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My Gotcha Day!!!

November 18th 2014 6:30 am
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This be the day we celebrate my return home from a nearly six week missing time in 2011. Sometimes it feel like yesterday. Funny, but mom's human daughter now owns a farm less than 1/4 mile from where I was found. That must mean something! Mom never forgot that moment I come running from the field and literally jumped into her arms. Today mom go back and reread all those entries while I was missing and be so thankful for all our furends who saw us through that horrible time. Catstur Furrends are the very very best!!!!!



October 27th 2014 1:46 pm
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....well, cannot put comments on furrends and know they cannot put comments here (sigh), but today I remember where I was three years ago. Somewhere out in the farmload four miles from home. And mom was desperately looking for me. Even now there are times she just rubs my chin and we both remember those times. We gonna write a book someday. Purring that someday we will have our comments back!


Belated Bday!

September 16th 2014 5:14 am
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Mom could not get into my page yesterday - but it was a fun birthday! We have several this week, but mine is the most special of them all!!!! I got a new bed and lots of pets! We also got five new kittens - not exactly what I wanted, but they are all gray like me. I can handle that!


To the Vet!

August 23rd 2014 7:57 pm
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Mom loaded me up into the carrier on Friday and took me to Dr. Dan. I was a bit freaked. I hate the vet - but this time I did not feel sick. Maybe mom THOUGHT I was sick. I kept yowling and telling her to go back home, I felt just fine!

We got there and now I did not want to leave my carrier. Really, Mom, I don't wanna to be there!!!

Dr. Dan came into the room. He patted my head and told me hi. "Wow, Linus, I have never seen you healthy before."

So... is this some kind of pleasure visit? Next thing, I got weighed and I have lost a whole pound! That is good news, too.

Okay, let's go home. O wait..... next thing I knew, I got not just one shot, but three!!! Bottom line is this is the first time is two years I have been healthy enough to get immunizations.

Then I got to go home.


Doing Better

July 20th 2014 6:45 pm
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I have been feeling better the last day! I woke mom up with a head-bonk and purring this morning. Been a very long time since I did that! Rolled on the floor and played with my feather toy, too!! My urine pH is getting better 6.8!! Not enough to do a Specific Gravity, but mom is encouraged. Me? I am glad to be feeling a little better. Hoping it keeps up. It has been a long time..... Sweet Lacey, I love you!!!!


Anyone with UTI Knowledge?

July 2nd 2014 10:56 am
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Okay, so mom is kinda sorta frustrated. My stone test came back today. We were waiting to see whether they were struvites of magnesium origin or calcium. Magnesium dissolve in acidic urine, calcium are caused by acidic urine. The special foods like CD and Royal Canin SO acidify the urine to dissolve the magnesium kind. I had my first UTI in July 2011 (three years ago this month). I was on SO for awhile, the on the "raw diet". Did great until last summer when I went back on Little Friskies wet food while Mom and Dad were away. It was just easier. From September to November I had one blockage after the next even though I was back on CD and taking antibiotics. Finally had the PU surgery and we thought all would be well. Stayed on CD and went back to the raw diet. Had an infection without blockage in May. Ended up on antibiotics with two rounds. Two weeks ago had a urine check and all seemed well. Then, a week ago, I had another blockage. So, today the test came back --- I have BOTH kinds of stones. Dr. Dan left a voice mail with the result cause mom is at work. He said to keep on with CD and antibiotics and all will be well. Really? Mom of the opinion that if you do the same thing the same way and expect a different result that be insanity. Now, while she is pretty close to insanity at this point she really is closer to tears! I am growling all the time (I used to be a friendly guy), she keeps poking the pills into me, doesn't know if I am angry or really in pain.

Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, information that would help us????


More UTI Trouble

June 26th 2014 12:22 pm
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Guess I could not let Ziva get all the attention. This morning I could not pee. Mom spotted me as she was getting ready to feed us all and right away knew something was wrong. We have been through this so many times! So, off to the vet along with Ziva. At least I did not cry all the way there like she did.

But... more serious-like, I have stones in my bladder. Now, I had many UTIs and blockages last year and then the PU surgery in November. We thought life would be better. Now there be stones. Dr. Dan got my unplugged and flushed out. But there is a chance these are calcium instead of Magnesium. I don't understand much chemistry, but it would mean the treatments I have been given are actually making me worse. Sadder yet, there does not seem to be a way to dissolve the calcium stones which means this could keep happening.

Mom checking on possibilities while I sleep in my cage at the vet.... Ziva will go home tonight. Hope I do, too.


O Dear! Sick Again!

May 16th 2014 7:13 am
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I thought when I had that awful surgery in November this would never happen again. : ( I sick with a UTI again!! Spent the night at the vet where Dr. Dan poked, prodded, not fun at all!! Mom is out of town, too. Finally came home last night and taking antibiotics. Mom wondering if there be a stress component to this - although I am the alpha kitty. What would I have to stress about? Not been a good couple of days.


Fun and Games!

April 16th 2014 8:01 pm
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So, we have a new little one here. She's actually been here since February, but today she graduated into being one of us! Ziva is a sweet little kid. Swing by and say hi to her.


Hold that Weddding!!!

February 14th 2014 2:50 pm
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Gonna happen. I'd just die if my Lacey changed her mind. Just too many problems with Catster fleas and bad weather. My mom stressed out over the ancient grandmom moving in to her house tomorrow. I want our day to be the most special in the world, so Lacey an' me gonna wait a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, it gonna be the wedding the the century!!! Linus gives Lacey a kissy kiss.

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