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July 11th 2016 7:43 pm
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Goodbye sweet friends. We shall love and remember you forever. Too sad to say much more.

All our love,
Louis, Ethan, Simon, KC, Teesha, Monroe, Kirby, Tristan & Jory


Cat of the Day - belated post

July 24th 2014 11:04 am
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Hi sweet friends!

On July 18th I was chosen as Cat of the Day! Was I ever excited. That is sure an honor. We celebrated at the Bridge all day and night. Heehee.

The reason I did not post was because we couldn't log into Catster. It said they didn't know who we were. Can you imagine that? ;) But they finally got it all straightened out. Thank you Catster for helping us get back into the site and of course, for my CotD honors. Thank you friends for the pawmail, gifties and not forgetting about me since I have become a fur angel.

Love always,
Louis at Rainbow Bridge


Thank you

May 11th 2014 6:54 am
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Thanks to all for remembering me on my Gotcha Day. Such good friends indeed. I miss you & love you always.

Louis at Rainbow Bridge


One Year Ago

October 7th 2011 8:09 am
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Today marks one year since I made my journey to Rainbow Bridge. I always meant to say goodbye to all of you but things happened very quickly near the end of my life and I really did not get the chance then. I miss you, my friends, and I miss my family- especially my mom. I am never far away but my presence is not the same as it once was. I love you guys so don't ever forget that. Time for me to go now.

Louis at Rainbow Bridge


Louis Is Home Now

October 14th 2010 8:15 am
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Yesterday my sweet Louis came home. His dad picked up his urn at the vet. I am not yet able to look at any of what was sent along with that. But I was told there is a clay print of Louis' paw, some of his fur and of course the urn with Louis. It is a very sad time for all in our house. I still do not know how I will get through this at this point. I miss Louis so much. I miss his companionship, his wisdom, his beauty and most of all his love.

I was going to tell you more about the last few days for Louis but it just does not seem that I can. Louis did get to come home last Tuesday afternoon. His problems had not improved and he started to retain fluids in an alarming way. And he was no longer being given any fluids!

I knew without a doubt that it was time for him to make his journey to Rainbow Bridge. I told him I felt that he had been through enough. He fought hard to stay here with me and his family. Now it was time to rest. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I knew that he would be at peace though. I so hope he is alright and happy wherever he might be. I will love and miss him forever more.

Thank you to all of you for your comments, gifts for Louis on his page, cards, email, pawmail, purrs, prayers and just the fact that you care enough to read this diary entry. I hope to thank each of you personally when I feel more up to it. But I hope you know each and every thing you did for Louis and his family is so deeply appreciated.



Louis Has Become An Angel

October 7th 2010 12:40 pm
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At 2:18pm EST today, my sweet Louis made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge & became an angel. His problems snowballed very quickly the last few days. I will tell you more when I feel up to it. Louis is at peace now and that is the most important thing.

Mom to Louis



October 4th 2010 3:50 pm
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Saturday morning all was well. Then a bit later I was trying to go in the litter box but could not. I tried so hard it made me vomit. Then I was gasping and short of breath. We left for the same place we went for an ER fever once. They are close by at least. The vet there felt I might need to be there all weekend & several enemas to get things moving. :(

My mom went home but kept thinking about things. I do still get that fever. Nobody stays at this vet all night even though it has an ER type of service. What if the fever came about 10pm or so & there was nobody to help me cool down? My mom finally got in touch with the place I was at after hours & brought up the fever problem again. The vet there agreed with my mom that I probably should have closer monitoring just in case. So they agreed to move me to the big ER at the oncology place.

They did 4 or 5 enemas at the first ER place with no result. This big ER said they would not have done that many so fast. They were going to try Lactulose but said it might take some time to work. The ER vet took me & my mom in the back to see my x-ray from the first ER. She could really see the problem. I really liked the ER vet as she just loved me. Kissed me endless times! She told me she was not my mom but I was getting her kisses anyway. She was sweet.

I still didn't poop on Sunday. Today my Internist was in. She decided to put me under & try to help things with a massage. She said it was risky due to all my problems. It had to be done though. Luckily all went well this afternoon. No problems from the anesthesia. She took care of my poop problem. The bad news was that she found an area of my colon near my back-end that was narrowed. She feels the cancer may have spread to this area now. This had nothing to do with my reason to be in the ER as that area was up much higher in my colon than the narrowed area. She does not feel the narrowing is enough to cause me problems just yet at least. I was sorry to know it was there though.

They have me on IV fluids so my paw is shaved again & it was just starting to grow back in nicely from the other time. I am also on some antibiotics as the vet did not like the way my tumor area looks & wants to be sure it does not get infected. I had been picking at it again while in the ERs. My fever held about 102-103 so just slight so far. I am also on the lactulose too. I could have come home late tonight (after some observation) but my mom doesn't see well to drive in the dark & my dad is at work so I am staying one more night. I will be home tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

At the oncologist just this past Fri, the update had some good news. My white blood cell count was back down to 25,000. But sadly the red blood cells were back down from 23% to 20%. My Internist said that was pretty common in animals with a chronic disease.

So if anyone wants to band together & come rescue me tonight, there might be a little catnip, trout or shrimpies in the bargain. Otherwise I'll be home soon.

Thanks again for all the lovely comments, pawmail, email, cards, purrs, prayers & gifties on my page. I have the best pals in Catsterland.



Need To Add

September 28th 2010 12:49 pm
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I forgot to add in my diary entry below earlier today that I do still get the fevers every other day. We are so used to dealing with them that it seems part of a normal week for me.

Also wanted to thank all my friends for the support, prayers, purrs, pawmail, email, comments, gifties, cards and your friendship. That last one is truly the greatest gift too.



Some Good News For A Change!

September 28th 2010 12:37 pm
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When I last updated you, we were not sure how bad the anemia would get and how fast. My lab work showed that it has actually gone up from 20% to 23%! So that means I am regenerating some red blood cells on my own. I hope this continues. What a nice surprise.

The Palladia did not seem to be the cause of any problems for me so they are letting me use my prescription and then will do labs & see if a bit more time will help my white blood cells to once again become in the normal range Of if that one lower reading was just a fluke. At my last lab work result they were back in the 50,000 range.

My latest problem was then suspicion that I was becoming Diabetic from taking the Prednisilone for so long and being a big boy. My glucose was in the 200s a lot of the time. My vet did the long range glucose test to see what my blood sugars had been running for several weeks or months to better get a look at what was going on. That test came back in the normal range! We were all very glad about that. One less problem for me to deal with right now. They still would like to see if I can do well on less Prednisilone to be on the safe side with the glucose. So we are kind of experimenting with that. My vet feels that to even try starting me on insulin with readings in the 200 range would put me at too much risk for low blood sugar problems.

Another thing I have started doing is licking the tumor area on my tummy. I have it a bit irritated looking. My mom read online that some cats do that as they just don't like the tumor there. My vet said she had some kind of freeze spray that might help it feel better from the way I have it inflamed now. I really don't want to wear that silly E-collar again. So I hope I can lick & somehow get away with it. Oh and I have a new addiction. I've gotten into wanting ice water all the time. I mean as cold as my mom can get it. When I see her go to the freezer I just start squealing with delight! I just love licking ice cubes or drinking ice water.

Iceman Louis


Lab Work Update

September 16th 2010 9:07 am
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I did not get any good news about my lab work. My White Blood Cell count jumped up to a new high of 53,000! The other bad news is that the red cell count (PCV) did not go up. It remains at 20%. That means that it was not the Palladia causing my anemia. It is the cancer itself. Had it been the Palladia then my body would have generated new red blood cells in that week but it did not. I am back on the Palladia to get the WBC count back down as it was normal when I was on the med before. I don't feel well when it is that high. But the really bad news is the PCV. My mom asked about a few meds that help anemia but they are just for anemia caused by renal failure or chemo. They can actually make cancer grow faster and shorten a life.

So considering my PCV dropped 6% in only one week, this is very bad. It could mean just days more for me. We are hoping it will stabilize so I can have more time and be with my mom. It's odd as I feel good right now. I guess that will change if my PCV gets any lower though. My mom is just so sad. I know she tries to hide it but I am not fooled when I look into her eyes. I am worried about her. It's going to be very hard for her to be without me.

We may not be back online as we don't foresee any good news to share coming up. My mom will let you know when my situation changes. I do want you to always remember how much I love each and every one of you! You will always be a part of me. I've had so much fun on Catster over the years. Thank you again for your prayers, purrs, pawmails, emails, comments, gifties and most of all for your friendship. I love you!

Love forever,

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