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Josie the Charioteer

March 26th 2012 10:37 pm
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It is sunny all day long now which is one thing guaranteed to make us purr. Oh the sheer bliss of feeling your bones melt in the warmth as you relax in a pool of golden light. So our mum said it's time for the switch. Our bed lives by the radiator in winter to enjoy that warm but now the radiator is off so our bed has to be by the window to best enjoy the sun.

Mum can pick up and carry the bed but it has to swap with the big old armchair and she has to push that along. Josie loves to ride on furniture that is being pushed so she jumps up for the journey and yesterday mum asked her why.

Turns out Josie likes the films with Romans in and she imagines she is a charioteer, fur streaming behind her as she calls her beasts to run faster pushing her chariot round the racetrack. I wouldn't say mum pushes the chair that fast but a vivid imagination is truly a gift and Josie enjoys feeling mighty as she travels across the floor in splendour.


A house is not a home without a cat

March 25th 2012 10:46 pm
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We had a lovely sunny weekend and on Saturday morning I was helping my mum hang out the washing. She was having a sad moment remembering how Dylan would always come for a chat when she did that, and maybe a cuddle and then always some of our biscuits.

Then she went to the shop and came back with very sad news. Kishmal from next door has gone to the Bridge. He was only a young cat but he had FIV. As we know cats with FIV can live years with the right care and attention and he certainly had that but he got very ill and there was nothing the vets could do.

Mum was very sad and she was rememebering Henry as he and Kishmal were about the same age and played together when they were young. And mum said the saddest thing about loving cats is that they go to the Bridge way too soon.

"Why do we put ourselves through that?" she asked me. I don't know - but I am very glad that they do!!

She needed cheering up. I tried to be extra good. I slept with one paw tucked behind me like Henry showed me so she would know he is still here and I gave her lots of headrubs and purrs and Josie played some funny games which always makes her smile and then all three of us fell asleep in the warm glow of the sun.

When we woke up mum moved a cushion that a friend gave her and noticed what it said. On it is embroidered "A house is not a home without a cat" and mum said she reckons that's it. People take all the sad from losing cats because their homes are incomplete without us. As very happy completing cats we think it's a goodly system and as long as people have homes us cats will complete them.


The dignity of the majestic lion or me

March 22nd 2012 11:46 pm
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Spring is coming. The days are getting more light and warm so I have been busy shedding my warm winter coat. Mum has been helping by brushing me and she was doing that last night.

I rolled on my back so she could brush my tummy. I lay back, eyes closed, purring away, feeling the gentle strokes of the brush on my tummy, dribbling just a little bit, and mum said, "Toby - have you any idea how undignified you look? You are a relation of the majestic lion, the powerful cheetah, the mighty tiger. They would never lie there and let someone tickle their tummies."

I considered this for a moment and then decided they have the short straw. Imagine never getting a tummy rub!

Thinking about my diary yesterday my mum was quite put out at the suggestion that I love her clothes because they smell of her. She thinks she doesn't smell but that's only her puny human nose not getting it. Of course she does. I think mums smell of love and happy and cuddles which is the most beautiful scent in the world.


My thoughtful mum

March 21st 2012 11:33 pm
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Mostly I like to be in whichever room my mum is in when she is home so I can keep an eye on her. But I don't so much like the kitchen (except at dinner time of course!) as it has no soft places for me to be. The floor is hard and cold.

But yesterday I went to chat to my mum while she did the washing up and I found she had made a little cat bed for me so I very gratefully curled up on it.

When she looked round she laughed at me. She said her sleeves were getting wet do she slipped off her cardigan and dropped it on the floor until she had the job finished.

"It's my new bed now. You can't have it back"

But she grabbed it when I got up. The story does prove the principle we all know - when you see a new comfy place to sleep - use it. You don't know how long it will be there for.


Josie's turn to be naughty

March 20th 2012 11:35 pm
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On the whole my mum is pretty well trained. She remembers to give us our food, fresh water in our bowl and unprompted many strokes and cuddles and games. But there is room for improvement. For example, sometimes I have to ask for playtime. And sometimes I'll be on the arm of the sofa enjoying some caresses and general admiration when her concentration will drift back to her book, the hand vanishes to turn a page and I am left.

Lately I have taken to tapping mum gently on the cheek when she does that. Claws in of course - it's a reminder, not a rebuke. And it works.

Josie had been watching the success of this ploy and taking note.

Last night I was asleep by mum's legs and mum was asleep and Josie went for a snuggle under the duvet nestled with my mum. She made herself comfy and waited for her headrubs but none came fast enough so out with the paw - smack - on mum's cheek.

I heard mum say, "OoooH" and then "Josie - that's not like you" and I heard Josie purr because she was getting all that lovely attention. Mum says she had been mostly asleep so wasn't too happy to be twacked like that. Josie says it's my fault but I don't tap hard, just gingerly, but Josie went for it full ginger!! So today Josie is the naughty one and I am good boy!


We don't like flea treatment

March 19th 2012 11:44 pm
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I saw my mum advance on Josie yesterday and then grab her and put something on her neck. "Save yourself Toby", called Josie. "Run like the wind." So I did.

I can run really fast but our flat is small and my mum quite determined and in the end she got me. Yikes! Flea treatment dripped on my neck. I don't like it at all.

Mum says when she was a little girl cats had it worse as they used aerosol flea spray and cats then would have loved just a few drops instead. I don't believe that to be true. Mum was never a little girl; she was borned a crazy cat lady.

Josie thought mum might have enjoyed the flea treatment thing so much she would want to repeat it so she hid. I thought that meant I would get all the treats to myself but Josie heard mum say to me that she was opening the cheesy ones and Josie loves cheese so dared to come out. Cheesy Dreamies. Mmmm!

The flea treatment smelled funny and I couldn't reach it to lick it off but the smell is wearing off and I think we've survived. I told my mum I would rather have fleas but she said that she wouldn't.



March 18th 2012 11:40 pm
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I love Saturdays - mum has more time for us and she does good stuff. One good job is toy retrieval where she reaches under all the deep dark corners and fills my toy box again and under the sofa - what do you know? - my cat dancer.

"How come it's there?" she asked. "I definitely saw you take it away but never saw you bring it back, let alone hide it there? How did you do that?"

But a good magician never tells.

The later there was a knock on the door and it was the postman with a parcel for me and Josie. Our new toys! We were all very happy with the people at Madcats as there was our new Cat Dancer, and Da Bird, and the balls and Josie's mousie and they couldn't send the flavour of Dreamies that we asked for so they sent is some different treats for free and we haven't tried them yet. Mum has some stupid notion about not having too many bags open at once.

We played with the cat dancer and the new balls and the mousie and then mum opened up Da Bird. I HAD to catch that thing. It swooped and soared and I leapt and ran and caught it once or twice but it kept getting away. I just had to catch it and didn't care what I bounced on or how tired I got doing that.

At one time mum said "I don't think I've seen you pant like that before Toby. I think you should take a rest". Not while Da Bird was still in the room! Mum tried to hide it but I saw a sneaky feather peaking out and went for it. In the end mum took it away and put it on a high shelf.

I have never slept so well as I did yesterday evening! How did I never have a Da Bird before?


Internet shopping

March 15th 2012 11:33 pm
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I have been really missing my cat dancer toy so mum has relented and I am to have a new one.

Mum said they have named a website after me. "Toby's Toys?" "No. Madcats!"

She chose a cat dancer and then I wanted to help so I chose some new balls. Mum said, "Like I don't spend enough of my weekend fishing balls out of distant corners". I thought she enjoyed doing that. I enjoy watching her do that.

Then we saw a toy called "Da Bird" and it said it is the best selling toy in the USA. If my Catster friends in the States like it then I reckon I will so one click and that was in the basket.

Then we chose some treats and I can't wait for my parcel to arrive.

Mum said, "I bet your old cat dancer turns up now" and I laughed. Of course it will now we have Mission Accomplished!


If you thought losing a toy was bad..

March 14th 2012 11:39 pm
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My mum has lost all of outdoors. There's just white this morning where the houses should be. Mum says it is just some fog but I don't like it and have no intention of going anywhere near it in case I get lost too. If it can eat a house what chance does a small cat have?

I'll have to play indoors again today. I am being creative about games given cat dancer is still missing. Mostly I like to chase Josie. She says she doesn't always like to be chased but I think she does secretly. I found some green stuff in the kitchen and a plastic measuring cup. The green wasn't so good - if you're offered "rocket" to eat say you already had dinner, it may look like grass and sound like it might be fun but it does not taste nice and is very chewy. The cup was more fun and made a very satisfying noise as I batted it about.

Catster looks different this morning. I'm glad that Monida warned us so it wasn't a shock. I think I like it and it all seems to work Ok.


Missing: One Toy

March 13th 2012 11:54 pm
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My mum was looking all round this morning, in all my favourite places, so I joined in. "What are we looking for?"

"Your cat dancer toy"

I thought about. I rememebered playing with it last night. Mum seemed still a bit sad so I was cheering her up with a display of spectacular leaping and then I caught it and yes, "I took it my lair"

"So you do remember. And where exactly is your lair?"

"Now that I don't particularly remember."

So the search goes on. I was holding the toy end when I trotted off but it has springy wire attached so it can't be anywhere too small. I only have about fifty other toys and because we can't find it I want to play with it most of all but mum cannot think where I might have put it. Josie reckons she was asleep and doesn't remember seeing mw with it and mum just saw me leave the sitting room with my prize but not which way I went after. It's a big mystery!!

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