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Josie made me a snug

October 25th 2012 11:31 pm
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I don't want anyone thinking we missed my mum at all while she was gone. We just find it comfortable to be close to her when we can. Lots of Josie on mum's lap and me curled up next to them. Mum says she missed us so we let her enjoy being close to us.

But sometimes she has to get on with stuff. She was yesterday when I noticed Josie doing something. She was on the armchair nosing at the throw. She managed to squeeze herself under it and there she was in her own cosy snug. I knew as soon as I saw her do it that this was exactly where I wanted to be.

It took about four attempts as mum had watched her too and somehow knew what I had in mind so I found myself thwarted a few times but mum can't be wtaching me for ever. I took my moment, pushed my nose in and suggested Josie might be happier somewhere else. She took the hint and left and the snug was mine.

Us cats do like to be in a hidey hole that is soft and in this case pre-warmed by Josie and I had a lovely sleep there. I did let Josie have a sleep there later and I think now that autumn is here that could be our new favourite place. Mum says that's fine but she'll have to warm guests not to sit there without looking.


My mum went away but now she is back

October 24th 2012 11:05 pm
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So much for all our happy times while she was on holiday!

She came back yesterday afternoon and said she had really missed us and wanted the biggest cuddle but I said she should have thought about that before she abandoned us and wouldn't let her. Instead I went out hunting. That showed her!

Josie, as ever at these times, not cool. She ran up and down cheering because mum is home.

By bed time I thought that my mum had suffered enough so she got her snuggle and my rumbliest purrs and the three of us were snug and cosy and mum has promised she isn't going away again any time soon.


My mum's happy thing

October 18th 2012 10:33 pm
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Mum is very happy this morning. She didn't grumble when I woke her bright and early. She just petted me and I purred.

"You are happy today" I said.

"I am. Would you like to know why?"

"Did you buy the whole cat toy section of Pets at Home?"


"Did they bring out a new flavour of Dreamies?"

"No. At least I don't know that they have."

I could tell the notion perturbed her. She is pretty good at bringing us the new treats as they are put on sale.

"Is Josie leaving home?"


Anyway turns out Josie is staying here with us and the reason for mum's happy is that today she is at work and then she has two whole weeks of holiday. No alarm clock, no drive in the rush hour to work, no wearing suits...

"And you will be at our beck and call all day every day. No wonder you are so happy!"

She went a little bit quiet at that and said not necessarily every single day but she did promise us lots of days within that time.

Happy days are here again!!


A much happier evening

October 17th 2012 10:34 pm
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My mum was actually a little bit early home from work and she had a big box. I tried to get the lid off as it smelled very interesting but mum said it was just training stuff for her work inside.

Later I reckoned she owed me a massive game of laser pointer but she said she wasn't sure the curtains could really take me getting so over-excited again. Then she had an idea.

She went in the hall to fetch the box. She had to move Josie first. Josie thought the box was for sitting on but mum pointed out that we already have a cardboard box for sitting on in our hall and she wasn't that keen on having another.

She took the lid off and took all her stupid training stuff out and in I went. Then mum started throwing scrumplied pieces of paper from her magazine in to it. It was so much fun. I could see if I could bat them away, I could chase them round the box. It was sll so much fun I ended up jumping out of the box, round the room and up the curtains. Go Toby!

Josie and I asked if we could keep the box for ever. Mum wasn't sure that was what it was meant for and she said it will mean having a lot to carry somehow to work so we are to keep it for games and sittings.

After all I was a Daily Diary Pick and that surely meant I deserved a new toy. I was feeling pretty special about that and thank everyone for all my lovely messages and presents.


Being good with numbers

October 16th 2012 10:34 pm
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I'll admit to being fooled for a while yesterday morning. We had our breakfast and mum had hers and then she pootled about and before she went to work we had another breakfast. I wasn't sure if she had forgotten that she had already fed us or if she had remembered our unfortunate hollow legs that are making us so hungry but I ate it anyway.

Turns out is was because mum was late back from work. Very late. She tried to justify it saying she had to stay late and train the evening team. I said she should have come home and trained us instead.

Mum said that they were learning how to be accurate with numbers and she wasn't sure that would be useful for Josie and me. Neither was I at first but then I realised how important it is. If I have six treats and Josie has seven then I know she deserves one whacky paw later. And accurately counting my treats helps me keep track.

Now we've sorted that out mum won't have to work late again.

It rained a lot last night so we woke mum up to tell her. Then Josie went to cuddle up with mum under the duvet and I nestled by mum's legs and we listened to the rain on the window and felt very cosy and snug and the really important things in life like cosy can't be counted.


Eating Polystyrene

October 15th 2012 10:34 pm
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Not me - mum and Josie. Sometimes when mum is watching TV she likes to make a snack. She tips rattly things into a machine and it goes pop pop pop and then things fly out of a hole at the top, mostly into a bowl but a cat needs to keep his wits about him as sometimes they escape.

Then she pours on some melty butter and calls the whole thing popcorn. I tried it once and it's like munching on polystyrene. Most odd.

But Josie likes it and sometimes mum will throw a piece for Josie to chase. But last night Josie couldn't wait and stole a piece from mum's bowl. Which would have been cheeky enough but she wasn't stealthy - she sniffed the whole bowl and selected the one with the most butter on.

Mum is normally quite strict about that kind of thing but I think she was just stunned by the brazen behaviour of the normally well behaved tortie. She is learning a lot from me!


Hollow Legs

October 14th 2012 10:39 pm
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There is a definite chill in the air now so Josie and I are plumping up for Winter. Mum can't get over just how much we are eating. When she asks if we are still hungry the answer is always "Yes!!" Luckily at the weekend she was home all the time to top up our bowls. I'm not sure we'll make it through today while she is back at work.

We did have a happy weekend. Josie spent a lot of it on mum's lap with me nestled next to mum on the arm of the sofa. My mum is toasty warm and we are all very contented like that. I said I know she loves us when we snuggle and have strokes and tummy rubs. Mum says we can know she loves us because she keeps our tray clean and she does do that. I thought she liked doing it but turns out she doesn't.

On Friday I was a Daily Diary Pick and felt truly splendid and thank everyone for their kind messages and gifts.


Being Brilliant

October 11th 2012 10:31 pm
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Mum came home early yesterday which I was all happy about until she said it was because she was off to a training event. She has been to so many of those you would think she would be really clever by now but she still needs us cats to keep her in line.

"What's this one about?" I wanted to know.

"Unleashing my inner brilliance."

I had to laugh. "What makes you so sure you have any to unleash?"

"Everyone has."

"Even Josie?"

And mum mave me that look where I know it's best to be all wide-eyed and inncoent so she rubs my ear and tells me I'm cute and forgets what I just said.

I was quite excited to see what a brilliant mum would look like but she came back looking much the same. A bit tired if anything but she said it was good and lots to think about. And then I saw brilliance in its purest form. She had picked up some new cat treats from one of the shops she had passed.

Brilliant mum for remembering how much we like treats, especially new ones. Brilliant shop for selling something so delicious. Brilliant us for appreciating them so much!


Cats' Amazing Hearing

October 10th 2012 10:36 pm
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In the summer I liked to run outside straight after my breakfast but now it's dark I prefer to wait until my mum has had her breakfast and it's more light. Mum says that I am a cat and can see in the dark but I notice she doesn't go pottering about in the garden in the dark either.

The downside is that when mum goes to work I am still not ready to come in so cannot hear her calling - of course.

But yesterday I had a falling out with mum. I had to steal Josie's breakfast three times as it was very delicious and mum got grumpy. When I go out I can still hear everything so even though I was at the far end of the garden I could hear mum sympathising with Josie about her mean brother and I didn't care. Then I heard my mum ask Josie if she would like something to cheer her up and my ears got very interested. When I heard the opening of the chicken tub I was at the back door demanding to be let in. I love chicken and wanted my share. And Josie's.

Mum wanted to know how I could hear her talk very quietly and sneak something out of the fridge but I can't hear her call me or rustle treats or shake biscuit boxes when she actually wants me.

All I can say is that us cats have pretty amazing hearing!


Cool Jazz Cat

October 9th 2012 10:41 pm
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My friend Dee has been to America. She went last year and loved everything there so much she had to go again this year and she loved everything again. And she brought back presents for my mum. Oh yes - praline and fridge magnets and pictures are presents but when I bring her worms and frogs and leaves she isn't nearly so excited.

One picture came from New Orleans and it is a cat playing the clarinet. Mum said at last she knew where my soul lay - she can just see me as a cool jazz playing cat with Josie as the sultry singer.

I was nestled next to her imagining myself in the clubs with my band and my mind happily drfted.

There is a table next to the sofa where mum keeps her cup of tea, TV remote, my brush and other things she might need. I noticed some handcream sort of behind a glass of water and a notepad and as my mind wandered I wondered if I could reach out and touch it without moving my body.

I stretched out my paw and tapped it. I could reach it. Could I pull it towards me? I never did find out - apparently flipping your paw around near a glass of water is "foolish". No sense of adventure, my mum!

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