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Horrid door

April 29th 2014 10:34 pm
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Our old door smelled deliciously of Josie and me and was liberally decorated with the mud of a thousand adventures. Our new door is pristine white plastic and I don't like it. I'll jump out through it but not back in so mum doesn't know if it's picking up our chips or not.

Last night she said we could just stay out until we were brave enough to use it but there's no denying it, we have adorable faces, and we sat for hours looking in sadly and we broke her spirit in the end and she let us in.

Mum can't work out why we are so wary of it but it isn't her that has to jump through it. She reckons we will love it once we get used to it. We don't love it yet!


The New Door

April 28th 2014 10:45 pm
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At the weekend mum said "Right!" and she took our old door off and put the new one on with its new adaptor- only something wasn't right. There was still a gap.

"Hm," she said. "I'll need to take it off and put something in to lift it up." In with the screwdriver but then much muttering and twisting and .. "Uh Oh! What have I done?"

For the screw would not come out.

I was keen to try out the new door anyway so put my paws on it but the thing swung beneath my feet in an extremely unpleasant way so I don't think I like it.

On Sunday she asked Paul next door to help and he came and there was more muttering and twisting and quite what my mum had done no-one could work out but eventually the screw came out with pliers and mum put our old door back in.

Yesterday Paul came again and the two of them put the new door on - as mum said, there's four bits to hold in place on either side of a swinging door and a screwdriver and people just don't have enough hands. They had trouble with the replacement screws mum had bought.

"They are too long," Paul pointed out. "It's gone right through the casing." And it had, pointing out through the plastic. "You'll need to buy shorter ones."

Mum fetched the box it had come in, "Like these ones?" she asked, pulling out a little bag.

"Did you read the instructions?" asked Paul and mum had to admit that she had not.

Hopefully she's learned a valuable lesson.

So you'll be wondering how we're getting on with our new door. We've both been through it to program our chips in but I'm still wary of it as I think it's going to swing beneath my feet even though it hasn't and Josie still likes it held open for her so we don't actually know if it works yet.

Mum says maybe tonight when she has a bit more time she'll make us test it properly. I don't like the sound of that.

Yesterday we couldn't get into Catster, it had the wibbles again. I hope it doesn't happen again.


Hopefully our new door

April 24th 2014 10:36 pm
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Yesterday mum was doing some sorting out in the spare room when there was a knock on the door. "Excellent!" she said and hopped to open it. There was Paul from next door come around to check if we have our new door fitted yet.

(Oh - she says he was there to check she is Ok as her car hasn't moved all week. She is fine - she has been taking a few days off work to sew curtains to sofas and stuff.)

She said that she has ordered an extension piece for our door and it should be arriving that very day. Indeed she was hoping that the knock on the door would be that. So off Paul went and mum carried on.

The clearing out she was doing wasn't that much fun. Josie found the most intersting thing - two packets of carrot seeds that rustled when Josie rubbed against them. So she did. A lot. Mum laughed and told her she was crazy which is something I've been trying to say for a very long time.

All day my mum stayed in to wait for that delivery which was excellent as we like having her around. The delivery in the evening came just before mum went to her dance class and rather selfishly she didn't fit it then, said something about needing to get out of the flat and off she went.

But hopefully, hopefully we get our new door fitted today.


Better late than never

April 24th 2014 9:47 am
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This morning I was all geared up and standing by to tell my mum what to say and mum clicked for my diary and ... nothing.

"Try again," I said and she did. Nothing again. "What a shame. Never mind," she said and I know why she said that. My mum has been particularly foolish and she didn't want me to share.

Happily my diary is up and running again so here we go..

We have a new curtain over our back door which is all fine and dandy except it doesn't cover the window next to the door. Mum bought another one for that only it was another long one so she needed to cut it down to size and then sew the hem back.

I watched her measure it all out and fold it up and she sat on the sofa, threaded her needle and started sewing. Then I noticed something terrible. I jabbed with my paws where it was. She pushed me away.

"No, really, you have to look," I told her, in with the paws again. "No, Toby", she said, "there's pins and I don't want you to hurt yourself."

I gave up. She would work it out for herself in time. A few minutes later she gave the curtain a tug and realised what I had been trying to tell her. The curtain fabric was lying on the sofa and every time she dipped her needle through she unwittingly got the sofa fabric as well. She had sewn the curtain onto the sofa. She's done some dumb things in her time but this must be in the top ten of foolishness.

So out came the stitches and she had to start again - Josie tried to help this time, cats are good with sewing but mum is very mean with her threads and keeps everything closed up in a tin.

Anyway the short curtain is now hanging up and will all help to keep us snug and cosy when winter comes back. (Mum's not great at timing either!!)



April 22nd 2014 11:24 pm
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I did feel a bit bad about the whole smacking Josie while she was eating thing. She is an OK cat really and I wanted to make it up to her so I came up with a plan.

Mum was making risotto. I'm not that keen but Josie likes it. I stayed in the garden watching mum through the door - stir, pour, stir, pour. Definitely risotto. Good.

She saw me watching her and opened the door. "Come in, little one," she called but that wasn't part of my plan so I waited and watched.

Dishing up, fork, black pepper - I hoped she wouldn't use too much as Josie doesn't like that so much. Off she went. Now this would all be in the timing. Wait, Toby, wait. She'll be sitting down, she'll be enjoying her first forkful and let it cool. Then scrabble, scrabble, scrabble at the door. More, like it's urgent.

Mum appeared and let me in. So far so good. Had Josie taken full advantage of my actions?

Yes! We walked in and there was Josie, hovering over mum's tray, enjoying her risotto.

"Josie!" shouted my mum and Josie scarpered, creamy grains of risotto rice around her mouth. "You naughty cat!" But Josie says it was ten times worth it. And we're friends again.


Being fair

April 21st 2014 11:24 pm
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Yesterday I had finished my breakfast and Josie was eating hers. She looked all smug and happy so I gave her the whacky-paw on her head. I had failed to allow for the fact that mum could see me do that.

"Oy Toby!" she called. "Leave your poor sisfur alone."

Now why could mum possibly object to my giving Josie a friendly tap on the face while she ate her breakfast? I gave this one some thought and then worked it out. Mum was jealous of the attention. Well, that was easily put right.

I waited until my mum was eating her breakfast and then - bam! - a firm whack on the cheek.

"What the...?" said my mum but I was hovering out of reach, just in case.

"What has got into you?" mum asked me. I think it's the joys of Spring actually. I'm feeling all sort of bouncy and happy these days, even when it's raining. Mum says she will tap me on the head next time I'm eating so I can see if I like it but I'm pretty sure she won't.


We had a Happy Easter

April 20th 2014 10:55 pm
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The Easter Bunny came and we played tag with him and mum watched us and laughed and said we are crazy cats. She doesn't always see our companions and often says we're crazy but we're not.

In the afternoon it rained and rained. I love to be out in the rain and then come in and have my mum dry me with snuggles and then all three of us snoozed on the sofa and my mum watched an old film and ate chocklit egg and I'm not sure life gets much better than that.

Mum did fit our new door which was exciting only she looked at it and said, "Ah - that's not going to work" and unfitted it. The hole in the back door is too large, even with the special adaptor so it left a large gap where air would come in. We would think that a small price to pay but apparently my mum doesn't agree. I'm not sure what she will do now.


Happy to be a cat

April 17th 2014 10:33 pm
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Mum had the hoover out again yesterday.

"Watch out for our toys," I reminded her, "Remember what happened last time."

She sighed and went round scooping up all our balls and mice.

"You could tidy up after yourselves you know," she muttered.

I ran to the mirror. Pointy ears? Check. Dainty nose? Check. Elegant tail? Check. Yup - still definitely a cat and cats don't do. Cats are and that's enough. Mum's been watching those dog programmes again where the dogs run round to please their humans every whim. So happy I'm a cat!!

Mum wore her bunny ears to her dance class yesterday. Luckily for her Josie and I are highly intelligent and weren't fooled into thinking she was a rabbit.

But the bunny ears were for Easter and that makes us all happy. Mum is home today so can spend some time running around attending to our every whim.


Another way mum spoils Josie

April 16th 2014 10:30 pm
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Every week she takes her freshest, cleanest clothes and she piles them up in a bed for Josie. Not only that but she smooths them all down so they are comfy and gently warms them through.

To be fair to that cat Josie is suitably appreciative and nestles herself down quickly and purrs.

They were doing this last night and my mum said, "Josie! My ironing! Every time!"

And Josie smiled sleepily and snuggled herself a but more snuggily and luckily mum knows the importance of never waking a sleeping cat.

This morning there is nothing sleepy about Josie; she has gone crazy and is playing tag. She hasn't noticed that I'm helping mum with my diary and Josie is looking like a loon running around playing tag all by herself.


Loving my mum

April 15th 2014 10:38 pm
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I woke up in the night and looked up. Ah! There was my mum, peacefully sleeping in her own bed, where she belongs. I had missed her when she was away and felt all happy to see her. I jumped across and looked down at her and thought how much I love her.

I reached across and gave her a gentle stroke on the cheek like she strokes me. It felt good so I did it again only with a tad of claw action so she would really know I was there.

She did. I got some strokes back. Every now and then she would think I had enough and bury her face in the pillow but I was good for more affection and luckily have paws that wiggle under pillows to find the face I want to touch.

Then I thought I would try what Josie does and perch on my mum while she slept. I can recommend sleeping on people. She's all warm and she breathes very nicely so you get gently rocked to sleep. For once none of us were quite ready when the clock went.

It looks like being another glorious sunny day though so worth waking up for so we can find sunbeams and do more sleepings.

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