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December 12th 2011 2:18 pm
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So I have apparently damaged mommys laptop almost beyond repair... Hey it's not my fault she leaves it out for me to chew on and knock off of things! It's HER fault and NOT mine! Purr.

I have decided I like my new sisfur now. Or at least I tolerate her. She follows me everywhere! When I eat the dogs food she eats the dogs food. When I sit and jump up for treats she sits and jumps up for treats. When I snuggle with mommy, she wants to snuggle with mommy! Oh well. Secretly her and I have fun playing. But keep it a secret. Shh.

Hope everyone is having a good winter!



November 13th 2011 5:43 pm
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Silly as it seems, my mommy had my new snack (I refuse to acknowledge her as my sisfur yet... hmph) and I tested for our bloodlines because we both look so unusual.

Turns out, I am a siamese mixed with egyptian mau. My mommy thought I was a bengal like the other ball of fluff (I still refuse to call her my sisfur) in MY home. It explains my sleety eyes of doom and the fact I am such a smart kitty.

What are you guys? Have you ever had to go through something so ridiculous? I'm a pet, who cares what breed I am. Meow.

~The BubsMcSnubs



October 24th 2011 10:24 pm
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My mommy decided to bring home a new kitten because she thought I needed a sisfur.

I am not pleased with this. Negative. Negatory. Grr hiss growl.

Mommy has tried feeding me treats and playing with me but I still growl at her and let her know that I am NOT pleased with this new kitty in our pack! The kitten and I are separated most of the time, but both of us like to sleep with mommy.

How do I get my mommy to get rid of this new kitten... err... make us furiends?



September 19th 2011 8:46 am
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I'm going on a big adventure with mommy to Chicago this weekend, so if you see a wild looking kitty on the plane or at the airport, it's probably mee-ow.

I have never been in cold weather before, purr. No big deal, I can handle anything, guise.

Someone famous told me I was pretty the other day. Purrpurrazi, can you handle this?

Have a furry fantastic day, kits.



September 4th 2011 10:59 pm
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Herro there. My mommy has an HD camera with video capacity and has not only been following me around with the dang thing but also been putting my kitty antics up on the mewtube. Can't a fur get some privacy around here?!

If you also have top secret footage of your kitty lives, you can furiend me on youtube and we can bask in our internets stardom together.



August 17th 2011 11:14 pm
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I've been flying around the country like crazy, hence my absence. Woops. Plz furgive me, I missed you all purry much.

Summer is almost over, which I am thankful for, because frankly, I have put on some pounds. A furless furiend of my mommy's asked if I was pregnant. I bit him for such an insult. It is too hot outside for me to go on my harness, thank you, and frankly, I am getting boooored! There aren't even any crickets in the condo anymore. Thankfully my hobby of biting never gets old. I can always nip my mommy on the leg to let her know I need some playtime. I have luckily seen a lot of my mum's furless furiends come visit, so there have been many new people to bite and play with. Nom nom nom.

Mommy taught me a new trick, to stand up on my legs. She calls it the "Meerkat." I am a smart kitty, yes I am.

How has summer been for the rest of you furs?

Purrs and Headbonks



June 27th 2011 10:34 am
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Wowee! In my absence, I have received CAT OF THE DAY ON CATSTER and CAT OF THE WEEK IN "HEY YOU LOOK LIKE ME!" Thank you everyfur for all the lovely pictures and food you sent me. I'm purring over here.

My absence was due in part to the fact I chewed through 4 of my mommy's computer chargers... a lovely total of $400 I might add, all thanks to me! I was doing her a favor because I'm more important than that square electronic thing called a laptop. I also like to chew on that too. My mom thinks my biting is a problem. I think it's a gift. Anyway, my mommy had to wait for delivery and such, since there is no Apple Store in downtown NOLA. Bummer.

Since my mommy and I have been gone, I have been on some plane flights and road trips! Since I am small I go on an airline approved carrier and get to be on the plane. Allergic people do not like this, but too bad, I was there.

Now that summer is here, many crickets are creeping into our condo, but I am having fun catching them for mommy. I always get a treat afterwards, too! It is all part of my master plan, you see. Don't tell mom.

Well, I hope everything has been FURTASTIC with you kittns' and it's grrrrreat to be back!

~Bubs Mc Snubs~

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