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Being brave

November 6th 2011 10:37 pm
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On Friday, as soon as it got dark, there were lots of bangs and whistles from outside. I didn't like them and I looked at Josie to see what we should do. Josie said this happens every year about this time and it is called fireworks. It sounds bad but they don't come in so we are safe indoors.

Mum locked our door and we all settled down and as mum and Josie were OK I was Ok - even though it happened again on Saturday and a bit more on Sunday.

At night I cuddled really close to mum. Not because I was afraid but I thought that she might be.

On Saturday my mum had gone out on an outing, promising to be home before dark. She met her sister and nephews and they went on a train. My mum was telling her about our Norfolk trip. I did not like the bathroom floor at all; it felt funny on my paws so I would not go in there with my mum. I was quite happy to sit outside - as long as she left the door open. If she closed it I got upset.

So my mum explained, "I was creeping to the loo in the night, trying to be really quiet - and then from outside the bathroom door there was this plaintive meow, meow, meow waking everyone up." And she gave the meows a good deal of plaintiveness so her sister would know how it was.

Seconds later a small child opposite them repeated the three meows to his mum which made my mum laugh. He was pointing at my mum and obviously wondering why a woman had suddenly started talking like a cat. (If he knew my mum he wouldn't have been surprised- her nephews weren't!)

Mum reckons we are pretty much through with fireworks for now, thank goodness. And she reckons Josie was more brave than she has ever seen her so I think I was a pretty good role model for her of being brave.


I don't like rain

November 3rd 2011 11:26 pm
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It is raining and raining and I'm not sure it will ever stop. Yesterday my mum came home and it was raining. She gave us our supper and then went out to sort the bins out. We heard her squeal - I had no idea she could hit a note that high - and then she laughed and a bit later she came in and told us what had happened.

A frog, out enjoying the rain, had jumped pretty much right over her foot and that startled her. Josie was upset with mum as she reckoned mum should have brought the frog in for us to play with. I wasn't sure that mum could catch a frog but Josie says she can.

Henry used to bring frogs indoors to play with and mum would join in the fun and chase them only she was very bad at keeping hold of them and they always escaped outdoors again so Henry and Josie used to have to try to catch them first.

We are having to play indoor chase games. We had the laser pointer out last night. We've not played with that in a while and I was half way up the curtains before I realised it. That has to be my favourite toy!


Letting Josie play

November 2nd 2011 11:28 pm
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Yesterday I was on my chair and mum was on the sofa and Josie walked in. She jumped up next to mum and nudged her. She got a headrub for that but that wasn't what she was after. Another nudge and then Josie pretended to burrow through the throw.

Mum finally got the message. Josie's top toy is a large feather on a stick so mum got that and they played with Josie doing some really impressive leaping about.

Normally I prefer mum's attention to be completely on me but I let Josie have her moment and just stayed on my chair and watched and mum said I was a good boy.

To those who do good, good things happen and mum has given us some beef this morning. Josie just eats hers but I like flipping mine around a bit. It tastes so good I think the beef animal must be the natural prey of cats. Mum reckons the cow is rather larger than the cat but not on the evidence in front of me they're not!


Our Magic Trick

November 1st 2011 11:34 pm
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We spent hours practising this one but it was worth it to hear mum's stunned silence and "how did you do that?"

I kept mum busy while Josie got in position. When I heard Josie call that she was ready I trotted over and began my conjurer's patter.

"Observe one ordinary cat tower. There are no secret exits. I shall walk all around to prove that. There are three holes, two in the bottom and entrance and exit and one at the top for pokey paw. My beautiful assistant will wave her paw through each hole to prove she is there and a real cat, taking up all the space in the tower."

Josie did this, with a little prompting from me.

"Observe - I shall now walk right through the tower and right through my beautiful assistant"

And I did!

There was a pause from mum and the question but she came over and cheated by looking. We had found a small ridge inside the tower and Josie was precariously balanced on it. I had run underneath her. Clever of us!

That trick went down so well we are trying to think of another one.


An extra cat for supper

October 31st 2011 11:28 pm
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Mealtimes at our house work like this - mum puts down two bowls and we start eating. After a little while I realise that Josie has the more delicious half of the sachet and go to eat from her bowl. She runs to mum and mum gives her my discarded bowl - which suddenly I want - and meanly stops me switching again.

Yesterday mum fed us and went in the sitting room and a few minutes later in came Josie but when mum went to fetch the spare bowl she found that there wasn't one. Dylan was tucking in.

Mum asked him how he had got in but he is a polite cat and wouldn't talk with his mouth full so didn't answer.

Mum gave Josie some extra food and went round checking all the doors and windows but none were open. She thinks he must have sneaked in just after me when our magic door was still a little bit open. He says it's Halloween Magic!

Talking of which Mum put out a big tub of chocklit and she told us that was for any Trick or Treat kids that came round. I was very worried that they might want my treats but she said they would most definitely prefer chocklit. We never did find out as none came and now mum must eat all that chocklit herself. She didn't look too upset by that actually.


Toby - the Great Hunter

October 30th 2011 11:32 pm
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On Friday I was out hunting. My alert eyes caught a twitch of movement, I was patient and stealthy and I grabbed him, carrying my prey that was struggling in my jaws, back inside to show mum.

She looked, said, "oh yuk!" and fetched a brush and dustpan and scooped up that earthworm and took him back outside.

I'll be honest, that wasn't the reaction I was looking for.

Mum went off line dancing on Friday evening but she didn't come back until really late. She said that the band were great and everyone shouted for more and no-one thought of the poor cats waiting at home. We thought maybe she had gone away again so we were extremely excited to see her. When she opened the front door out we ran. She ran after us. Game on!! It was brilliant!!

We love a good chase.

I think she realised that as she went back in after a while but left the front door open. Soon we heard going to bed noises like tooth brushing and we thought about how cosy our flat is at night and in we came. Night time is exciting but home is always the best place to be.


Very proud cat

October 27th 2011 10:33 pm
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I was extremely honoured when I found out that I was a Pick of the Day and felt extra special when I saw lovely messages from my friends. I love being a Catster Cat!

After all the excitement of the day before Josie and I were quite sleepy yesterday. I learnt that when I throw myself on my back in my mum's arms it is best to put my head closest to her heart. That's what I normally do so she nestles me close to her. But I tried the other way so my head was hand end of her arm. She nestled my head quite nicely in her hand it just wasn't as comfy for either of us.

Turns out that's mum's fault. She said normally she twists me round but I fell so suddeenly she didn't have time. I knew it wouldn't be my fault!

Mum went out yesterday and was specially looking for her Halloween socks to wear. I love rootling through the sock drawer and they were right at the back. I was very taken with them - bright orange with lots of pictures of me on. Actually I've noticed pictures of me springing up all over which is cool. A bit stylised of course as they don't show my white patch but even so I do find them splendid.


Bouncy legs

October 26th 2011 10:40 pm
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Last night Josie and I both had very bouncy legs and we had a brilliant time chasing each other all around the flat. Sometimes our flat is too small for our bouncy legs and there will be a crashing noise and mum will come from wherever she is and ask what it is that we have knocked over. Obviously the key then is to get as far away from the crashed thing as possible and hope that the other cat looks more guilty than you do.

Last night mum couldn't see what we had knocked over although she looked all round.

She found out later of course - when she got wet feet in the bathroom. Next to her loo she keeps a special brush in a special pot and it only gets used to swish the loo and nothing else and it lives in special water. Or at least that's how it used to work. It got in the way and all its special water was all over the bathroom floor.

Best of all we didn't get told off as some very wise cat told her that you have to tell cats off at the time or they forget what they have done. So when we heard her exclaim with yuk we put on faces like cats who had been discussing the Eurozone crisis and never leapt around on bouncy legs sending things flying!

It is definitely getting colder here at night so last night Josie slept on mum's back and I slept curled up against mum's knees. Mum likes to sleep on her side but Josie has got the gentkle nudging down to a fine art so mum wakes up on her front, leaving her back a comfy mattress for a young cat.


Clocks changing

October 25th 2011 10:25 pm
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Mum told me that our clocks are to change by one hour as it is becoming winter time. I took this information on board and was careful to wake her up at 5am this morning. She tried to resist and go back to sleep but I am very persistent. I did not want her to be late for work.

Josie woke up too and was chasing the light from car headlamps as they ran across the wall. That's her special winter hobby. She can't do it so much in the summer on account of its being light. She has never caught one yet but she will one day.

Mum wasn't as grateful for all this activity as you would think.

Turns out that the clocks don't change until the weekend. Also, she reckons that she gets an hour extra sleep, not less. Not if I have anything to do with it she doesn't!


The best gift you can give a cat

October 24th 2011 10:31 pm
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Mum bought us a new catnip toy. That is - it says catnip on the label but Josie and I can't smell any so the toy is not a success. However on the back of the package it says something very wise. It says "The best gift you can give your cat is your time."

This is so very true. Mum does the best chase games and when I am sleepy I like best of all to be close to my mum and have her give me strokes and scratches and Josie says the same.

Yesterday I had an other go at chasing birds but they still fly so I came indoors and chased Josie instead which is a lot easier on account of her not being able to fly. After we had a good runaround we found mum was lying on the sofa with a book so I settled in my place on the arm of the sofa and Josie curled up on mum's legs and we all fell asleep. It was so peaceful all being together like that.

Then I woke up and realised mum's toes were right by me. I just couldn't resist a quick grab with the claw and a bite. Then we were all wide awake!! Mum said that is not a nice way to wake up but I thought it was funny!

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