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May 15th 2012 10:27 pm
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It rained so much yesterday evening, inbetween being confusingly sunny, and we all stayed in. I was sleeping on my bed when I heard an odd noise, something of a scritchety/flipping. I looked up and could see mum leafing through the pages of her book really fast. I glared at her so she said sorry and stopped. I curled myself back up again and sighed heavily at how annoying it all was. Mum laughed.


Apparently Josie was curled up in the exact same position, had also been glaring at my mum for waking her, curled up at the same time as me and we sighed with perfect synchronicity. That's not funny, now she has been doubly annoying to the Cat Kingdom!

No kitten news. Mum saw Paul leaving home as she got back from work so couldn't get any update.


Latest on the kittens

May 14th 2012 10:34 pm
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Mum went to visit the kittens yesterday. She said they still looked quite scared but they are warm and safe in their pen and Paul says they are eating well and enjoying a toy ball he has given them.

The mother cat has been a constant visitor. Even when Paul put the cat flap on out only she hooked a claw under it and let herself in so she comes and chats to the kittens and sees for herself that they are OK. There is no sign of the little tabby one but as the mother cat goes away a lot the most likely she has moved him to somewhere she feels is more safe but we don't know where that might be.

Paul is talking to the kittens a lot and hoping they will get used to him and realise he is the source of food and good things and maybe if they are happier the mum will bring the other kitten back. That's the hope anyway.

Their other cats seem quite unperturbed by the new arrivals.

This has made me think about how lucky I am to have a good home and I thought about how I might be more kind to my mum. She has said she is fed up of being woken up at 5am so this morning we woke her at 4.40am so she could see the sunrise for herself. I thought that was kind but I've seen her happier if I'm honest.


A busy weekend - not all of it good!

May 13th 2012 10:46 pm
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Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and my mum said she would do some gardening. Gardening turns out to be tremendous fun - all the doors and windows were open and mum was in and out and I can't remember when I last had such a good time. Josie was enjoying it too. (She did just have a full tummy on Friday morning and is right as rain now.)

Then we were all tired so we all falled asleep on the sofa but then mum suddenly leapt up, ran out and reappeared with my box. I was in it before I had properly woken up and off we went to the vets. Time for my annual shots and check-up. I did not like that one little bit. At one point the vet left us and mum gave me a cuddle and I purred a bit to calm us both down.

Anyway he is happy that I am fit and healthy - "Great" was the word he used. Hm. Toby the Great - I like that and hopefully that's the last time I'll see the vets for another year.

Then my mum went to help Paul next door. The mother cat was unwell but he couldn't give her worm treatment whilst she was feeding the kittens so he wanted my mum to help round them all up.

These kittens may be small but they are completely unused to people and they were very scared and my mum has the bites and scratches to prove it. Unfortunately the scheme wasn't a complete success and when mum left two of the kittens had been caught but one kitten and the mother were still at large and the fea is that she'll take that kitten and move on now she is scared.

The two that were caught were put in a kitten pen and were eating so must have felt a bit alright. Mum did go round yesterday to see if the missing two had turned up but Paul was out so we don't know. Mum felt bad as she couldn't get the cat box open fast enough at one crucial moment and the mother cat got away. I gave her lots of extra lovings as I know she meant well.


Working on my meows

May 10th 2012 10:37 pm
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This morning the rain finally stopped but my lazy mum was sleeping so I tried to wake her up. My first meow didn't work so I tried a variety. Would a little squeaky one work? A full throated yodel? Everything in between - but she just lay there being asleep. Or pretending anyway...

I obviously need more practice on my meows to get her out of bed.

It may be lovely and sunny but Josie is still in bed. Mum hates it when we do stuff out of our routines but Josie was very herself last night - actually ate a hearty supper so she's probably still full from then. Mum says if Josie isn't out of bed when she gets home from work then she'll be off to the vet in case Josie has something wrong with her. Personally I am quite happy to be getting all the attention this morning!


Kittens Update

May 9th 2012 10:38 pm
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Yesterday evening my mum was in the kitchen making chocolate buns. (She said I should say 'preparing a healthy salad' but not unless salads go in muffin cases in the oven she wasn't!) There was a knock on the door and it was Paul from next door with a kitten update.

Stage One of the Plan is going well. Mother Cat is getting so comfortable with their home that she comes in the cat flap and asks for food now so a proper move in can't be far off.

Stage Two is harder as the kittens can run very fast and hide in little places. The mother cat has moved them to a shed next door to next door so they are closer and Paul has been putting food out for them. He didn't know if they were eating it but my mum could help there. She had put some food out on Sunday when we saw them and they had gobbled it up so they are old enough to eat solid food. She meant it for the mother cat but apparently she only likes crunchies.

Paul's plan is to get the kittens used to the food and use that to lure them in. Once they are indoors they can be kept safe and have their health checked and be got used to people so they can go to new homes.

Then they moved onto the far more important topic of how lovely I am. Naturally I was at the door to greet our visitor. Paul said how nice it is that I like people but the people that come here often know good games or bring treats so of course I like people. Then they remarked on my general handsomeness and gorgeous eyes. Then Josie's scaredy cat nature was touched upon only she heard them and came outside too to show how brave she really is now she is five.

And we played lots of games all evening because mum said she needed a good night's sleep so all in all a good day


Finding our own fun

May 8th 2012 10:34 pm
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Josie thought her birthday present might come yesterday but mum said they will only have posted it yesterday so we have to wait. It was dry yesterday so I went out but Josie doesn't trust the sky any more so she stayed in and she is so very bored.

We found a new game. We ofetn like to play where Josie sits on the table and I sit on the chair underneath and we bat each other's paws. That's fun but yesterday she upped the ante and started throwing things off the table down onto me. It started with a feather which was hers anyway, then a pen, then a pack of playing cards. They were brilliant. My job was to dodge things as they fell down and then make sure if they landed on the chair that they were nudged on their way to the floor.

When mum went to bed we were still bored so we played excellent chase games right round the whole flat. We did try and involve mum by bouncing on her bed but she wasn't really in a playing mood. At least I think that's what she said. Now mum reckons we were running about all night but we did have some rest breaks only she was asleep so she didn't notice. And nothing got broken although some things need re-arranging this morning so I don't see what she's got to complain about.

Sometimes it is really cool having a sisfer!!


Josie's Birthday

May 7th 2012 10:42 pm
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Mum wrote my diary yesterday and then said we should check my mail. It wasn't my mail, it was Josie's. Mum said she was very sorry - she thought Josie's birthday was today not Saturday. Thank goodness for Catster friends remembering.

Mum said she would go to the toy shop - what would Josie like? No contest. I love all games equally but Josie has a special favourite. She likes those sticks with feathers on, poked under the duvet for her to pounce on. Trouble is that mum keeps forgetting that she has left the sticks there and sitting on them so they snap and the feathers fall out in time. Basically we have one short one left and where once it sported magnificent plumage now it is..well..stubby. So new feather sticks for Josie.

But mum checked the toy shop website and they didn't seem to have any so she has ordered some on-line and Josie has to wait but while she was there we each got to choose another toy and some treats. I have chosen a flittery one and Josie has chosen a catnip one so now we just have to wait for Mr Postman to do his stuff.

And we got some chicken which was scrummy.

We looked out for the kittens but they didn't come back yesterday.


Kittens in my garden

May 6th 2012 11:40 pm
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Yesterday mum looked up and Josie and I were both at the window, watching intently. Mum came over to see what we were looking at. That tortie cat had brought her kittens into my garden. She was sitting watching them and they were having fun and games. There is a ginger one, a tabby one and one which is both. They are quite unpredictable things running here, there and everywhere.

They could see us watching them from behind the glass but didn't seem to mind. I wanted to go outdoors for a closer look but mum wouldn't let me. She just watched and watched and said how cute they are.

Then the mum and two of the kittens went and they left the little tabby one behind and he was mewing. My mum went out to see if he was OK but he ran away, after the others so hopefully he knows his way home. We didn't hear any more mewing so he must have found his mum.

Now she's seen them my mum is even more hoping that next door can successfully adopt their mum and find good homes for them. When I was that small I wasn't even allowed outdoors. But they seemed in good health and lively despite their difficult start to life.


My mum has cold in her

May 3rd 2012 10:35 pm
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All this rain and cold has got inside my mum and is now trying to get out again. We'll all be sitting peacefully and she'll suddenly go, "Achoooooooo!" and it makes us jump and she goes "cough cough cough" and sometimes "sniffle sniffle".

I'll be honest - it makes her a restless companion. I have decamped from her bed at night and moved onto the chair in the bedroom. I can still see her from there and it's quite comfy but I am safe from all the splutterings.

Josie takes a more paws-on approach to nursing. She spends a lot of time on my mum's chest and she sends me bulletins. "Still breathing. Yup, definitely still breathing". If she thinks mum needs it she purrs for her and gives her acupuncture massages. Her care and concern for my mum is in no way related to the fact it is still pretty cold here and mum is toasty warm.

It's nearly the weekend so my mum will get some rest time and we will help and the cold will soon be gone.


Helping mum

May 2nd 2012 10:43 pm
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It started raining again yesterday and we were bored, bored, bored! Luckily mum had a good idea for a new game.

she started with the traditional "I really need to concentrate so stay out of the way cats". Game on!

For the new wireless box had arrived. Mum opened the box, saw a little spanner and closed the box again and there it has sat ever since but she steeled herself and with us to help got stuck. The first job was to unfold a large piece of paper which I sat on. Mum said they were the instructions and she needed to see them and we played a happy game of "Move the Cat".

In the end I was persuaded to get off the paper by an enticing game of pokey paw under it. Then the fun really began. There were wires to pull out and wires to plug in and some of them were behind the tv so mum was stretching and we were there pointing at the wires we thought she needed and she was saying she can't actually see through us so had no idea which ones we meant.

Then of course there were the boxes that everything had come in to be played with. I wish we could install wireless every day.

Thanks to us the big blue light came on and it all works now and we are all pretty pleased with ourselves I can tell you.

Anyway thanks to our help it has all worked

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