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Abbi's story

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At the bridge

December 10th 2013 11:53 am
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I am now at the bridge, all new and healthy again like when I first came to live with mom and Trev.

I have had a good life with them for 12 years and I was an adult when I came to live with them. I have had the best I could wish for for all that time.

Fly free on golden gossamer wings Abbi,
Chase ghost mice in fields of catnip at the bridge firever.

Love you baby, mom xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tomorrow I go to the bridge

December 9th 2013 12:04 pm
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Mom has decided that she does not want me poked and prodded anymore so I go to the bridge tomorrow.


This may be the end

December 9th 2013 2:36 am
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I have a vets apt tonight, it may well be my last one.

I am not eating much, am skin and bone, no muscle at all. I am drinking loads and doing my toileting outside the tray.

Wish me luck friends. I have had a wonderful life with mom and Trev though, plenty of good food and love and cuddles. I am 19 years old now and have been with mom for 12 years, and loved all that time.

This may be goodbye friends, if so mom will update my diary.



I am an aold girl now.

August 30th 2013 10:32 am
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I am 19 today mom recons, also it's my 12 years gotcha day. The others have had a chicken in my honour, I only ate a bit. I have not eaten much today in fact. Mom hopes I will enjoy my treats soon.


I am at vet.

October 25th 2012 12:04 pm
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I went to the vet tonight to be weighed, they have kept me in for tests as I have lost 2.lbs 4oz in 3 months.


My burfurday

August 30th 2012 6:45 am
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Today is my birthday (mom dosen't know the exact date, or really how old I am). It's also my gotcha day, 12 years ago today mom and Trev fetched me from a lady who had to give me up.

I have ben very happy with mom and Trev all these years and have moved house with them twice.

I am in my favourite place, on the back of the settee next to mom.


Been to the vets

May 10th 2012 12:06 pm
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I have been to the vets and he thought it was irritation from a furball. I am to be weighed in 6 weeks, my weight is 5.9kg.


Mom is worried about me.

May 7th 2012 8:01 am
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Mom and Trev have noticed that I have lost a lot of weight over last 2 weeks I will go to see vet one night this week for a check up. I am eating less too and sleeping more. Mom knows I am an old lady but she don't want the angel kitties to call my name yet.


Slowing down

October 19th 2011 10:53 pm
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Mom has noticed that I am slowing down a lot now. Sleeping nearly all day and night. Not eating a lot either.


My birthday

August 30th 2011 10:40 am
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I am 17 today by moms estimation as I have lived with mom and Trev for 10 years and my exact birthday isn't known. I am looking forward to my pawty tonight in MOOBOO and am catching a nap ready to pawty.

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