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Ethan's Efforts

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DDP again

December 17th 2012 2:33 pm
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Thank you Catster for making Ethan a DDP again today. I'm sure he is very proud.

It sure is lonely without him here.

Ethan's mom


Daily Diary Pick

December 14th 2012 8:06 pm
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Many thanks to Catster for giving this special honor to my loving boy today. Thanks to all for the pmail, rosettes, gifts and pics they made to commemorate this day. I will get them up ASAP. Much love!

Ethan's mom


Ethan- Sweet Angel

December 10th 2012 2:51 pm
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At 12:17 today, my sweet Ethan got his wings. He went downhill fast and he got so much worse late last night. We assisted him to the Rainbow Bridge today. I am sure he was so happy to see his brother, Louis, again.

I am so heart-broken. I really had hoped he would get well. I am going to miss him more than I could ever put into words. No more Grumpy Frog, no more Jello, no more stealing hamburger buns, no more wonderful gifts for me like feather boas and his blue ball, no more big green eyes to look into, no more licks, no more stealing my hairbrush, no more rummaging through my purse, no more descending the cat tree in his special way, no more laying on my chest with his head under my chin, no more opening the cupboard and taking his treat bag out to bring to me, no more waiting outside my computer room door, no more sleeping on his back with all 4 paws in the air and no more drinking from the bathroom sink. He was the happiest kitty you ever saw. He just pranced when he walked. Life will never be the same without that loveable boy. It's very hard to go on without him. Please say a purr or prayer for him. Oh how I love him.

Hurting so much,



December 7th 2012 8:06 am
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Ethan's mom here again. Ethan is fighting Pancreatitis. We don't know yet if it is Acute or Chronic. We are awaiting some test results next week. He is a very sick little guy. Normal treatment for Pancreatitis can't be followed due to his heart and kidney issues. He is not eating on his own but is drinking water at least. Please keep purring for him if you can. It is so appreciated! Thanks for the notes, rosettes etc. They mean a lot.



Purrs Needed for Ethan!

December 5th 2012 7:44 am
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Ethan's been doing pretty well until Monday. He didn't want to eat and was throwing up a little. I took him to our vet. He gave him a shot of cerenia and another med for his appetite. Nothing worked. His renal numbers are up but not real bad at 3.3 for crea and 60 for BUN. His cardiology check-up a few weeks ago was good and all was stable. His cardiologist suspected possibly a low grade cancer or IBD for his chronic diarrhea. She gave him some flagyl and it cleared up finally. She also did an ultrasound but saw nothing wrong with his colon. Of course he really needs to be put out and a scope done to be sure. But his heart makes him too high risk for that. So anyway our vet is not in today but the other vet said to take him to the big hospital where his cardiologist is located as he needs to be hospitalized and maybe some fluid therapy. Nobody seems sure though so off we go now to the hospital. Please keep my baby in your thoughts & prayers if you can. He just had his pics with Santa last Saturday & he was fine then. I am about to lose it. It's all just so hard.

Sharon, Ethan's mom


Tagged by lovely Lucy

August 27th 2012 11:28 am
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My funny CHristmas Story.
One year I got a super catnip sack for a present. I loved it- tossed it in the air, rain with it and had a great time. After a day or so my mom couldn't find the catnip toy anywhere. She looked & looked all over. Later she was taking down the Christmas tree & there was my catnip sack! I must have thrown it into the tree and out of sight. MOL! I was glad to have it back for sure.

Hiding spot
I have many but will say under the bed. I go there to avoid my pills.
What I wanted to be as a younger kitty
I'd hafta say a brain surgeon. I thought it would be interesting. I didn't have the paws for it though.

My favorite Hobby.
Probably frog watching or maybe sleeping these days.

My bad habit?
I gave those up after I got so many health problems. :( I'm always a good kitty now. :P
Where I would like to go?
Probably out to the barn with Tristan. I'd like to check it out too.

Make believe Monster
I don't really have one. Maybe Darth Vader? He wasn't real was he??
The thing I dread most
Taking my meds. Not fun but I know I need them. *sigh

I know there was something about choosing Zoe or Zack's ship. I am gonna sit that out this year due to my health problems. I feel good but don't want to overdo anything.

I tag ya if you are reading this & haven't done it yet!



My Check-up Results

July 25th 2012 7:00 am
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Not too many changes for me at my cardiac exam. My heart continues to get smaller (good). BP is normal. My heart murmur is still grade 2 (it was grade 3 to begin with) so the improvement still remains. My heart is contracting well. I have good femoral pulses. Weight is down about a pound and due to the food allergy struggles. As for kidneys- BUN is the same but the creatinine is slightly worse.

The cardiologist said I was a really good boy for my check-up. :) So no changes in treatment and we go back in 4 months. Glad that is over for awhile!



Missing In Action

July 16th 2012 12:59 pm
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I was so surprised to notice how long it has been since I last wrote! I have been enjoying Summer for the most part. I do not enjoy having all these food allergies. I eat a lot less than I used to because I just am not crazy about the allergy-type foods. My mom found a few flavors I like but I tire of most of them after a short time. I want my old flavors back! :(

I go next Monday to see my cardiologist to see how I am doing. I think OK since I am always running and playing with Tristan. I do throw up a bit more again than after I was first put on allergy foods so who knows? I lost weight due to not liking my foods. I'd give my kingdom for some cherry Jell-O!?! Not sure I have a kingdom but you know what I mean. I will update after I go to the doc & get all my results back.

I sure miss a lot of my friends on Catster but it seems after time almost every web site has this happen- the members leaving. There is always a new place to go I guess. We'll be here but we don't participate much as it is Summer & my mom likes to be outside doing stuff.

I'll try to remember to write more often, OK?




April 7th 2012 7:33 am
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I am so excited to be a Daily Diary Pick today! Thank you Catster & any who make the selections. And all because I have allergies! Yesterday I ate fish & potatoes and loved it. My mom found some cans of it in the cupboard. She had bought a few cans months ago. Today I eat Salmon and peas. Tomorrow? Who knows? Maybe some caviar???

Itchy Ethan


Itchy Gotcha Day 2012

April 5th 2012 10:03 am
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It is nice to celebrate another Gotcha Day. I am so glad I got to come live at my house with my mom & dad.

Unfortunately I am not feeling too well these days. After various meds for stress, anxiety and allergies, it appears I do have food allergies. Nobody was sure whether it was stress or an allergy at first. The bad part is I hate the Duck and Pea allergy cat food! Yuck! The only way I will touch any is if my mom mixes some of my other food in with it but then that defeats the purpose of it. I am not supposed to have anything but the duck food. :( I have lost weight due to not eating. I am hungry & want to eat, just not that food. I am still itching like mad- all over but the worst is my face & ears. I look like I have been in a few cat fights due to me scratching my face. The antihistamines don't have much effect except to make me want to sleep all day. So what a mess. My mom has ordered some other allergy food for me to try and I hope it gets here soon. *sigh With already having heart problems & kidney failure I can't believe I can't even eat my favorite foods anymore. No treats either. What's a cat to do?

Thanks for thinking of me on my Gotcha Day, friends! Happy Easter!

Itchy purrs,

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