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I have a birthday, too!!!

September 16th 2012 3:48 pm
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Linus had his burrfday yesterday, but mine be today!!! Mom and dad came home today - for my buurfday!!!! Happy burrrfday to ME!!


I Staying Here

May 4th 2012 4:13 am
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Well, anybody followin' da saga of Kenny knows that he went to live with Suzanne instead of me. Dat okay cause he be all black and those kitties sometimes cannot find homes. Suzanne had a hard time tryin' to pick between us. It okay with me that he went - I don't like change. Of course, that means we still have our issues here. But the sachets really seem to have helped some. Mom keeps dat kitty pee-out spray stuff handy and I pretty much stay under her bed.


Changes A'coming

April 16th 2012 2:15 pm
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Iz has really tried to make dis work. Mom and Dad knowz dat. And dez has tried everything dey know to help, too. Yew seez, mez and Lucy really got it in for each other. Wez fightin' all da time. Now I'm just so upset all da time I pickin' on Miranda so she hidin' a lot. An' I hide under Dad's bed just about all da time cept when I'm eatin or fightin'. They tried feliway, herbs, calming collar (that I tore to pieces). An me and Milo in a pissin' contest (literally!). The calming sachets have slowed that down - Milo doin' better, but not me. I so sorry, I just cannot make this jump. When I was outside kitty it was different. I had all the out-a-doors. But now I cannot get away from others. I love 'em, I guess, but it just not working. I heard mom and Suzanne talkin' yesterday. Suzanne really misses havin' a kitty. She was Linus' mom until he had UII issues and got expensive. Then he went missing and ever'body say how tight he and Miranda are. And he a social butterfly (can an 18 pound cat be a butterfly?). But me, I am a loner. I don' like other cats. Suzanne wants to know if I can come to live with her. She gonna ask her landlord if I can come. Don't know how I feel. I don' like new things. Suzanne gone for 24 hours every three days, but Iz likes bein' alone (as long as dere is food dere). I likes peeplz, so I'd be luvvy to her when she dere. Mom only lives a block away. I afraid to go, but afraid here, too. Decisions to make....


We be gone a little While

March 6th 2012 5:22 pm
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Mom let me be the spokes-kitty! She is gonna be gone for a week helpin' peeplz whose houses gone blown away by the tornadoes. They don't have much internet, so wez won't be 'round for about a week. She went lookin' all over for a place to send this message and finally found a starbucks! So, we all be back in about seven days.


Squeaker is My Valentine

February 5th 2012 6:28 pm
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So happy!! Squeaker that big handsome mancat is my valentine!! Gonna have a beautiful Valentine's Day!!!


Somebody Loves ME!!!!

January 31st 2012 9:20 am
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O me o my!!!! I am DDP! So astonished. The kitten with behavior issues! I am soooo touched in da heart! Mom thinks a little in da head, too. Thank you for my honor!!!


Is it Raining?

January 30th 2012 6:31 pm
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No really. Puddles in the house. Frustrated Mom, Dad, family. Say, why do I get the diary that always discusses the behavior issues? Maybe cause I'm the only one of us never to be a DDP, or maybe cause mom only has like seven pictures of me and cannot find the one and only kitten picture. Lottie rant time.

Never mind that stuff. Mom and Dad in a "don' know what to do" moment (more like month). They gettin' pretty frustrated about the sprayin' everywhere. Seems wez ALL doin' it. Feliway difusers all over, several brands of clean up spray (which kinda smell nice and remove the smell, but don't solve the problem), vinegar didn' do much. Maybe it's five cats in one 1800 foot house, but nothing seems to stop it. Tryin' to decide if they should throw in the towel (is that what they call a pun?). Mom really does not wanna let us go back outside after what happened to Linus. And we read things like poor Merlin. Dad says Linus is chipped, has a collar now. Maybe we should all just get chipped and turned back out (except Miranda). I'd really like to go out, but I can sense Mom's fear. She just dont wanna go there again. She promised God if Linus came home she'd keep us all inside...but now, with serious spraying everywhere... don't know what to do.


Linus is Home!

November 18th 2011 8:07 pm
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Linus came home tonight. Everyone is happy and talking. Family comin' over to see him. A lot of excitement. Very glad he is home. Maybe Mom will let me go outside now. Yeah, probably not.


My Gotcha Day

November 16th 2011 7:49 am
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Wow, my gotcha day! I get to tell my story (yea, I know it is in my bio). Mom and Dad had just had a 13 year old kitty go to rainbow bridge and were very sad. That Sunday they were at church and could hear a kitty crying from the basement sunday school room. Dad looked and found me at the bottom of a four foot deep window well, half buried in old dead leaves. I had been there for several days. It was raining and wet and I was a very sorry sight to see! He literally dug up a bush to get to me. Mom wrapped me in dish cloths from the church kitchen, then took me home. I was so weak, they had to spoon feed me for several days. They named me Lottie Moon for the missionary who is recognized by our church at this time of year. And that is my story. Mom is gonna go hunting for some of my baby pix. There are not very many, but if she can find some, she will post them!


DDP Two Days in a Row!!!

October 28th 2011 8:26 am
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Well, scratch in my litter - two days in a row!!! Some angel knew I'd need extra head bonks today! I hid that collar on mom so she can't find it. Sorry, mom, I love you, but - I got no strings (er collar) to tie me down.

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