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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Male

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Smiley Cassanova

Oscar- wosca, Orange smartie, Oscie.

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
May 10th 2009

Orange Tabby

My toy mices, cuddles with mummy and daddy, nice sunny days so I can play out lots

Frankie sleeping in my bed! I don't like the rain either because I can't play out :(

Favorite Toy:
My sparkly red mouse and my owange snakey. Leo and Frankie are funny toys too, and the rabbit Sooty.

Favorite Nap Spot:
My blue bed

Favorite Food:
Sweeties! (Whiskas Temptations)

I can do a wall plant off the wall and a back flip when I'm being silly!!!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
I can't remember anything about how I came to mummy and daddy, but they told me that they rescued me from the market when i was a tiny kitten. And that all the way home I slept in daddy's arms, purring. This sounds like me so they must be telling the truth :)

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8 of 9

Hello. My name is Oscar and I spend most of my time being silly. I purr constantly because I'm always really happy and I'm still a big kitten. Mummy says she doesn't think I'll ever grow up but that doesn't matter because I don't want to! I got lots of pussy cat friends who come and call for me, and everyone I meet I want to play with. I loves chasing birds in the garden, but mummy and daddy told me off once for racing home with feathers in my mouth! I think they were just cwoss because I didn't bring them my birdy home, I ate it!!!! I has lots of lovely toys- my favourite orange snakey and lots and lots of jingly mice. And I loves jumping on the big black wabbit Sooty, especially when he chases me growling hehe, it makes my tail go all bushy and just makes me more silly!!

Thanks Harry and family :)

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March 11th 2011 More than 6 years!

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I love outside

March 18th 2011 7:52 am
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It's my second day back out now after I was made to rest for a few days. I'm loving it.

I went belting out into the garden this morning as soon as Dad opened the door and in my sprint nearly caught a bird on the lawn! hhaha it flew off so quickly. NEARLY BIRD, nearly. It's lovely and sunny today so I been racing around the neighbourhood showing off my fixed leg. And also, everything smells WONDERFUL. I love the smell of outside, the grass, the birds, the airrrr... I found a little patch of grass in the sunshine over the back and just rolled in it over and over again, stretching my legs out and purrrrinnggg to myself. Ahhhh, bliss.

I came home for a bit and mummy looked really confused at me, apparently I've now got a green head. Probably from when I was rolling in it earlier. I like grass.

We had tuna and prawns for lunch but I couldn't finish mine because all I could think about was going back outside. So I just licked it all over in hope that Frankie and Leo wouldn't want to finish it and then went back outside. And did another few laps of the neighbourhood. I saw my girlfriend on my travels, she looked over the moon to see me. And I can't believe how much she has grown, I dunno whether it's a bit embarrassing to have a girlfriend who's kind of a bit bigger than you? Oh well, she said my green head looked cute and we played around the trees for a while, jumping out at each other.

Came back home again to finish my lunch, and of course my sister Frankie had eaten it. She's got so fat now I'm surprised she can jump over our garden wall. Hmph. Mummy said it was my own fault for not eating it when I was given it and that I can have more later. Guess this sounds like a compromise.

Anyway- off back out now, just lovvingggg it today. HAPPY! Out.

Note to SIMBA & TIDGE: Did you like the tuna and prawns and chicken breast/ham tins that my mum brought around for you?


Diary of the day!!!

March 16th 2011 3:06 am
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Hewwo fwiendies.

Mummy told me to check my catster account this morning because something special had happened. I don't do Catster vewy much, my sister Leo writes mostly because I don't have a vewy long attention span and end up being silly.
Anyway I came on to see what all the fuss is about, and I see my picture in Diary of the Day! I feel vewy honoured because I only wrote one diary entry before this and both me and Leo are vewy new to the site!
I told Leo about my DOTD and she said this must be wrong because she is a better writer than me and she got the honour yesterday. But to that I went "nah nah na na na" in her face because I am king of diary today!!! Which means I could be an author too?

I thinks I should fill you in a bit on my boring week. So today is Wednesday which means I have now been LOCKED inside the house for six days! My little accident was last Friday. I feel like I'm going mad. Last night I dreamt that I was playing out chasing birdies and climbing trees and jumping out at cat legs and human legs walking by... it was one of the best dreams in the world, because then this morning I woke up again to this.

It's awful. I have to use the litter tray which is so unjustified in my opinion. Leo uses it all the time but I prefer to go race off over the back into the next housing estate and go to the toilet in the garden of the lady who doesn't like cats. Me and a lot of the cats in my neighbourhood like to do this, it so funny to see her bashing on the windows at us. I started to turn my back on her because it's a bit off putting. I do feel bad though a little bit. Maybe I will bring her one of my mouseys next time I'm playing out....

That's if mummy ever lets me out again!

I've been spending most of my day howling at the windows and pawing at the patio doors. But Mummy says I need to rest. She's been letting me sit in the office with her which is vewy nice. Usually when im in there i feel all giddy and end up on top of the degus cage sticking my hands through the bars, which gets me thrown out of the room again. But I been vewy good the past couple of days, sitting in my blue bed and staring longingly at the cage.

There's nothing much else to report, because as I was saying my life is boring. I feel like such a loser cat staying inside. All the cats in the neighbourhood must be wondering where I've gone. I'm going to go sit on the windowsill now but I might update again later if anything happens. Infact I might howl extra loudly at the door today so I get to play out for being DOTD... my leg doesn't even feel poorly anymore, I think I'll go tell mummy.

Thankyew again for this honour x


Poorly me...

March 12th 2011 3:02 am
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I don't likes being on the computer much, I got Leo to write my page out for me because I don't knows much about compooters.

But tooday Leo suggested that I write a little bit about me, because I can't go outside and I am vewy bored.

At the moment I am poorly, this is why I can't go out.

What happened was:

Yesterday morning I was racing about outside chasing birds and looking for cats to play with. I was just minding my own business playing with a little stick in a garden two doors down. Suddenly I spotted my fwiend racing down the alleyway. My fwiend is a weally pretty all brown tabby with a little blue collar. We practically the same age and both a bit silly so we are always chasing each other awound and jumping out on each other. So I thought I would be funny and make her jump. I went racing up the garden and jumped over the gate. But that is when my back leg got stuck!!!
I didn't know what was happening and I was so worried, it just wouldn't come out of a little gap in the gate.
My whole body was free apart from my back leg and I couldn't reach the gwound with my front paws so I was desperately twying to get my leg free and pulling and pulling and crying but it was just getting more and more stuck.
I was beyond the point of despair, I thought I would have to live like that in the gate forever and ever. I couldn't see a life past it. I don't knows how long I was stuck like that for, it didn't hurt me much at the time but that is because I was so panicked I wasn't even thinking properly.

Then I was saved! By SIMBA's mum. I saw her come out of her door and I shouted and shouted. She came racing over to me to help and tried to free my back leg, but I was trying to help too and it wasn't doing much good; I was just getting more stuck. I'm not sure what happened next as it was all a blur, but I remember suddenly being in Simba's mum's arms and to safety. Oh the relief!!! We went around to my house but mum and dad were both out at uni! I lay down in my front garden for a bit to catch my breath back, and to get my bearings back on earth. I still wasn't sure whether I was just dweaming, or whether I actually was on all 4 paws again! Simba's mum told me she would keep an eye on me and had left a note for mum and dad. And that is when evewything started catching up on me over what had just happened. I raced around to the back door and leapt over the wall, and suddenly I was hit with pain. Simba's mum came racing after me to see if i was ok but i just felt so embarrased and tired that I went and hid under the rabbit hutch.

With all the noise LEO had woken up and was sat by the patio doors crying at me, and I was howling at her. But she couldn't let me in obviously. Where were my mum and dad! I crawled under the rabbit hutch and waited there until I heard someone come home. Eventually Dad turned up, so I came in and suddenly felt overcome with hunger. Walked too my dish and sat there purring. I felt so happy to be back inside. Even if my leg was hurting me and I couldn't walk on it. But Dad seemed to have other ideas. He looked panicked and was running about the house on the phone, which I was a bit confused about as if he was looking for me had he not realised I was sat waiting for some lunch? Went to see what all the commotion was about and he picked me up and gave me a huge cuddle. He was obviously very worried about something so I decided not to tell him about my leg.

Simba's mum came back and the two of them seemed vewy concerned by me, although not concerned enough to fill my food bowl up by the looks of things!!! I sat and waited. But instead Dad put me in the cat carrier and we were in the car before I knew it! I have no idea how that happened. It was too rushed for me to protest. But I did protest on our journey. A lot. And do you know where we went??? The VET. I couldn't believe it when we arrived. I thought I had hidden my poorly leg pwetty well but somehow Dad knew about it, and all of a sudden the Vet was feeling awound my leg and pushing the bit which hurt. It was so painful so I started purring to try and make myself feel better. Mummy arrived soon, it was very weird to see her walk through the door. Possibly the strangest gathering the three of us have ever shared. What was she doing in the vet at the same time as me!? Perhaps she had hurt her leg too. But she was walking on her legs fine...

Anyway I was vewy pleased to see her. I put my head on her tummy and tried to climb into her jumper, it was such a relief. Mummy had come to bring me home! Or so I thought... turns out they were both in on it. And I was at the vet for another what felt like hours and days! They weighed me, apparently I am 3.7 kg, which is a vewy healthy weight for me. I felt quite proud of this so kept climbing back on the scales to weigh myself and receive more "Good boys" from mum and dad. Then, an injection went inside me, and everything started slowing down. I suddenly felt a big rush of calm take me over and the pain started disappearing. I was put back in my little box and suddenly felt overcome with tiredness.

Soon we were home and I fell asleep in my blue bed almost immediately. And from this point on I was dead to the world, waking only a couple of times. One of those times Simba's mum came awound with a little goody bag and really cool card and letter from Simba. Thanks Simba! I played with my new mousey for a bit but the tiredness was immense, I fell asleep with him in my arms.

This morning I am feeling slightly more awake than yesterday. We have been back to the vet again to check my leg over. Apparently I am walking on it better now. I have to have some medicine for a couple of weeks to help with the healing, but I am feeling quite proud of my battle scars. They look quite cool. Leo and Frankie went "woooaaaahhhhhh" when I showed them, so it must be quite impressive. But mum and dad says if they see me washing it I have to wear a cone around my neck... I don't want to wear one of those because when Leo wore one when she had a poorly foot she looked fed up for days. And I laughed at her. I don't want my sisters to laugh at me :S

I can't go outside either until it is better. Which means I have the most boring week ahead of me. At least I have some nice new toys to play with though: cloud with a silver lining :)
Hope mummy lets me outside to tell my fwiend what happened though, she keeps coming down to peep through the patio windows at me but I don't think she can hear me through the glass. Maybe I will have to pass a message onto Leo, Frankie or Simba...

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