to touch them. For some reason mum finds this funny. "why are you chasing the shadow rather than the toy?" she asks but all I see is exciting movement. And last night this movement was long and thin and flipped about and I think it was a giant snake. Mum said it was the shadow of Josie's tail. Josie was sitting up by the lamp out of my way and her tail was flicking about. But I still think I saw a snake.

I was a Diary Pick of the Day yesterday which made me feel extra special. I did some of my own typing just now with a special message to my Cat friends. Mum says it makes no sense and took me off the keyboard but I think you cats will understand. Here is the Toby typing.


Off to see if there's any food left from breakfast. I am very hungry these days. Mum thinks I might be doing some more growing.


Cats that don't prowl in the moonlight hours

August 23rd 2011 10:30 pm
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Turns out that mum's pyjamas are wrong and my Catster friends are right. Mum says she could not sleep if she did not know that Josie and I wre safely locked in with her at night.

I did go out again for a while in the evening yesterday. Actually I was out so long Josie came out to find me. She told me that mum was missing me so we both went back in. I think Josie was telling the truth as mum gave me a big cuddle even though I was pretty wet. And she told Josie what a clever cat she was for understanding what she had been saying. I don't think mum knows that we always understand, it just doesn't always suit us to do anything about it, especially when she says stupid stuff like, "it's not breakfast time yet"!

I have decided that if I am ever to play outdoors I am going to have to get used to being wet. I did ask my mum if I could move in with one of my Catster friends who lives in a sunny place but she said she missed me when I was gone one hour, she would miss me too much if I went off to another country. Besides which a lot of the countries with hot climates have scary animals that prowl and the scariest thing I've seen so far here is another cat.

It's morning and although it's wet outside it's not actually raining so I'm off for some adventuring.


Cats prowl in the moonlight hours

August 22nd 2011 10:32 pm
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I know this because it says so on my mum's pyjamas but I never really did it before Sunday evening.

It was warm and dry so even after it got dark she had the big doors open and Josie and I were having adventures in the mysterious dark. Best evening EVER! It was so exciting being out there. Everything smells different, even Josie agreed being out was good.

Of course we kept running indoors to check that our mum was still there, quick circuit at 100 miles an hour and out again. I decided that I would stay out all night.

My mum can be sneaky. One time Josie and I came in for one of our mad circuits but by the time we had run back to the doors vthey were shut. Oh. That wasn't my plan. I would have been very cross but my mum distracted me with some tasty food and I slep very well that night.

Last night I hoped we would do the same but mum was out line dancing. Maybe tonight? Mum said we could go out any evening we like through the special door for cats but that's not very dignified so we don't.

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