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Snow Bugs

November 23rd 2005 8:02 am
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I thought it was about time I did a diary entry. A lot has been going on so I did not have the chance sooner. Anyway the most exciting thing happened yesterday. Those big white snow bugs started coming from the sky again! I had not seen them in a very long time. But they were back. They fascinate me as I sit in my cat tree and watch all those bugs float down and cover the grass. Oh what I would give to catch just one snow bug. Louis has been out on a leash walk when the snow bugs were landing. He said they were cold and wet. He also said they can vanish the second they touch you. Then other times they just kind of hang on your eyelashes and hair. Pretty amazing if you ask me. :) My dad doesn't like them much as he has to go out and shovel them off the driveway when we get too many. But I will continue to intently watch them as they go past the window. So light and pretty. I really love snow bugs.



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