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Skinny arrives...

April 1st 2011 7:00 am
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Okay, so I lost my status as newest, *youngest* guy yesterday. I'm still not sure how I feel about that but time will tell.
How it happened...I was laying around the house with Bailey and I always do. Mom and Dad had gone out earlier and taken the carrier with them but ~*big sigh of relief*~ none of us were in it! I shoulda known something was afoot but just didn't think about it. Tummy was full, sun was pouring in the window, chair was super know how it is.

Anyway, I hear the garage door opening & the car pulling it - Darius and I beat it to the back door to greet them like we always do and they still have the carrier with them! And it has an occupant. O.O
And Mom and Dad are grinning sheepishly...never a good sign!

Anyway, they place the carrier on the floor and open the gate...and out walks the skinniest kitty I've ever seen! Sure, he's grey, and sure, he's cute, but man! He looks like he's on his last legs, that boy! Turns out, according to Mom, he was.

His name is Milo (it was Jake before Mom renamed him...another story for another time) and he is 3 years old! Hah! I'm 5! Hah! I rule! Mom saw him online and the banner said he was going to be euthanized in 4 hours! I don't know what that word means but it sounds pretty dire by the look on Mom's face.
Anyway, they called the place where he was being held and put a 'stay of execution' on him - then drove to New Jersey to pick him up.

So I have another brother...that makes four of us again. This kid seems to be okay...pretty quiet and staying out of all *my* favorite places so no worries yet. I will add pictures and video once there is some, so stay tuned.
=^..^= ♥


Aaaah...CHOO!!! ~*sniffle*~

June 3rd 2011 1:27 pm
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I gots a bad code! It's in my nose & it's making my nose run & making me sneezing all ober da place. Mom's all freaking out now & thinks I've contacted the calicivirus from Skinny but so far she hasn't said anything about going to the vets so I guess I don't have to think about getting under the bed just yet. If I caught *anything* from Skinny I'm gonna make a pretzel outta him!

Anyway, Mom's being real sweet about it all & wiping my nose & giving me treats 'n stuff. AND...we're playing a lot more Trey Tree these days. Did I tell ya about Trey Tree? That's when she lifts me up onto the counter where the B-I-G plant is & I stick my head in it. Impressive! I wish I could take a picture to show y'all what a fine tree I make?

I bet if I concentrated really, really, really hard, I'd even bear fruit. Or nuts. Probably nuts 'cuz that's what Mom says I am already? Huh! The Filbert doesn't fall far from the tree... =^.^=


It smells aaaaaaaaaaaaawfullll...............

June 19th 2011 4:54 am
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Okay so here's the scoop, feline folk. Our dad starts pushing the dining room furniture around yesterday, see? Bad vibe. Are we moving?? Noooo....I don't want to move again. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever! It takes so long just finding all the cat friendly places in a new house, plus there's not a recognizable smell in the new places. =^OO^=
Plus there's clutter & if there's one thing we can *all* agree on, it's we hate *clutter*!
Besides I love this house. It has everything! Stairs to run up & down, halls too! Lots & lots & lots of windows & best of all a great big huge safe deck built just for us guys to go out & play on. (Mom goes out there too but it's not officially hers).

But no, not moving. Darius told me to get a grip. He's been thru' a lot & he can read all the signs...this is "portable stairs time". Out comes the big can with the stinky liquid in it & then Dad climbs the portable stairs & WIPES THIS STUFF all over the walls with a brush!!!! What the...? Are his screws coming loose? I was outta that room before the first stroke was laid. But... being cat, curiosity got the better of me & I just had to go back in.

And y'know, with every bad thing usually comes some good things. Dad spread big sheets out all over - on the buffet & all over the floor & sideboard & made humungous tents for us guys! So fun! I tagged Milo & Milo tagged Darius & Darius tagged Bailey & Bailey stuck his claw in the top of Darius' head. We had to start over again after that but we waited for Bailey to fall asleep. He's old. He does that often.

Anyway, I just checked back now to see if it was a normal room again & I think it's gonna be awhile, but Mom keeps going 'Oooooo, aaaaaaah' so I think whatever makes Mom happy, makes me happy. I'll just have to put my paws over my nose until the happiness thing is scentless.
I'll keep yinz all abreast of this latest occurrence.


We have very sad news today...

July 21st 2011 8:18 am
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We lost our brother Bailey yesterday. We are all so sad, especially Mommy. She tried so hard to make everything all right for him, but Mother Nature didn't want it to be that way.

Bailey was getting sicker & sicker & for the last week he was becoming confused & afraid of the carpet & things. Then he forgot where all our litter pans were so Mom & Dad thought they should let the doctor have a good look at him. The doctor said his problem was early senility but Bailey wasn't that young anyway so I guess that didn't help him much. ~*sniffle*~ When the doctors weighed him he had lost weight too & for a little guy like Bailey, even a pound is precious. He also had a rapid heart rate & had developed a murmur.

When Mom & Dad came home *again* with an empty carrier in the space of less than 5 months, we really felt scared. And really, REALLY sad.
Milo wants to know...since Bailey is black, will he get black wings or white? You'll have to forgive Milo - he is so young & still a bit of a drip.
I'm really, really glad too, that Bailey got a chance to make so many wonderful friends here. You guys are all the very best! ♥ ♥ ♥

So now we are only three again...I think I will go to Baileys favorite spot now & see if I can commune with his spirit.


Where did the summer go?

September 14th 2011 11:45 am
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Hey kitty dudes & dudettes! It's me Trey, just checking in quickly while Mom's available to type for me.

It has been so busy at our house with people coming to the door all the time carrying leather boxes full of their clothes. They just stay too, y'know? I mean, they sit at the table & eat all the food on the table. Good thing Mom is cooking extra stuff these days or there'd be nothing to make leftovers out of.

I don't mind the extra peoples tho'... more laps to sit on & they make great bed partners in the other rooms! Plus they make a really big fuss over me.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that me, Darius & Milo are doin' okay & we'll be back on a more regular basis once all these people go home!

Talk to ya all soon!~


Something's afoot....

October 27th 2011 9:10 am
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Okay, so I's pretty good at reading the signs. Little low-sided litter pan gets brought out of basement & washed in the sink. Bundles of towels & blankies get tossed in the washer & then put in the back of the car...conversations seem to revolve around Saturday & names. Names? I don't want my name changed! I'm pretty sure Darius & Milo don't, that leaves me to just one other thing. BABY COMING!!! SATURDAY!!!

Blankets, towels, bags of litter etc are sure sign shelter donations & I'm pretty sure I heard the carrier cage rattle late last night. And Mom put the big camera in her tote, along with a bowl, plate & spoon...I'd say this means major movement since we aren't going anywhere.

And Dad even said picking a name is just a formality anyway 'cuz we all gets nicks, but the name being tossed around right now, well, it's Dalton. Mom said he'll have to be a duelin' Dalton...hmmm. But she also said the word baby too, which is a relief to me - trainable! The boys & I can lay down the rules right away & the little bean will have to abide by them or I'll sit on him!

Apparently he's sorta grey...what does that mean do you suppose? I saw this photo on Mom's desk last night - bet that's who all the fuss is about. A tiny grey mug with four white feet & a white snout & PINK nose. Well, I guess I just have to wait til Saturday to finds out. When I do, you do! Stay tuned!!


Somethin's goin' on agin'....

April 3rd 2012 6:52 am
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Okay now, we'z had sum pretty sad days in our house of late. Losing a member of da fambly is pretty hard 'n' 'specially when it's da baby of da fambly. But Mom keeps tellin' us life does go on, even if we'll no longer be able to share it with ar li'l Dalton. I do miss dat li'l pink nose pokin' itself in my face all da time, but I'z sure he's busy now pokin' it in all da other angel kitties business now. I bet he's always misplacin' his halo too...tsk!

But Milo has bin lookin' pretty upbeat lately and dat's a real good sign. Dat li'l boy was draggin' around pretty bad after Dalton left us.

And our Mom's bin talkin' up a storm too, about 'bottle fed' and '16 days old' and 'Murray who's a tigerlet' and last night she dropped da biggest hint of all - May! Mebbe May!

So I put my genius detective skills to work on dis. First, bottle fed...sounds like another orphan. Orphans need Mommys and dey also could use a nice big lovin' fambly. HEY! Dat could be us.

Den Mom says to Dad, da munchkin (dat's wot she calls all kits she doesn't noes dere names yet)..."da munchkin should be called Murray. Murray LaMew". This sort of be in memory of baby Dalton. I noes, that's pretty complicated fur non hockey fans soes I try to explain.

Dalton had Lymphoma. An' the hockey player who saved our Mom's hockey team from bankruptcy twice was named Mario Lemieux. He had Lymphoma too but unlike Dalton, he survived it, and went on to save the team. Then he started a foundation for Lymphoma. So Murray would...should have his last name don'cha think? Kinda.

Anyway good dudes and dudettes, this is my news fur dis mornin' 'n' I'll be back as soon as I haz anyfing more to tell yinz all! I'm a mature dude and don't get 'cited about dis kinda stuff but....

sorry - lost my composure fur a sec...


Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Me!

May 12th 2012 7:49 pm
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I guess I can be glad there aren't three dat moved in! ~sigh~

In case everyone doesn't know yet, ar Mom added babies to the family again. Dere names ar Murray and Dharma and what can I say? They have too much energy, I'm sorry. They'z racin' 'n' jumpin' when I'm trying to sleep. They stick dere little golf ball sized heads in front of my mouth when I'm trying to have lunch! Dere hangin' off my tail when I'm trying to go to my favorite sun spot! And they bite my heels all da time! Dey do it toooo much! Just too much.

But now at least they're keeping Milo from boohooing & wanting me to play wif him. He just doesn't understand that a kit of my stature and station should not be chasing fake mice around the floor...tsk! Or racing around a plastic ring wif a ball inside...gah! Sure, I do it but only because I'm trying to entertain him. I couldn't care less myself, y'know?

But, if I sit up high where I don't get any tiny nails stuck in me, they're kinda cute. And it was kinda nice the other day when Dharma curled up wif my on my fluffy on da otterman. Yes, I can remember a time waaaaay back 6 long years ago when I was a little silly like dem myself and I guess I gotta be patient now and wait fur dem to grow a little too.

And I guess it's up to me and Darius too, the two elders to teach these kids how to keep dere own diaries. My work is never done...~*sigh*~

Anyway I think Mom and Dad went out to get this pair so I could get a little peace but I'm not sure that's gonna work either 'cuz they love my tail/feet/ears/body & all parts in between. And...dey pounce on me all the time. PULeeeeze! What do I look like?? A pile of leaves?

But, it's all worth it I when I watch Milo having so much fun wif the littlest one named Dharma. He really is having fun wif her and it's making' my heart feel happy to see my brother happy after all dis time.

Angel Dalton....if you had anything to do wif dem comin' here to live wif us, ya done good, little dood...
Dere isn't so much sadness in da house any more. ♥


Merry Chrissymuss everbody!

December 22nd 2012 10:32 am
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Ar Mama's taking time out of her hectic schedule......okay dat's her story. I'z just repeatin' wot she's sayin' all da time. We'z here knoes she is playing wif fabric 'n' stuff in da craft room 'n' playin' wif her guitar in between times. She duz dis ever time it gets close to Sandy Claws comin'...not sure wot dat's about but it always ends up good.

Murray 'n' Dharma get ta be in da room 'cuz Mama can't trust to leave dem alone wif da Chrissymus tree, dastardly duo dat dey ar!

So here it is, anovver year wif yummy smells 'n' stuff to play wif, greenery 'n' baubles hangin' around temptin' us all. Milo gots it figured out I fink. He sez it's a test!
Sandy Claws is tryin' to see who's really naughty 'n' who's nice, den all ar stockings will be filled by how well we pass da test! I'z good of course! I'z always good...perfect in fact! Not a flaw!

Last year we had ar baby bruvver Dalton here wif us. He liked Chrissymus so much 'n' he got lots in his stockin' too. I sure wish he was still here wif us, but he's not...we'z slowly gettin' used to da idea he's not comin' home.

But we have Murray 'n' Dharma now!!! Mama made dem Chrissymus stockings for all dere stuff. Not dat Sandy Claws will bring dem much 'cuz deyz soooo bad all year! Dey just have a few days to make good now.

Anyway, me 'n' all ar fambly here want to wish everone a berry, merry Chrissymus 'n' a happy noo year! Mama is even going to put a movie on my page wif music she did for everone - everone watch 'n' enjoy...


How quick 3 years passes....

June 20th 2013 8:20 am
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It wuz 3 years today when I was jus' layin' around in dat other house, not expectin' anything much to happen but the sound of the cat opener, when all a sudden' da doorbell rings 'n' dese two really frenly humans come in. My furst Mum took dem to da kitchen 'n' gave dem coffee, (BLECH) 'n' den wut wuz to be my reel Mama called me over. She had special treats...she had my heart!
My furst Mum wuz happy to see dis 'n' she said 'YOOZ DA ONES!'
I wuzn't sure 'bout dis til dey brings a cage in...*gulp*. I tried to make a break fur it but dey *did* have doze treats 'n' hesitating just dat one minute landed me in dat cage. O.o

But yoo nose wut? It wuz to turn out being da best day of my life? Dey wuz rescuin' me! I wuz two dayz away frum goin' to a shelter 'n' I dint even nose dis!!! Dey wuz intendin' to bring me HOME!!! Home, wif Jakey 'n' Darius, 'n' Bailey too. Dose boyz was so good wif me 'n' I loved dem right off.

Since dat day so much has changed...Jakey passed away, den Bailey did too. I didn't know wut sad felt like before den. It hurts lots! But I helped my Mama get over dat 'n' we rescued a new bruver Milo frum da shelter...den another baby bruver Dalton. Another Dalton wuz sick inside 'n' we dint know dis. He died, making us all so sad...sad, sad, sad house it was losin' a li'l baby like dat.

Ar kitty Mama 'n' kitty Papa fixed some of da sad in a hurry tho' 'n' gots tiny babies Murray 'n' FURST sister!!!

Since dat time we've been such a happy fambly! Everyone is well 'n' da babies Mur-Mur 'n' Dhar ar growin'...dey'z one year old now!

It shows how much can happen in three years. Now I don't want any more changes. Ever, EVER! Fings ar perfect just da way dey ar!!!
Well, 'cept fur Milo still stinkin' his tongue out lots 'n' Dharma havin' da girlie att-ee-tood!
But us dudes just ignore her! We jus' gotta teach kitty-Papa how to do dis now!

Gotta go now 'n' check the food bowl - it's been an hour!

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