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Thank you!

March 26th 2012 1:10 am
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So early and already I have happy birthday wishes! My furiends are the best!

I will have trouble keeping up with purrsonal thank you notes so I hope you don't mind if I just say 'thanks' right here.

As some of you know, my human daddy died last month and I am very busy making sure my mum is okay so I might not do so good keeping track of things here. But mum promised me that when things settle down she'll start setting up my page each day so I can type all about my latest adventures. She won't tell me the password thing - she said that the internet can be a dangerous place and she should supurrvise me. I'm a big boy, but I guess she doesn't see me that way.

But thank you all for the nice messages and wishes. It is so nice of you to remember me!

Purrfully yours,


Litter Box Training and the virtues of ESP

May 11th 2011 10:33 pm
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First, I must clarify. When I say litter box training, I am not referring to my own, or indeed that of other kitties. Rather I am speaking of proper training of humans in the art of proper litter box maintenance.

All kitties should be aware that ESP is the best way to ensure their box is cleaned promptly after use and is ready and waiting for their next visit. I, myself, am blessed with ESP and it is ever so effective.

As to what ESP is exactly, well, it is a bit indelicate, but it is Extra Stinky Poops. In short time the aroma wafts through whole house announcing that you've done your business and informing your human that there is work for them to do.

If you can fine tune this skill, you can observe your human making funny faces and if you're especially talented, they might even make amusing noises. I'm not sure what animal mine is imitating when she makes a 'Gah, gah, gah' sound. But she does it well.

So if you were not blessed with this gift at birth, strive to develop it. Soon you'll have the cleanest box in the neighbourhood 24 hours a day!


My new bunny buddy!

May 10th 2011 11:33 pm
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Well, Zack bunny has moved inside - and not just at night - he's in for most of the time since the fox wasn't the only one scaring him. The kids that live behind us kept scaring him by hitting the fence with balls - even after being told he lived right there and that they were frightening him! So now he's safe and sound and seems a very happy bunny and we are getting along great! Mum was so happy that we're furiends and that she can be sure he's safe.

I hope I can post a photo of the two of us here. Mum tried to take our picture, but well, we had the giggles and none of them came out very good. She's still barking with that bronchisaurus thing she caught but when Mum feels better she said she'll try again. I know she had some pictures of Zack around here so maybe I'll try to find one or two of those. I'd like my furiends here to meet my new buddy!


My mum - the super hero

May 6th 2011 12:00 am
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Now I really haven't written about this yet, but when Suzy kitty lived here, she had a pet rabbit. Mum tells me that Suzy loved her bunny and would go outside to check on him and she helped Mum take care of him. Mum told me that Zack Bunny could be my pet if I like, but I haven't been able to meet him since the vet said I should stay indoors. (I've been trying to get out - oh how I've tried!)

Now the windows are my TV and my connection to the big world out there. And I have learned that no matter the hour, Mum hears all. Late one night - or was it early one morning, I was fighting with the neighbour brat, I mean cat, through the window - and Mum came flying down the stairs (I swear it - she flew!) and chased the mean kitty away so he wouldn't upset me. My hero!

Well, last night, Mum was sound asleep, especially with the medicine she takes to make her stop barking, but she woke up and flew down the stairs again! This time, it was Zack Bunny who woke her up - and he's in the garden and she was sleeping upstairs! I watched her fly out the door and chase a fox away! She tried to calm the poor bunny down but he was very upset.

She said she will do anything to protect her fur kids and it must be true - I just didn't know she had super powers like that!

She's hoping to get a cage so Zack can sleep inside at night and be all safe, but we're all a bit worried since Zack and I haven't met face to face yet. He looks like a lovely chap from my window, but I'm not so sure about up close and personal.

I have to try to convince Mum to go back to bed. She's looking a bit paler than usual today so I think lots of rest is a good thing. Well, it's always a good thing. But stay tuned for updates on the bunny tale!


Long time no write!

May 5th 2011 5:24 am
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My mum's been doing animal imitations. She is either sleeping like a kitty, which I kind of enjoy. Or she wakes up and sounds like she is barking like a dog, which I don't enjoy at all. Her a-cold got very bad and I wanted to take her to the people vet. She said she had something called a bronchi... bronchi... bronchisaurus, I think. I thought such things were extinct, and I don't know why it would make her bark. And now on top of that, she said she has allergies. So she hasn't been turning on the computer for me and I see that me and my angel brothers and sister got nice gifts on our pages and we'll have to try to catch up with sending purrs of thanks to our lovely furiends! Mum's getting better so hopefully I'll be able to come here to play with everybody again.



April 17th 2011 10:05 am
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Mum's been sleeping lots today. I guess when she has a-cold she sleeps like a kitty!

We were so surprised to learn that I am one of the Daily Diary Picks today! She finally woke up long enough to get me to my Cat-a-blog page so I can say thanks to all of my wonderful furiends for all of their kind meows and purrs today! Catnip for everykitty!!

Hopefully Mum will be a-warm soon, but I have to admit, I do like sleepy Mum!


Is it a-cold in here or is it a-me?

April 15th 2011 1:51 am
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Mum said she has a-cold. She feels rather a-warm to me, but I guess she could be a-cold since she doesn't have lovely furs to keep her a-warm. I don't know what to do, although I can at least help keep her legs a-warm. I hope she's not a-cold for very long.


You tawkin' ta me?

April 14th 2011 5:02 am
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Yes, two entries on one day. This happened very late last night so I furgot until Mum reminded me.

Last night, the people that live inside the TV were calling my name. And they were saying how cute and cuddly I was. I went to the TV thinking one of them would surely give me a treat or a little scratch on the chin, but they ignored me even though they continued to talk about me!

I guess I felt a little foolish when Mum explained. She was watching QVC and they had a show for Charlie Bears teddy bears. And one of them was named Thomas. Mum told me that the bear was not as wonderful as me. She said he could never be as handsome as me and that he spelled his name with an 'a' where I have a 'u' just because I'm so unique and wonderful.

I guess it was kind of funny. :)


Farewell to the great outdoors

April 13th 2011 11:28 pm
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When we saw the vet, he said that because of my heart murmurmurmur it would be best if I lived indoors as much as possible and in all honesty, Mum is spoiling me so much, I don't mind staying in here so she can dote on me as I deserve.

But we are worried about the summer when the windows will be open and I could be tempted to explore. Mum said the windows in America are quite different and they all had these things called screens to let the outside air in, while keeping her kitty safe inside. There are no screens on our windows. So Mum put screens on some windows using... Velcro. Yup, the stuff that inspired my nickname. And she ordered something called a fan. She said it will help bring in some cool outside air so maybe she won't have to open all of the windows. And she hopes that I don't pull off the Velcroed screens.

This fan thing got me to wondering... humans want to bring in outside air, they have windows and lights to bring the sunshine inside, they grow plants inside and they even have showers so it can rain inside. Why, exactly, do they bother with houses?

Anyway, the super fancy fan she got me was delivered. It is quite impressive, and as a bonus it came with a fantastic box that I can make a fort out of. The fan scared me at first, but it's actually kind of fun. She said it is the best because her bestest buddy deserves the best. Awww... I'm going to have to show my appurrciation by going outside and catching the biggest, juiciest mouse for her.

Oh, wait....


All better!

April 11th 2011 11:55 pm
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Last night, me and Mum played some games and I can use my toes much more betterer now! It is a relief that I don't stick to everything. I've been having great fun making very big stretches - and now that my claws are short, the mean carpet can't grab one of them and hold my paw like it used to when I stretched.

Ha ha carpet - can't get me!!!

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