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Advanced Hide and Seek

January 29th 2012 10:39 pm
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I have pretty much exhausted the hiding places indoors. My mum finds my collar pretty quickly these days so there was only one option - Outdoors!

I got my collar off no problem, hid it and went to go back in. Turns out my mum was right and the door won't open if I don't have my collar but she heard me banging so came. Then she realised that meant she would have to find my collar in the garden.

I'll be honest, I've seen her look happier. She reckons she's going to get me a harness as suggested. I'm not sure I like the sound of that.

She doesn't need to anyway as she found it.

Other than that we had good play times, good sleepy times and all in all a happy weekend!


When I need love

January 26th 2012 10:41 pm
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Yesterday morning mum made up for her long day on Wednesday by leaving late. She said she was off to a trade show.

So I did something I haven't done in a while. It began with some kitty kisses and purrs and then I let her flip me on my back and rub my tummy and I falled asleep like that. It's lovely to feel all snuggly and loved.

It got me thinking because all us cats need love sometimes, some special attention from our people in just the way they know how. When I need love I go right up to my mum, nose to nose and give her an eskimo kiss so she is in no doubt at all that she better put her book down and give me her time.

Josie reckons that's rude. She goes and sits close by our mum and when she reckons the time is right she gives mum a gentle tap with her paw so mum knows that some headrubs are required.

To be fair both methods work. I would be surprised if any kitty ever hasn't got strokes from my mum when they wanted them but I think my more direct approach is the best one.


Feelings too big for my body

January 25th 2012 10:37 pm
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Does anyone else get this?

Mum was REALLY late home from work last night. She said she had to train the Evening Team. I said, "Don't they know you have cats?" but she reckons they do. Apparently we even turn up in her courses sometimes.

Anyway - we were waiting and waiting and waiting and I thought maybe she wasn't coming home so when she did - I felt all excited and happy and more of all of that than fitted inside me so all I could do was run. So run I did.

It was late and dark so I did all my running indoors. You would be surprised how much speed I can get up and I pounced on Josie many a time and I chased my toys and I ran and I ran until my feelings fitted back inside me. I'm a small cat so this took quite some time.


The escape of the grape

January 24th 2012 10:40 pm
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Mum has a bowl and in it goes fruit. I don't get fruit. It doesn't smell remotely edible yet my mum eats it.

Yesterday she took an orange from the bowl but when she did that a grape took the chance to make his escape. He bounced down on the table, rolled across it and down to the floor. He must have thought he was a short roll from freedom but the Tobester was on his trail.

I whacked him with my paw, he fled but I was faster than him and the chase was on.

Mum wanted to know why I was picking on a grape when I have lots of toys to play with but she didn't see how fast that menace moved.

I left him for dead by the front door and later saw mum dispose of the evidence. Always profligate she didn't eat him - she said they aren't the same when they've been batted around the carpet - so he went in the compost bin. Another Toby triumph!


Best hiding place yet

January 23rd 2012 10:34 pm
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Yesterday I found a brilliant place to hide my collar. I slipped it off and whispered, "Josie, hide this" and she settled down on top of it.

To make sure that mum then looked for it I asked to go out. Mum gave me the usual lecture about needing to find my collar and the game was on. I helpfully trotted round with her. Was it in mum's bedroom? No. Was it in the sitting room? No - she couldn't see it there. Was it in the hall? No. To and fro she went looking more and more deeply under things and behind things and Josie was doing an excellent impersonation of a sleepy cat and I was chuckling away to myself.

In the end mum said, "I give up. No going out for you. Where could it be?" and she sat down on the sofa next to Josie and then she spotted the end of it, a tiny piece of yellow under Josie's fluffy tummy.

She slid it out and how we laughed! Mum looked at Josie, "How?" she demanded to know, "Why?" but we weren't telling.

I'll have to think of something pretty good to top that one!


A quiet weekend

January 22nd 2012 10:41 pm
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Josie and I love Friday when it's the weekend and we were both in the window looking out for our mum when she came home. Although our loyalty was not so rewarded when we saw her walk right past and chat to our friends from next door.

I even saw her point us out so I stretched up and was very big so she wouldn't miss the fact that I was hungry.

They went and she just wandered off, like she had no cats eagerly waiting her arrival.

Actually she wasn't gone long. She had gone to the shop for some crisps. She said she had a tiring week and wanted a treat. Now if there is one thing us cats are good at it is helping people relax. So Friday evening and Saturday day there were lots of snuggle and quiet times.

In the afternoon mum gave us a bonus meal. Or so I thought. Then she went out. And she didn't come back until breakfast time. She had been at her sister's and we don't get invited. Apparently there was a bad incident with a chimney and a previous cat (all ended happily unless you count the soot stains that still testify to the event!) I worry when mum is away at night. What if she has a bad dream and needs me?

On the plus side Josie and I were full of energy as we had done extra sleeping so we had a pretty good play time on Sunday. We even had a run in the garden and didn't meet any bad cats so it was all good.


Josie being admired

January 19th 2012 10:39 pm
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When mum gets in from work she likes her cup of tea and a quiz show on TV. She is very clever and knows all the answers but unfortunately they don't always ask the right questions. And then maybe she watches Bondi Vet about a vet in Australia and I always think maybe we'll see my mate Ka-zar having his check up but mum reckons he lives too far away to go there.

There are lots of animal noises from that show but mostly we ignore them. The sound we like the least from the TV is babies crying but luckily mum watches more programmes with animals than babies in so we are OK.

Mum says she is tired after work but can usually be persuaded to twiddle a stick or lob balls about for me to chase while she watches. But Josie isn't such a cat for toys mostly and waht she wants is to be admired.

So she sits right in front of the screen and adopts her most beautiful pose and basks in mum's undivided attention. Yesterday I heard mum say, "Josie - I can't see through you" and Josie knew this meant mum was not getting enough Josie to enjoy so she had a re-arrange and made herself even bigger and I heard mum laugh so that must indeed have been what she wanted.


Windows -good or bad?

January 18th 2012 10:36 pm
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Yesterday evening I was looking out of the window when I saw her. That new tortie cat, strolling about in my garden, bold as brass. She sauntered over and looked me in the eye.

I growled in my most menacing way and she sang to me, "I'm gonna getcha!" Lady or no lady I was straight there with a right hook - but thump thump my paws were right on the glass. I couldn't reach her. I growled more loudly. She would hear that alright.

I felt Josie walk up beside me with tail all big and impressive. She glared at the cat. The position of tortie is already taken round here.

Then my mum came and tweaked the curtain back - the household united to see off the invader. Only mum didn't growl - she said, "Oh it's that sweet little cat". Sweet, my paw!!

"Windows are bad,"I said. "I can't reach her to give her a good smack but then mum said windows are good otherwise that cat would stroll right in. And this is why I have a special collar so cats like that one can't use my magic door. Collar? Oh yes, that thing. Think you'll find it behind the front door.

We saw that bad cat off anyway. So maybe windows are good.


Life's mysteries

January 17th 2012 10:45 pm
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Mum got a sachet out of our box of food and said, "Toby - they must have got your Customer Suggestion Form" for in her hand was a sachet of pure jelly. The jelly is the best part of cat food. I normally lick all the jelly up first and then eat the chunks.

(Actually when the jelly's gone is usually time to swap bowls because Josie doesn't do that so she'll still have jelly left at this stage. Mum has gotten wise to this though and keeps switching them round. She doesn't see why Josie should get left with chunks that I have licked dry; I don't see why not.)

I was very pleased but mum said she isn't convinced the jelly won't leave me hungry so she's going to take it back to the shop and ask them to change it.

So here is my mystery - if the jelly tastes so much better than the chunks, why don't they sell just the jelly?

And thinking of mysteries - why can't mum pass either of us if we have our tummies showing without rubbing them?

Josie's mystery is why we can all get settled cuddled up all warmedly and then mum says she really has to roll over and spoils everything. Mum will say it's been an hour or so and she has cramp but Josie says it is only after a few awake minutes.

Mum's mystery is how we are so accurate with our kitty clocks at knowing when it's 6am and she must get up, even at weekends, but still seem to think it's suppertime if she goes in the kitchen a few hours before?

Things for us all to ponder!


My collar

January 16th 2012 10:43 pm
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A cat as gorgeous as me needs no adornment and mum and I have long disagreed on the subject of my collar. It does not please me. Happily I am very good at removing it. Sometimes I take it off in a quiet corner so mum can't find it; sometimes I like to slide it off right in front of her so she can see just how easily I do it. I have it down to about ten seconds with a combo of nifty paw work and some stragetic wriggling.

But mum says I have to wear it if I go outside otherwise I won't be able to get back in. She says the magnet hanging off the collar is what opens my magic door. But yesterday I proved her wrong.

The collar was long gone and I went outside. Mum had thought she had locked the magic door but she hadn't so I went for an adventure.

When I was done adventuring - and when you are as swift as I am adventuring only takes a few minutes - I came back and banged on the door. Now it is true that it didn't open but it was fine because mum heard me and came and held the door open for me and in some ways that's even better as I got to feel all special.

So we have a solution. No collar for me and mum to stay home and be my personal door opener. Mum reckons the answer is one of those microchip cat flaps as soon as there's money in the kitty as she has tried all types of collar and put them on as tight as she can without stopping me breathing

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