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Sad, mad and lonely!

January 10th 2013 7:48 am
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Hi everyfur,
I'm sad.
and I'm mad.
I'm thinking maybe I should pack my little knit bag and go and live with Kringle and his daddy.
You see, it feels like no one wants me here any more.
Why? Because CK, who was my own brofur, he doesn't play with me any more. He's involve din the 'boycats only' brigade that tears through the house and gets into all sorts of trouble. And since he's the leader, and it appears its for boycats only, I am left out.
Today Mom saw me stalk and beat up Midnight again. And as she started to yell at me she realized that i have been spending alot of my time on the edges of things, feeling sad. She has been so busy with taking care of Natalie that she hasnt' brushed me in about 2 weeks, and I've bene much left to myself, spending alot of time sleeping on the cat tree.
Mommy told daddy and they both feel bad. My 'acting out' and being upset with Midnight is because he has 'displaced' me with having a playmate!

Mom is still trying to figure out what to do abut it! She's going to spend time today brushing me, and she told daddy they will get some new catnip toys this week for all of us, and i'll get some one on one attention. But she feels so sad-before the others CK and I played together, and chased each other around. Now i'm the 'kid sister' who no one plays with, and so it it any wonder I am chasing that bad little black cat and beating him up?

I bet it's much nicer at Kringles, and I'd get petted and played with. Snif Sniff Sniff.



Cat of the DAY!!!! Mommy!!! I'm CAT OF THE DAY~~~ Kringle,- lets celebrate!

December 3rd 2012 6:49 pm
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Hi everyone...thank you thank you thank you for this honor!!
I am so glad Mommy talked to Aunt Jen and found out! Mommy has been so tired and with school and work she was just laying down with Natalie. Then she found out and said 'Princess!!! You are CAT OF THE DAY!!!'
And I said, Mommy all cats are Cat of the Day! But Mommy said 'But Prinny, on Catster that is special! And your pic with daddy is on the front page!

So I am inviting everyfur to come and see it! And I am inviting Kringle to come and celebrat with me, and we can even bring Ruffy and Ingen...I know it will be fun!

The other furs are banned from the bedroom just now so it will be good to get out and have some fun!

Do you know why no one can go in the bedroom right now?

Well, I snuck in and saw....

And he's BIG. Bushy! Grey and I am wondering if the Catfather sent one of his crew over...the cat is very big. He's a 'special' cat, has a 'breed'. His name is Bud and he is a Nebelung or something like that. His people bought him to Petco when the rescue was there-they said they couldn't keep him-but mommy is worried. He's very sad. I tried to cheer hm up but he growled at I ran out into the front room. Mommy is sad for him. He doesnt' want to be petted by her-it's like he's looking for his people...though he seems to like Daddy. He's not happy and Mommy feels so helpless. He won't even eat the fresh chicken or pork mommy made. He is supposed to go to the 'Petco Habitat' on Saturday. Meanwhile Mommy is trying to make him happy...

I am happy!!! I am Cat of the Day! Kringle, do you want to go and celebrate?

Purrs and many thanks from a humble me..
Princess Antonia Llewellyn of Kew Gardens



A date with Kringle-oh so much to be Thankful for!!!

November 20th 2012 12:15 pm
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Well, today, after a bit of a hiatus, my handsome Kringle and I were able to make Thanksgiving arrangements and spend some time togehter. Since we are going to have Thanksgiving here on Friday, Kringle is going to come over and spend the day! Thursday I will go to his house!
Told him to get here early Friday because with 7 cats here now...well, Daddy better cook a couple turkeys anyway!!!

Today we are sitting, curled up together on the cat tree. We are going to go out to a really good chicken restaurant later, but we have to sneak out in case Ruffy follows us.

Kringle is so handsome, and I have missed him!

There is just nocat like him any where!

ah, my hero!!!


Another wonderful time with Kringle....a double date with- Ruffy and Ingen...we go camping!!!

August 21st 2012 5:35 pm
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Well, furs, we had a very special time! WE went camping!!! Yes we did! Mommy said I could go, and Daddy said...Ruffy, watch out for your Sisfuf! But Kringle got us a lovely RV know that you have to be careful pulling that thing out...that man was running really fast after you when you hit that little BMW thing....well, he shouldn't have had his door open, anyway.

So we went camping...Ruffy and Ingen came too. I wanted to drive the RV, but Ruffy said I was too young! And he and Kringle drove...
and we came to this lovely park...and decided to camp there...and there were other campers too but we had the best spot..and Ingen and I watched the boycats set up the camp...which was nice because she and I were going to share the bedroom when the boycats got to sleep on bunks...Kringle had suggested tent camping but Ruffy said he had enough of living ruff.

We went fishing down by the stream...but we didn't catch anything because...well...Kringle fell in. After he came out and got dried we all went into town and ate at Cracker Barrel! I had the catfish, Kringle had the trout, Ruffy had the all you can eat chicken, Ingen had shrimp. Then we all went back to the camp. Ruffy and Kringle made a fire in the fire pit and we all made smores. And it was so nice...then we started to sing but Kringle fell off the log when someone threw a tomtato at him...don't worry, Kringle, you taste just like spagetti!
Then Ruffy told us some ghost stories and we got scared and Ingen and I were all puffed up...and then Ruffy said we would take a walk...but Ingen was we all sat around the fire and watched the dancing flames and Ruffy told us quietly that Squeaker was with us and he wanted us all to be very happy, and he was fine and well.
And Kringle got all misty eyed and I comforted him.

After a bit we got tired, so I gave Kringle a kiss and Ingen and I went into the bedroom and we had so much fun..we talked and talked and kept peeking out because the boys were in the bunks and Ruffy was snoring and his big orange feet were hanging off the bunk and Kringle was singing in his sleep!

I think they were at the nippy beer before they hit the hay!

And then Ingen and I finally curled up and we to sleep! And the next day we awoke to a wonderful smell of bacon and pancakes and kittykoffee! oh, and we all had our breakfast around the campfire...

we are havign so much fun!!! Daddy...don't worry...Kringle is being a gentlecat!....but...whats skinny dippin? Cause he wants to go skinny dippin?



My birthday! And a wonderful date with Kringle!

August 12th 2012 6:25 pm
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Hi everyone,
This is the time of year Momcat and Dad celebrate my birthday! Since they don't know my real birthday, they celebrate today-they picked it randomly, and use the date just to be able to celebrate!

Mommy told me this weekend she will try to spend more time with me-she was so busy with school and work...both have been very hard.

So today Kringle and I had a wonderful time! He picked me up and we went to a winery and had nippy wine and catnip salmon treats to snack on! Then we went riding around in Kringle's Catmobile and we had a surprise! We met Ingen and my brofur Ruffy!!! And then we went to a Summer country fair in Maryland, and to a clambake afterward!!! Kringle, dear...I think you didn't mean to fall into the pot, did you? I mean, you sure smelled good after and I was happy to lick all the nice broth off your fur!

Ruffy and Ingen went off to beachcomb and then we all went to this fair for was lots of fun! Kringle won me a Hello Kitty toy and we had some vanilla ice cream! Yum!

what a wonderful day! Even if my brofur was around....

Thank you Kringle and to all who thought of me today!



An afternoon with Kringle at Baily Grey Clouds barbecue

July 24th 2012 8:20 pm
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Well, Kringle told me that Baily Grey Cloud was having a barbecue and we were going. I didn't know Baily too well, but Kringle was like 'come on Princess....what a cool name he has and all those cats are rich-anyone knows when you have more than one name you are rich! I mean-they are are having salmon!
And so we went! and Baily was so nice, and so was his family...his human was not home, so fortunately, did not see Kringle set the lawn furniture on fire in an attempt to start the barbecue! But it was ok, we managed to douse it with water from the hose. Gee everyone, so sorry that the water went into the neighbors window. But don't worry, they can't say anything, I mean, who would believe it was CATS?
And the barbecue was great! We had roasted salmon, shrimp, and some really really good scallops along with plenty of fixings! and afterward there were cuppycakes! Tate, we thought of you!!! My sisfur Natalie loves sponge cake, by the way!

We thanked those cats for their hospitality, then we took the long way home...and if we got in a little past my curfew, it was only because Kringle wanted me to see the cat in the moon. He told me that Tigger, his magickal brother lives up there! Is that true? It's so wonderful to know he's looking out over us! I bet he's dating Tilly Mint!

We sat and gazed up and then after a romantic goodnight I had to go in and go to sleep! I think Kringle noticed how soft my fur was from the bath!

Thanks Baily Grey Cloud and Sampson Silver Dollar and family! purrs and breeps to you!




July 22nd 2012 4:22 pm
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Well, Mommy filled up the old unused cat pan in the bathtub. Then she carried me in and closed the door. THERE WAS WATER IN THAT THING AND SHE PUT ME IN!!!!
I kept trying to escape, and I couldn't! She wouldn't let me! She put some stuff called Shampoo on me and then poured water over me. Then, she finally let me jump out.
She got me in a towel and then rubbed me and rubbed me. Then she let me out and followed me with a brush.
I let her brush me, but I was nervous! I mean, I was so wet!
I immediately started about grooming myself!
Mommy!!! What did you do that for!!!!! I didn't like it at all!

A bemused Princess


A barbecue, bratty brothers, and being the youngest girl- kitty!

July 11th 2012 9:56 am
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Hi everyone,
well, we had a wonderful barbecue with the best crabcakes ever at Kringles house! I really had so much fun with his little sister, Sweetie. She's wow....just so breathtaking. I knew she hadn't been well so I shared some of my own kittymagick with her.

Now, I live with bratty, annoying brothers so when I went to the barbecue, they followed along behind and crashed the party....between Ruffy and Blizzard I'm surprised there were any crabcakes left for anyone! But I had bought some steak from Daddy's restaurant so they put that on the grill, too.

Kringle and I had a lovely time. We exercised our naials on the nice scratching posts, lolled in the nice warm sun with his paws around me, and I showed him how to lay on your back so your tummy would get nice and warm in a sun patch!

Ruffy and Blizzard lay around on the rug, trading stories about somecat named Roscoe B Fishin and how he had endless access to any fish he wanted and I think they were planning on a road trip down to where this cat lives to try and crash his party too. In between that they tossed back Guiness, Rippin Nippin Catnip Ale, and ate eveything that didn't get away, I think Blizzard even included in that count a few bugs that wandered by. Nothing is safe from brothers, let me tell you.

CK was well behaved once we got there becuase he had no choice...Momma Panda saw to that. So his bratty ways were soon subdued! hehehe!

Then Ruffy and Blizzard got in their cups and started singing loudly so that the neighbors started throwing cans again that famous song about Boxie Brown...suprrised Boxie didn't fly from across the Bridge and tell them to shutup already.

the food was delicious, the company was wonderful, and Kringle and I managed to find some time to kanoodle and purr together.

life is good,
I love my Kringle,


Kringle and I have a picnic!

July 7th 2012 3:55 pm
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Today Kringle came over in his Kringlecar and we went for a ride to the North Fork of Long Island. There is a little place called Laurel Lake and we went there, got a lovely bottle of wine from the Laurel Lake Winery, and then went and had a picnic at the lake. Kringle had thoughtfully bought plenty of tuna sandwiches (my favorite!) Daddy had packed some lovely cold fried chicken and made some really tasty seafood salad. He had thoughtfully put in plenty of snacks, too, and we had a lovely dessert of vanilla and berry cupppycakes! We put some aside for Tate, Smokies friend, becuase we know he loves Cuppycakes!
I frsked in the water-I can swim if I have to. We explored around and laid in the shade. Kringle made sure he bought a big umbrella for us to rest under so we wouldn't overheat.
On our way back we stopped at a great home made icecream place! I had a peach malt and Kringle had a super sundae.

It was so nice....Kringle is the sweetest can ever! Tomorrow I'm going to his house for a barbecue! I wonder if Bliz will be cooking?

Purrs with delight....


A Kringle 4th......and there were Fireworks!

July 5th 2012 5:55 pm
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Oh what a great time we had last night!

We went to a small local Japanese restaurant. There was a koi pond and it was so pretty, all lit up with little lanterns. Kringle wore a lovely tie his daddy got him for the occasion! We sat next to the pond....and watched the koi, which are big goldfish swimming around.

I ordered soft shell crab with a lovely sauce, some dragon rolls (they did not have dragon, but some other lovely fish) and some very lovely trout sashimi....I was thinking of the Tabbies and Kringle and I saluted them with a round of Sapporo beer and Sake!

After we had a lovely meal, we went up to BKs house. He lives in the Village and we all went out to watch the fireworks. You know, BK's mom is very very smart and knows all about raw food. He told us about it and it does sound so very yummy.

We watched the fireworks from a roof, and we did some singing. No one threw anything because it was too loud! Then BK had a drink with us at the Katmandu Klub, and we all had such fun. Then Kringle and I went and had some ice cream at a wonderful little place in my neighborhood, it was nice...home made peach ice cream!

And afterward...well, lets just say we had some fireworks of our own! Oooolala! can sure show a kitty a good time!

We'll be swimming on the weekend!


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