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Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes

December 4th 2013 3:21 pm
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We just loves this time of year. Boxes keep coming from the stores, from the mailman, and from the big brown truck.
Tonight at dinner time Grammy heard a big truck backing up the driveway. Yep it was. The nice man brought us 2 new boxes. Meowmy said they is for us buts we has to eat our dinner before we gets to play in um. So we going to make this short. Our living room is full of empty boxes for us. Poor Grammy said we must be loved pussycats, cause she almost tripped in one of the boxes. Kibbles has one box he likes to sleep in. Zeeke has a huge big box in the living room he says is just his size. (King Size), Fozzy has a box for himself. Just bouts everyone has a box to sleep in, play in or scratch up. Yep Santa Paws just keep sending us empty boxes, buts we love um. Meowmy is taking something out of the one box and is trying to puts it together with our help, of course. I thinks it for us. Be back later and lets you all knows what's in the box.

Happy Day

We back!
Well we are enjoying our new boxes and are busy helping Meowmy put together somethings for us. Guess what? Two of our new cat trees came. We loves um! Of course everything is moved, cause we are putting the one old tree in Grammy's room by the window and we has to move stuffs. Grammy said she will deal with some of the stuffs tomorrow. Just getting the basic complete tonight. The one cat tree is replacing Cleo's house....but this new one is to small for her...and Grammy feels sorry for Grammy and Meowny has to find a place for her old house. The new one is in the dinning room and Romeo and Kibbles and Dave loves it. The other one is in the puters room, and it has a toy on the top of it. We will puts picture up when Meowmy loads um.
Lovin the Holdiays!


Great Day!

October 29th 2013 2:15 pm
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The day started out ok.
Than we knew something was up...Meowmy was looking in the file cabinet for something and it was our nip! Yep, it was a harness, than she gots Zelda and put her in the puter room with Grammy and shut the door. Poor Lulu (Zelda) her cried and it worried us...we was looking in the room but could gets to her. But better her than us. Little Lulu as Grammy calls her has been kinda sick. Her eyes has been watering and she sneezes sometimes. So off to see Dr Gary today. Well she will be ok, she has a upper respiratory infection. She gots a shot of antibiotic that last a week so I don't need pills. I also gots some med for my eyes. Dr Gary loves me. Miss Megan was the tech, she loves me, she gave in kisses and petties. All in all it wasn't to bad. I am still mad at my Meowmy.....Grammy is ok.

Than they both had the nerve to leave today and go to lunch. They went Japanese. Grammy gots her Eel roll and Meowmy gots the Dynamite roll. They had some leftovers buts we don't get um. Bummer!!!!
They also went shopping and gots us all stuff.
They gots Taters his Sheba, and gots us some Party Mix.
They also gots us new Halloween Costumes....they was 75% off.
Tater had to try some one. He likes to...He was a Sailor, but he didn't like the hat so he traded for the Vet Doctor Outfit. He wore it for awhile. Harley tried the Clown outfit on and Grammy tooks some pic. Tommie and PJ tried out the French Maid outfit. Zeeke was Chilly Willie Penguin . Zelda got a Raven Jersey at Regular price cause Meowmy had to have it!

All in all I say we have been having a Great Day!
Wonder what we getting for dinner.
Well we hopes you all have a great day too.


It's Romeo's Birthday!

December 5th 2012 3:31 pm
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Hi Everyone today is Romeo's Birthday.
He's had a pretty good birthday except for going the the Vets.
It was his yearly visit. He's doing very well for having
renal failure. He is in late stage and we know what's coming...but
don't like to think about it. When we adopted Romeo they thought he
was 2 or 3....but we found out last year he is a much older little man.
Our vet said he was a very old little man. This made us feel very sad..
but explained alot. We have been very fortunate to have him this long.
and love every minute of it, But you all know we never have enough time.
Please keep Romeo in your Purrs.
He is a fighter and a rotten egg...but we loves him.
For his birthday we went to McDonalds coming home from the vets and he gots some hamburger and cheese. He gots meaty bits with gravy and supreme supper for dinners. All in all he says it's been a good day.
Even the vet said how good he is.
And while at the vets with Tater Tot and Zelda....Zelda laid on me (Romeo) and gave me cooties. I grouwled and hiss at her and the vet said she didn't think that was nice of Zelda to give me cooties!!!!
Guess a gift is a gift!
Does anyone know where to return these cooties?????? I don't want to regift them!


Mail Today!

December 3rd 2012 3:30 pm
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We gots mail today!
Meowmy gots us a new Cat Video today.
The mail man gave it to us.....and we gave him fresh baked cookies.
It's a great's got birdies...buggies...lazier dots and lazier strings....frogs....fishes....lizzards...just about everything kitties want.
It took us awhile to wake up from our naps to watch it.....cause we was played out from the porch and windows being opened and the fresh air.
Now that dinner is over wes really interested in it. The cat tree is full and the little perch is full. We just can't take our eyes off the TV. If you haven't ask Santa for a video yet you need to put one on your list.
You'll love it. Hours and Hours of fun.
Have a great day and come on over....we will have cookies....milk and movies. After all what's one more kitty!!!!!


Triple win!

November 4th 2012 4:49 am
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Oh my Gosh!
We gots another DDP today!
We are so Thankful to all our friends and family.
We Thank you all for the pmails, comments, pics, and gifties.
We gots a great breakfast again and gots to play Dot (laser light).
We just can't believe it. Thanks Diary Centeral!

We hopes everyfurry has a great day.

Love, Grammy's Crew


DDP Again!

November 3rd 2012 10:25 am
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Boy was we surprised! We gots DDP again today!
We Thanks Diary Central and all our friends for the pmails, comments, and gifties and pictures.
We love all this attention! MOL!
Grammy played laser light with us...we gots extra treats and attention.
Can't wait to see what's for dinner. We knows it's going to be something special.
Loves, Zeeke, Romeo, Cleo, Tater Tots, Kahless, Harley, Davidson, Moo, Tommie, Francis, Kibbles, PJ, Fozzy Bear, Mischa, Toes, Zelda, and DC.

Have a Great Day!



November 1st 2012 7:06 am
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October 31st 2012 8:09 am
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Our Turn!

August 11th 2012 5:32 pm
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Hi Everyone!
This is Zeeke and Harley speaking. After a long's our turn to go outside. After dinner Grammy and Pappy tooks me and Harley outside for some playtime in the cat enclosure. We didn't get much times cause it gets dark earlier and the bugs starts coming out and bits Grammy....but we gots outside. We were so good they even took us for a small walk around the yard. It was lots of fun. I almost gots in trouble ... but Grammy reminded me that if I am good she may bring me out again tomorrow. So I did good. Guess that will show Francis and the others! Have a great evening everyones.

Love, Zeeke & Harley


Romeo needs Purrs!

February 17th 2012 5:39 am
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Wednesday Kibbles, Francis & Romeo went to the vets.
Kibbles and Francis for their yearly rabies shot and checkup.
Romeo went to have blood work done again to see why he is not gaining weight, even though he eats.
This morning we gots a call from the vet and it's not good news.
Romeo is in the early stages of Kidney failure. Not great news!
We know what this means and are very upset.
Please Purrs for Romeo. He's a good boy, and we Love him very much.
When we adopted him they told us he was about 2years old, the vets always thought he we older, but last year our vet said they think he is a very old guy.
Romeo still has a lot of life left in him and we purr for a good life.
He's so funny.....and set in his ways, but we love him and only want the best for him.

Romeo has seperate page the ID# is 620572 if you would like to see him. Please go see him and purr for him.

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