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Ethan's Efforts

The New Wrestling Mat

May 23rd 2007 8:42 am
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The other day Louis & I had an interesting and somewhat wild wrestling match. He was laying on the floor and I started to pester him. He got mad and decided to run from me. Silly boy to think he could outrun the speed of my long legs. MOL! As I went to pounce, he jumped onto the dining room chair and in the same effort, right onto the dining room table. I went right after him. We proceeded to roll and wrestle right on the table. My mom had been to the store for cat food that morning and 24 cans of the food were neatly stacked on the table about to be put away. Yep, those went flying everywhere as did some of my dad's papers and the silk flower arrangement as we bulled over it. My dad came in to break up the brawl and I took off for the sunroom. Louis just laid there on the table. He has nerve I'll give him credit for that. Dad asked him if he might move as we are not supposed to use the table for our wrestling mat. He didn't budge. So Dad picked him up and moved him to the floor. My mom just rolled her eyes at us. Yesssir, a job well done by Louis and me in once again amazing out parents. ;)



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