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Ethan's Efforts


July 25th 2007 9:00 am
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First of all I have to say how great all of you Catster friends have been to me for my illness. I will thank each of you when I feel a bit better but for now I am saying a general thank you for the purrs, purrayers, good thoughts, well wishes, rosettes and stars. All of you sure make not feeling well a little less awful. I was doing a bit better last night. I was even eating some. But today I am not eating and have severe diarrhea. (I know an icky topic!) from the antibiotics. So the vet said to stop them and tomorrow they will try another kind. I was a bit depressed earlier and no change with my tail. I can't seem to hold it up and it has a crook in it now. Maybe I merged with some of Scooter's Siamese traits?? But my crook is about 3" from the base of my tail. The last hour or so I am feeling much more like my happy self though. I even went after Louis and sent him into a fit of growls and hisses. He still hates me from having a vet smell. But I did enjoy that little attack on him. My fever seems to be gone. So I suppose today is good news and not so good news all mixed in there. I still have no idea what happened but it all may be lucky as it helped us find that heart murmur. We can deal with that next. Now if only I wanted to eat.



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