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Ethan's Efforts

It Was The Peacock Feathers That Enticed Me

November 25th 2008 8:00 am
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The other day my mom was getting something out of the linen closet. I was right there like always, to be sure I didn't miss out on anything. She got what she went into the closet for and looked down to see where I was. There was no sign of me so she shut the closet door and went to do something on her computer. Pretty soon she started hearing me clawing at the door. She yelled and told me to stop. This closet is where she hides the peacock feathers so I tend to scratch at the door once it is closed in hopes of snagging part of the feather. I stopped scratching on the door for a bit then started again. She again yelled no at me but I kept on. Finally after some time she got up to come and shoo me on my way. But I wasn't there! So she opened the door and I rolled out and landed on my back. MOL! I was trapped inside the closet and frantically pushing on the door with my paws trying to get it to open. Then of course my mom felt really bad. Here she was thinking I was being me when I was actually trapped inside the closet. She said I must have really been hiding in the back of a shelf as she never saw me there. One good thing about this adventure was while I was trapped I did manage to snag that peacock feather a number of times in between pushing on the door to get out. My mom said I am always getting into trouble but she's the one who closed the door on me, right? Right??



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