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Changing Locations

October 27th 2011 7:32 pm
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Mom looked at the cam photos tonight. Not very encouraging. The only kitty at all is the gray tabby and mom is thinking that the peeplz who thought they saw me, saw him. Mom is thinking maybe I was never there. While she was tryin' to figure out what to do, an elderly man can up to her and asked about me. Then he told a long story about his cute little dog he'd had for 15 years. The pup died last year and he still had her picture in his wallet. He got all teary-eyed and mom and he stood in the rain and cried together. Then he said he didn't want to get her hopes up, but he'd seen a big gray and white cat up at the "dead lady's house" (it is about three blocks from us). Mom took the trail cam and a huge pile of cheap stinky cat food up there. Meantime, family is getting ready 1000 little books mom wrote about me to give out to trick or treaters with candy. So mom is crawling around this 100 year old house of a dead person and it's just about Halloween. If I wasn't missin' it would be funny.


Cat of da Day!!!!!

October 26th 2011 5:31 am
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Yippie for me!!! So super! And I may be missin', but I ain't dead!! My family rejoices every morning when Mr. Lewellen of the streets department does NOT come by! Yeah, today may be two weeks, but maybe that means two weeks closer to my return. Thank you all for this great honor.


Added a Video

October 25th 2011 7:35 pm
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Mom made a video to play on my page. If you check it out remember to turn the playlist off first or there will be two different songs playing! There was only one cat that came by the cam last night. Looks like a twin for Lottie. Mom's gonna leave the cam there for several days to see what happens, then try to figure where to move it next.


Say: Cheese!"

October 24th 2011 7:31 am
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Mom joined the missingcatassistance yahoo group yesterday and they suggested putting out a trail cam. Not certain if it should be placed at home or at the apartment complex but mom bought an inexpensive one from Walmart today. Hoping I'll be posing for the camera!


Day Eleven

October 22nd 2011 3:24 pm
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No further sitings of me since Tuesday, 10/18, at mid day. There have been a least four people now who confirm seeing me at the apartments before then, but nothing since. Mom wonders if when the rain was comin' I decided to try to go home and guessed the wrong direction. If so, I am out in the countryside. Maybe I will eventually come back to the apartments. Nice Cheryl of the apartment says she isn't giving up and will keep looking for me up there. Mom walked through the brush all the way from the apartments to our house yesterday, hoping that if I came around, it would give me a scent. Putting out flyers on doors of all the people in town gradually. Have put out nearly 600 since I went missing and over 100 posters.



October 20th 2011 6:26 am
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Another person (someone mom works with) called this morning to say she has seen me in the same basic area as the apartment complex, but not since it started raining. We are now almost certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the area and it is just time. Mom will go back out at lunchtime today even though it is still cold and raining. Just maybe I am hungry enough to come - if I haven't been eatin' buuurds in the woods (sorry, Tabbies o' Trout Town!).



October 18th 2011 3:16 pm
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After four calls today, Mom has two people independent of each other in an apartment complex about a mile from us say that they saw me!!! This kitty has been coming to eat with another stray at one lady's place for about three days. Mom just about flew over there. They all looked and looked, called, but I did not come. It was starting to thunder and rain and we kitties don't like that even when we are at home. The apartments back up to a wooded area so there's lots of places for a scared kitty to hide. Mom left my cat carrier on the lady's porch and gave our phone number to both of the neighbors with instructions to not try to catch me, but to just call 24/7. She's trying really hard not to count on this too much, but it's the best news we've had in a week!!!


Day Five

October 16th 2011 4:23 pm
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Well, the sun is setting. For some reason, Mom had gotten it into her head that this would be the day, but it appears it will not be. She expanded the search, even convinced the Methodist church to let her put my food in their basement in case I got in there while their youth were meeting on Wednesday. She'll go back tomorrow to see if the food is gone, but she walked all over the church for more than an hour and I did not show. Walked all over town. It was warming to see all the shed and garage doors propped open as people have responded to the flyers. She will continue to look for me every evening, refresh posters, put a notice in the newspaper, but we are now at the point where it all has been done. And this may be a long time. Mom read many stories on the internet over the last couple of days about kitties who came home after a week, two weeks, a month, six months (Mr. D!), even a year. Maybe I will be one of those. Mom thinks of my big, solid warm rolled up body that everyone wanted in bed with them to keep them warm and how I was the one who played with Miranda, and strutted around like I owned the place (I did own the place!). There is a very big hole here. Mom is not going to keep making these daily reports, it hurts too much. But please keep praying and purrrring for me. Don't forget me.


Day Four

October 15th 2011 1:56 pm
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Thanks to everyone for all the puurrrs and suggestions. We are grabbin' for every one. The town is now plastered with posters on 30 light poles and flyers in the doors of every place in a two block radius of where he was last seen. Lots and lots of people have been talked to and are "keepin der eyes open." The posters and flyers list an unspecified reward for his return. Mom drove 11 miles out to the shelter today, but although there were some very cute babies, no Linus. But they now have his flyer and info, too.

There have been three calls with leads, all in the same area and all having seen him Wednesday. Nothing since.

I really prayin' that he is somewhere nearbye hidin', but that just isn't Linus' way. He thinks the whole world is his friend and will purr up to anybody. And food is his middle name. Spreading the posters out beyond the one mile area of town in case a kid took him home, his ma said "no way", and just tossed Linus out the door in one of the outer neighborhoods. Gosh, do not know how Mr D's family got through this for so long! Bought five collars today. One for each of the babies - and one for Linus on faith he will come back.


Day Three

October 14th 2011 5:23 am
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After all the rain yesterday, today the sun is shining. So maybe today is the day. Mom is hoping that I ended up in a garage for a family who took off for the rest of fall break. If so, they'd be comin' home by Sunday. That's just two days away. But she worried that if someone decided to take me they won't know about my special diet. I am not chipped. Right about now mom wishes she'd put a GPS finder on me cause chips only help if I end up at a vet or shelter. Discovered one not so happy thing: This has happened to three other kitties within two blocks of us in the last year - they just vanished without a trace. One of them had a collar. The collar was found, but not the kitty. Mom is expanding the posters to the other side of town (keeping in mind our town isn't that big!). Feel like we are grasping at bits of kitty litter, but just need to keep doing something.

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