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My Summer Vacation

September 10th 2008 8:27 am
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I think this time of year is often when we write about our Summer vacation. Hmmm, I didn't really have one. It was a nice Summer though. I got to watch the demolition of our old shed and the building of our new barn. I watched the ground hog scamper around the backyard a few times. I had the chipmunk climbing up into a plant that sits right outside the sunroom door. We were eye to eye! I went crazy trying to get at him but alas and alack, had a screen door between us. I was serenaded by Grumpy Frog and his new friend. His friend is grumpy too but has a very high pitched grump sound. I think it might be Mrs Grumpy frog. I was witness to our neighbor's huge tree falling down. There was no wind or storm, it just fell over with a mighty thud. Those were probably the biggest highlights of my Summer. I had lots of little fun things going on like birdies and squirrels visiting. I even saw a hummingbird a few times right by my door. So all in all, I'd have to rate it as a pretty fun Summer. Autumn is almost here and it is by far the prettiest season of them all.



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