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This Is My New Diary by Barney Joe Thunderbear

ENOUGH WITH THE JINGLE BELLS!! ---(^..^)-- BJT, December, 28, 2012

December 28th 2012 10:58 am
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Well, I don't know who Mommi thinks she is, but she Had Better Watch It! (as my Daddy Joe Thunderbear used to say). She STILL has these four jingle bells attached to my *pink* collar (yes it's pink with little diamond-like thingies--she says the color goes good with my fur color which is "champagne". Or "blonde". Good grief, I need a manly color name. Anyways.) SO, Christmas is over, and we got TREATS! Some kind of wonderful little plastic things with yummy fishy stuff in 'em. After I ate mine, I found some extra ones up on the kitchen counter and pawed at them till I got one little container loose and pawed at it till I got it knocked off onto the floor, and before I could do further damage, meaning sink my teeth into the foil covering, I was caught red-pawed by Auntie Ro, who said, "Barney Joe Thunderbear, what in the sam hill do you think you're doing?" well, I thought it was quite obvious, myself. Auntie Ro brought my purloined treat to Mommi and TOLD ON ME!!! (:O) and Mommi said I could have it, and put it on a little plate all for me, and saved a little bit for later. I have never had any food but dry food in my life, as the v-e-t said it is not good for me due to I am prone to crystals in my lower regions. (*ahem*) I would appreciate some comments on this idea, as I have decided I LOVE soft food. Mommi tried putting *water* on my dried food so it wouldn't dehydrate me--I did not care for this and made this be known by eating very little of said nasty moistend glop. SO, that was Christmas---now, I wonder if there is such as thing as New Year's treats....
Yours truly,
Barneby Jones Thunderbear


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