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Diary Pick of the Day!!!

October 27th 2011 7:50 am
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Wow - my collar wars must be entertainin'. I am diary pick of the day! Right now, it is Lottie 2 mom 0. Hurray for me! Feliway has us calmed down a little bit. I think wez is starting to settle into our in house territories. Lucy got Steph's room, Milo got the dining room chair. I have mom's bed (yeah!) and Miranda just sits on top of her little tower.


Collar Wars

October 22nd 2011 5:09 pm
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Well, this morning I made a bolt for the back door and got out. Stopped to admire my accomplishment and mom snatched me up and took me back inside. Drat! Then she went to the store and bought feliway refills. So when we got into fights tonight she said "Hey, you all -- breathe deeply!!" Then she bought another collar. Thought she'd given up on this thing. It is purple and plastic and smells like mom's herb garden. She put it on me and called it a calming collar. Hum, my response was to have a fight with Miranda, then I went downstairs and hid in the basement and sulked. Been an hours and I came back upstairs and mom is pleased, the collar is still on!


Kitty Stress

October 20th 2011 5:02 pm
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I am really unhappy as an inside kitty. After a week I still spend most of my waking time crying to go out, climbing the windows. Mom feels sorry for me, but won't let me go out. I keep getting into fights with Lucy. I think she is actually trying to start them. And somebody is peeing on the carpet. Mom doesn't know if it's me or Lucy. Miranda keeps stalking me, but I really don't want to play. Mom doesn't know how to make me feel better. The only time I am happy is when I am in bed with mom and dad at night. Then I purr and purr.



October 19th 2011 5:14 am
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Wow, I am DDP! Can I be rewarded by letting me go out????? I am spending my whole days crying at the window lately. It's not MY fault Linus went missing. I am winning the collar war anyway. Mom's tryin' to decide if I should get the valium or she should!! Thanx for the honor even though I know probably nobody can reply on my diary. Go reply on my new pix! I think I can see that!


Collar - Not!

October 15th 2011 3:36 pm
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Mom bought us all collars today. Hummmm. She grabbed Lucy first, then Miranda (who thought it was all fun and games), then Milo. Lastly, she came looking for me. Yikes, she put this red collar thingie on me!! First I ran around the room backwards, then hunched down in the corner snarling. Sooo, trying to change the subject, Mom fed us all. Didn't fool me, I ran away from supper. A little later, I came back out - without my collar. Yep, she can go find it.



October 13th 2011 7:05 pm
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Mom almost forgot to celebrate my DDP. It's okay, I understand, but I am very proud of be given this honor. I let mom bring me inside (we are all inside now) and I am actually purrring on the couch next to mom. Thank you for my DDP! I feel special.


Sigh and Ouch!

October 10th 2011 6:39 am
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Whew! The wedding over. The peeplz all cleared out this morning. They all were very loud and played lots of games. And there were the dreaded little peeplz runnin' around, too! Peeplz kittens are sure scary. They grab and poke. Then they all took the horses for a ride yesterday. Good, let dem horses deal with 'em. Dey are bigger than da peeplz and can keep em in line. Then - the ouchie. Mom worries 'bout knowin' if something is happenin' to me cause I don't come inside. I didn' come for supper last night, but there were lots of people, so mom did not worry about it. This morning, while it was quiet, she took some food and went lookin' for me. She found out that sometime yesterday I got into a really bad cat fight. My poor right ear is bit up and has a tear! She took me inside and locked me in a room till she can figure what to do. I am not happy there, but with the peeplz gone, it is quiet. My ear hurts so I am just hidin' under the bed now.


First Wave Landed

October 6th 2011 3:43 pm
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Yep, first bunch of peeplz have arrived. Theyz the old ones and are quiet. They not so bad. They sit on the porch and watch the buuurds and butterflies, like me! I peeked out to see dem, then went back under the porch. I hear the noisy ones come tomorrow and invade my porch area with bonfire at night. And a horse will be in my yard on Saturday! Sigh. Mom says its okay, but I don't think so. She started feeding me in a special hiding place. That's okay by me. I like Siobhan and Jonny, but will be glad when this is all over.


Four Days!

October 4th 2011 7:36 pm
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Mom is gonna be pretty busy the next couple a days. Siobhan's gettin' married on Saturday! They brought in the purrrrty horse carriage and cleaned it up today. Very shiny! Mom is stayin' home from work tomorrow to clean the house -- gonna take some real work! But my peeplz is startin' to get excited. And I thinks there's gonna be lots of folks in the house. Under da porch looks like a good place to stay.


Diary Pick!!!

September 21st 2011 1:53 pm
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Wowie! My first diary pick ever! So thrilled. I guess quiet, scared kitties can be liked, too! So happy I purred around my porch and waved at all the buuuurds on the feeder! They don't really wave back - they just fly away. Gotta show Lucy that I have made it big time today! Thank you everyone!!!!

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