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Sharing the love - and the dribble

August 7th 2012 10:37 pm
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When my mum and I have special snuggle time I feel all happy inside. I get headrubs and strokes and she rubs my tummy and I purr and purr. And sometimes all that love leaks out in the form of a little bit of dribbling.

It happened yesterday. I was sitting next to mum enjoying the most exquisite caresses when mum suddenly went "Yeuch - you dribbled on me Toby" and she moved the non-stroking hand away and rubbed the dribble off her hand back on to me.

I realised I was on to something there - two handed stroking. But how to get more dribble on that hand now she had moved it? I waited until I had a lot again and then shook my head violently. Dribble flew everywhere, on her hands, on her arms, on the sofa. I have rarely been more impressed with myself.

It didn't quite work out as planned though. Mum went to the bathroom to rinse off. Time for another plan....


Josie's Window Perch

August 6th 2012 10:34 pm
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In the warmer weather mum has as many windows and doors open as she can. In her bedroom one window is a bit high up and Josie loves to perch there. She can watch everything that happens on the road outside but feel safe as she is above it and she can see everything that happens in the bedroom and I can't creep up on her and pounce which is unfair but there you go. All that interesting scenery and a cooling breeze too.

I had clocked this and decided that I would like to sit up there too. So last night when they were both asleep I tried to climb up.

"That's odd" I thought as I slithered down, claws uselessly stratching at the window pane.

"What are you doing?" asked a rather sleepy mum.

"Nothing for you to worry about. Back to sleep!"

A few attempts later and mum was sitting up watching me. "Josie makes it look so easy" I said.

Mum sighed - "Josie climbs up when the window is open. I shut it at night."


So the upshot is that I had to settle for sleeping by mum's legs and I have yet to sample the delights of the window perch. And we can't go out this morning as Smudge from next door is on the prowl and he is grumpy today.

I hope today gets better!


Being mostly happy

August 5th 2012 10:40 pm
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Mostly I liked my weekend - there were lots of the things I like the most. I did some running about in the garden, mum got out Da Bird and I did some running about indoors, we all three fell asleep on the sofa and that is my favourite cosy time, mum brushed me and we had some treats.

I call that a pretty good weekend


I brought in a frog that was easily big enough to share and mum scooped it up just like she did the little ones and it was gone. I looked and looked in case it had got away and was still there - or for some tell-tale part of frog where she hadn't eaten all of it but nothing. So that wasn't so good.

And one time I was in the garden and it started raining. I was fine sheltering under a bush but the rain got more and more and more and I got wet. In the end I had to make a run for it. Luckily mum had left the door open but I do not like to get wet.

And we had our flea treatment which smells funny on our necks. I had mine first so Josie ran away and I got to watch mum chase Josie round the garden. Josie can run the fastest but she is scared to be too far from home so mum got her in the end.

But overall more happy than sad - and we did lots of watching Lympics. I think this morning I will practice running as fast as Usain Bolt up and down the garden. He only has two legs; imagine how impressive he would be with four!


Disappearing Josie

August 2nd 2012 10:39 pm
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I was mootling about in the sitting room and I could hear mum talking to Josie in the kitchen.

Mum was laughing at Josie. "You won't fit."

Then a pause.

"You do fit. Josie?"

Then silence. After a while mum came in with her cup of tea and said that Josie had gone down the side of the fridge and behind the kitchen cupboards. She remembered Henry did that as a kitten and was bewildered when he got big and couldn't fit any more. She didn't think Josie would fit and was rather worried that Josie wouldn't be able to squeeze her way out again.

"Oh well, " I said cheeringly. "You'll still have me" but apparently mum was more thinking of disamntling all the kitchen cupboards than leaving Josie there.

Josie was gone about twenty minutes in which time I enjoyed pretending to be an only cat. When she came back she said it was very disappointing. She was expecting mice and beetles but there was nothing there and the dust made her sneeze. So I'll not bother.

It's sunny this morning but I got one paw out of the door when I heard two cats having the mother of all arguments. Mum says sometimes discretion is the greater part of valour. I have no idea what that means but it did seem to imply that sometimes it is better to stay indoors than get dragged into another cats' argument so I did!


Squeak Squeak

August 1st 2012 10:33 pm
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Was it a mouse? We kept hearing the squeak - then it would stop. Every time it started Josie and I were looking all round to see what it could be. Mum noticed our heads going and she started looking all round to. Squeak. Squeak. But we couldn't see it so she went back to watching TV.

Then she said she thought she might know what it was. She was watching the Lympic Gymnasts and every time the men did a really big swing on the high bar - squeak. You would have thought they would put some oil on it. We are pretty sure it was coming from the TV as it seemed to match now we were looking and when they went away to leap and bounce in other places it stopped.

No mouse then.

All that flipping about looked fun. I asked my mum, "How come you never bounce like that?" "Have you any idea how hard that is?" "Not really. We've never tried."

As my mum didn't want to do it we waited until she had gone to bed and Josie and I tried to re-create the amazing leaps and spins that we had seen. Mum did come and ask us to do it all a bit more quietly but we were being quiet so she could sleep. It was the furniture that we banged into that was being noisy.


I think my mum is eating my frogs

July 31st 2012 10:32 pm
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I keep finding those little tiny frogs. I know just where they hang out now and I've got pretty good at the dart and grab. I bring them in to share with mum and Josie but mum doesn't share. She steals them and runs outside and we don't see them again.

They would make a tasty snack so I think she must be eating them. She swears she isn't but why else does she take them? You never see her play with them.

I think she's being a little selfish but luckily for her and Josie I just keep finding more.


Love in the Morning

July 30th 2012 10:35 pm
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I often like to be next to my mum. She sits on the sofa and I sit on the arm of the sofa and sometimes she says "Kiss?" and I go nose to nose and give her an eskimo kiss and then we have purrs and strokes - but only in the morning, of course. If I gave her love in the evening that wouldn't be right.

She asked for a kiss yesterday evening and I just looked at her. "Why do I only get love in the morning?" she wanted to know.

"So when you leave us for the day your heart is all full and happy. when you are home with us you're happy anyway."

"Oh. What if I had a bad day and need love in the evening?"

"Just the sight of your adorable cats should be sufficient."

That might sound harsh but I don't often like to be picked up and cuddled and I didn't want to encourage that.

She seemed Ok with the whole happy heart thing but that isn't the real reason. I actually give her lots of headrubs befoe she goes out to make sure that if she meets any cats on her way they will smell me on her and know that she has a person already. You can't be too careful when you have a well-trained human. You don't want other cats moving in on them and taking the benefit of your hard work.


Mum's Story Book

July 29th 2012 10:43 pm
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Last week mum had a letter from her niece which is called Ariane. Ariane is on school holidays and she was a bit bored so she had drawn my mum some pictures. Mum decided she would write but rather than just a letter she would make up a story and write that for Ariane.

"Will it be about us? I think she would like that best of all." I asked.

Mum said it would as Ariane indeed loves cats so mum thought about what her story would be. Then she thought it would be good to draw some pictures to go with it. She got some rough paper and worked out how many pages she would need and what picturse and what words would go on each and then she started work.

The story was mostly about me of course so Josie didn't appear until Page Four. By that stage mum was pretty good at drawing me and colouring me in - all black with big eyes and leave a white patch on my chest.

Then she looked at Josie. Josie is a rather more complicated cat to colour in, there's no getting around that. You would have to know Josie quite well to recognise her from mum's efforts with a gold pen and the black pen. She says if she ever does another one there will be rather less Josie in it. Quite right too!

Anyway my story is gone in an envelope and off to Scotland so I hope that Ariane likes it.


Grumpy mum

July 26th 2012 10:38 pm
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It's still warm here. Mum doesn't sleep so well so we leave her to it. She should try the whole sleeping thing with a fur coat on!

Last night she got in from her dance class and sais she would open all the doors and windows for half an hour before going to bed. You can imagine how enthusiastically Josie and I took to that.

Outside I found a tiny little baby frog. The last one I found was massive but surely mum couldn't object to this minute one. She would hardly know he was there. Best of all she couldn't stop me. There could be no misunderstandings by the magic door, I just walked right in and put him down on the carpet.

He was so small it took my mum a moment to realise what he was. She shrieked in excitement and then joined in chasing him.

"See how much fun it is!"

But when she caught him instead of putting him back down and sharing she took him outside and dropped him.

"Don't worry mum. I'll find him for you. I won't go to bed until he's safely back indoors"

Oddly my mum shut the back door but I was undeterred. Josie helped but we couldn't see him. Mum kept calling is saying she needed to sleep and couldn't if we were outdoors but a promise is a promise. You would have thought, given that it was her fault he went missing, that she would have been a bit more supportive.

After about an hour I did come in to give her an update but she flipped the thing on my door so I couldn't go out again. One cat to go. Josie said it was so deliciously cool rolling on the concrete, no way was she coming inside.

Mum went to bed saying that she had left the door so Josie could come in but I don't think anyone was fooled. Every ten minutes or so she would get up and try and call Josie in and Josie would look at her and roll and I would try make good my escape.

It was pretty late it is true by the time the three of us were all safely indoors for the night. She says it's lack of sleep but I think she's regretting her foolishness in dropping the frog. Maybe I'll find him again this morning and make her happy.

Oh and mum says one of her friends was at the dress rehearsal for the Lympics Opening Ceremony on Wednesday and says it is amazing but wouldn't tell her anything at all about it so it will be a surprise.


Our Wishes

July 25th 2012 10:44 pm
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The most delicious part of a sunny day is evening time. The air cools to just right and all the bugs are out to chase.

Yesterday my mum came and sat on the back step watching us play. She said when she first moved in the flat she would do that a lot, just enjoy the sights and sounds of evening and wait for the first star to appear so she could make a wish.

"Did your cats like that too?"

"I didn't have cats then."

WHAT? Mum without cats. That's impossible. How did she know what time to get up in the morning? Who made her laugh when she was tired? Who purred for her when she was sad? I expect when she saw that star she wished for cats and here we are.

"I know what I will wish for tonight."

"What's that?"

"I wish I was a professional cat toy tester like my mate Monster. New toys to play with and the world waiting for my opinion. I would love that."

I pretty know what the others will wish for too. Josie wants to be adopted by Alan Titchmarsh. He is a gardening guy who is on the TV and when he is on Josie goes all mushy and rubs her head against the screen. Mum says he does like cats but he would have to fight her for Josie. And mum wants to marry Richard Armitage. He is an actor and when he is on the TV mum goes all mushy and rubs her head against the screen. (Comment from Toby's mum: I do not! OK Maybe a little)

So we waited and waited for our magic star. This story should end with the star appearing and all our wishes coming true but truth be told mum had to admit the sky had clouded over, no starts tonight, so we all went to bed and I'll have to keep finding my own fun, Josie has to stay with us and we get to keep mum all to ourselves. Maybe the magic stars know what they are doing after all.

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