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Zeeke Sends his Thanks

January 23rd 2015 1:25 pm
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Zeeke just wanted to say Thanks you for all your purrs and prayers, Comments you are pmailing to him and Gifties. Zeeke and his family appreciate them so much.
We are hoping for lots of quality time with Zeeke. Thanks again.



January 22nd 2015 1:56 pm
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Zeeke needs lot of purrs and prayers.
Zeeke had some blood work done and the results are showing he may have cancer.
All the other test came back clear of other possibilities.
We will not be doing surgery or extra testing. We love our Zeeke and our other babies, but we wants them to have a quality life while here on earth with us. We don't want to puts um through painful surgery just to have them for a few more months. We want them to enjoy it here and we wants to enjoy them, peacefully. We sure could us your purrs and understanding.
We are going to go now and give him a little more love, hugs, kisses, rubbies and play time. Than we going to give him his dinner.

Has a great day.


We are a DDP today!

January 3rd 2014 5:08 am
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Thank you Diary Centeral. This is our first DDP for 2014.
Yesterday our beloved Brofur Romeo came home to stay with us. Now we are a complete family again. Meowmy put his ashes with Angel Morty, Angel Yoda, Angel Tiggy, and Angel Onyx. Fly High our sweet angels.

It's only 12 degrees here this morning at 8am. Burrrrrrr! And it feels cooler cause of the wind chill. The winds are blowing all the snow around and we have some drifts. The poor little birdies are all fluffed up and fats to keep warm and they are huddled close to the feeders to stay warm too. Haven't seen the squirrels yet. They probably in a warm spot eating their stored nuts. Smart!

We hopes you are all safe and warm and hopes you have a great day!

Once again Thanks.


We so Excited!

December 29th 2013 10:15 am
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Good Afternoon to All
We are so Excited....Grammy told us we gots one of the DDP today.
How great it that!
We just wants to Thanks all our friends who have stopped by to leave messages and ones that have left gifties.
We loves all our friends.
Let's Party Now.
Come on overs.
We knows after the Ravens game we are having Chicken.
So bring you bibs.
Have a great day.


Thanks yous from the Crew

December 26th 2013 6:04 am
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The Crew would likes to Thanks all their friends for sending such nice comments and Christmas Trees. They are so pretty.
Has a Great Day!


Wishes for you and your families

December 23rd 2013 6:33 am
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Hi We are The Crew and we are sending Wishes for you and your families where ever you are.

We Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas
May you gets what you ask for and have a great holiday.
We Wish you and your family a Very Safe and Happy New Year too!

We Wish for all Furries to gets a loving forevers home.
We Wish for all homeless to gets homes human and furries.
We Wish for Peace on Earth.
We Wish for everyones to Love one another all year long.
We Wish for everyones to have foods in their bellies.
Most of all We Wish for everyone to have Happiness and Love.



Romeo is a Angel Now

December 18th 2013 8:18 am
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Grammy is having a hard time writing this as the tears are flowing.
Grammy and Meowmy helped Romeo cross over this morning.
Romeo had CRF and lost his battle today. We have been greatful to have over 2 extra years with Romeo. Up till Monday he was doing pretty good. He had a good yearly check up last Mon and his blood work showed good for a cat with CRF. Than Mon evening Romeo took sick and we try fluids and it seemed to help....but he didn't eat or drink anything. This morning he was starting to walk funny in the back legs. We knew and felt this was the time. We gots to talk to Romeo and let him know how much he is Loved and how much we will miss him....but he will never be replaced. He is one of a kind. We also told him we knew he gave his all to try to gets better, but we knew it was time. He went very peacefully at the vets and seem happy.
We Will miss him dearly as will the others in the house. Fly Free.....Fly High Romeo the Great!


More Fluids

December 17th 2013 9:26 am
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Well I made it through the day and evening buts I still not eating and not sure if Romeo is drinking either. The Vet Tech called to see how he's doing this morning and said to bring him in for more fluids. They said he did look betters than yesterday. They give him more fluids than yesterday too!
He is walking around a bit whick is good.
Romeo appreciates all the Purr and Prayers and can still use some mores.
Thanks you all.
Have a great day,


Romeo needs Purrs

December 16th 2013 7:13 am
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Hi my name is Romeo and I needs purrs.
Sunday was a good day for me than the evening came and I starting Throwing up and crying. That lasted all night. Meowmy and Grammy tooks me to the vets and I gots fluids and some meds first thing this morning. If I don't improve by tomorrow I will helped to the bridge.
Grammy and Meowmy thought that they was going to help me over to the bridge this morning...but the vet says to try this first.
You see last Mon they took my blood and things were looking up for me, than this. Grammy & Meowmy don't want me to be in any pain.
I have had a good life and I knows they loves me.
So far I am resting and seem to be comfy. Grammy purred all night long for me and is still purring.
She just wants whats best for me and I knows it.


Vet Visit

December 9th 2013 3:41 pm
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Well today 3 of use went to see the Vet.
It was for our yearly check.
Tater, Zelda, and Romeo were the lucky ones to go.
Grammy said they sang Christmas songs all the way to the vets.
When she started to sing with um they would stop. MOL!

Each one of them worn their outfits.
Zelda worn her Team Jersey The Ravens
Romeo had his Elf hoodie on
Tater worn his Doctor outfit.
Dr. Holland loved it. Tater was ready to stay and help Dr. Holland cause the other vet is on vacation and she could use his help with small pets. Like birdies, hamsters, mice, etc. He was planning on staying and she said he could cause she could use the help, but Meowmy made him gets in the carrier and come home.

Now that we's home things are back to normal.

They say more snow is on the way for Tuesday. Maybe another 4 plus inches of the white stuffs.

Have a great day everyones

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