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My 2nd Bridge Day

April 13th 2014 10:09 am
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Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my passing to the bridge. The first one was really hard but mom still thought about me a lot yesterday too.

We had so many gifts and messages from friends here and we want to thank all of you that thought of me. I was only on Catster about 6 months before I went to the bridge so mom is always so surprised at the number of friends who still think enough to leave a gift and it means so much. One of the reasons we love Catster and are glad it's going to stay. Mom wouldn't have moved me anywhere else, so no one would remember my bridge days and birthday but here, my friends still do.

Thank you to all of you

Angel Patches


Thank you all for your thoughts and purrs for Dadcat

August 23rd 2013 9:21 am
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I want to send a deep heartfelt thanks for all the rosies that Spice, Patches and I have received and for the purrs (and woofs from our doggie friends) for my dadcat after he had his stroke.

He is home now, walking pretty well...talks really funny but at least he's here and he's on the road to recovery. I'm busy being a nurse kitty and taking very good care of him, along with Spice and I know Patches is sprinkling lots of angel dust to help him continue to heal as well.

My whole family appreciates all the thoughtfulness and love we feel from our Catster family. It has helped all of us get through this tough time.



My First Bridge Anniversary 4/12/13

April 13th 2013 9:09 am
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Yesterday was my first bridge year since mom and dad let me go. Mom had a hard time with it in the morning, thinking back on all they had done up to that date a year ago...and had several moments of tears. Then when Phantom was in Pies Breakfast Club, our friend Ka-zar asked Phantom to share some happy memories. Mom shared a couple and remembered how many of those she still had. It brought lots of smiles and helped alot. But what also helped was the kindness and thoughts from so many friends here. Mom realized that was what helped her get through last year.

I want to thank all my friends who left gifts and rosies:

Bugsy and family for my beatiful bridge page. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job honoring me.

Tundra, Manytoes and family for the beautiful picture you sent
Meiko, for the beautiful picture you sent and the wonderful tribute in Cat and Dog Plaza

Crystal for the candles you sent

Pixiebelle for the beautiful butterfly on my page

Beautiful red rosies from:
Angel Rebby
Sir Sonny, Paris and Presley

Hearts from:
Spirit and family
Mac, Jax, Ivy and family
Simon and angel Reuben
Samson and Uncle Felix

Ladybug from Bugsy, Rex, Max and family

Rainbow Rosie from:
Hobo, Moose and family
Athena (my angel now)
Angel Macy- my special forever Valentine- and family

There were so many beautiful messages from all of our friends. I wasn't here long before I went to the bridge but your thoughtfulness means a lot to me and to my mom. I even had Spice let mom pick her up yesterday and hold her, something she doesn't do often.

You all made the day easier for mom and we are grateful forever for the friends we have here and the love we feel.

Hugs and angel kisses


5 Things I love about Spring

April 10th 2013 3:34 am
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My friend Perry has asked me to play the game. Thank you pal, for remembering me and including me in the fun. I loved Spring when I was here.

Here are the 5 things I love about Spring:

1. Doors open
2. Warm breezes coming through
3. Watching the birdies and squirrels
4. Naps on the table on the porch
5. Fans on in the house for better sleeping!

I know most of my friends have been tagged already, so if you haven't and would like to play, please join in the fun!

Hugs and kisses to all from the Bridge.


My Macy joined me at the Bridge

February 9th 2013 10:03 am
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When we got here to Catster, we joined the Olde Furts first and popped our heads into Pie's Breakfast Club and that is where we found our first friends. We expanded quickly but every day we spent playing and enjoying time with our friends in the BC.

Last year just before Valentine's Day, Macy asked me to be his Valentine and I said yes. Of course..he is such a handsome kitty. He was my first and only Valentine and when I crossed the bridge last year, he sang in the memorial garden for me.

Macy has been sick for a while and had many ups and downs. Yesterday, my Macy crossed over the bridge to be with me.

My family and our friends are heartbroken. Our thoughts go out to his family. They will miss him but he is full and healthy now and we will spend this Valentine's Day together again, with our wings.

Macy's page is

I know have my furever Valentine here with me.


Thank you all for remembering my GOTCHA day yesterday

January 1st 2013 6:49 am
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Mom and I would like to thank all of our friends who remembered my gotcha day with rosies and the beautiful picture made by Manytoes and Family.

It was my first Gotcha Day at the bridge and very bitter sweet for mom. Having such wonderful friends to help remember the good times makes it easier.

Happy New Year to all

Love and purrs


Purrs for Macy

October 30th 2012 8:37 am
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Please purr hard for Macy (Catster ID 60880)! This year he was my first and only one. He was having trouble walking yesterdaya nd his mom took him to the vet and he stayed overnight. He is a very, very sweet young furt at the age of 12 and can use all of our purrs! We hope he gets well soon and hurries home to his mom.



My first Bridge Birthday

October 16th 2012 8:43 am
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Yesterday was my first bridge birthday and we partied with all the angels and had a good time. Mom wasn't sure how she would handle it but the love and gifts from all our friends reminded us why we love catster so much. There is so much support from everyone here and we love all of you.

I know I sent thanks to all who sent gifts, rosies and notes. You are all very special and your rememberance was very kind.

Mom, I know you miss me. We got here after my birthday last year and you never expected that I wouldn't be here to celebrate one with my catster friends. Things happen for a reason and I'm no longer suffering and able to run and eat all I want again. There are lots of friends here and unfortunately too many coming every day, but we watch over our families. Enjoy Spice. I picked her special for you and taught her all my tricks so you would know that I helped with that pick. She needs your attention now. I'm OK.

Thanks to all of you from me and from mom. We love you all!


Thank you for all your purrs

April 27th 2012 8:02 am
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It has been two weeks since I went to the bridge and Mom has had a hard time coming back here to do this because it makes it feel so permanent. She continues to look at my pictures and hope I am coming back from the vet like before. She knows I'm not but it's still hard. I see tears still, but she was talking with friends just yesterday and telling stories about me that made her laugh, and that is good. I hope you always remember all the good and know that you did what was right for me.

I apologize to everyone for us taking so long to say thank you. I hope you understand. We thank you all for the thoughts and condolences and there are so many we didn't even know that sent rosies and pressies.

Thank you to you all..specifically:

For the Angel Wings-
Molly and Family

For the candle-Hobo, Moose, Spencer and Family

For the rainbow rosie
Tigger, Maizy and Smithwick
Cookie, Always Loved
Mac, Ivy, Legally, Zander and Zoey
Mr. Sam and Family
Mia, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior and Family
Dante and Dexter
Max, Jake, Lola and Perry
Calvin~Knead On

For the Tulips
Tinker Bell

For the Forever Heart
Macy---My special, special one and only Valentine!
Simon and Reuben
Milo and Family

For the Forever Angel Star
Flowie, Whisper and Family
Big Harry and Family
Da Tabbie O Trout Towne
Angel Yoda
Otto and Family--We loved I LOVE CONTESTS...Thanks Otto
Boxie Brown
Alex Angel
Odie and family
My friends at Olde Furts--thanks to all of you for all the fun we had
Kaci Sunshine and Family
Smiley Cassanova
Onyx and family
Eddy and Family

Taffy, Angel Girl
Luigi- We didn't play in the game rooms much but you always thought of me...thank you

For the Diamond
Pie--Our very special Friend in OF and one of the first ones to welcome us
Tansey and Family

I have my wings now and I am learning to use them. I had so much help when I got here. So many furs that I didn't even know but was welcomed with open paws. I will be here waiting for you mom. I'm always in your heart and will always be watching over you.


My Bridge Day 4/12/12

April 13th 2012 7:33 am
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Dear Diary,

Mom and dad have been doing so much lately since I was diagnosed with CRF. It was only two short weeks, though they had thought it several weeks before that. Mom read everything on line she could and they were sure they could help me.

I crashed two weeks ago, then crashed again earlier this week. Mom and dad thought about fluid therapy again, but the crashes were getting worse and this time I didn't want to eat. They decided to let me go yesterday. is beautiful here at the bridge. I am my normal healthy self, not limping, and able to eat all I want, like I used to do. There are plenty of angels here...many who were staying with me on my other trips to the vet...and lots of new ones too. They are helping me learn. Please know, that I know you did what was best for me. I am now free of the pain that I hid from you. I miss you but will always be with you.

Note from mom....We love you baby girl...You have brought so much joy to our lives in the 13+ years we were able to share with you. There is such a void without you but we could no longer make you fight a fight you were losing and allow you to suffer for it. You are now and always will be in our hearts. We will see you someday at the Bridge and are happy that you are now free from pain.

Love you Patches....MOM

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