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Kitty Boy

May 7th 2009 9:12 am
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Today I am going to write about Kitty Boy. He's a stray cat who just suddenly showed up at our door. He was a dark tabby cat with 4 cream mittens on his paws. We weren't sure if he belonged to anyone or not at first but after he started to look skinny, my mom decided to feed him. I really liked him through the glass door. Louis did not. He was around here about three weeks. Two of those weeks we did not see him at all so thought he was wandering. My mom tried to get him in a shelter that uses foster homes but none were taking in any new animals due to having so many with the bad economy. She kept checking and hoped he'd be OK outside. We have no place 100% safe here to keep a cat who could be around Louis or me. She did not want him going to a shelter that would just cage him as he was a happy and free spirit outside. Mom kept trying to not get attached but she started to lose that battle. Kitty Boy came to eat on April 24th and took a nap on our deck. He left sometime between 8:10pm and 8:30pm and was never seen again. My mom is heart-broken as she sure wanted to get him off the street. We have so much traffic here with the highway and all that she knew it was not good for him to be here. My dad rides his bike or walks each morning at 5am when he gets home from work and doesn't believe that Kitty Boy was hit by a car since he never saw any sign of him. Mom is worried. He's been gone too long. She came so close to locking him in our barn that last night but had no litterbox for him to use. The next day she went out and bought him one plus a new bed and some other things. But he never came back. She was going to try him in the basement if she could get him into our vet to be checked pretty quick. She didn't think he could stay here with Louis. Louis has FLUTD and gets very stressed around cats other than me. It once took my mom MONTHS to get him stable when he first got FLUTD so she does not want to risk that again. She thought she might try a little and see how it went though. Then Kitty Boy vanished. So please send him some purrs to find his way back to us and somehow we will help him. It would be very sad if such a sweet and handsome boy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.


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