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Mum has the sniffles

December 27th 2012 11:19 pm
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She started out alright yesterday then she said, "I don't feel too good" and sat down. Nurse Josie swung into action. "It's very important that you rest," she said, "and arrange your legs just so. That's how you'll get better."

"Just so" was by coincidence legs arranged perfectly for Josie to curl up and sleep on mum's lap which she did. I think they spent pretty much the whole day like that. They watched a film that mum chose and then Shrek which Josie chose because she likes Puss in Boots and mum read her Christmas present book - The Cat who came for Christmas - which she loved and read out bits to Josie. And they both slept quite a bit.

I did venture outside but they are saying on the news that 2012 will be the wettest year on record for the UK and I'll believe it. It hasn't stopped raining for ever - actually pretty much since they announced an official drought back in the summer. I am not a fan of rain.

Mum says she has things to do today so she has taken some medicine and won't be taking Nurse Josie's rest cure so much. I have given her plenty of headrubs and purrs as we know they work to make people better.


Mum abandoned us

December 26th 2012 11:46 pm
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Mum went away on Christmas Day and came back yesterday evening. She said she went to her sister's and we weren't invited. (This is due to the Henry/chimney episode; some years ago but never forgotten. When he visited he went up the chimney to see if he could find Sandy Claws. He didn't but he worried my mum enough to be talking about getting the chimney demolished and when he did come back down he brought large quantities of soot with him and on him. So us cats are no longer welcome in case we do the same!)

Luckily we had plenty of toys to be going on with - mostly tree ornaments if I'm honest. I still don't get the track thing with the ball in. Mum changed it round to be a loop and has been pinging the ball round and I watch nicely but I'm not sure what she expects me to do.

Despite next door people popping in to feed us we were still happy to see our mum home. Josie spent all night perched on her purring - not cool, Josie, not cool.

Today mum is not going to work so maybe we'll have another go at understanding the ball in track thing!


Merry Christmas Everybody

December 24th 2012 10:55 pm
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I have been so good Sandy Claws did come. Now I can be naughty again for ten months. Thank goodness for that.

We have lots of treats and new toy mice and toy fish and balls and a tube with a ball to bat about in it - except I think mum's played with that more than I have. She keeps tapping the ball, watching it fly down the tube and saying, "Look Toby! It's fun!" but I'm not sure I get it. Maybe later.

My top favourite present so far - a very snuggly tummy rub and snooze with my mum right by my side. Love is our best Christmas gift.

So I wish you all (and all the kitties out there) Love, warm sleepy places and full tummies and a very Merry Christmas.


We're getting festive

December 24th 2012 12:27 am
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Mum had a happy weekend arranging all our Christmas cards and we spent a happy weekend knocking them all over. Josie and I seem to have lots of presents under the tree now. Mum thinks we might have more than her. She said that like it was a bad thing.

The weather hasn't been so festive. It has rained. And rained. And rained. We love Gather Round Time on a rainy day. Mum settled on her favourite part of the sofa with a cup of tea and put her feet up and a movie on and we Gathered Round. Josie snuggled on mum's lap and I was by her side in a cosy ball and we were so very happy.

Yesterday mum went to the pantomime and she saw "Dick Whittington and his Cat". I asked if the best character was the Cat and she said of course it was. But it wasn't a real cat but a man dressed up as one.

Today will last a hundred years. It's raining again so we have to play indoors and we aren't to open our presents until tomorrow. That is so unfair!! We know that some lucky cats will be opening theirs today as they open them on Christmas Eve and Ka-Zar our Aussie friend will be having Christmas before us because they get day first. We are pleading and I think even mum has itchy fingers...


Being a good boy

December 20th 2012 10:07 pm
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It's not much longer that we have to be good but it is hard!

One thing I know my mum complains about is when I wake her early. Trouble is that I wake up when the warm starts to happen and I see her in her bed, all fast asleep and no idea of the miracle that is happening as silently the house turns cosy. So I wake her up to tell her and she doesn't like that.

So to avoid that temptation I slept in another room last night. I was proud when I heard mum's clock go and her say "Good morning Princess" to Josie and then "Where's Toby?" and then again in a more urgent tone "Where's the Tobester?"

They came through the hall and it wasn't until mum was in the kitchen to make my breakfast that I bounced in. I was expecting her to say thank you for my lovely lie-in but she picked me up and squidged me and said she didn't like to wake up and not see me.

Sometimes a cat can't win!


Our Present

December 19th 2012 10:36 pm
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Mum is acquiring an interesting pile of gifts from her friends. Last night Josie was rootling through them and declared, "This one is for us" and started opening it. Mum grabbed it off her and took it away. Josie was right it turns out. She doesn't read so well but she said there was a distinct odour of pet shop on it. It's from our friend Poppy who may be a dog but shows a fine appreciation of cats.

We don't know what it is yet. Mum was too fast.

Mum was training again yesterday. I love to know what she tells them about. People make me laugh.

"It was Assertiveness" mum told me.

"What's that?" I wanted to know.

"It's about being able to calmly and confidently express your own opinions..."

"I should so run that course" I said.

"...while respecting the rights of others to do the same."

There was an awkward pause.

"Is it Chrsitmas yet?" I asked to change the subject.

"Not long now."

I purred. I can't wait to see what's in our presents.



December 18th 2012 10:36 pm
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I love curtains. I cannot lie. Sometimes I like to test the bounce in my legs and spring from a standing position and see how high I can go. Sometimes I give myself a good run up and scramble to the top and enjoy seeing my world from the ceiling.

My mum is less impressed so I decided that rather than climb the sitting room curtains where she woulod see me and get upset I would try the bedroom curtains. They aren't as tall but I am willing to make these sacrifices to keep my mum happy.

All was well initially as I made my leap but then I heard a scary sound and I only just managed the heroic leap onto mum's bed before the curtains came crashing down.

I thought it probably safest to vanish under the bed as mum came rushing in.

"Toby!" came the cry.

"It wasn't me. They just falled down" I peeked out.

She gave me a look that made me decide to stay right where I was for the time being.

She did manage to get them up again but said they are frail so I am by no means to try and climb them again. Challenge accepted!!


"The Cat Expert"

December 17th 2012 10:29 pm
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Mum had Secret Santa at work and Santa gave her a book which is called "The Cat Expert". I was quite relieved that someone had realised she needs help and we need proper care.

She brought it back and read bits to us.

"Do not spoil your cat."

"That can't be right. Read it again"

But it read the same. Must be a mis-print. How unfortunate.

"How do they suggest you spoil your cat?" I was keen to know thinking my mum could get some ideas.

"Don't let your cat sleep on your bed at night."

There was an indignant squeak from Josie. "I thought you liked that."

"I love that" mum was quick to reassure her so there won't be an end to bed sharing.

"Then it says not to do everything for your cat as they ask otherwise they'll come to expect that."

"I do expect that" Then I thought about it. "Cats are borned expecting that."

So Josie and I think we are better off with our mum's making it up as she goes along and loving us than the Cat Expert after all.


Friends again

December 16th 2012 10:36 pm
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My mum was as good as her word and stayed home with us most of the weekend. I got my snuggles and I let her rub my tummy and we are friends again.

I most enjoyed helping her wrap presents. Where she goes wrong is not nearly using enough ribbon so I helped by pointing this out and tapping the ribbon and chewing on it to create a decorative effect. Everyone likes to get dangly ribbon on their parcel so they get a game along with the gift.

My mum did go out awhile on Saturday claiming that people would give her money to sing. We've heard her sing. They won't. But she said there would be enough other voices to drown her out and that it was for charity so hopefully people would support the cause if not the singing. And she reckons that's what happened. People must be very kind.


Play Time

December 13th 2012 10:37 pm
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Our mum was out AGAIN last night but she didn't come home too late so we had play time. Mostly cat dancer and I did some pretty impressive leaping and Josie joined in too. But all too soon mum said she was tired and wanted to go to bed.

I said that was Ok- I would carry on outdoors but if there's one thing my mum won't budge on it's not letting me out late at night. So for a while I carried on by myself but it's just not the same.

I put on my most piteous meow. "Come back and play. I'm bored."

Silence. Louder meow. "I'm really bored"

I heard a muffled call from the bedroom. I caught my name but the rest could have been anything.

"Bored! Bored! Bored!"

Mum emerged and looked at me and I darted off to show her what I meant.

"There's nothing actually wrong is there, nothing life-threatening?"

I think boredom is an extremely serious condition and I'm disappointed mum doesn't share that view.

She went back to bed and I gave up and settled on my chair - still no snuggles for our negelctful mum. (Josie is snuggling but she says that's because it's so cold).

It is Friday and mum has promised to make it up to us at the weekend.

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