July 19th 2012 2:21 pm
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It’s a cool, rainy day. It’s been raining all day long. Nice sleeping weather… OK, that’s enough! I want to go OUT.

A little while ago the Mama came home from work and put away her purse and workbag. She changed into her lounge-around-the-house clothes and turned on her computer. I sit patiently….

OK, patience is over: Me-ow-w-w-www, why aren’t you getting our leashes?!
She tries to put me off: “I don’t think we’ll be walking today, girls; it’s raining.”

What? Maybe I didn’t hear her properly. Me-ow-wow-wow! I put my paws on her knee, in case she missed that I was addressing HER.

She tries to placate me: “Why don’t you go out in your cattery? It’s so nice and cool out there right now. You can sit on the ledge and watch the rain.”

Go out in the cattery?! It’s only 100 sq ft with some grass in it, and no frogs! Well…not any more.

She tries to reason with me: “It’s not like you really walk around a lot - not like Samhain who drags me on a 5 mile hike through shrubbery and grasses taller than my head! You more often either paw in the grass or lie there staring at the scenery.”

But that’s my hunting technique – I paw around in the grass until a frog jumps – which, eventually, one will – as this is the Season of Little Frogs. THEN I make my move; why waste energy beforehand with all that wasteful to-and-fro-ing? And besides, I crave DIFFERENT scenery.

She is not listening to me; she is typing…I’m bored. I think I’ll go out in the cattery…

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July 19th 2012 at 7:43 pm

We are getting some rain tonight. Finally, because our grass was really brown and crunchy. Hope you get your change of scenery, maybe your weather will be better for a walk tomorrow.
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July 20th 2012 at 12:31 am

I'm so glad I don't have to go out in the rain! I used to be stuck out in it.
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July 20th 2012 at 5:12 am

Hi, guys! It's a glorious day today after the rain! Maybe the Samhain and I can get a walk this evening, the Mama says! Yes, Charlie, that would be terrible to be stuck out in the rain. Apparently the ferals think so, too - that's why some of them were sleeping in the small shelter boxes on our porch when the Mama went out to feed them last night - MOL!




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