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Cole's Confessions

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March 30th 2012 9:50 am
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Im sorry if others have already wrote about this but Is anyone else having problems with Catster? We are lucky that we finally got to this page. Everytime we get to the website it says is not responding.

I have no idea how to get to my account with this new catster design. I have a few pawmails I would like to check but I cant click on them without getting the " is not responding" message.

Any tips? Please help! We haven't been on catster for a few weeks so this is all new to us.



Thank you so much!

February 19th 2012 4:55 pm
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Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my pals that helped me celebrate my first birthday today.

I was so Surprised by all of the gifties, Comments and private messages that were sent my way. I truly have the best pals a guy could ask for.

My day was pretty good. I got a special meal and lots of love. Mom and Dad were gone for awhile cause I share a birthday with their nephew and they had a bday party for him today too.

Thanks again pals


Today is my First Birthday!

February 18th 2012 5:36 pm
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Thats right pals! I am 1 year old today. Mom can't believe how fast time goes.

So as a tribute to my first year mom got together some pictures of me as a baby.

The babies

There we are! From the left it goes me, Smokey, Cricket (Orangie), Dee Dee (Grey and white) and then Ozzie. There were four boys and One girl (Dee Dee)

Here is another one of us all tired out after a romp.

Kitty Pile

Here is us with Mom. Isn't she a pretty kitty? No wonder we all turned out so differen't.

I think I kinda look like her.
This was me and my brother Cricket. We were pretty good pals.

This is one of mom's favorite pictures of me after she brought me home. I was 8 weeks old here.


One of the reasons mom wanted to get another Kitten for our home was because she wanted a younger kitty for Toby to play with. He had been picking a lot on Gordy and Melody. Actually mom was quite worried about how he would treat me but it was clearly meant to be...
Cuddle Time

Anyway I am very happy to have found such a wonderful home. Who knows what would have happened to me If mom and dad decided not to get me.

Thank you to all of the good friends I have made in my first year here.

Love always,


Lovely Sunday

February 5th 2012 11:37 am
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Hey pals!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. Today we are just having a warm and cozy day with mom. Dad has to work until 3:00 and then we will watch the super bowl with some snacks.

Nothing too interesting has happened around here lately. One of my eyebrows has a bald spot on it all of the sudden. The skin under it looks fine. Mom is wondering if me and one of the other kitties got in a fight or something.

Well happy Sunday to everyone!


My Birthday Month

February 3rd 2012 7:37 pm
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Hey Pals! Its my birthday Month!! Mom even put up my birthday Background. I can't believe I am going to be One already. Time goes by so fast.

I remember when I first came to my new home with my human mom. I didn't live with her until April but I was so scared at first. Mom remembers me being so so tiny. I hid under the bed and she had to beg me to come out. Then she finally got me out and we took a nap together. That picture of me laying on my back on my page was taken during our first nap.

I loved Toby right away. He was the only one I wasn't scared of. It took me a long time to trust Gordy. I think I was scared of him because of all that fur! I had never seen so much. I mean my mom was short haired and so were all of my siblings.

Anyway I am just rambling on now but I am so excited for my Birthday. I wonder what I will get. Hopefully a really good food treat. Nothing is better then a good meal.



Feeling like a model today

January 27th 2012 11:55 am
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Its here!

My new collar came yesterday right after I found out about being named Dreamboat in training #31. I feel like this was a good start to my training to become an offical dreamboat.

I got the style now

New Collar

See the skull and crossbones? Girls like that tough guy stuff right?

In this one you can see the collar a little bit better. Its just red with bandana print on it.


I even turned my head so mom could get some good pictures.

Now I have my own collar and ID tag like my other siblings. We are all microchipped but mom figures if we get lost its good to have as much identification as we can.



Dreamboat in training #31! I did it!

January 26th 2012 3:48 pm
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Thats right Pals I made Samoa's Dreamboat list. I am so proud. My brothers are on the list and I would have really felt like I let them down if I didn't make it. Now I just need to keep up my dreamboatness so that one day I can be an offical Dreamboat.

I thought I should tell you a few fun facts about me.

1. My lovely mother that Samoa Mentioned was a stray but when Human Mom's cousins realized she was pregnant they took her in. We were born Feb. 19th in Wisconsin so It was a COLD time of year. Thank goodness mom found a warm place to have her babies or who knows if we would have survived. Now mom is spayed and lives with Human Mom's Cousin.

2. Human Mom's cousin started talking mom into taking one of us from the day we were born. Mom said No several times because she wasn't sure how Gordy, Melody and Toby would act towards another kitty.
But with pictures like this

So cute!

and this


and of course this

So sweet

How could she say no??

3. Why was I named Cole? Well... My dad said that when they have children if they have a boy his favorite name is Cole. Fine right??? NO! Because their last name is Miner. Could you imagine that poor child being named Cole Miner? Its cute for a cat but not for a Person. So dad agreed to name me Cole instead. Mom would have named me Bear or Benny : )

4. Not so fun fact is that two of my 4 other siblings are no longer with us. One was killed by another cat and the other was let outside when he was only 12 weeks old and never seen again.

5. I'm a real Cuddle bug.

6. I'm the smallest cat in the house but I am no pushover. I can take on any of my siblings and hold my own.

So there are a few things I wanted to share.

Thank you again Samoa for making me a Dreamboat in training. I will make your proud.


Wanna See something Cute??

January 25th 2012 6:55 pm
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Its a...

Kitty Pile!!!

MOL...Then I made myself real Comfortable on Mel and Toby


Ahh what would they do without me?


Hope all my pals have someone to cozy up to tonight.



January 24th 2012 5:14 pm
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Well its been pretty boring around here lately. Mom works Monday through Thursday and so we dong get to see her as much
and that makes me sad. Usually we get up early with mom, I nag her for wet food, Mom cleans our cat boxes and tops off the bowls. Then we get fresh water and off mom goes to work.

Friday is my favorite day cause that is the day mom spends ALL Day with us. We help her clean, eat lunch and treats, Take a nap, and play. Its moms favorite day too : )

Mom was feeding the fish today and noticed one hasn't been around. Mom looked ALL over the tank for him and really hopes he is ok. Maybe one of us got a hold of him MOL.

Well I guess thats about it. Hope all my pals are doing well.


Holy Catnip!

January 22nd 2012 7:02 pm
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Yesterday my sister Melody got a surprise in the mail from a very special Valentine. It was a catnip Heart.

Well...I couldn't keep away from it. It was my first time ever smelling catnip and I LOVED IT!

First I thanked God for whoever sent it to Mel

Thank you!

Then I Hugged and Kissed it for awhile


And then I started getting that crazy look in my eyes and mom decided it was time to put the heart away for awhile.


Lots of love,

I even got in a tiff with Melody over the heart. What can I say? Catnip makes you do crazy things.

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