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Never understimate a cat!

January 22nd 2014 10:46 pm
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Mum and Josie share a favourite place to sit - with Josie liking it best after mum has sat there for awhile to warm it up.

This was the situation last night. Mum's supper bubbling on the stove, mum had the best seat in the house, Josie was poised. That supper couldn't bubble for ever. Mum looked at Josie and Josie looked at mum.

Then mum had an idea. She stood up and turned back. She took cushions and stacked them sideways on over the seat.

"Ah ha!" she crowed leaving Josie to assess the situation as she went off to the kitchen.

Josie did what any self-respecting cat would do in such a situation. She perched on the edges of the cushions. It wasn't easy; she wasn't comfortable; but a point had to be made.

Mum came back in, plate in hand, all smiles and expecting her favourite seat to be available, protected by the cushions. There was Josie, clinging on with some nifty claw action. Mum looked at Josie and Josie looked at mum. I had to suppress a snigger - Cats 1: Mum 0.

Mum took her correct place at the other end of the sofa and sighed. After a while she said "I can't look at you like that" and put some cushions flat so Josie could get comfy. So Josie did.

Us cats rule!!


We're bored...

January 21st 2014 10:40 pm
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If only mum trusted us with her laptop we could be busy building a new Catster World for all our friends but she says she's worried we'll work out how to order stuff online and she'll come home to a porch full of gourmet kitty food and toys. I've told her that she wouldn't but we both know she would.

What with the bad weather and all the things that have been going on around here lately we have preferred to stay home but we do get bored. I get the boredest.

My newest game is this - where mum pulled up all the carpet from the flood we have tiles on the floor. They are old and some of them are broken. I've been pulling out the smallest broken parts and bringing them into the sitting room to play with. Mum obviously appreciates this as she keeps putting them back for me so I can do it again.

At supper time I was flipping bits of food out of my bowl so I could chase those too.

Mum says Roll on Spring!


The Beetle

January 20th 2014 10:40 pm
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Mum was on the sofa last night idly watching TV when she suddenly said, "Waht's that?"

"What's what?"

"That shiny beetly looking thing by your water bowl? Where did that come from?"

I looked and remembered. "I found it," I confirmed.

She shifted uneasily and asked the important question. "Is it dead?"

"Oh yes," I assured her. "It put up quite a fight but I was more than a match for it. You are welcome!"

I know she feels strongly that there are indoor creatures and there are outdoor creatures with beetles fitting firmly in the latter camp. Personally I favour a more fluid approach and like to bring outdoor creatures in and see how they like it.

Mum made a face and went and fetched dustpan and brush, cautiously she approached and at arm's length flicked the beetle into the dustpan. She looked at it.

"That's a kidney bean," she said.

"But it did fight back," I was quick to pip in. "I was very heroic."

"They don't normally," said my mum.

This one did and I had to bring it all the way from the kitchen to bat around and see the thing defeated.

So that was my adventure.

Thank you to everyone for the suggestions as to where I can blog. Mum's going to vestigate at the weekend when she has more time.


Where shall we go?

January 19th 2014 10:40 pm
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Thanks to everyone who has catmailed me and let me know their thoughts. So far Facebook seems the most popular - it wouldn't be quite the same though as they let people do blogs on there. I love my fellow cats. Would I be allowed my own page or would my mum have to have a page and let me blog on it?

Other than thinking about Catster we had an interesting weekend. Josie went back to the vet for her post-op check and all is healing nicely. She even purred for the vet as her heart was checked just to prove everything was working as it should - Josie had no intention of getting left there again.

Mum says I have to leave Josie's food alone as it has tablet mixed in it but I keep forgetting.

Thank you everyone who purred for her. Catster purrs really work.

Mum did a big clear out of the spare room and Josie helped but I hid in case mum decided to clear out a cat - she would choose the one she saw I would think so best to stay out of the way. But Josie is still here so mum is keeping us both. (I couldn't quite relax with our kitty box in the hall - it's gone now.)

And a man came and looked at the kitchen ceiling - since the last flood from upstairs the damp has been gradually spreading. Mum was explaining about that flood and then explaining why there are no carpets down; he must think we are water magnets. Anyway our ceiling will have to come down and be dried out so that is something I suspect Josie and I won't enjoy. At least mum said she shouldn't have to pay for that one as it wasn't our fault.


Josie is home

January 16th 2014 10:44 pm
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Thank you to everyone for the purrs.

The vet had told my mum that she would probably want to go and hide and recover. Josie climbed out of the box and sighed, "It's good to be home." And she rolled on the rug and there she stayed pretty much all evening. She wasn't hungry at first but now she is and mum says I must leave her food for a week as it will have tablet mixed in it. I already forgot once and had to be pushed away - this will be hard.

We've had a horrid week with the flood and Josie and today - oh no- no more Catster Diary after March. Where will we go? We will really miss all our Catster friends who are the best cats in the world. What is everyone going to do?


Josie's going to the vet

January 15th 2014 11:36 pm
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Normally mum leaves us biscuits down in case we get peckish in the night but last night she put everything away. I thought that she had done that by accident so I woke her up and told her but she said she meant to.

Then this morning breakfast for me but not for Josie. It should feel good but actually I missed having another bowl to choose from.

Josie is off to the vet to have her teeth scraped and polished. Mum says she won't know anything about it as she'll be asleep the whole time - but Josie said it didn't sound very restful and she would rather not go.

Mum said she felt terrible but it has to be. It's not mum who is growing hungrier by the minute and will soon be in a box on her way to the vet.

Anyway although mum says it's a very routine operation we would appreciate your purrs for Josie to get better from it real fast and for it all to go very well.

Thank you - oh- and thank you for all my balloons and flowers and happy things. They have cheered us all up immensely in this week that I think we will all be glad to see the end of!


We are sort of back to normal

January 14th 2014 10:38 pm
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When the mum stays home she should half entertain and amuse her cats and half snuggle with them when they are sleepy. This is not what happened.

It took a while for all the water to go and Josie and I took full advantage by paddling in it then jumping on mum's bed although mum wasn't appreciative of our decorative paw prints at all.

In the night in the panic mum and Paul had taken pretty much everything out of every kitchen cupboard so that all went back and mum did cleaning and then she pulled up all the soggy carpet and underlay and threw it out.

Then she said, "Oh" for what she had forgotten was that the carpet is held in place by sticks with little teeth and she did not want Josie or me to step on the teeth so she put cardboard over where they are. I do not trust that the teeth won't break through so I jump right over it but Josie has stepped on it and seems to be OK.

Then a plumber man came and fixed everything and my mum said how wonderful to have water again. Us cats hadn't really missed it but she had.

So we have water and the floor is mostly dry but we don't have carpet in the bathroom or hall, just cardboard and a few rugs and mum is going back to work.



January 13th 2014 11:25 pm
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Yesterday was normal and we all went off to bed like normal. It was a quarter past three when it happen.

I was asleep on my chair and Josie was cuddled up with mum when we were all woken by the sound of gushing water.

"That had better be rain of Biblical proportions," said my mum and pulled back the curtain. No rain. "Oh no!" said my mum.

She went to see and it didn't take long. A pipe had burst on the bathroom and the floor was flooded. More water was spraying out alarmingly fast.

Mum pulled the side off the bath and found a tap but it was too stiff for her to turn. Then she ran looking in cupboards and things and all the time - more and more water spraying out.

In the end she ran away and came back with Paul from next door. Lots more rushing around. Josie and I ran to and fro to see if we could help but it seems like we couldn't.

Eventually Paul got the water stopped and he went. By this stage it was paddling deep for us cats and paddle we did and then spread our pawprints as we like to do. And mum went to bed and we settled on her. I don't mind admitting it had all been a bit scary there.

So now we have water soaking the floor but no water in the taps. Mum says she will buy some bottled water for us all to drink and she'll have to find a plumber today.

So the good news is that our bathroom is now a water-themed lesiure facility and mum is staying home today. The bad news is the radiators don't work so we have fan heaters on and we are a little afraid of them.


Neglected cats

January 12th 2014 10:40 pm
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Mum had a busy weekend which is fund for her but not so much fun for us. mainly we had our bowls put down and got to see her dash off again. She has promised to make it up to us next weekend but we're not sure that's good enough really.

She had even been hanging out with other cats. We could smell them on her and had to give her lots of headrubs to make her smell like ours again.

Josie did the best revenge - up on the mantlepiece, lean over and barf all the way down onto the floor. Ha ha!! That will show mum!!

Mum wasn't best pleased and serve her right. We hope she has learned her lesson.

I had intended to join in by biting mum but she got her hand away before I could. Apparently my tail gave me away. Bad tail - I must learn to control it.


There should be a law..

January 9th 2014 10:40 pm
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That if the mum, or anyone else for that matter, makes feeding the cats type noises in the kitchen, then they should be obliged to feed the cats.

Whilst it is true that we had already heard our supper last night when I heard the rip of a sachet being opened I ran in, all expectant, to see what tasty morsels were being offered up.

Mum looked at me and laughed.

"You wouldn't like it," she said.

"Try me," I replied. "I might."

But she was planting chilli seeds so she wouldn't. Not even planting a cat food tree or catnip or something useful. The seeds were in a little sachet which is what I had heard being opened.

"But my tummy is all rumbly now," I complained. "It needs filling." But mum just said I have biscuits if I'm hungry only it wasn't my biscuit belly that was empty.

Mum is so mean. Oh - and I have been playing in the cube. Mum was throwing toys on the top and I was pinging them off. I had forgotten how much fun the Cube can be!

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