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Toby's Diary

My Holiday Highlights

October 19th 2011 10:41 pm
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Mum and I went to Norfolk and here are my three favourite things there.

1. The miniature people that are called children. They know top games and always have time for a headrub and snuggle. Their only downside is that they go to bed too early. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and called for them to come back and play but mum told me to be quiet as they needed their sleep.

2. Stairs. I wish we had stairs at home. I loved running up and down them. Sometimes mum threw a ball up and I got to chase it down and we played that again and again.

3. Fire. I thought they had an interesting pile of logs and paper in one place but didn't know what it was for. They put a match to it and it went all crackly and sparky. I wasn't sure at first but I edged closer and it was gloriously warm. Really toasty. I got closer anc closer but my mum said I was getting too close for her liking and made me move back but I liked it even at a distance.

Lots of people were there and everyone loved me so it was a pretty good holiday.

I did not so much like being in the box going there but mum is right that it helps to sleep some of the way. I also met their cat who is called Cosmo. He has been to the Dylan School of Charm. I was all for making friends and we bumped noses but then he said some rude words and walked off and that really set the pattern for our relationship. They kept finding him up in high places and mum said that Josie would understand!

He isn't allowed in most of the house anyway as he is not as perfectly housetrained as we would wish. I am allowed everywhere because of my exemplary personal habits.

We came home yesterday and Josie was actually pleased to see us. She said she had missed us so much that she even let Victoria from next door pick her up when she came round to feed her. That's Victoria feeding Josie; the other way round would be weird!

So I had fun but it is good to be home. I've asked mum if we can have children, stairs and a fire but she says we live in a small flat so no to all three which is a shame really.


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