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Yesterday Rainbow Year 4

March 23rd 2015 5:34 pm
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Yesterday be four years - guess not too much be happening around here since we cannot comment on each other's diaries anymore. But I read how last year mom and the ancient grandma lookin' out the window at the burrds and mom enjoyed that. Did not know that just a few weeks later, grandma would join granddad at the bridge.


My third Rainbow Bridge Day

March 22nd 2014 9:05 am
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Today be my third rainbow bridge day. Know many others know this feeling, but to mom today it feels like yesterday. Life be so busy at times, kittens coming' and goin', busy with work, busy with the ancient mom care -- but today mom remembers me. I was always such a small little girl and liked to cuddle close. Today I missed extra special. This really is a bootiful place and there are times I visit the human ancient granddad and we look down and laugh and smile, send purrs of encouragement. He be in the peeplz heaven almost a year now. Mom and ancient grandmom looking' out windows today, watching the buurds, waiting for the flowers to bloom again.


My Bootiful Gotcha Day!

October 17th 2013 6:14 am
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Thank you everyone for my zealies and wishes for my Gotcha Day. Mom kinda missed it because of gotcha-ing all our little babies right now. She say it be like a kindergarten class! I fly down and night and give them all hugs and little headbonks. I remember being just 5 weeks old and so lonely and scared. And what a bootiful ride I had for 19 long years. Great things can happen for all of us!!


My burfffday tomorrow!!

September 11th 2013 7:35 pm
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Gonna celebrate with the kitties at rainbow bridge tomorrow! If I was still on earth, I would be 21! Gonna have a special guest tomorrow. Granddad will come by and we will call out all those kitties that he has known - quite a few of them! I think it is Mr. Peep in the picture that is here with him. Every so often mom thinks of going back to my picture but I tell her to leave it a little longer. It makes her smile and makes me purrrrr.


Rainbow Bridge for a Peeplz

April 2nd 2013 7:33 pm
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I am the kitty of our family who represents those who go to the bridge. Mom says she sorry she been gone a few days - and will be a few more. Our sweet granddad (seen on Phoenix's page a bit) has crossed the bridge today. Mom and family where right there to the end, just like they were for me. And I got to welcome him here. He be the greatest kitty dad ever! Mom going to try to post his picture here if it works. He was saying goodbye to his kitten just before going to war in 1943. Puurrrs appreciated for all my peeplz. Listen to my song on my page. Today it be for granddad.


I Be DDP Today!!

March 26th 2013 7:37 pm
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So pawsome! I be DDP on the day sweet Decker from Calico Junction comes to da bridge. He be just in time to do a butterfly hunt with me. Rainbow bridge days be so bitter-sweet. Decker, I share this DDP day with you my new angel fuuurend.!


My second Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

March 22nd 2013 8:29 pm
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It be two years ago today that I came to the bridge. It be so wonderful here to never been sick, never get hurt or hungry. All the cats and pups play together. There be pretty flowers and butterflies that don't mind being caught (I let them go). I have have made many fuurrends, met new fuurends who have come. And when my mom is sad for me I am not far away. I know she will always miss me but that be love. Thank you, my fuuurends, for my wonderful zealies today!!!


Twenty-One Years Ago!

October 15th 2012 3:42 pm
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Wow, that fee like a long time ago. Mom's cherished kitty, Buster, had gone to the bridge about a week before. The family actually had ONE, just ONE kitty. Siobhan was just a little girl, nine years old. She was out playing and came across ME! I was mewing and hungry under a bush near the house. I really was tryin' to get her attention - and I did! She picked me up and went lookin' for mom. When mom saw me, she know I was too little to be without my kittymom. She went looking for my real mom and sadly found her no longer alive. I became the very first too-little-tiny kitten that my family took in. I was sick, had worms, had to be bottle fed. But I survived. As I grew, it became clear that I was kind of mentally challenged, but I was loved anyway! I had a wonderful life and now have a wonderful life at the bridge. I like being the very first rescue kitten that mom took. I will always have that place of honor!


I Be DDP!!!

September 13th 2012 7:14 pm
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Ooo, how special. What a wonderful thing. Makes me wish I was sorta saying profound rainbow kitty things - but I not be the deep thinking kitty. I be da pawty kitty! I makes some yummy fish cuppiecakes with salmon and catnip tea. And there be little kitty kibbles with cheese on the side! Come on by and sit for a spell and watch the pretty river go by. I invited our old kitty who passed in 2003, Bandit, and he came brought our old pup, Harley, who passed in 2008 with him. and Tauna, cousin doggie who just passed last month dropped in, too. We laughed and shared stories about the family. Everyone come fly on in today!


It Be My Birthday!!!

September 12th 2012 7:06 pm
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Thank you for all the well-wishes from all my special fuurends. Party time at the bridge. Nippy tea for everyone!

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