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Josie proves my point

September 3rd 2013 10:33 pm
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I didn't see this but my mum told me about it.

Yesterday my mum came home grumpy. She was muttering about problems with her car but they weren't very interesting so out I went to pursue the far more interesting pastime of hunting.

Josie likes to stay with mum when I go out and have some girl time. One of Josie's favourite games involves a little cat height table. Mum puts a pen or something like that on it and firmly tells Josie that's where she wants it to stay. Josie pretends to agree and then scoots past and knocks the thing off. Mum pretends to be annoyed and puts it back, Josie knocks it off and they can spend hours doing that.

Josie was at the table trying to get mum's attention but mum was grumpy so was ignoring her. Luckily Josie is possessed of a vivid imagination so pretended there were things to knock. Then she jumped on the table and looked all over and a-ha! What is that dangling off it? But as she chased the dangle it moved. She turned around and there it was again. She managed to catch it this time and gave it a good lick.

For yes, perched on the little table my sisfur was chasing her own tail as if she was a kitten. She kept going until my mum could be grumpy no longer and had to laugh and then Josie climbed on her lap and purred. Success!

My mum can be hard work to look after but we think she's worth it.


A strange and bizarre creature

September 2nd 2013 10:33 pm
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I love summer. I love the sun stroking my fur and warming me up so I feel all happy and melty. I wish it was always summer and Josie and I have been wishing extra hard this year and I think we may have done it.

It may be September but we are still enjoying warm, sunshiny days. My mum had left the curtains drawn back when she went to work yesterday and by the time she got home our flat was rather too hot.

She opened the back doors and we were off, out on our adventures. When I needed a biscuit break I came back in, a somewhat fiddly process as mum had then drawn the curtains over the door so I had push my way under them.

I had some biscuits and I was telling my mum about the things I had seen and done outside when I noticed a bulge in the curtain. Something was trying to get it. The bulge moved. I was quick to act.

"I will save you from this strange and bizarre creature," I cried, giving it a good tap with my paw.

"I'm pretty sure that's Josie," replied my mum.

"Just what I said, a strange and bizarre creature!"

It was indeed Josie and she just ran her bluge along the curtain and came in another way so we still have her. She is a peculier cat and I think may have been dropped as a kitten but whenever I try and expand on that theory mum says I'm not so perfect myself. (I am really!)


Back to work

September 1st 2013 10:32 pm
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Mum's holiday is over now. We were talking last night about what we liked the best about it. Josie's happiest moment was when mum was clearing some shelves and found a polystyrene ball. It belonged to a toy and my mum had put it up high because the cats of the time kept running off with it. She no longer has the toy so she gave Josie the ball and Josie loves it. Only she keeps losing it under things and my mum isn't quite as diligent at finding it as one would hope.

My favourite part was getting to spend so much time outdoors. Mum says she hopes the weather isn't quite so pleasant next time she has holiday as she would like to see a bit more of me.

So today she goes back to her office to tell people stuff and I go back to my job of keeping Josie in line and Josie goes back to her job of interior design, adding her claw marks to paint, furniture etc.


Stretchy neck

August 29th 2013 11:24 pm
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Our water bowl normally lives away from our food. That's because Henry who lived here before didn't drink much water and my mum read that maybe it was because his water bowl was picking up scents from cooking so she should move it away. She did. He drank it no more than before but it still lives in a different room to our food bowls.

Yesterday my mum moved our food bowls near it.

"How come?" I like to know what's going on.

"There's an engineer coming to change the meter over and I want the kitchen floor to be clear."

The engineer came and we have a new meter but the bowls did not move.

Josie and I both drink plenty of water and I was thirsty later so I trotted over. Hm. Food bowl between me and the water. No problem - stretchy neck. I got my paws as close to the food bowl as I could, extended my head right across the food bowl to just reach the water bowl beyond and I started lapping. I expected mum to be impressed with my ingenuity and general flexibility.

"Toby - why don't you just walk round and drink from the other side? Crazy cat."

What? The easy way? Us cats relish a challenge.



August 28th 2013 11:51 pm
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"Toby - you know how there are some jobs that are better done without a feline prescence?"

"No. I do not know that."

My mum gets some crazy ideas in her head. How could anything be better without the furry coat and infinite wisdom of a cat?

Turns out my mum wanted to freshen up the paint in the hall. "So unless you want blue paws I suggest you both stay away."

Enjoying a classic black with white accents look I took that to heart and went hunting in the garden. Josie, a more colourful cat, took that as a suggestion rather than as a threat. When mum shut the sitting room door Josie was out, over the gate, in through the bedroom window and just deciding where exactly she wanted to be blue when my mum spotted her and turfed her out. Then we all had to wait in seperate rooms for the paint to dry.

You can no longer see where I tore the paper away or Josie's claw marks up the kitchen door frame from where she has wanted mum's attention but don't worry - we'll soon make it pretty again.


London cat

August 27th 2013 11:27 pm
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I did have to complain to my mum yesterday that she might not be staying away but we're not exactly seeing a lot of her. Monday was a picnic and concert and yesterday she was with her nephews doing a walking tour round London.

"Don't you know the way by now?" I asked.

"He showed us lots of interesting nuggets of London history," she replied.

"Any cats?" I wanted to know.

"Actually yes."

They were in the church in Covent Garden and their guide was explaining the memorials to many famous actors when my mum spotted a very contented tabby cat curled up asleep on a chair.

"I didn't know cats were allowed in church," I commented. "You never take us."

"He probably scoots out when it's service time. It was very peaceful then and cats like that."

"Was he your favourite bit of the tour?" I asked.

"Of course," she replied.

"Not the coming home to us part then?"

She looked bemused. "Even more course?"

Anyway she has promised no outings today. Just happy time with us.


A gift for me

August 26th 2013 11:51 pm
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I ambled into the sitting room yesterday so find mum with a dangly in one hand and her camera in the other and Josie enthusiastically attacking the dangly.

"What's Josie up to?" I enquired politely.

"You'll be up to it too in a minute," replied my mum.

Turns out that when I was poorly my mum had mentioned this at work. I expect she was sobbing inconsolably at her desk. (She says she just mentioned it.) Her manager passed the alarming news on to her family and five year old Madison was quick to act.

She made me a very colourful Get well Soon card covered in hearts and kisses and a dangly toy. Mum wanted a photo of me enjoying my toy to show Madison my appreciation.

Josie had been quick to get stuck in but I knew there were others ways to enjoy it. I ignored all mum's attempts to attract my attention with it and waited. Once the camera was safely put down and lying still on the carpet I pounced, patting and pawing until I was pretty sure mum had me lined up in the camera sights and then stop. My mum was getting quite grumpy with me. It was brilliant,

I did let her take one later. I would hate to let a little girl with a kindly heart think that I wasn't grateful to her.


Happy Days

August 25th 2013 10:54 pm
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Mum came home on Friday.

"It's the weekend."

"Yey!" I like weekends when she is home more.

"And I get an extra day because it's a Bank Holiday weekend."

"Double yey!"

"Even more yeys - I taking some days off next week."

I looked around suspiciously for Big Bag.

"I'm not going away - at least not overnight."

I purred.

Saturday it rained the whole day so we all settled ourselves on the sofa.

"I wouldn't be quite so sleepy if some cat hadn't got ridiculously playful so very early," my mum said.

"You are very welcome," said Josie, for it was she that had been up so early. She curled herself up on mum's lap. "Isn't being sleepy on a rainy day just the perfect thing to be?" Mum watched Pride and Prejudice and us cats dozed off because we're seen it before and there's not a single cat in it and the rain lashed the window and we were very cosy and happy.


Cats do not like to get wet

August 22nd 2013 10:37 pm
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Yesterday morning I was betterer enough to go outside - but it was raining. I ran full pelt for the shelter of the Christmas Tree and huddled, safe and dry under its thick branches.

I heard my mum call me wheh she wanted to go to work but I wasn't going to budge. She held a bag of treats and rustled it but had she seen how much rain was between me and the door? Then she shouted, "Don't make me come out there." But I did.

I heard the door go and she came out in the rain.

"Toby?" she called.

"I'm here," I called back.

"Where?" she had heard me.

"Here - under the tree,"

She pulled some fronds aside and could make me out in the gloom.

"Come in now," she tried to reach me but I just moved round the trunk.

She can be darn persistent and kept pulling and pushing and looking at me so in the end I had to make a run for it through the rain to indoors. When she came back in behind me I looked at her reproachfully.

"Cats," I reminded her, "do not like to get wet."

"How do you think I feel?" she asked. "All wet and muddy and in my work shirt?" This might have gone on longer but that reminded her she was late leaving home so off she went to my relief.

The one good thing about feeling a bit poorly is how good it feels to be well again. I completely have my appetite back and have been making uo for missed meals. Josie is less happy but she really should be glad to share and not complain like she has been doing.


Mum sleeping

August 21st 2013 10:33 pm
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I didn't go out at all yesterday morning. I still felt funny inside and wanted to be close to my mum. I followed her all around until she went to work and then I slept on my chair in her room. When she came home I was still feeling funny and at bedtime I nestled close to her.

She does wiggle about when she sleeps which is why I normally sleep in my chair. Every time she shifted I had to move and snuggle a bit more closely. Now it seems that my mum comes fitted with a don't-roll-on-Toby feature as she only moved one way.

At about 2.30 I woke up and she was looking at me and asking,"How did this happen?"

I was asleep right in the middle of the bed. She had spun 90 degrees and was lying across the bed up against the pillows. I wonder how far we would have travelled if there hadn't been pillows and headboard to stop her.

Then she tried to squiggle back lengthways next to me but without moving me. That struck me as so funny I purred and she said she was really happy to hear that purr as I haven't purred properly for a few days.

This morning I am better than yesterday. I've had some breakfast and been outside even though it's raining. I'm still not right though and I've been trying to explain to my mum but she just keeps saying, "Why do you keep meowing? What's up?"

She's not as bright as she would have people think - what's so hard to understand in meow?

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