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Miranda's journey to Health

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Derby Day! Derby Day!

May 7th 2011 6:25 am
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Wow, excitement around here. Dad is outside cleaning the patio. Mom's making pies that smell so good (be better if they were tuna!). And a new person came to my house last night. And guess what - my couch turns into a human bed. That is where he slept. His name is Jonny and it is okay that he took my couch because he is nice and plays with me. I must be growing up. Mom told me I cannot be around all the people today because if my leg got stepped on it would be very bad. And that's okay. But there are sure curious things going on. Jonny took Siobhan out to a jewlery store this morning. And I can feel that she is really excited and happy. I know something is going on here. And today is Derby Day! All my horse cousins are excited about this, so I guess it is a horsey thing. It seems that the best of them run around in a circle and people cheer for them. Horsey games are a little wierd.


Another Day of Changes

May 1st 2011 3:22 pm
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O my, it seems like there are so many things happening lately. Some good - we came through the storms okay, some not so good, like my ol' granny kitty Cookie going to the bridge in March. Now another sad thing. My new friend, Tippsey the gold fish, died last night. This morning when I went to his tank to play, he was very still in the bottom lying on his side. Mom came and took him out of his water and called Stephanie who was sad, but told mom to bury him at sea. I did not quite understand that. Mom then told me Tippsey went to see Cookie. After all, if there is a rainbow bridge, it's probably got water under it. Tippsey was nearly eight years old - guess that's pretty old for a goldfish. I hope Stephanie gets a new Tippsey for me to play with very soon. Milo has some comments on this, too, but he has different ideas.



April 28th 2011 7:41 pm
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I think we messed up. Mom was accepting a friendship request for me and something happened to her computer. And we lost the request. I want lots of friends, so if I did not accept you, plese ask again. I so sorry. Guess hopping on that keyboard didn't help. I was just tryin' to be a helper.


Diary of the Day!

April 28th 2011 7:19 pm
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Wow! Diary of the day! What a fantastic surprise. And Patches made me a beautiful photo to match! Been a tough week. Lots of weather and mom has been very very busy. We almost missed my diary day! I don't like all the noisy wind and the booming thunder. but I found a cozy place to stay. I pushed the books off the bookshelf and hid there till all the crazy weather went away. And the sun came out today and was nice a warm. There were bugs on the window looking in and me! Now it is raining again. Back to my bookcase.


Happy Easter!!!

April 24th 2011 7:25 am
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Wow, the Easter bunny did leave goodies! Lots of little jelly eggs to chase around the floor. And we had a baby filly born last night! Happy happy day! And, did you that if you climb inside of a drop ceiling and run across it the little tiles fall out? I surprised mom and dad this morning with that new game!


Sunday's Comin'!

April 23rd 2011 8:16 am
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A couple of exciting things! Mom took the crate outside, washed it all out and has it packed up to go back to Reagan (my cousin collie). And the cat carrier that always sat by the door awaiting my next emergency has gone to the basement! Mom took off my harness this morning. This freedom thing is really growing!

Last night mom even got up in the middle of the night to play with me! I brought her a plastic easter egg, but she wasn't interested. Instead she too me down to the basement (where I am not permitted to go!). All my kitty and human were down there. What a fun surprise - playing at 2:45am! But somehow I got the idea they weren't as cheerful as I. After awhile, Mom said something like: "All clear" and everyone went back to bed. Humans can be really odd. I went and found my easter egg again.

This morning, Linus came and told me that tomorrow is Easter. He said it is a religious day for my humans (don't know what that means), then he told me about the Easter bunny who comes and lays eggs (like a chicken?) so he told me to stay awake and hide behind the bookcase with him tonight and we could catch the easter bunny and eat him. Sounds like fun. The only thing I have caught to eat is a spider. This is going to be real fun!


My fun day

April 18th 2011 8:08 pm
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Well, I just have to share my first free day. Mom and Dad left me in my big safe room last night with my crate in case I wanted it for safety - but I slept on the couch all night. Mom carried me around the house this morning to let me get a good look, but it was a little scary. I wanted back to my room. This evening Mom showed me their bedroom. I like it there and had lots of fun exploring until I found the little hole in the box spring cover of the mattress and climbed up inside. Fun till I got stuck. Mom had to make the hole really big so I could climb back out. I am getting to be a real kitten - trouble and all!


Read Me! Read Me!

April 17th 2011 5:33 pm
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Wow. Dr. Lisa came over tonight, but she wasn't supposed to come until Tuesday. I kind of hid behind mom, but she picked me up and took me to Dr. Lisa. I really was scared, and did not want to go. I know that Dr. Lisa is my friend but.... she is a dreaded vet! They cleared the table and put down the towel - really not good because this always hurts. Then Stephanie held me close and Dr. Lisa got the shiney tools and - snip snip snip. My itchy sutures were out. Then Dr. Lisa told mom that my wait was over! I am free! My left leg is never going to be strong, it will only one bone, not two, but I don't care. I can never be an outside cat, but I don't care. I will not grow bigger than I am, but I don't care. I am free! I can run! I played in my room and mom made a funny little video. Then I decided to sit in the sun, look out the window and then take a bath. Then it was time for a good nap! Free at last! Free at last!



April 15th 2011 7:06 pm
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Just a couple of more days to go. Mom was out of town a couple of days, so things were pretty quiet. The whole people family and my cat-mama Lucy sat with me and watched a movie on TV this evening. I like having lots of friends around, but I do get pretty active then. In just a few days I am a free kitty. I can't wait. I don't think I remember what it was like before all this happened. I can't wait!


Diary Pick of the Day!

April 6th 2011 6:52 am
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I am so honored! Wow! I am diary pick of the day! Thank you for this wonderful honor!

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