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I'm Innocent- I Think

October 1st 2007 10:40 am
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We have a clock on our entertainment center. It's one of those with a radio and has red digital numbers for the time. It's been gaining time. I have a habit of jumping onto the top of the entertainment center. My mom really doesn't like me up there as I tend to jump up onto other more dangerous areas. But you know me- I go anyway. Well this clock has been gaining time as I said. My mom has had and does have a few of these around the house. Usually they either work or they don't. She says it is rare to see one gain time. So my dad said I must be standing on the button on top the clock( used to change to the time) to move the numbers forward. Last night my dad set the clock again and it kept purrfect time all the way until he went to bed. Sometime mid-morning today, he noticed the clock was fast again. I got the blame. I always get the blame around here for some mysterious reason. Hehehe. He said I must have stood on the buttons in the middle of the night and made the time go forward. If I did, I sure don't recall it. So they have set a trap. They stood a card up on the clock. So if it gains time without the card getting knocked off then they know it is the clock and not me. If the card falls then I get the blame. I swear I am innocent! But so far the clock has not gained any time since this was done. Stay tuned for the cliff-hanging conclusion........

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