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I had to bite my mum

February 4th 2013 10:36 pm
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Now I know some cats don't approve of biting the hand that feeds (and mum would like it known she never bites us) but I had really had enough.

Everything started companionably enough. Mum watching TV, me playing with my Pokey Paw box and then settling down for a happy snuggle by hjer side. But what was she watching? A programme about dogs?! And she was liking it.

She kept saying, "Look at that cute puppy. How gorgeous is that dog?!" On and on so I just grabbed her arm and bit it. Not hard of course. I was going for the gentle rebuke. I think she was more surprised than anything else.

"Why aren't you watching a programme about cats?" I demanded to know.

"They didn't make one" she seemed to think that settled it.

"Why not?"

She considered this.

"If you look at those dogs they do lots of stuff - they protect people and they fetch things and they follow instructions. Cats not so much"

I drew myself up. "When you look this good you do not do, you are. I would make a TV programme that would be us gorgeous cats all day long."

Mum thought fast and I think redeemed herself.

"But then no-one would go to work as we would all be watching it and then no-one would be making the kitty food and the toys and warm cushions and all the things cats love."

Good answer so we are back on good terms and I let her finish watching the dogs.


My Pokey Paw Box

February 4th 2013 12:05 am
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Mum brought a small box home with her on Friday. Naturally I tried to open it.

"What's in it?"

"Some marking I have to do at the weekend," she told me.

"I'll help," I said. I always like to help.

"Unless you know rather more about UK Employment Law than I think you do that's not going to be possible. However I did have another purpose when I took the box that I think you'll like" she said.

On Saturday she took the marking out of the box - it was just lots of bits of paper so pretty dull - and she cut assorted holes in the box. Then she put some of my favourite toys in the box. Brilliant! Now could I get them out? The answer was yes to the mousie but no to the foam balls. It was great fun and Josie had a go too.

I think this is my favourite toy that mum has ever made us.


I have sticky claws

January 31st 2013 10:36 pm
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Mum was noticing. I was sitting by the window and I got up and had a lovely stretch and pushed paws and claws into the curtain. And there one paw stayed.

That was weird. I tugged at it. Still stuck to the curtain. So I started twisting round and mum came and held me and unhooked it. That would just have been a funny story but I actually managed to do exactly the same thing again about half an hour later.

I said I didn't need rescuing but she said that the vet had told her that cats can dislocate a shoulder trying to unhook and neither of us liked the sound of that.

She thinks maybe my claws are sticky because I haven't been outdoors very much sharpening them on the trees. We are allowed to use the old armchair indoors for our claws but successions of cats have used up all the best bits so it isn't very good. I think it's time we were allowed to add our marks to the newer furniture!!

Mum says you can buy claw sharpeny things for cats indoors but she's never known a cat to actually use one.


Strange mouse

January 30th 2013 10:35 pm
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A very peculier mouse-like creature turned up in our home yesterday.

I was having one of those especially wonderful sleeps, nestled close to mum where I could reach out and touch her every now and then and get a little head rub back and feel all loved. Blissikins!

Then I woke up and saw it on the sofa. I was quick to act, I walked over and batted it with my paw, and again.

Then mum grabbed it.

"Don't you know what that is?"

I looked at her blankly.

"What was happening before you fell asleep?"

I thought about that one. Oh yes, part of the whole happy experience.

"You were brushing me."

And then I realised. Mum takes the fur out of my brush as she goes and I must have moulted a whole handful, a mouse-full you could even say so, there it was all furry and sitting there. How embarrassing not to recognise your own fur!

It's gone for compost now so I can never make that foolish mistake again.

Mum had a good day at the Trade Show and brought back all her goodies in a big bag which is now my big bag. I like climbing in and having mum poke the outside and I attack where I hear the scratchy noise. They gave her lots of books and my mum loves books. One is called, "Go mad!" I think they are too late.

I wasn't sure if she wanted waking at 6 this morning so thought it best to trot along a bit before and ask. She rolled over and looked at the clock and groaned which I took as a 'yes'


Treasure Chest

January 29th 2013 10:33 pm
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A button had falled off mum's coat so she went and got her button box to see if she had a matching one.

Button box? Treasure Chest!!

It was filled with all sorts of buttons for me to paw through. They were beautiful colours and shapes and all different sizes. Once mum found the one she wanted she let me carry on playing with my treasure. She is very selfish when she sews and cats aren't alllowed to join in so that was the next best thing. She made me promise not to swallow any small ones but actually my best favourite thing I found was a thimble. So she has a button on her coat and I have a new toy.

At six o'clock this morning I remembered that mum had told me something very important about six o'clock in the morning but I couldn't remember what it was so I woke her up to ask her and she told me. It was that she is off to a Trade Show so can have a lie-in so please not to wake her at six o'clock.

Oh well - too late! And now she was awake she could really do something about my empty tummy...


Mum is grumpy witn me

January 28th 2013 10:34 pm
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but it's Josie's fault!

Last night I was on the arm of the sofa chatting with my mum when I noticed Josie. She was on my bed, all happy and smug and warmedly, so I went and attacked her. Mum says that was mean and she's right that I didn't want the bed myself but that doesn't mean I wanted Josie to have it.

Mum says she will trade me in for a hamster but she always says that and she never does it. I think secretly she does prefer cats.

Anyway Josie and I are friends again. We played a good game of chase after mum went to bed last night which was fun. And mum must have forgiven me as I've had a snuggly tummy rub this morning.

I still think Josie should stay off my bed though.


Snow is gone

January 27th 2013 10:39 pm
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The warm that Ka-zar sent from Australia got here. He must have sent it express as it arrived with a big whoosh of wind and rain and washed all the snow away. Mum told Josie that she really ought to go outdoors now but Josie poked her face out of our door, felt that wind and decided that she still isn't ready. I went out. It was brilliant, lots to chase in the wind.

Overall we had a good weekend. A man came to fix mum's TV. It had been scrambling the pictures up which wouldn't have mattered but it whined when it did that and hurt our ears. The best part was that the man had to move the table out to reach the cable box and he found a handful of our toys that had gone past paw reach.

I helped mum change the sheets like I always do. I scrambled under and was so busy chasing monsters under there that I wore myself out. I curled up and falled asleep. I can see why mum and Josie like sleeping under the duvet at night, when you are covered up you feel all safe and hidden. Mum says I wasn't hidden as there was smooth sheet and one very clear curled up cat shape in the middle but nothing attacked me so I must have been invisible.


Why does my tail squiggle?

January 24th 2013 10:33 pm
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Mum was reading a cat book (not her so-called Cat Expert one which is happily gathering dust on a shelf) and she said she was reading a bit about tail communication. I was glad to see that my comments from Monday had not gone on deaf ears.

"You do this, Toby, and I don't think I ever had a cat that did before," she said.

"What's that?"

"When I am about to give you food your tail quivers."

That is true. Whether it's a full bowl of breakfast or a few treats I get all happy inside and my tail does quiver. The book didn't say why though. Does any cat know?

Josie is going a bit stir crazy with not wanting to go outdoors in the cold and there's been lots of dashing around. I like it mostly but yesterday it was too much even for me so I hid under the throw. It worked and Josie had to run around all by herself. Mum found me and seemed to find it amusing that Josie had worn me out.


There may be an accident

January 23rd 2013 10:36 pm
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Mum was sitting on the sofa when she asked us a question.

"Cats - do you think my posture is getting better?"

Josie looked at her with clear confusion - how to answer that one nicely? I just said it.


"I didn't think so either,"said my mum, "but I'm sure I used to just see the edge of the mantlepiece and now I can see the surface. I think it's leaning away from the wall."

"Why would it do that?" I wanted to know.

Mum sighed. "It was put there to carry a couple of ornaments and cards on celebratory occasions. I don't think it's coping with Josie sitting on it so much. Especially when you chase her and she leaps on it. I know from when she leaps on me that's quite an impact."

"What will happen?" I asked.

"If we can't fix it then I think it will fall down one day when Josie jumps on it."

Excellent! I can't wait to see that happen.

Mum went over and had a look but she can't see how it's fixed on although she can see it wobble suggesting it is falling down. She's hoping it will hang on in there until Uncle Bill is next in town as he's good at fixing stuff. He repaired the curtain rail so I could once again climb the curtains


Mum didn't listen to me

January 22nd 2013 10:39 pm
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At bedtime we all go to the bedroom. Josie curls up in her little bed, mum curls up on her big bed and I curl up on my armchair. I like to be able to see my mum at night time but she does roll around so the chair is just perfect.

Yesterday my mum started pushing it about.

"What are you doing?" I asked, all agitated.

"At the moment the chair has its back to the radiator. I thought if I swivelled it round you could enjoy the warmth better" she explained.

"But I won't be able to see you while we sleep. What if I have bad dreams? Or if you do and need me to snuggle?"

But mum was set on her course of action. She seemed to think that the warmth would make everything OK. The chair was swivelled about so its cushion faces the warm and its back the room.

Bedtime came. I tried to settle on the cushion and the warm was nice but I couldn't sleep without knowing that if I woke up and looked over I would see my mum. There was only one thing for it. I perched myself on the back of the chair. It's not as good a place to sleep but at least I had the comfort of knowing mum was there.

She woke up in the night and saw me there.

"That doesn't look very comfy," she commented.

"I did try and tell you," I replied.


So once more the chair got swivelled and now it's sideways on so I get toasty warm and I can see my mum while I sleep. Perfect! If she had listened the first time we could have done this before.

It is still cold but not so bad as it was and my mum did got to work yesterday. She said it took a long time to get the car un-iced up. Her boss was happy with all the work we had helped her do so that was good.

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