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Toby's Diary

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Mum went away

April 13th 2014 10:36 pm
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The weekends are kitty time, time for mum to enjoy our company, entertain us, admire us and generally just be there for us. When big bag appears we know that just isn't going to happen. And it didn't.

Next door get to come and feed us but that's not the same as having your own person to run around after you.

She came back yesterday evening and I demanded all the tummy rubs I had missed. This took quite a while as you will know. Mum said she had things to be getting on with but nothing as urgent as my poor sad unrubbed tummy.
(She didn't actually say that last bit but I knew it was true!)

And Josie had missed mum too. She did her crazy running around thing and then snuggled under mum's duvet at night so she could feel mum breathing and know she was really back with us. Uncool Josie, it was only one night!


Defending our property

April 10th 2014 10:50 pm
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I have mentioned Smudge in the past, the mean boy who lives next door. Now the weather is warmer he has peeled himself away from the heater and come back to menace us. Rule with Smudge - Run. Fast as you can. He carries the scars of other fights and is scared of no cat.

But he has an apprentice - young Leo who also lives next door. He's been bringing him round and teaching him the menacing stare. Yesterday Leo came in our garden on his own.

We'll see about that! I don't think he's naturally a bully. I made myself look big and set off to sort him out.

It's funny how quickly a certainty can evaporate. I got half-way out of the door and was looking at him and he was looking at me and neither of us knew quite what to do.

Mum came in the kitchen and saw me there and she looked out and saw Leo.

"I reckon you could take him," she said, "Go on Toby!"

"In a momemt," I replied. I was going to and all of that. I was just building up the atmosphere.

Mum sighed, "OK. I'll do it."

She fetched the keys and put them in the lock and off Leo ran. I did move then. Our special cat door is in the main door and you don't want to be half way in and half way out when that opens.

I would have seen him off. I really would. Mum is just too impatient.


Normal service has been resumed

April 9th 2014 10:41 pm
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My tummy is definitely back to normal. I was doing the important work of chivvying my mum as she made our breakfast this morning. She looked down at me and smiled. "Crazy how much I missed that," she said.

This did not please me as it delayed breakfast and so I told her.

Our upstairs neighbour came to see mum yesterday to say she was very sorry about the noise at the weekend, she hadn't realised how loud they were, and she brought my mum some flowers. Mum said she shouldn't have and that was right; she should have brought kitty treats.

But mum was happy with her flowers and happy that things are good with her neighbour.


Who am I?

April 8th 2014 10:46 pm
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Normally mum wakes up in the morning and I leap into action. She needs plenty of instructions to remember what she has to do i.e. go in the kitchen and dish up our breakfast before anything else. Even when she has bowls and sachet in hands I keep up a stream of encouragement.

This morning I stayed on my chair. My tummy just felt odd for some reason. Josie and mum trotted out happily enough but I stayed put. Mum put her head round the door a moment or so later. She waved a sachet, "Toby! Breakfast!" she called and went away again.

No thank you I sighed.

I could hear Josie chomping away but even the thought that she would have her pick of the bowls wasn't enough to move me.

Mum came in again. "Poor Tobes," she said, "You're not yourself this morning."

But if I'm not myself, who am I? Am I Monster? Timo-Katse? Little Banjo? I looked at my paws. Still sleek and black. Pretty sure I am still Toby actually, whatever mum says.

I was fine last night - more nip, some chasey games, supper - so mum says maybe I have a little bug. I'll have a look for that as I don't want it.


Nip Frenzy

April 7th 2014 10:33 pm
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When my mum came home from work yesterday she went "Oh" in surprise as there, in the hall, was a package for her that had not been there when she left home. "How did that get here?"

She's not very bright but the realisation dawned that the postie must have left it with our neighbours, who, having keys, had kindly popped it round.

We're coming up to birthday season for mum so she had ordered some presents for some of her friends. Many of them like cats (actually I rather think they all do) so she had been on a kitty themed website. Out came the gifts one by one and they!...smelled amazing. I sniffed at all of them and rubbed my head against them and then mum laughed, "Yes, there is something for you."

Cosmic Catnip We Love You.

I had a really good inhalation of those intoxicating fumes, digging my claws in the fabric to get more scent out and then I felt all..I grabbed mum's hand and she pushed me off.

"You are a mean drunk," she said, and then, "Josie! Watch out!!" but too late - I was pouncing on my sisfur. It was brilliant. I love catnip. Mum and Josie were less happy with me but I didn't care and that's the truth. Mum says she'll stop buying it if I can't be nice but I don't believe her.


A Sleepy Weekend

April 6th 2014 10:35 pm
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Not our fault on this occasion. Mum did all rushing around on Saturday and said she would have an early night and then on Sunday fit our new door.

It went well up to the early night part - then very early in the morning people arrived in the flat upstairs, all noisy and full of party spirit. It sounded like they were stomping to and fro and dismantling the furniture although mum says they probably weren't.

Josie went to try and purr mum back to sleep which was kind - she's still trying to redeem herself from the toe attacking incident. I wondered if all the activity might herald breakfast - well, there's never any harm in asking.

So Sunday afternoon mum said she needed to sleep some more. Josie and I love a sofa day but this meant no new door for us. Mum needs to steel herself and get on with it - there's a slight freaking out every time she sees anything requiring a screwdriver but I've promised to help. I'm good at getting screws out of bags and re-arranging them. I'm sure that's useful.


Bad cat Josie

April 3rd 2014 10:38 pm
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At about a quarter past four this morning I was doing what all well-behaved cats should be doing at that time, curled up on my chair sound asleep, dreaming of new toys and magic doors, when I was woken by mum muttering, "What the..?"

I looked across and saw Josie making a concerted effort to dig through mum's duvet and attack her toes. This was not going down well with mum at all and strong words were exchanged.

Josie had the grace to look a little abashed and said it had been a genuine error when she saw the wiggling toes under the bed covers and she only wanted to save mum from whatever peril was lurking there. She snuggled up with mum and all was quiet for about thirty seconds. Then Josie sighed, nope - she wasn't sleepy, not at all.

So she thought she would tidy up mum's bedside table, throw anything that was in the way on the floor and rearrange the rest. How pleased mum would be to wake up and find it all tidy for her. Except mum was still very much awake. I heard her ,say, "Not the water!" and then "Why do I have cats?!"

One of us was being a good cat and I thought I had better remind her of that so I trotted over and gave her some nice headrubs.

I'll be honest - I've seen her more chirpy and we've had some sarcastic comments about how much sleep we'll be doing today while my mum is at work. I had better do some of my big eyes that always make her putty in my paws and Josie had better behave herself.


Our box of goodies

April 2nd 2014 10:39 pm
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Mum came home from work yesterday with a smug look on her face and a big box under her arm.

"Toys and door all arrived," she said,as she dished up our supper, " I can't wait to see you get stuck in."

"We want to go out," I told her firmly.

"But I have a big box," she said.




And out we went. People had been in our garden and we wanted to vestigate. It wasn't good. Last month the wind blew down the fences giving us an extension into next door's garden which we had rather enjoyed. The people had taken away the broken panels and put up new ones. Very mean.

When we came back in mum had opened the box so we did oblige her by jumping in and taking a look. The feather sticks are pretty good and Josie and I have both played with them; normally that's just a Josie game. The fishing rod toys have the line all wound around and around curled up and mum was going out and didn't have time to unwind them but maybe tonight she will.

And the door is still in its box. Mum looked at the instruction book and sais she needs more time. Maybe at the weekend. I can't wait.


The hoover ate our ball

April 1st 2014 10:36 pm
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Mum was feeding it last night. She let it out of its cupboard and it growled ravenously as it munched up all the dust and fur it could find, mum clinging on to it for dear life and then it grabbed our ball.

Mum kicked it to stop it growling and said, "That's not good."

Its long nose comes apart so my mum pulled it off and peered in. "I see it," she said and poked it. Down it went. Now it was stuck in the tube like one of my toys where the balls roll freely but can never come out. Mum tilted the tube and we heard it go but when she stuck her fingers in she couldn't get a grip on it.

"I might be able to get it out if I reach a claw in," I suggested. That works with one of my toys.

"Clever cat," said my mum but rather than use my claws she got a pair of scissors and wiggled them round to get the ball.

"You might cut it in half," I exclaimed.

"That would work for me too," she said. But we only have about fifteen balls so didn't want that to happen.

Anyway she did manage to rescue the ball, it now has slice marks but rolls just as well as it did.

Hoovers are evil things. No wonder we keep our distance when it comes out.


Buying our door

March 31st 2014 10:39 pm
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I was in the garden looking at my mum who was in the kitchen preparing her supper. She held my door open and called to me, "Are you going to come in now or would you prefer to wait until I've settled down with my food so I have to get up specially?"

How long has she lived with cats? We will always take the option that works best for us and not so good for them.

"I'm fine for now," I called back cheerily. And waited counting in my head to when she would be settled on the sofa, food on a tray and just be starting to think she would be safe and then scrabble, scrabble, scrabble Let me in!

She came, sighing.

"Anyway," I commented, "I thought I was getting a magic door."

She agreed that the cheque must have cleared so after she had eaten we all went shopping. I love online shopping. The website had some marvellous things and my mum said we could choose one toy each. Josie always chooses sticks with feathers on. She loves them the best and they get broken when my mum sits on them or the feathers get torn out.

I chose an amazing looking thing with tunnels and tubes and flippy bits but my mum said I already have toys like that and I don't play with them so I've got some fishing rod ones as I like them.

Mum ordered the door and some new bowls for us and now we just have to wait for the postie to bring everything. Hoorah!

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