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Ethan's Efforts

Update On Me

January 14th 2011 10:54 am
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I have been doing pretty good with the physical problems like throwing up and diarrhea. The Big D did come back on Tuesday & Wednesday but I got more plain yogurt (yum!) and so have not had anymore since. I really do like the yogurt so don't mind it one bit. But the personality changes I have had since Louis crossed the Bridge are still with me. I am quiet, clingy to my mom and very low key. I think this is the new me. I had to grow up a lot after Louis left. I am head of the house now and no longer the little brother.

I miss Louis all the time. I idolized him. I have many of the same habits he did like crossing my paws when I lay down or sleeping in the beds that he liked best. I also have started carrying a red boa around and singing to it much like Louis did his forks. If I hear my mom crying then I take the boa and put it by her feet as a gift to cheer her up.

Well not much else to write about right now. Winter is here in full form and snow every day.


Purred by: Laura W

January 14th 2011 at 11:08 am

dood: we wuz hopin ewe N kirby D wood be gettin along better by now; ewe noe; playin cards, takin turnz drivin ta pets be smart, watchin mewvies on tee and vee.....

glad ta hear ewe be doin better as far as poo's N stuff goes, sorree ewe be missin yur bro louis, but ewe noe he iz always with ya buddy; ya just canna see him

we bet louis iz proud o de fact ewe haz taken on sum o his traits; a red boa's cool and ya can always go for spoons if it getz ta bee two heavy !!!

the snow bee bee yond stoooooopid here in trout towne too N we wish it wuz spring but ewe noe what THAT means....

thatz rite

singin BURDS....eeeega :)

peace out n rock on
Purred by: Biggles (Catster Member)

January 14th 2011 at 11:20 am

So good to hear from you Ethan.

Take care of everyone and yourself.

It is hard to lose a loved one and we are sorry
you are still missing Louis so much that you don't feel weel.

Hugs to you sweetie.

Purred by: Xena Princess Warrior DG#23 (Catster Member)

January 14th 2011 at 5:18 pm

We are glad to hear from yo and happy to hear you are doing have big paws to feel and it sounds like you are doing a good job. We know Louis is proud of you and watching over you all..

Xena and family
Purred by: Worlds Coolest Fluffy & Alex (Catster Member)

January 16th 2011 at 8:03 am

Aw Ethan, you & Mom stick together & we hope it will help you to get better & better. Such a sweet boy you are, giving your Mom your boa to comfort her!
Be well.
Love, Fluffy & Alex.
Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB#73 (Catster Member)

January 28th 2011 at 5:54 pm

Oh Ethan, it's so hard to follow in big brofur's footsteps! I know's, I can never live up to Smokey Joe 'n all his gracious antics! U r a sweet boy 'n ur mommy loves u bunches 'n I know's my mommy love's me too! We miss Louis 'n Smokey Joe very mush 'n know dey live on 'n our memories furefur. U R head of household now, as I am. Dude, take care of ur mommy 'n I am so glad r doin' mush better! Uhm, Yogart, hey I might haz to try dat! MOL! I like dat Boa idea! Good fur u!

Many purrs 'n hugs,
Purred by: ♥Ruby♥{FurAngel} (Catster Member)

January 29th 2011 at 12:54 am

Awwwwwww Ethan, I am sorry that you are missing Louis so much. He is watching ofur you always, and he tells me all the time how purroud of you he is. He's noticed that you have taken on some of his traits, and that makes him smile. He doesn't like the fact that you are sad alot, fur he wants you to be happy always. Purrlease cheer up Ethan. Louis is in a better purrlace now. He doesn't hurt from the cancer anymore. He wanted me to ask you to look after his fork collection for him. Could you do that? He says you could even purrlay with them while you are singing to your red boa. He said that you are the only one that he trusts to look after his forks. I know that you will take furry good care of them. He misses you and your pawrents furry much. Not a day goes by that he doesn't mention you all by name, and say how much he misses you. When he found out that you have CRF, he cried. He doesn't want you to be sick like he was. He wants for you to be happy and healthy. Purrlease do efurry thing that the Vet says to do so you can live a long life. Louis and I will be your Guardian Angels, and we will take extra good care of you. Cheer up Ethan...your mommy loves you furry much! She worries about you, and we don't want to see her worry herself sick. Louis and I are purraying that you will start feeling better furry soon. Happy, Happy Birfday yesterday...we hope you had a great one!


Ruby Fur Angel and Louis XOXOXOX


Ethan - Sweet Angel


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