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Toby's Diary

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A gift for me

August 26th 2013 11:51 pm
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I ambled into the sitting room yesterday so find mum with a dangly in one hand and her camera in the other and Josie enthusiastically attacking the dangly.

"What's Josie up to?" I enquired politely.

"You'll be up to it too in a minute," replied my mum.

Turns out that when I was poorly my mum had mentioned this at work. I expect she was sobbing inconsolably at her desk. (She says she just mentioned it.) Her manager passed the alarming news on to her family and five year old Madison was quick to act.

She made me a very colourful Get well Soon card covered in hearts and kisses and a dangly toy. Mum wanted a photo of me enjoying my toy to show Madison my appreciation.

Josie had been quick to get stuck in but I knew there were others ways to enjoy it. I ignored all mum's attempts to attract my attention with it and waited. Once the camera was safely put down and lying still on the carpet I pounced, patting and pawing until I was pretty sure mum had me lined up in the camera sights and then stop. My mum was getting quite grumpy with me. It was brilliant,

I did let her take one later. I would hate to let a little girl with a kindly heart think that I wasn't grateful to her.


Happy Days

August 25th 2013 10:54 pm
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Mum came home on Friday.

"It's the weekend."

"Yey!" I like weekends when she is home more.

"And I get an extra day because it's a Bank Holiday weekend."

"Double yey!"

"Even more yeys - I taking some days off next week."

I looked around suspiciously for Big Bag.

"I'm not going away - at least not overnight."

I purred.

Saturday it rained the whole day so we all settled ourselves on the sofa.

"I wouldn't be quite so sleepy if some cat hadn't got ridiculously playful so very early," my mum said.

"You are very welcome," said Josie, for it was she that had been up so early. She curled herself up on mum's lap. "Isn't being sleepy on a rainy day just the perfect thing to be?" Mum watched Pride and Prejudice and us cats dozed off because we're seen it before and there's not a single cat in it and the rain lashed the window and we were very cosy and happy.


Cats do not like to get wet

August 22nd 2013 10:37 pm
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Yesterday morning I was betterer enough to go outside - but it was raining. I ran full pelt for the shelter of the Christmas Tree and huddled, safe and dry under its thick branches.

I heard my mum call me wheh she wanted to go to work but I wasn't going to budge. She held a bag of treats and rustled it but had she seen how much rain was between me and the door? Then she shouted, "Don't make me come out there." But I did.

I heard the door go and she came out in the rain.

"Toby?" she called.

"I'm here," I called back.

"Where?" she had heard me.

"Here - under the tree,"

She pulled some fronds aside and could make me out in the gloom.

"Come in now," she tried to reach me but I just moved round the trunk.

She can be darn persistent and kept pulling and pushing and looking at me so in the end I had to make a run for it through the rain to indoors. When she came back in behind me I looked at her reproachfully.

"Cats," I reminded her, "do not like to get wet."

"How do you think I feel?" she asked. "All wet and muddy and in my work shirt?" This might have gone on longer but that reminded her she was late leaving home so off she went to my relief.

The one good thing about feeling a bit poorly is how good it feels to be well again. I completely have my appetite back and have been making uo for missed meals. Josie is less happy but she really should be glad to share and not complain like she has been doing.


Mum sleeping

August 21st 2013 10:33 pm
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I didn't go out at all yesterday morning. I still felt funny inside and wanted to be close to my mum. I followed her all around until she went to work and then I slept on my chair in her room. When she came home I was still feeling funny and at bedtime I nestled close to her.

She does wiggle about when she sleeps which is why I normally sleep in my chair. Every time she shifted I had to move and snuggle a bit more closely. Now it seems that my mum comes fitted with a don't-roll-on-Toby feature as she only moved one way.

At about 2.30 I woke up and she was looking at me and asking,"How did this happen?"

I was asleep right in the middle of the bed. She had spun 90 degrees and was lying across the bed up against the pillows. I wonder how far we would have travelled if there hadn't been pillows and headboard to stop her.

Then she tried to squiggle back lengthways next to me but without moving me. That struck me as so funny I purred and she said she was really happy to hear that purr as I haven't purred properly for a few days.

This morning I am better than yesterday. I've had some breakfast and been outside even though it's raining. I'm still not right though and I've been trying to explain to my mum but she just keeps saying, "Why do you keep meowing? What's up?"

She's not as bright as she would have people think - what's so hard to understand in meow?


Feeling a bit odd

August 20th 2013 10:34 pm
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Yesterday I was feeling a bit's hard to describe but the sort of feeling that makes you want to stay close to your mum. I always feel safest when she's close by and I didn't go outdoors like normal.

She gave me strokes. "Poor Toby. Are you feeling a bit under the weather?"

One of the many peculier things she says sometimes - can a cat ever be over the weather?

I didn't feel like going out until she started getting her things ready for work and I realised the opportunity would soon be gone and out I went. She had to call me in.

"I wish you would go out while there's plenty of time," she grumbled.

Then last night I still felt funny inside so I stayed in until she was getting ready for bed and I realised the opportunity would still be gone and out I went. I didn't come in when she called and she had to stay up and wait for me to come in.

This morning - the same really. I'm staying in sleeping by mum's side. She said I had better not be thinking I'll be going out just when she's about to leave. Guess what I'm thinking!


Josie was cross

August 19th 2013 10:34 pm
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Picture the scene if you will.

I was on my bed, enjoying a quiet snooze in the sunshine. My mum was sitting on the sofa reading her book. Josie was on the arm at the other end of the sofa, also resting. It looked like a perfect vision of tranquility but there was something amiss.

It started with a gentle tail flick from Josie. The sort that says, "I am mildly irritated." The flick continued and grew to a full blown tail lashing that says, "I am really angry."

Mum looked up. The tail was hard to miss.

"What's up Josie?"

More tail thrashing and Josie reached her head towards my mum.

"Really? That's what's bothering you?" My mum scooted along the sofa and started rubbing Josie's head and ears. There was a rumble of purr and the tail stilled. Josie had been contemplating her state of unrubbedness and it had made her grumpy. Luckily my mum knew what to do.

I always go to my mum when I need some love but Josie hadn't wanted to leave her sunbeam. Sometimes us cats find ourselves facing some pretty difficult conditions!


Testing Mum

August 18th 2013 10:38 pm
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My mum was all happy on Friday. She said that her oldest nephew had his exam results and they were extremely very good.

"It's lucky they never made you take exams," I commented.

"They did. I've taken loads," she said, "and passed them before you say anything else."

I decided to test her with some basic maths.

"If you have two cats and eight treats, how many treats does each cat get?"

"Four," she said, with confidence. Mis-placed confidence.

"No. Toby gets six, Josie gets two and you open another bag. Let's try another. Toby has two six hour sleeps and two forty minute naps. He spends fifteen minutes eating, twenty minutes having his tummy rubbed and the rest of the time he is adventuring. Thinking of Toby's day, make a pie."

"Don't you mean a pie chart?" she asked.

"No, a pie. Any flavour, fish, chicken, you choose, surprise me," I replied.

I did not get my pie.

Her other happy was that they put a picture of her and her friends in the Borehamwood Times on account of the gardening she did. She thinks she is famous but that hardly compares to being an internationally famous Catster Diary Pick of many occasions! 3.Insurance_company_mucks_in_for_charity/

She's in the middle pretending to be in charge, all smiley because they hadn't actually done any work at that point.


A night time emergency

August 15th 2013 10:35 pm
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Mum was soundly asleep when I realised. I jumped up on the bed and tapped her face.

"Fnogglum," she muttered and rolled over.

This was a real emergency. I don't use violence lightly but it was time to unleash the claw. I tapped her face again, claws out. She opened her eyes and looked at me.


"We're having an emergency," I explained.

She looked bemused. "I don't think we are."

"A real one," I assured her. "You have to get up."

With persistence and gentle guidance I persuaded her to leave her bed and come into the kitchen.


She looked. Our biscuit bowl was EMPTY. Josie and I could have starved in the night.

"Aren't you glad I woke you now you know?" I asked.

Funny how her glad face looked so similar to her grumpy face right then.

Other than that it had been a good day. I had been practising my English accent for my appearances on Monster's show. Mum told me I don't have to practice it, it's something I just have but I was getting smooth at saying, "And now over to Monster for the headlines." And I was a Diary Pick again. Mum said she wished it had been a happier topic but I'm alright now and the sheets are all clean and dry so I don't know why she's worried.


My poorly tummy

August 14th 2013 10:44 pm
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I was out most of yesterday evening trying to see the meteor shower. My mum said I wouldn't be able to see it because it was still light but I'm not allowed out after it gets dark so I had to look then. I didn't see anything and came in.

I had some supper but something just didn't feel right. Normally I sleep on my chair but last night I snuggled close to my mum hoping that she would make me feel better. She kissed me good night and turned off the light and we settled to sleep.

But my tummy would not sleep. It rumbled and it grumbled until...oh no...oh no!

My mum woke up and turned the light on just in time to see everything bad that had been in my tummy coming out, all along the bed. Mum said, "oh dear" and started taking the sheets off the bed and then she looked at me, "Poor Toby" but I felt much better by then actually.

The sheets went in to soak and fresh ones on and I had a long drink of water and snuggled up with my mum again. She looked at me suspiciously.

"You're not going to be sick again, are you?"

"I hope not. I didn't like it the first time," I replied, which apparently wasn't as reassuring as she had hoped. But she let me stay and off we went to sleep.

I wasn't. I am feeling much betterer this morning and the sheets are in the machine. I had some breakfast. I am a little sleepy but that's more being up in the night I think. Mum says I seem Ok so no vet unless I keep doing it. I won't.


Bad Josie (again!)

August 13th 2013 10:33 pm
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Surely it's horse time now.

It was at sleepy time again. We had all had a happy evening playing in the garden and were ready to set off to see what dreams the night had in store for us. I was on my chair but Josie wanted some mum snuggle time.

One thing Josie likes is if my mum bends her arm on the pillow to make a circle. Josie then nestles herself in there all surrounded by mum and that makes her purr. And if she's feeling really mellow it makes her paddy-paw.

Usually her claws go in the pillow but she wanted mum to know just how happy she was feeling so she reached out a paw and a claw...

"Ow," said my mum with some force. "That's my nose."

I can see that having a claw in your nose wouldn't be very restful.

"I bet horses don't do that," I called.

"They have hooves and I think a hoof on your nose would be worse," said my mum. Josie had vanished to her own bed. She doesn't mean to hurt mum and was feeling bad.

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