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Ethan's Efforts

Snow Be Gone

February 20th 2007 11:05 am
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It has finally warmed up some and the big snow we got late last week is melting. It is still about a foot deep on our deck but it is starting to go away. We have huge icicles on our sunroom because we heat it but being all glass, the heat escapes and somehow or other, we get the icicles. One of them is almost all the way to the ground today and dripping like crazy. My dad said he will bring us in some later so Louis and I can lick them. We love that. It's like a melting popsicle but tastes like outside. MOL! Anyway I do like my snowbugs when they fall gently from the sky but having a mass attack of them so they lay 20" deep on my yard is not good. Then they just form a cold blob of white. So today they are sinking into the ground as I watch. Just another good thing to celebrate today. By the way, Happy Mardi Gras to all our friends!



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