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Tummy rubs

June 25th 2012 10:37 pm
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Yesterday morning felt quite normal. My mum got up, I had a run outdoors and then I came in for my morning strokes and tummy rubs and all was well. Then my friend Nicky got up - she had been staying over. She sat where my mum usually sits while they chatted so I sat in my usual place and Nicky gave me strokes and tummy rubs. Double love, a good start to the day. But then I had enough so I bit her. Not hard but she should have realised!

They chatted and chatted and suddenly mum said "the train leaves in half an hour and we're still in our pyjamas" and there was lots of frantic running around and no tummy rubs at all.

They were gone all day and it got dark and they were still gone and then they came back. They had been at Wimbledon to watch the tennis. I don't think I would like to watch people flipping a ball about as I would want to get stuck in and chase the ball myself. My mum said that running on court and chasing the ball yourself is very much frowned on at tennis tournaments and so they hadn't done that.

Nicky stayed over again so I thnk I'll be getting double tummy rubs again today although mum says not if I keep biting people I won't.


Ice cream is not for cats

June 24th 2012 10:35 pm
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My mum has been so very busy lately but on Saturday she said she had nowhere to go and was looking forward to some quality cat time. Well, she may have had nowhere to go but I did. I was out playing with my new chums most of the day. I think Josie had some snuggle time with mum.

Luckily I didn't miss out on the top treat of the day, a little cream. Mmmm! I love cream. Mum was beating it up and stirring it with other things and in the freezer it went.

Sunday was another happy day and I helped mum change the sheets in the spare room and tidy up generally. In the evening first my friend Dee came over and than Nicky who is the friend I stayed with in Norfolk on my epic adventures there.

They ate and one thing they ate was from the tub in the freezer. Mum said it was home-made lemon and mint ice cream and everyone said just how delicious it was. I wanted to try some but I know mum doesn't like to see me on the table when people are eating.

She got their bowls and cleared them to the kitchen. She doesn't like to see me on the sides in the kitchen either but I thought that as long as she was busy chatting she would never know. It didn't take long to find the bowls and lick as much as I could from them. I jumped down satisfied with myself. They would never know!

But it would seem that lemon and mint ice cream may not be the best thing for cats' tummies. I started feeling very peculier indeed. Better out than in so I went just outdoors and got on with the matter in hand.

I heard someone say, "Probably a furball" and then "is that ice cream?" and then "yeuch!" and mum said she wasn't sure that it could be and then she checked the bowls and I think saw tongue marks on the spoons.

So we've both learnt a valuable lesson. Mum has learnt that she should crack on with the washing up right awayand I've learnt that lemon and mint isn't for me. That won't stop me trying other flavours if I get the chance though.


My dilemma

June 21st 2012 10:36 pm
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A dilemma is when you really want to do one thing and you really want to do another thing all at the same time. Which will you choose? And that is what happened to me last night.

It rained in the day but when mum got home from work it had stopped so she opened the big doors for the garden. Excellent. As you can imagine I was straight outdoors - and before long there was my tabby friend too.

Mum always says for her friends to come indoors so I asked him if he would like to and as mum wasn't in the sitting room he came in and had a good sniff around. "You have a lovely home" he said as he does have excellent manners. Then mum came in the room and he isn't sure about her yet so he went back in the garden.

I went with him and we were playing chase games. Then my dilemma - mum called me in. Would I go? She had a bag of treats in her hand and they looked like the new Felix ones I like best but chase games with Tabby are fun. I came half way to my mum then ran back for more games.

Mum called me again and I ignored her. Rustle, rustle went the bag of treats. "Toby - I have to go out" she called. But chase games are good too.

In the end she actually came out to get me and I had to go in. And they were the Felix treats! But I wish I could have had treats and games too. I hope Tabby is back this evening. He is so cool.


More visitors

June 20th 2012 10:39 pm
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Yesterday Uncle Bill came to stay. He is working in London and would normally stay in a hotel but they are all full on account of a thing which is called Lympics and it must be very special as everyone always says Oh! Lympics and it is happening not so very far away from us. It isn't happening yet but people are arriving it would seem.

As they weren't paying for a hotel his people had said he could take my mum out to dinner but they would rather stay home with us cats so they had pizza instead. And we had a brilliant evening running in and out and even Josie was leaping after bugs in the garden.

Mum was telling Uncle Bill about my little tabby friend and then she said "there he is" and there he was. He came indoors again, just a little bit further this time and I watched him. Then I went out and we were playing and it was fun.

They talked until it was late so we could make the most of the fine evening and I am glad we did as mum was right. In the night it started to rain again. I woke my mum up to tell her but she wasn't as grateful as you would think.

I haven't been outdoors this morning on account of wanting to stay dry. On the plus side mum and I had a snuggle and we haven't done that in a few days.

Mum has put some new biscuits down for us so I have to go and test them out now.


Having friends over

June 19th 2012 10:42 pm
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I loved yesterday. Mum came home from work and it was dry and sunny so she had the big doors open so we could tun in and out and then there was a knock on the door. As mum went to answer it Josie was paused in the hall trying to decide if she would stay or hide and mum didn't see her and kicked her as she walked. Not hard but I thought that was funny!

It was my friend Dee and later my friend Alison came too and they admired me lots and it is true I'm very handsome.

But mums aren't the only ones who have friends who come to call. A small black cat was in my garden. We watched each other awhile and agreed that we would be friends so we sat under the tree together.

Mum said, "That's what he did with that little tabby cat that I haven't seen in a couple of weeks" and the tabby cat arrived in the garden and said, "Did you mean me?" and mum did. I have known the tabby cat longer than the black one and he heard mum say she has a soft spot for a tabby and asked me if it would be OK to go in my flat.

I assured him I was fine with that so he stepped indoors and had a good sniff round. Mum and her friends watched him and were saying hello and he was quite relaxed about them. Josie wasn't quite so sure about him though and she asked him to leave and he did. It was all very polite though, no hissing or yowling, so I hope we see a lot more of both cats.

Today is all sunny and lovely again so I have to go and run outdoors now. Mum says to make the most of it as those bad weather men have more rain planned for us soon.


My strategy

June 18th 2012 10:41 pm
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Mum was home a bit early yesterday and she said she had been on a course and learnt about strategy.

I have an enquiring mind so I asked what is strategy. She said you think about where you want to be in, for example, five years time and work out your plan to get there.

"How old will I be in 5 years time?"


"Excellent. I'll be older than Josie and that's just what I want to be."

"You won't because she'll be 5 years older too."

I really can't see the point of that then. But if mum says it is so then it probably is. I had a good think about it and announced I know exactly where I want to be in 5 years time and mum asked me to tell her.


"On this sofa?"

"Yes, I like it here. With you, chatting about stuff and having my head rubbed just like that."

"So your plan is pretty much to stay put?"


Strategy all done. Mum has brought back a whole book on strategy but I think mine is better than hers.

And I forgot to say with all this learning stuff and mum rushing around but I love being a DDP and I was again and thank you to everyone for my kind messages. I have such a great life - why would I want to change any of it?


Big bag is bad news

June 17th 2012 11:31 pm
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Friday started so well. It looked like mum had decided not to bother with work so we had playtime and we had cuddles - but then out came the big bag. I know what this means. Lots of things went in it and I climbed in too but mum took me out and without a backward glance off she went.

Days went by and there was no sign of her. I think she was gone about a month. Luckily we have lovely neighbours who have been feeding Josie and me, otherwise our case would have been quite desperate.

Then last night there she was, home again. She says she was only gone for the weekend. I said it felt like a whole month and she said she missed me too.

Her friend's cat had looked after her though. She had been asleep when she heard a scritching at the door and a whispered, "it's me, Charlie, can I come in?" so she opened the door and he said he thought she might be missing her cat so would she like him to snuggle with. She would so settled back to sleep although she said he woke her up several times for more head-rubs. She does do a good headrub, my mum.

I asked what Charlie is like and he is mostly black like me although more white patches and he is so big you could nearly make two of me and he is very brave. They also have a dog which is a very big dog and the house is half for the cats and half for the dog as the dog says he would like to eat the cats and Charlie likes to tease the dog by being just out of reach and seeing how agitated he can make the dog. Mum thought foolhardy rather than brave but he has been doing it for years apparently and come to no harm.

But mum did say it all got very noisy so she is pleased to be back with us quiet cats and we are pleased to have her home with us.


Sharing the bed

June 14th 2012 10:47 pm
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I was woken by mum in the night.

"How do you do that?" she asked.


"I went to sleep on my own, all comfy and spread out. I've woken up with you right on the middle of the bed with the feathers from the duvet all in one lump under you and I'm trying to squeeze around you under empty duvet."

"It's a cat thing."


"The feathers love me. They like to be near me"

Josie was watching all this from her vantage point on one of the pillows. She has lately taken to sleeping on one so she can be close to mum but not get rolled on. She suspects mum is jealous. Josie can fit her whole body on one pillow and mum can only manage a head. Mum says she isn't jealous but why does Josie always go for the one closest to the bedside table? It's not like she has to reach out for the lamp/alarm clock etc.

Anyway Josie was quite interested to see how the whole duvet thing would play out. I was very comfy so not minded to move and we have my mum pretty well trained on that kind of thing. Mum sighed and tried to fit herself under the parts of the duvet I had left for her and we all tried to go back to sleep. Sadly mum's wigglings and squigglings got too much for me and I did have to move over in the end. She can be a little thoughtless like that.

This morning is still sunny so I have to go and run outdoors now,


Most Annoying cat award!

June 13th 2012 10:40 pm
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I am so happy that it still isn't raining. I do hope the rain has gone where it is needed. Yesterday I was outside a lot, chasing bugs and having a marvellous time. I do like to keep checking in on my mum though so she doesn't worry about me. But she said I am the most annoying cat as she had to keep getting up and letting me in. You would think she would be glad to.

Josie then had a go at the most annoying cat title. I heard her in the night saying to my mum that she didn't feel quite right so could she have a cuddle and that was fine but then the cause of her discomfort became clear.

"Ack, hack,eck,eck!" and more like that. And them out came a furball. Josie looked up. "You cannot believe how good it feels to get that out!" she said. "Celebrate!"

I didn't need asking twice and the games were on. We love to celebrate things by running as fast as we can and seeing if we can fly.

At one point mum asked if she could join in so I obligingly pounced on her toes. Then she wanted to know how I could mistake "Let me sleep" for "Let me play too". I'm sure I heard right that she wanted to play. Who wouldn't?

Don't worry about us. We'll catch up on our sleep today, we're forgiven mum for her harsh words and we think it's honours even on which of us is most annoying.


We're back

June 12th 2012 10:33 pm
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On Monday morning I went to help my mum with my diary and she just sat there and didn't get the computer out.

"No diary?"

"No diary"

"Is that because you're sad on account of all the rain and don't want to bring everyone down?"

But turns out we had no internet for a couple of days. Then yesterday mum was on the phone for nearly an hour saying "no" and Hm" and "How do I do that?" and then "The light is's's's on." and eventually bingo! - we are back in the land of the interweb.

I'll have to catch up with everybody's news. We have none except lots and lots of rain. But this morning not only do we have internet but we have sunshine so maybe everything is going to be OK after all!

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