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life is a party!

The bar is open and ready for an all day party

December 29th 2013 6:12 am
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The bar was quite, dark. Christmas lights hung along the crown moldings were on. The cabinet lights were shinning delicately on all the bottles. The place was gorgeous! As she pushed the door open, she realized there was no one around. Meeeeoooooww??? !!! She slowly walked in cautious that she might be at the wrong bar.

Meantime, Zach said to Diamond "did you her the sweetest voice just now?" he walked into the front of the bar and there stood Sam. Sam when did you get into town? One heck of a flight isn't it? Yeah Zoe keeps saying we need to go to Zeland to see you guys. Is Mr. D with you? If so you need to make sure he doesn't get lost again. MOL. So how have you been?

As Zoe walked in she said "Dang Zach, will you let her talk! And lay off the coffee please. Come on Sam, we got breakfast cooking back here and you can just chill while we get ready for the party."

Gris runs outside and yells " It might be a cold, rainy eastern day but the BAR IS OPEN!!!!!


Party Post poned due to fleas

March 29th 2013 12:24 pm
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Diamond here: Yep you heard it!! Fleas have been kicking our hinnies since last night and we didn't even know it. Mom says it will just be impossible to keep an eye on the party, three diaries and Zoe's prank Pic. Don't forget to go add your comment to the picture, it's the one with Zach on the cross word puzzle.

We will be checking in from time to time.

Last time this happened Mom changed the email address our notifications went to and it started working again. If this works....maybe the party will be back on for this weekend. So leave us a message saying something like """""can you hear me know???"""" MOL


MArdi Gras/Valentines party for 2013!

February 16th 2013 3:15 pm
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Riddle me this:

Whats more fun than 50 some cats in a building? 50 cats partying!
First, the technical stuff
To make sure you don't duplicate your comments don't refresh the diary. Either put the Id number on a sticky note or use your email to connect back to the party page.

And to post pics, music or videos, A very helpful hint we got awhile back that works every time is to erase your name or email address out of the comment box before posting. This has just about stopped all our error 4s.

SO lets........





And revert back to our silly kitten days



Zach says we are parting here right now!

December 8th 2012 4:48 am
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Don't thank we were supposed to get a DDP today but we are taking advantage of it! Lets party tonight!!! I here by open the doors to Zach's Pool Hall permanently!(remind me to change the needs a classy name)

Remember, to raise a glass to long not friendship to extended families! All of you are our oldest catster friends and this is OUR hang out.(flying you guys here and there to party was getting costly, MOL) Heck, I say this place belongs to you as much as it does to me. I hope you guys are excited cause lord knows there's one whooping mortgage on the place.

There's bunk rooms and a den up stairs. The pool table is in the back room along with some super comfy sofas to chill out on. No scratching please. We have installed a white pine beam back there for that. Diamond and Gris will be bartending, Yes, I said Gris, turns out he is one heck of a mixologist. So make yourself comfy.

There's about 6 restaurants that will deliver so don't even worry about that. And in the morning when we are good and hungover and without showers, we'll all run to IHOP for breakfast. (how many times has our humans done this in their youth, MOL. Mom says too many but their all good memories)

Come stop by

we are ready

we are ready

ever seen our first hundred

our new purchase for this year

Early bird Christmas party! Party with us tonight and tomorrow


DDP thanks from the ugly reindeer!

December 4th 2012 4:34 pm
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I, Diamond would like to thank our kitty friends, Tates' family and Smiley Casanova for the gifties I received today. I have been so busy running this fine establishment for Zach that I haven't been writing diaries lately and when I did....wouldn't you know diary gal liked it.

Tate, Officer Bumble, Mable and angels Wilma(thats my girl!) and Tonka, tanks for the forever bouncing ball, it is so much fun!

Smiley, the steak you gave me was delish! It really hit the spot after chasing that ball around all over the house.

Thanks diary (doggie) gal.
PS- don't forget I'm certifiably cat.


Zach and his wingmen

March 11th 2012 7:46 pm
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I decided to share a couple pics with you of Zach and his wingmen. Mom had so much fun making these. Next week there will be more added. You can save these for your own pages if you like.

Diamond Daisy

PS- I'llbe writing about my very exciting Bday week maybe tomorrow.


Wow! Diary Pick

March 14th 2011 12:57 pm
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Thanks diary lady! We appreciate what you do.



March 12th 2011 3:23 pm
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Coolest cat picture ever every little square is a pic of a kitty. I wish I could make it clearer to see.

We had one h e double hockey sticks of a time. We racked up 245 post in total,3 post in one minute happened 14 or 15 times, 4 post in one minute 3 times. Wow, that was so much fun, I mean ober crazy! From now on, me or one of my wingmen is going to ask someone to host the next party for the coming up holiday. Can't wait!

For future reference:
Mardi gras! Let's party!

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