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Toby's Diary

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Stressful events

June 2nd 2013 10:32 pm
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Mum was doing the housework and had the back door open. Josie and I don't really hold with housework anyway. We work hard to make our home a lovely one - our aim is that every hard surface should be beautifully decorated with paw prints and every soft surface should have a gentle dusting of soft cat hair. Housework seems to undo all our good work and don't get me started on the hoover.

But she seems to like doing it so we let her and just gradually put everything right through the week.

Anyway that's what she was up to, pottering in and out and I was on my bed enjoying the summer air when I saw him. That bad cat that's been hanging around. But not in my garden, oh no! He was trying to creep in through the open door and come in my home.

I growled my fiercest growl and popped my fur up so I looked at least twice as large and I was pretty fearsome I can tell you. Mum came to see what I was growling at and seeing me so big gave her courage as she ran to the bad cat and shouted at him to go away and I joined in and he was scared and ran. I can't believe he thought he would get away with coming in my home.

The other stressful thing is that mum threw my Cube away. I love that Cube. Mum said she had to - I've pounced on it at every angle and rolled it and skidded it along the carpet and the frame is coming to bits. She tried to fix it but metal ends were poking out and she was worried I would stab myself. She must think I am very foolish but it is true that I do get carried away sometimes when I am chasing Da Bird and don't always look where I'll land.

I've been promised a new one.

Other than that we did sleeping and we did playing and mum and I were in the garden and it was a pretty top weekend.


Importance of snuggles

May 30th 2013 10:21 pm
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Every morning, after patrol in the garden - it's snuggle time. I come in and find my mum eating her breakfast. I sit next to her and purr Then I give her kitty kisses, then I lie down and she rubs my tummy. That's what we do every morning.

Yesterday I came in from patrol and she was walking about.

"OK. I'm ready," I told her. "It's snuggle time."

She was in the kitchen making her packed lunch and then in the bathroom brushing her teeth and I followed her everywhere reminding her.

"What is it Toby? You have food, you've been out. What do you want?"

"Which part of meow aren't you getting? It's snuggle time."

Off to the bedroom to finish getting dressed. I kept following and calling.

"What is it Toby?"

Then the penny dropped.

Turns out I had been longer outdoors than I had realised but snuggles still matter. Mum went in the sitting room and sat down and I jumped up next to her. Kitty kisses, nose to nose.

"Why do you need those?" she asked.

"In case you meet other cats in the day. I want them to know you're already owned."

Then on my side, rub that tummy.

"Why do you need that?"

"I like it" She asks some foolish questions! It wasn't as much snuggle time as usual but we've both learned a valuable lesson. I had my snuggles before going out this morning and mum learnt not to attempt to skip an important part of my routine.


Freaking my mum out

May 29th 2013 10:38 pm
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This works best if you have a willing co-conspirator like Josie was mine. Quiet evening, both cats snoozing on different chairs, mum reading.

On my cue Josie and I both stared at mum. We had practised all day and I'm proud to say we did it pretty well. An intense stare as if neither of us had ever seen her before and wondered what she was doing in our home.

Mum looked up from her book and smiled, "Love you" she called. Back to her book. Then a moment later she looked up again.

We were still staring.

Back to her book, sneaky peek up - two sets of cats' eyes boring into her.

Nervous laugh, "Ok, stop that now. You know what I look like" She lobbed the remote across the sofa to make us look away. We did - and then right back.

"Knock it off guys"

In the end she had to go and make herself some tea to soothe her nerves. Josie and I laughed and laughed. She is so easy to tease. When she came back in the room we were once more curled up, snoozing. Mutters of "you're weird" but she has forgiven us. Of course.

It's still raining here. I quite like to go out in it, get really wet and then leave patterns of my paws everywhere inside.

Josie doesn't like any aspect of it apart from having a dry home to live in.


Noises in the night

May 28th 2013 10:39 pm
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It was about 4am when there was a strange noise. It woke us all up but we didn't have time to find out what it was before it stopped. But now we were all wide awake.

"Maybe it was my tummy rumbling," I suggested. "Maybe you should give us breakfast."

"You would only want another one at 6," said my mum. "Go back to sleep."

But the thought of food was making me twitchy so I went and had some biscuits.

"Do you have to crunch so loudly?" called my mum.

I did. But when I was full I went back to bed and settled down to sleep snuggled with my mum - where Josie likes to go.

This did not please her.

She sat on the bedside table looking at us. Then she expressed her displeasure in time honoured cat fashion - by knocking things off the bedside table one by one. Down they went, thud they landed.

"Josie! Knock it off!" said my mum, she sounded a bit grumpy.

Josie sighed. She did stop. There wasn't much left to knock anyway. She had been saving the glass of water for her grand finale but all that had been thirsty work so in went her head. Except selfishly mum had drunk most of the water. The only way for Josie to drink was dip paw in, shake off the excess water, lick paw.

This was quieter than the throwing things but turns out mum doesn't like having water sprinkled on her either. She is so very fussy.

Eventually we all got back to sleep but mum is still grumpy this morning. We've both given her encouraging head rubs and hope she is nicer soon.


Wanting to Prowl

May 27th 2013 10:35 pm
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We had a happy sunny day yesterday - although I will warn you, no matter how much my mum begs and pleads, never take her bird-hunting with you. She is hopeless at it.

A big, fat pigeon was on our lawn and Josie and I were both stealthily creeping towards it and my mum leapt up and tried to join in. We were both crouched low and moving so smoothly you could hardly see us, she just lunged towards the bird all excited and shouting and off it flew.

So we still haven't actually caught a bird but one day we will.

Anyway evening came and then bedtime but I was ready for more adventure. Mum had locked our door and I know from experience I can't push it open but would some nifty claw work do it? I tried hooking a claw under and tugging.

Mum came to see what I was doing and told me that it wouldn't work. I tried for a while and she was right. I could not get that door open. This made me grumpy so I went off to sulk. Josie and mum had gone to bed and usually I go and chat to mum before we all sleep but I was cross. Then I heard my mum call me. I ignored her.

Then she got up and went to the kitchen. The joy of being a black cat after dark is I am pretty much invisible so I watched.

"He didn't get it open, did he?" Mum was tapping the door. Hee Hee! This was almost as good as having got out. In the end she came and looked all round for me and turned lights on which is cheating but she did seem happy to see me.

Today our sun is all gone - hopefully off to my mate Ka-zar as he asked for it. It's raining. I'm going out anyway to see if I can find any frogs. Josie says she's going to spend the whole day in bed.


Happy Sunny Days

May 26th 2013 10:48 pm
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At long last I think summer is here. I have been outside as much as I can be and then inside on my bed, soaking up the warm. I think the sun loves cats and gives us special strokes. You can't feel them outside but inside you feel all snuggled like when your mum strokes you.

Mum did feed next door's cats. I had planned to go with her and see what a whole sachet of food looks like but then I remembered. Smudge. We haven't always seen eye to eye and he's a big boy. I would stay home.

Mum reckons Smudge is a sweetiepie now he has a loving home and has had his op but better safe than sorry I reckon. Mum says Smudge is still a bit wary of her remembering her chasing him off when he attacked us in his bad old days.

She came back carrying a broken cats' dinner bowl.

"Are they Greek cats now?" I enquired.

"What?" She looked bemused.

"You know - Greek. Finish the meal and smash the plate. Or have you been trying to juggle again? Or did Smudge get mean and you had to throw something, the only thing you had to hand? I don't think they wanted you to go over and start smashing the place up."

Mum looked at the bowl and explained. There is a counter running down the length of their kitchen and when she arrived Nipper, their oldest boy, was sitting on it, anxiously looking to see when his supper would arrive. Whst she failed to notice was that he had a china bowl with him. In his efforts to get every last trace of food out of the bowl he had pushed it right up against the door so when mum opened it - crash, down it fell, onto the stone step outside.

She brought it back to dispose of it safely and the next day bought them a new one.

They are home now and said mum shouldn't have but she couldn't help feeling responsible.

Today is a Bank Holiday so no work for my mum. Hoorah! And it's sunny again so I'm off out to enjoy that.


We are poor starved cats

May 23rd 2013 10:43 pm
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It's true.

Last night we had another knockety knock on the door. We were hoping it was a man with another box for us as we don't fit in our other one together and we would really like one each. But it wasn't. It was Paul from next door.

Mum is to feed their cats at the weekend and he was leaving a key.

He was explaining what she needs to do and where the food is and said to put down three sachets for the three cats.

"That's one each," said my mum. She can manage simple sums like that. "Mine don't get so much."

There followed a discussion about how much cats eat and how much they need. When Paul had gone I wanted to know how she justifies making Josie and I share a sachet at each meal (and we do have the same number of meals).

"You don't finish it if I put too much down. I'm not putting food in your bowls just to throw away. I always give you more if you do finish what's there and you have biscuits."

Don't tell my mum but I do really have enough to eat. The real reason I want a sachet each is that then I would have a choice of flavour at each meal and I like that.


Our new box

May 22nd 2013 10:38 pm
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We were having a relaxy evening last night when suddenly there was a knockety knock at the door. Josie ran and hid which she always does. I asked her once why she does that and she said, "just in case". But I don't think anyone yet has arrived who tried to catnap either one of us.

Anyway there was a man with a bag and mum said, "that was quick" and thanked him and took the bag.

My mum had been internet shopping and inside the bag was a new box for me and Josie. There was some stuff in it mum had to take out first.

"Now I just need to check the fit," said my mum.

Always keen to oblige I jumped in. "Yup, fits perfectly" I said. Josie had come back by now so I jumped out and let her try. In she went. Another hit - the people had sent an exactly cat sized box.

Mum laughed and said that actually it was new shoes and that was the fit she was worried about. Keen to assist Josie put one of her feet into the shoe which looked very funny. It was much too big. They would have to go back.

But mum said they were for her. She put her big feet in them and tied the laces - we helped of course - and she walked up and down and said they are extremely comfy.

I don't know why she wanted them. She already has shoes. I expect she secretly just wanted our special new box.


Being Fantastic!

May 21st 2013 10:37 pm
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Mum went off to work yesterday what looked like normal but then at lunchtime - key in the door - "you're home early. It must be dinner time."

Mum said that her walking in the door does not always mean we get fed but as we see it there's never any harm in asking. She was in the kitchen after all. But she said she had been at a training event in central London so had come back to grab some lunch and fetch her car and she was then on her way to the office.

It always amuses me to find out the things she learns.

"Go on then - what was it?"

She didn't want to say but I kept asking.

"It was about being fantastic."

"I'm sorry, I thought you just couldn't have...I think you went to learn to be fantastic?"

She nodded. I love being a cat. We're born fantastic. No classes for us. Talking of which...

"You could have just stayed here. Watched and learned."

But apparently if she had asked for a morning to stay home and watch her cats her work wouldn't have agreed and the event she attended was really good she reckons.

So off she went. She came home with another Mojo update. He had a post op check up and all is good. His heart rate is right down from where it was and his scar is healing nicely. Power of the Paw in Action!! He was so happy he went out and caught a mouse which he had hoped to send to you all but Nahid didn't think my mum would like it. (Mum says - maybe she scoffed it down at work.)


Mum's dream

May 20th 2013 10:38 pm
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Not the one where we turn into perfectly well behaved cats, this was an asleep one.

She woke up and twisted her head to look at Josie and muttered, "oh - it was you."

Josie always starts her night in her little pink bed but then she'll wake up and need mum so she either wakes mum so mum bends her arm to make a Josie nest on the pillow next to her or she'll perch on mum sleeping. On this occasion mum was pretty much sleeping on her front so Josie was walking about on mum's back to find a comfy sleeping spot. (Mum didn't use to sleep on her front but it's something Josie's trained her to do as her back is the best sleeping space for a cat.)

Mum was dreaming about her work and in her dream her work announced they were offering back massages to help with stress so my mum said she wanted one - only it wasn't very good. That was because it wasn't a masseuse at all - it was Josie's paws on her back that were in her dream. Josie's very good at walking about and getting comfy but not so good at giving massages.

Anyway there was no time for lying around having massages, real or dreamed ones - I was hungry.

Also, Nahid sends all the Catster cats a big kiss each. Mum told her that you have been purring for Mojo. He had his operation and is doing fine - he's eating and drinking which is the important things but he is not a happy boy and Nahid is still worried about him so please keep up the purrs. Thank you

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