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How I Met My Vets...

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Goodbye Fluffy

July 1st 2013 8:33 am
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I'm in bits, and so is mommy. Today my cousin Fluffy joined his sister Trouble, and our Oscar, Grover, Sunshine (Fluffy's litter mate), Buddy, Boo, and Erin, among so many others at the Bridge. He was the most beautiful of all of us park cats. He was part Maine Coon and looked just like a miniature lion. Even though he used to beat me up on occasion, it was mostly because I used to wait inside the cat door and bop him on the nose when he tried to come inside. I'm the last of Wickham Park Rescue Crew, and that scares mommy, however, she knows that each day is a gift...and today we will mourn Fluffy, not me...


Some Good News :)

March 5th 2013 12:33 am
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This month is the anniversary month of my last seizure; I HAVE BEEN SEIZURE FREE FOR 2 YEARS NOW!!!!!!! and we take this time to reflect and say thank you for being there for us. You were all there through the worst of my illness. You supported mommy and sent me light, and healing and above all love. Some of you have traveled over the bridge in these two years, however, you are still in our hearts and out thoughts and we are thankful that you are watching over us. Much love to all, and as always the nippy ball (and nippy mice) are me!

Head bonks and sandpaper kisses!
Chiquitita and family


So Much To Say...

January 12th 2013 1:03 am
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Hello All!

Yes, it has been a long time since I have posted, or made a diary entrance. However, it is a new year so... HAPPY NEW YEAR! LA MULTI ANI! FELIZ ANO NUEVO!

Well, I have both good and not so good- but turned out OK news. First, I am adjusting to things here pretty well. Except, now for my Northern furrends you are probably used to this, however this FL cat just can't wrap her head around the fact that it rains WHITE here. Rain, in this cat's opinion should not be white! I sit on my self heating cushion, on the big chair next to the window and radiator and I look up to see big white rain falling from the sky. Mommy fusses and picks me up to get a closer look...this means my soft little pads touch the window- it is cold. My eyes are wide as I watch if falling silently down, down, down and think perhaps it is pretty, but WRONG! Then, when mommy has to go out to get my food she puts on these HUGE feet, a thick outer coat and she looks a little scary if you ask me.

Speaking of scary, we had a REALLY scary thing happen, as if WHITE RAIN were not scary enough, some baddies came into the house when mommy was not home looking for money and jewelry...mommy does not keep either here in the apartment; mommy is a teacher- 'nough said. Well, I was home alone as the baddy went through our home opening drawers, throwing things on the floor and pulling pictures off the was pawful! Mommy was so upset when she came home (it happened in the middle of the day), she grabbed me stuffed me in my carrier and there I stayed while 3 Police department goodies talked to mommy and calmed her down. I am getting better, but now whenever anybody comes over (even if mommy is here) I hides! Now, nothing- NO THING- was stolen and the MOST important thing is that I am 100% FELINE FINE. I am happy that we are not moving because I really like this home, and now we have even better locks on the door and well, this is our home and this could happen anywhere! So it is a case of all's well that ends well and I will be OK with company again...some day...mommy always holds me now when someone comes over until I relax, I kinda like that- but let that be a lesson my fellow kitties- we are hardwired to hide for a reason- it saved me in this case, but it makes mommy think- we should let our pawrents know where our hidy places are so that in the event of a fire they could get us out, or tell the goodies from the fire department where we might be hiding...we, mommy and I, hope this NEVER happens to any of you, we hope that you never have a fire, or a visit from a baddy, or an earthquake, hurricane, or ANYTHING like that, but we also know that it is a possibility so, let your pawrents know your hidy places, and you should also know your pawrents hidy places too; you never know.

Well, otherwise my health is good and I continue to all the things a kitten of 16 years should do...sleep, play on occasion, use my litterbox...yep, life is pretty good over all- OH, and I have now NOT had a seizure in 22 months (a year and 10 months! Time for bite of my breakfast and a nap now.

Purrs, headbonks, and sandpaper kisses, and as always the first round of nippy balls are on me!!!


Noapte Buna!

August 10th 2012 11:46 am
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Well, we did it AGAIN! Mommy made me imitate a birdy snack and we are now living in Bucharest, Romania. All I have to say about the flight is that it was long. When we came in for a landing after the first leg of our journey I got plane sick, yet have no fear I did my duty as a Torty with Catitiude and let the WHOLE plane know I was feeling poorly. We had something called a "lay over", which I really don't understand as I was laying under the seat in front of mommy the whole trip...anyway, it was really cool because I met my new furrend Palomitas (who had to imitate a birdy snack all the way from California- she was not so talkative, but then neither was I). Mommy did take me out of my carrier a couple of times on the plane to give me food and water and once to change my (the shame of it) puppy (ick) pad, and clean me up and hug me. In the layover she took me out in the ladies room and cleaned me up from being airsick...mommy is good to me; I think I'll keep her.

Our new home is bigger than our last one and mommy really loves its "potential"...I like all of the hidy-holes. There is a really BIG window with really long curtains for me to hide behind while I catch my sunbeam. The strange thing is that when it's night (noapte) here it's day back at mommy's, mommy's house which is where we lived after we left Mexico.

OH, for those who don't know the story American Airlines almost did not let me ride with mommy in the cabin when we moved away from Mexico last June even though I had a ticket (let this be a lesson, airlines can change their policy without telling you until you arrive at the ticket line to check in, so make sure you are still allowed to fly in the cabin close to your departure dates). However, the nice ticket counter lady in charge declared me an "animal de servicio" so that I could travel in the cabin, so it seems I'm a therapy cat now- who knew?

Well, I'm way over due for my night time nap, so sleep well and we'll write more as more happens to be written about.


So We're Doing it AGAIN

May 19th 2012 5:57 am
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I began to become suspicious when all of the things I am not allowed to play with disappeared from the big cabinet I am not allowed to play in. Then, in April, I got something called a microchip which hurt a little bit, but not too much. Then I heard mommy counting the numbers associated with my microchip and she said, "yep, 15 the scanners can read it in Europe." EUROPE? We live in Mexico...then it hit me; we are going to move! However, it seems we are not moving once, but 2 times. First, we will go back to Florida to see mommy's mommy and Bandit and Fluffy (not too thrilled about this; yes they are my brofurs, but I am a Tortie and as such REALLY like being an only cat- I get 100% of mommy's attention and at my age I deserve that- after all I am a queen). I don't mind travel, it's kind of stimulating and I always travel in the cabin at mommy's feet, and I sleep most of the flight anyway...but sheeesh! I have said it before, cats are NOT meat to fly like birdie snacks, and if I get frisked again, someone will bleed!

In other news... it seems mommy has my profile wrong. While she was helping her mommy move back to Florida, they were cleaning out files and found my kitten pictures and it seems I am a May kitten not July, and I am 16 now, not 17...yay! Mommy says- ooops, we will celebrate me in both months thank you very much! Mommy thought that I was born the same year as Fluffy, but I was born the year after Fluffy.

Well, not too much more going on- going to take my nappy time now!


Happy Anniversary to ME!

February 29th 2012 7:34 am
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Mommy wrote it on FaceBook, so it must be true... TODAY I AM ONE YEAR SEIZURE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to my vets, the makers of Gabapentin, and MOST OF ALL THANK YOU MY CATSTER FAMILY for all of your pawsitive and healing energy and luv!

Know that whenever you should be in need we are here for you, and yours.

Sandpaper Kisses and pass the nippy balls!


Keep your paws crossed!

February 4th 2012 4:46 am
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Hello everybody! Well, please keep your paws crossed; in twenty-five days I will be one year seizure free!!!!! So far, all is well. It has been a little chilly and unseasonably rainy, so my arthritis has been a little uncomfortable, but nothing major. Mommy came home from work early yesterday and it was sunny, so we went up onto the roof to take in some rays (mommy took photos which we will post later).

Warm thoughts to all those who are cold, dry thoughts to all those who are wet, and HAPPY thoughts to all!


The Song

August 28th 2011 10:24 am
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Some people have asked about the song in my video. Yes, it is mommy doing all the singing. I like the topic, fishy snacks... all kinds of fishy snacks "3 mommy says turtles are not fishy snacks, but all the others are... I LOVES my fishy snacks!!!


Play Time

August 28th 2011 7:13 am
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First, we hope all of my friends who were effected, or are yet to be effected by the hurricane are safe, dry, and well; we are purring for you all. Also, an update on my doggie friend Dudley, he is doing better and we thank you all for the continued purrs. Dudley's mommy thanks you too.

Well, it was bound to happen; I've been caught on camera! Yesterday mommy recorded me playing with her computer, so I finally have some video. I must say I look pretty good on screen; even if the camera does add 10 pounds "3 If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

Purrs, head bonks and sandpaper kisses!


Diaray Pick of the Day

August 9th 2011 8:03 am
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WOW! What an honor. I am so glad mommy got to see this on the day I was chosen. I can not say how much it was needed today too. We got home from Panama yesterday and the trip was much nicer. I did not get frisked this time and people were so nice to me. The captain was waiting as we got on the plane and he made such a fuss! Today I will rest and be treated like the queen I am. Thank you to everyone for making this honor possible.

Purrs, sandpaper kisses, and head bonks to all!

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