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Toby's Diary

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Hunting frogs

July 25th 2013 10:29 pm
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Yesterday should have been prime frog hunting weather with all that rain. But I didn't see any. In the evening time I went out again. I'm determined to get Laura Belle her froggie.

I didn't see a single one. I did see one little creature and I thought maybe he would do so I carefully brought him indoors and put him down. Then I went back out as I would prefer to send a frog.

When I had rumble tum later and came back my mum was in the kitchen washing up. But where was my catch?

"Where is he?" I demanded to know.

Mum looked down.

"Where is who?"

"That cute baby slug I caught and brought in."

"I took him out. He was ikky." she said.

"But I thought Laura Belle might like him," I protested.

"I'm pretty sure she wouldn't. Slugs aren't funny like frogs. They don't exactly give you much of a chase."

I suppose my mum is right but she should check with me before letting my prey escape. First the bird, now this. Can't a boy keep any livestock?

The other unfair thing my mum has done is put her water in a bottle, I have tried but I can't get in. Mercifully our water is still in a glass though so I wasn't without. But still...


Helping my mum sleep

July 24th 2013 10:33 pm
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At night my mum grumbles and squiggles and wriggles and makes it very hard for me and Josie to sleep so we knew the time had come to take action. She does use a water spray as I've mentioned before so water must be good.

"What if we tipped a whole glassful on her bed?" I asked Josie.

"Not our glass," she said hurriedly.

"Of course not. We need that. Her glass."

Things didn't go quite as smoothly as we had hoped. I had intended a dramatic flume of water over all her pillows but it just kind of tipped over and got lodged between the bed and the bedside table. We weren't even sure any had got on the bed.

When mum came home she didn't see and she wasn't thirsty at bedtime so didn't notice. Oh well, I thought, we tried.

Then she snuggled herself down to sleep, slid a hand under her pillow and "What?!" She sat up, turned the light on, moved the pillow - and yes, we had given the corner of the bed and under the pillow a good dousing.

Her verdict - a damp pillow is good to sleep on when you're hot but she isn't sure the it does the feathers any good so please can we not do that again.

In other news they have accidentally called the new Prince George. We've had rather a lot of King Georges so I'm pretty sure they had intended to say Toby which would be unique and the first but it's too late now.

This morning it is raining which is prime frog hunting weather so I'm off to try and catch one.


We still think it's hot

July 23rd 2013 10:38 pm
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We did have storms yesterday. I don't mind the distant rumbles of thunder but even mum jumped when it was right overhead. It poured with rain and I got wet.

But it's still hot here. I've started sleeping on the window sill at night. Firstly, it is the coolest place and secondly I can see the sun as soon as it peeps its head over the houses opposite. I like to wake my mum and tell her the new day is arriving but she never gets as excited about that as I do.

Josie likes the hot. I heard her nestling up with mum last night purring very contentedly while mum muttered something about Josie being too warm for snuggles but rightly enough Josie ignored her.

We saw the new Prince on TV yesterday. He has no fur yet but he was waving his little hands. He also has no name so we could yet see King Toby.

I asked my mum what Toby means and she said she thought it was something like "The Lord is good" but I see myself more as the demon chaser type. I like that story and will find demons to chase.


A new Prince

July 22nd 2013 10:37 pm
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Everyone is very excited here as yesterday a new Prince was born. I expect they'll call him Toby.

Mum looked at me when I said that and she reckons it's highly unlikely.

"But it's a fine name," I protested.

"I'm glad you like it - it's just I can't quite imagine a King Toby. That's what he'll be one day," she said.

King Toby - now that has an excellent ring to it. But mum says they'll go for a name already in the Royal Family.

But whatever they call him it's exciting that he is here.

What is also here is the stormy weather mum said would come. I went to go out this morning and there was a big rumble of thunder so I decided I would stay in - just in case Josie and mum were scared and needed me of course. Now it's raining really heavily. I had forgotten what that was like.

It's still hot so I will happily send Ka-zar some spare and have a bit of his cold. (I'm a little bit wary of asking that. Laura-Belle sent some hot and suddenly the UK had a newsworthy heatwave. I didn't expect her to send so much but she has a generous heart.)

Now it's wet I wonder if I'll find any frogs. I think I'll risk the rain and go hunting.


Enough hot?

July 21st 2013 10:35 pm
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On Saturday it was a bit cooler which made my mum happy. Partly because I came indoors. I've been out every minute that I can be lately. Mum picked me up and gave me a big cuddle and said she had almost forgotten what I look like.

That would be a bad thing. What if some other cat wandered in and claimed to be Toby and got all my love and treats? That would never do. So I purred and stayed a bit close so she would be really sure only to have me as the actual Toby.

Sunday the hot came back so I was back out.

Mum says we have nearly had all our hot for now though. The weather man says there will be thunder storms so I am to be brave and look after Josie when they happen if my mum isn't home. I don't like thunder storms very much either truth be known.

But I will be brave - for I am a Catster Diary Pick again and us Catster Diary Pick cats must be a good example for any kittens reading. Thank you to everyone for my happy messages.

I am going out now before the storms come.


Water - good and bad

July 18th 2013 10:26 pm
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It's still really hot but that hasn't stopped us running around. Josie has been double checking everywhere that the bird went in case it has popped back for more fun and that's thirsty work.

We have our bowl of water and we're glad for that. Josie was having a good, long drink yesterday evening from it when mum came in with her supper, and a big glass of water for herself.

Josie looked at it and knew that mum's water would be even more delicious than ours so trotted over and started lapping from the glass.

"It's the same," said my mum in exasperated tones. "You were happily drinking your own."

But it is good to drink plenty of water so Josie was right to drink both.

What is bad is mum's new habit. She has the little spray bottle she uses when she's ironing to wet the clothes and she's started spraying herself before she goes to sleep. She says it's nice. It isn't for any cat who is close by as we tend to be. Her aim isn't great. We do not like to be sprayed.


Josie and my mum bird hunting (Not very well)

July 17th 2013 10:37 pm
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Yesterday morning I had something of a result. When mum opened the door right outside was a small bird. I grabbed it and ran back in with it. My mum screamed and that surprised me so much I dropped it and it flew under the table.

No problem, I thought. I'll pop out and get another. So I had to rely on josie's account of what happened next.

Apparently the bird was very still and quiet and mum said to Josie that maybe she had imagined it and she got on with her morning until suddenly out flew the bird. Mum and Josie were soon in hot pursuit. Josie reckons she nearly caught it once but mum grabbed her which was distinctly unhelpful. They pretty much had it cornered in the spare room and mum said, "Think, Harriet, think!"

She then had an idea. She opened the window, took Josie out and shut the door.

"It will fly out. Hopefully before I go to work," she said.

At go to work time my mum went the room. No sign of the bird so she shut the window - but just in case closed the door again.

When she came home she very carefully opened the door - and out flew the bird again. It flew to every door and window - alas for it still shut - so my mum was rushing round oepening absolutely everything. Too late, the bird retreated to behind the books on the bookshelf. Josie did try and catch it but found out that she cannot climb walls.

Later my mum had a friend round. Josie noted that she didn't mention the bird. Josie had a good examination of the friend's handbag and then decided she was a good person and settled behind the lady's head on the armchair.

So there they all were enjoying girl talk when suddenly the bird swooped out from behind the books and out of the window to freedom.

"What was that?" asked the friend, somewhat surprised so my mum explained.

So a happy ending for the bird, not so much for Josie although she did enjoy the chase. Mum just said you can't truly appreciate a flat without a bird flying around in it until you've had one with a bird flying around in it but can I please not bring in any more.

What - and miss such high jinks? I will bring in as many as I can get my paws on.



July 16th 2013 10:36 pm
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It's still hot here but luckily mum was home all evening so we could run in and out. I came in one time, jumped up on the scratching post and settled for a thorough wash.

Mum looked at me. "How do you cats always know?"

"What?" I asked.

"I was just thinking neither of you have been near that thing in months and I could get rid of it and there you are, using it."

"Don't touch this. I love it," I told her and carried on licking. Then prrfftt.

"Are you OK Toby?" - alarm in mum's voice.

"Mmmmmm," I couldn't actually speak at that moment.


More work then I got the thing and spat it out. One of those little round green seeds that stick to my fur so. They take a while to remove once they get on your tongue.

"Let me brush you and get the seeds," suggested mum but I wouldn't let her. She tugs on them and although she tries to be gentle they are so very sticky. I would rather remove them myself. The one downside of the hot weather. I do come back covered in little seeds.

The other one is my mum still not sleeping so well. She says she plans to spend the whole weekend catching up. We'll probably join her.


Sleeping on a hot night (or not)

July 15th 2013 10:36 pm
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By the time mum came back from dance class last night our flat was all oven hot. She has this crazy idea about all being indoors at night so we just had to make the best of it.

I settled on my chair and mum tried to settle on her bed. She kicked off all the covers and spread out like a star fish. She put her fan on so the warm circulated better. Much sighing and re-arranging. Then she got her special smelly (she says to say scented) spray and sprayed her pillow. Some deep breathing, more sighing and re-arranging of limbs. Then she got her sleepy time CD.

This is one of the most ridiculous things ever. It plays plinky plonk music and a lady says "It's sleepy time. Go to sleep." and my mum does.

Then just as all went silent I heard Josie nudge my mum.

"How did you do that?"

"Fygneech" mum muttered.

Josie persisted. "How did you get to sleep like that with all the hot?"

Mum sat up and looked grumpy. "I WAS asleep. Now I'm not. It took me ages."

Josie considered the situation and then carefully nestled herself against mum. Usually a snuggle cures everything but strange to relate it didn't make either of them cooler. Eventually Josie gave up and started twanging the wardrobe door. I was quite enjoying being the well-behaved cat for once.

Eventually we did all get to sleep. It's still hot this morning. Mum reckons despite the heat she'll get so exhausted she will sleep - but she wishes she was still on holiday! I've given her extra head rubs this morning to help her be more happy.


Mum is back

July 14th 2013 10:33 pm
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We were happy to see her again - mostly because it means we can go outdoors again. It is still being stremely hot so outdoors is where we want to be.

I did ask my mum if she had a happy holiday. She sais it was perfect; she had been at the seaside and had been on outings and all sorts. The only downside was missing Josie and me.

"Were there no pets where you were to look after you?" I asked.

"None," she replied, "although I did see some relatives of yours at the zoo. There were lions and they looked like just you only rather larger and yellow."

"Did you rub their tummies?" I wanted to know. I think they would have liked that.

"No, strangely enough they kept us well out of arm's reach. Imagine wacky paw or a friendly nip scaled up and you'll see why."

Only I am allowed to give my mum wacky paw so I'm glad she didn't touch the lions. And we are happy she is home to play games and have snuggles with. I have heard that some cats sulk when their people go away but we are just happy to have her home.

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