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Miranda's journey to Health

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New adventures

December 31st 2016 9:39 am
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So mom and her human daughter, Suzanne, got ready to go 2900 miles to Salem, OR, and just as they were getting ready, one of the two kitties going with them, Kenny, got really sick and needed surgery. He did really okay. They drove for 4 days with the neatest cathouse filling the back of the car so Kenny and his brother, Simon, traveled in style. Very happy for pet friendly hotels along the way!! In Salem at last but mom won't be with me for my gotcha day. Now looking for a good feline friendly vet in Salem to follow up with Kenny's care. Happy New Year everyone!!!!


Yesterday be my Gotcha Day!

January 3rd 2015 1:30 pm
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Well, yesterday be my Gotcha Day, but mom spent a good piece of it caring for little baby fosters and online looking for homes for some others. Guess that be a good way to honor me. We also spent time going back here to the first posts about my scary time. What a time it was! We also spent time remembering our dear Dr. Lisa who is now living in Belize!

Purring for all our furrends here and on Catster FB. Remembering the old days and hoping for some new ones, too!


Seasons Greetings to my Furrends!

December 16th 2014 6:36 pm
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Hard to believe that it is December. My family enjoy all the fun and religious experience of Christmas. We wishing the very bestest of the season to everyone and however they celebrate this special time. Hoping that there be furbabies and family that are remembered and cherished by all.


Anyone here?

December 4th 2014 4:08 am
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Seems I be the kitty in my family who has the most seen page - that be because I am so special! Seems to me like we are all giving up here. Be so sad that we fought so hard to keep Catster - and won! Only to have it now drift away. I guess the comments never be coming back. That be sad because mom knows that message boards are some of the easiest things to do. Don't know why Catster was rescued just to let it die. Mom would call that a bad adoption. Facebook be fine, but it isn't the same as Catster.


Rainy Days

October 16th 2014 7:15 am
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So maybe it is just a rainy October day, but things seem rather melancholy around here. Missing being able to put comments on friends diaries. Makes us feel all alone. Mom looked through pictures of all our friends, wondering how many are still here. We are on facebook and CatHuggers, but mom still has trouble navigating and real life keeps kicking us.

Death has visited us way too many times this year. Know that is it part of life, but that doesn't make it any easier. Mom having a very tough time with losing two kittens just a day apart two weeks ago. Little Teebo, then a kitten too little to even get named. Of the original 10 kittens in the hoarder's house, only four are still alive. They do better every day, but Mom still afraid. Every time she gets ready to go into their kitten room, she worries one will have crossed.

Sigh..... maybe it just be a rainy October day.


My Birthday

October 2nd 2014 12:57 pm
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Wow, just realized that the little baby died on my birthday. That be sadly okay since Mom just guesses at my birthday. Maybe that means in the midst of sadness we need to remember the victories. Without taking the risks of sadness, there would never be the joys of success.


Sadness about Kitten

October 2nd 2014 5:21 am
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The little kitten who I wrote about earlier has passed away. After doing so well, he suddenly got sick very quickly and in a matter of two days just faded away. And that is what the vet says it is called: Fading Kitten Syndrome. Nothing anyone could do would stop it. Rest in peace little one. Mom's heart is broken. Never lost a kitten before, this is sooo hard. Mom will put his picture on Cookie's page of remembrance.



September 22nd 2014 7:23 pm
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How pawsome!! I am honored to be a DDP! Weather is starting to cool and we kitties be more playful. Little Ziva is sneezing less (maybe she be allergic to humans!). The house full of little babies always has something happenin'. Mom loading up a bunch to go to the kitty doctor tomorrow and see if they getting big enough to be fixed then off to homes. RJ and Thomas (little Siamese who were rescued from the railroad tracks) will go quick. They were just uploaded to Petfinder tonight.


Good News about Baby

September 18th 2014 4:15 pm
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Little baby produced a very flattened nipple in pooh. Did not look much like a nipple anymore. But mom glad that little chapter is over. Since she is a boy, mom thinking of renaming her, but she liked the name Madeline!


Madeline is Matty

September 13th 2014 5:12 pm
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Saw Dr. Dan who did not think her swallowing the nipple was a big thing Mom still worried. But did discover she is a he. Mom hoping something pass soon.

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