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Sleepy Day

July 9th 2012 10:46 pm
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On Sunday my mum had some friends over and I was much admired of course. I did plenty of leaping about for them and showed them just how impressive I can be. And Josie was brave by her standards and came out to say hello and I think one of them did manage to touch her tail. All my mum's friends love cats; one of them has just acquired her fifth. They asked where she got him and she said he just arrived through the cat flap. They had him checked over and he is chipped but he was registered in a town a long way away so it looks like his owners moved and never updated the details and they haven't reported him missing so there's no contact details.

He will be OK as my mum's friend will look after him. Given her last two also arrived through the cat flap uninvited she hopes not too many more will turn up though!

Anyway it was a late night and an exciting day so yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep. And that worked out fine as mum had taped the Wimbledon Final and taken a day off work as she thought she would be tired too so the three of us were all on the sofa enjoying the match - until mum groaned. The match had over-run the scheduled programme so the end wasn't recorded. Luckily it wasn't hard to find out who had won - she had been putting off writing my diary so she didn't login and find out accidentally.

I am feeling much more lively today after my sleepy day. It's raining again so I think I'll go frog hunting. I'm sure mum wants one really. Maybe if I find her a smaller one she'll like it.


A Momentous Day

July 9th 2012 4:49 am
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On Saturday mum said she was off to cheer the Oh! Lympic Flame which was passing by so off she went and that is quite a momentous thing. When she came back she was extremely wet though as it was raining.

And some creatures like to be out in the rain and I caught one. Yes, my very first real live catch (that wasn't a worm.) I caught a big fat frog. I was so excited and couldn't wait to take it in to mum and Josie. Ah, problem. He was so big I couldn't pad on the door and keep hold of him so I put him down, told him to stay put, and I summoned my mum.

When I saw her come I picked up the frog so she could see him. She was very excited, lots of yelping and squeaking, but she was so excited she forgot to open the door. So I put the frog down and padded again. She got it, the door was opened, but when I reached for my frog she forgot all over again and the door closed. Well this went on for a while. The prospect of playing with a real live frog seemed to have messed up her mind and she couldn't seem to have the door open when I had hold of the frog.

Eventually I came in without him to explain but she shut the door.

"Stop, let me out! He's getting away!" I called, but to no avail. He hopped back to where he had come from and by the time I got out again he was long gone. Sigh! But I am Toby the Mighty Hunter.

The other news is that next door have got their new kitten and his name is Leo but we haven't met him yet as he is too little to be out and about.


The Leader

July 5th 2012 10:43 pm
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Yesterday mum was late leaving home and she told me she was off on a training day about Leaders.

"What are they then?"

"They are the ones that have a vision and inspire everyone to work together to acheive it."

I considered this. "So I'm the Leader of this flat."

"How do you work that out?"

"Remember when I learnt about Strategy and I had a five year vision of sitting on the sofa chatting and I have inspired you to go to work every day to pay the bills and make it so we are indeed here in five years."

If I could work the video on mum's camera I would have filmed her face as she worked out that I am right but she wouldn't admit it, just kept putting things in her bag and off she went.

When she came back I asked how it had gone. Had she learnt about the important role cats have to play in Leadership?

She said they were talking about great leaders of the past, specifically Sir winston Churchill.

"And what did Sir Winston Churchill think to cats?"

She said some things about inspirational speeches and hard work but was forced to admit that this great leader of history loved cats and at his peak had a cat called Smokey asleep on his bed most nights.

My point was made.

And I have some news on tabby cats. I hadn't seen my tabby mate in a while. I don't think he cares much for rain but he was here this morning so he is fine. And the other exciting news is that next door went to the Animal Shelter yesterday and met a tabby kitten they are very taken with. He is reserved for them and they go back today and if they still like him and he likes them he's coming home with them. They have had a sad year with cats so we are purring for it all to work out as he will get a very happy home.


Ambush Cat

July 4th 2012 10:42 pm
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Mum went out yesterday evening so when she came back I still had a lot of bounce to use up. She said she was tired and would go straight to bed so we had our supper and mum started brushing her teeth. Then Josie slipped away.

I thought to myself that I knew where Josie had slipped off to and went to look. I was right. She was using the tray, thinking that I was busy eating.

One thing that really makes me laugh is ambushing Josie when she's on the tray. Mum gets really grumpy when I do that though and she saw me and mysteriously knew what I was thinking so mum stood between me and Josie and when I moved she moved until Josie was done.

So unfair but I had a plan to get my own back. Hee Hee!

Mum got up in the night and went to the bathroom. If I couldn't ambush Josie I would ambush mum. I ran really fast and leapt up on the side of the bath to reach her.

If you ever jump on the side of a bath in a hurry make sure there isn't something like a dry flannel on the side. My impressive attack suddenly became a whirring mass of sliding paws and mum saw my face appear, my paws appear and then all of me disappear.

Us cats are never wrong of course. I ran away really fast so she would think that was exactly what I meant to happen and this morning I am denying everything. "Did you perhaps dream it?"


My mum is jealous of me

July 3rd 2012 10:41 pm
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It's too rainy to be outdoors this morning so I've been amusing myself indoors. Sometimes I'll be strolling along when I'll see a tasty snack just lying there waiting to be eaten. Or is it? It could be a corner of a treat that Josie didn't quite finish or a little bug or other good thing or it could be a little stone off mum's shoe or a scrap of plastic off a wrapper that mum didn't see fall or other bad thing. One way to find out - munch it.

Mum is jealous of my ability to find snacks on what she thought was clean carpet so when she sees me chewing nowhere near a food bowl she grabs me, "What are you eating? Spit it out!" and that happened this morning only I was able to swallow fast so mum will never know.

"Don't blame me if you get poorly sick from eating that", she said but I won't.

And her other reason for being jealous is me being a Diary Pick of the Day. "Did you ever get picked?" I asked her. I know the answer to that question and that's why I especially enjoy asking it. She looked at me. "I expect I'm your Pick of the Day though, aren't I Toby?"

"Most days" I answered and then could see from her face that was the wrong answer but some days she takes me to the vet or gives me flea treatment and some days my other friends visit and bring treats and new toys and they would be my pick. How to get out of this one? I thought fast. "Some days it's Josie."

Good answer Toby! Good thinking. But I think I had best give her a moment to think about that one while I face the rain and I'm sure she'll have mellowed by the time I get back.



July 2nd 2012 10:48 pm
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It has been raining here but I love to be outdoors so much that I have been darting about in the undergrowth, being an intrepid explorer of the long grass and making full use of the cover of the trees and bushes.

It's very important that the creatures don't see me coming so I put on camouflage of mud, twigs and leaves. The other good thing about having an outer coat of mud and twigs and leaves is that mum is much less likely to pick me up for a cuddle when I come back in. Once she did that just before she went to work and she was wearing a lovely pristine white top. Not after cuddling me it wasn't. She looked like she was trying to be in camouflage and she didn't think that would go down too well at work.

Yesterday, among all my stuff was a small slug. He had disguised himself as a blob of mud and he hoped to escape the damp and dirty world outside for the glamour of an indoors existence . Once we were safely through the door he jumped down. Unfortunately for him he jumped a bit too early and my mum saw him. Thinking he was mud she scooped him up and then dropped him almost as fast making that high pitched eeky sound that she does sometimes.

Sadly for slugs one thing they can't do is run with any particular speed so he was in the dustpan and flying out of the door about thirty seconds later.

It was a brave attempt my friend - although maybe not thought through enough.

I have been out this morning again but it is still wet and Josie wants to play indoors this morning so I have to go and chase her now.


Timing is everything

July 1st 2012 10:53 pm
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It is funny to be outdoors, see mum wash the kitchen floor and wait until she is completely done before running in with muddy paws. That's good timing.

It is not so funny to run in while it's still very wet and skid onto the fridge and bump yourself. That's bad timing.

The other bad bit of timing we had was when mum pushed open my door to let me in and I pushed forward at the same time and she banged my head. The next time I wanted to come in I didn't know what to do. I wanted to come in but I didn't want my head banged again. So I stood outside asking to come in but every time my mum came and pushed the door open I looked at her like she was an evil monster and wouldn't come in.

This went on until a sharp rain shower decided me to take the risk and I think my mum has learnt her lesson and she didn't bump me.

Other than that we had a happy peaceful weekend, lots of sleeping, lots of playing and lots of running outdoors. I love summer time.


I was right - of course

June 28th 2012 10:36 pm
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It was a hot night last night so mum let us run outdoors until the last minute. Josie got very excited by this and was in and she was out and she was running all about.

Then bed-time. We all settled down. My mum, stretched out on top of the duvet to try and be cool, me lying like a good, quiet boy next to her and Josie. Well, what can I say?

We were all just dozing off when scrinkle, crinkle, scrinkle. "What are you doing cats?" mumbled mum. Then she realised that I was doing nothing. "Josie?"

Josie had found our crinkly tunnel only it was the wrong way up so she was trying to turn it round. Mum went over and moved both cat and tunnel so we could be quiet again.

We settled down again. Then like something out of a horror movie, a very slow, scary creak of a door opening.

"What now?" Josie was lying on the carpet, leaning against the wardrobe door, closing it very very slowly making that satisfying creaking noise.

"Now do you want to trade her for Tabby?" I asked. Mum said she wasn't so sure Tabby would be the peaceful night-time companion I'm imagining but I'm pretty sure he would.

So I was right about the whole cat trade thing only mum won't admit it. It's sunny again this morning so I'm off out to find Tabby and tell him.


My mate Tabby

June 27th 2012 10:39 pm
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Although we still have some rain it is warm so I am outdoors as much as I can be and mostly playing games with my new mate. We have so much fun.

Yesterday I came in and when I looked back he was still outdoors. "Why doesn't he come in?" I asked mum. "Because he can't. He doesn't have a magic collar" she said.

I thought she should let him in but mum says two cats are quite enough. Myabe we could trade. Tabby looks like he has a home so maybe they would like Josie instead?

Mum has a particular way of looking at me when she doesn't think my idea is a good one and she gave me that look then. And that's nothing to how Josie looked at me. She is very happy with the current arrangements. No sense of adventure that girl!

Mum did admit to nearly letting the little black cat in a few times. She sees a small black face peering in the cat flap and she thinks it's me. Luckily he has no white medal on his chest so she realises in time it isn't.

tabby is out there now so I have to go out and carry on our game of Kitty Tag. I am in the lead.


All back to normal

June 26th 2012 10:39 pm
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Yesterday was good as my mum got up and gave me cuddles and then Nicky got up and mum went to work and Nicky stayed behind and I got more cuddles but Nicky has gone now so we are all back to normal.

One conversation interested me. At some point in the future mum is to stay in Norfolk again and for a few days. She said she was worried about me being shut indoors for all the time she is gone so Nicky said, "Bring him." Mum said, "What about the kittens?" And they had a think about whether I would get on with the kittens as they are sociable and I am too or whether I would prefer to stay here and I don't think they have decided.

Mum said if I would wear a collar there would be no problem as I could come and go but I've won that particular battle.

Anyway mum says nothing exciting is due to happen for awhile. I already miss all the extra fuss but Josie is happy to have our mum to herself again.

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