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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

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A little better every day

January 23rd 2011 5:16 pm
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Dear Kit-tah friends,

I want to thank you all for your encouragement and support. Today is Sunday. I spent the day resting on the soft blanket on mom and dad's bed. I was able to really make them happy and excited today at 3 am! Can you guess why? Well, I pooped. Not once, but twice. I meowed loudly before hand, managed to get off the bed by myself, because the humans did not respond to my immediate call, and I went in the box and did my business. I made sure to scratch the litter so hard and kick it out that Daddy had to get up.
Daddy then scooped the box clean, threw away the little baggie he always uses, washed his hands, then went back to bed. I got back on the bed when I felt nature call again. It was only 5 minutes later, and again, sigh, neither of my people responded. I went into the box and again scratched around, completed the task set out to do, and scratched alot of litter around. I could hear it hit the floor-I am getting my strength back. Even the big pellets of Feline Pine flow! I heard daddy get up. He was happy and excited. You see, I had not pooped since before my surgery. I was saving it up, you know, when you have an ouchie near your stomach, it hurts to move certain muscles. But I feel so much better now. I made daddy get up and bring me some food. In doing so, he woke Mommy up, which was entertaining, because she was then required to pet me as I came and sat on her legs after I finished eating. I made Daddy hold my plate-it's hard for me to reach my plate when I have this annoying cone on my head.
My humans are very kind, though. I love them.
My ouchie hurts a little less every day. I am still getting pain medicine every 12 hours, and it really does help, but makes me sleepy. The last picture on the page is me sleeping, just after I gone some medicine. I also get an antibiotic once a day.
But I am moving around more when I do get up. I don't hurt as much, though my ear is itching me. I will be glad when the cone of shame comes off.
The up side is that the two boy cats-the orange one and the RB, have not stayed in here too much. Today the RB came in and sat on the side of the bed for a little, but surprisingly, he did not trouble me. He sat quietly and then left, to do what, I do not know. But I rested in the warmth of a hissing radiator spilling warmth into the room.
Tonight I had more to eat, and then took another nap. I get up for little bits, then go back to sleep. But my surgery site is a lot less swollen, and I do not feel too badly most of the time.
I want to thank all of you who have been so kind, and so generous with your well wishes and purrs. I know that some of you who have been through 'vet troubles' understand-and I thank you for thinking of me. You are all so lovely-we are an excellent species, all of us, such lovely variations in coats, sizes, and colors.
Yawwwwn...the medince is making me drowsy again...purrrs to all of you with much warmth.

Natalie the Natcat


From Natalies mom....

January 21st 2011 4:13 am
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Thank you everyone, your prayers and purrs are working!

Natalie is resting now. She just took her pain med. She wouldn't let me pill her with the antibiotic, I will try before I leave for work. I had put some in some tuna, thinking she would eat it, she loves tuna. But she ate around it.

She has so far used the box to pee-not poop. This morning she got into the big box before I even saw her and tinkled. I checked her incision and it's ok. I will put a layer of feline pine in that box to make it safer. She won't use the shredded paper in the little box now.

She is eating well. She still hasn't had a drink of water. When I come home we'll leave the bedroom door open in case she wants to drink from the fountain in the living room.

I havent' seen her get down from the bed, yet, but she has a stepstool here to jump down onto. I have seen her jump up, and she appears to have no trouble doing that. She is amazing.

We'll keep her in the bedroom by herself today. I have the window cracked a tiny bit, but the windows are otherwise closed.

I am so gland Ms. Natalie the Natcat Tinyface Tinypaws is home. She laid for a half hour on my arm with her paws crossed over me, and purred.

I wish I could stay home with her today, but though it's snowing here, so far they haven't said work is closed. Wish it would be.

Thank you all for your prayers and purrs. We need them still, we're praying the biopsies will be ok.

with many thanks,
Debbie, Tiger, and yes, even the other furkids.


Good morning, fellow felines-the Natcat blogs again...

January 21st 2011 4:04 am
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Good morning my feline and human friends.
I am incredibly touched that you all sent me prayers and purrs. Please keep them coming.
Today, ah, today. The radiator hisses. I can drowse on the warm bed.
I am still not my best, but I am alive, and yes, one must live in the moment.
This morning I had a quater can of faancy feast and my mom just gave me some tuna fish. I didn't eat much. There was a chopped up pill in it. Now really mom. What do you think I am, a dog that swallows things whole and doesnt' notice such things? I ate atround it, but it still tasted bitter. I heard mommy tell daddy taht she would have to 'figure something else out'. This is a concern, because daddy will find a way to push it down my throat. Ah, wondering if I can push him away with my tiny paws.

This morning mommy helped me off the bed. I went out to the living room to let those other felines know I WAS BACK, and let them know that I am staying. That other female Bella took advantage of my situation, she came over and smacked me. However, it landed on this most inconvienent cone I have on my head. Ah! So you see, you grey and white would be 'turkish angora' with pretensions, you didn't get me! She has worn the 'cone of shame' too. However, I will best this thing.

Oh gosh, I hurt. But I snuck into the regular litter box,relieved my bladder, and got out, cover and all, before mommy could even notice! Ah, mom, you see how fast I am! Even with this ouchie.

I am cranky with the others, more so than usual, because one feels more vulnurable like this. But by gosh, I'm no invalid! I jumped back up on the bed by myself. Nothing wrong with me really, that rest won't cure. I am going to rest, it's snowing outside, but warm in here. The other cats will have to be out in the front room today, though, truthfully, I would maybe like having them wander back here. But mommmy and daddy said that I need my beauty sleep. Still, the RB managed to get up on the bed next to me this morning when the door was opened. He laid down right beside me. No, I don't think he was being friendly-he wanted to annoy me. It's what he does best. I growled, but he did not heed. He took advantage of the cone of shame and my weakness. Mommy thought it was 'sweet' but I let her know that he is just telling me he believes this is HIS bed and if I didn't like it, I could leave. But I won't. the RB will have to deal with it.

I am sleeping all stretched out so my abdomen ouchie can heal. My ear troubles me, but Mommy rubs it for me and has been coming to sit with me. She put a little step for me by the bed too, so I could get up and down.

However, we cats all know that beauty sleep is the best thing for this, really. so I will go back to sleep for now. I need to. I will have to fight daddy with this pill thing later.

Thank you all so much for the purrs and prayers. I am sore, still, but sleep is overtaking me, and I feel so good being home.

Purrs of love and gratitude,


Natalie is home

January 20th 2011 5:00 pm
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She has a very big ouchie. She had a double masectomy I am sorry, I know I spelled that wrong. She is laying in my spot on the bed. She peed in the little litter box in here and then jumped up on the bed. She ate some fancy feast and now is resting. She has a cone on her head she hates.
The vet told my husband that despite the large incision on her belly, the reason the surgery was 3 1/2 hours was because her ears were a mess. She said she took out polyps, and the plug of wax gunk that was blocking her ear drum was so hard that when they dropped it on the table it was like a metal screw hitting it.
We aren't sure if she can hear, yet. She hates the e collar, but it has to stay on for awhile. Too much stuff done. She just took her pain meds, and I am hoping she can poop in the box ok.
The room is very warm, the radiator is hissing steam, and she finally closed her eyes. My heart aches for her, but she's a fiesty little kitty, fought when I gave her meds, so this is good. Thank you everyone for your prayers and purrs. They are most welcome and needed! Please lets pray and purr the biopsies will be negative.
Ms. Natalie the Natcat Tinyface Tiny Paws is home, and we are so glad.


Natalie is recovering from surgery at the vets

January 19th 2011 4:43 pm
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This is Natalies mom. She is recovery from surgery at the vet. The vet told us she might do better to stay overnight, because it was a big surgery, much larger than was thought.
Natalie has a big incisiion on her belly, and they removed polyps from her ears. All were biopsied. We are praying they are beign.
We went to visit her tonight, and she meowed weakly to me. I felt so guilty leaving her there, but feel it was better. We both have to work tomorrow, and her daddy will pick her up at about 4:30.
When we visited her she was shivering. They covered her with a towel and told me this was not unusual after surgery, because she came from the warm hospital area to the area patients visit with their family.
I miss my Tinyface. I felt so badly, because we can't explain this to her, why she had to have the surgery, why she is still there, why we left. I'm hoping she'll be ok, but know that she's with good vets, and good techs.
Just wanted to let everyone know.


Surgery tomorrow

January 18th 2011 12:40 pm
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Well, Kit-tahs,

This may be it for a couple days, I hope it's only a couple days. Daddy is on his way home. He thinks I don't know this, but I am to go to 'Dr. P's' tonight, to have surgery tomorrow.

Do not fear. I do not feel unwell, not in the least my fellow felines. I feel remarkably well. I know that Daddy and Mommy-Mommy especially, feel badly about me having to have surgery, but I do trust Dr. P, even if I do push her away with my tiny paws. (What tiny paws pussywussy has!' she says-I read lips, you remember!)
But I trust her. She has told Mommy and Daddy I have mammary gland tumors. She is not sure if they are 'serious' or not, but feels a biopsy is in order. I know that this is best. Afterward, I want to get a little pink pawprint with a pink ribbon to post somewhere....yes, girls, all of us need regular breast exams, be we human or kit-tah, or even, heavens, canine.

My former 'Person' did not spay me. I don't know why. Spaying is the healthist thing for all cats, really. It keeps us from what I now face. However, this is important to me in that I am now facing surgery, and want any other cats not to face what I do. Oh, I shall face it with bravery, my dears. I know my human mommy will be worried...and I don't want to worry her further. My human daddy loves me, and I know he is doing what is best. But no cat should have to, in this day and age, be having surgery for something that could be prevented. So please, parents without fur (and for you human parents and do have fur, like Daddy on his back, well, that is our secret...opps, or was!) please make sure to get your new kit-tah 'fixed'. It is not costly, and in the end, shall prevent what I now go through.

I will take my little yellow 'yeeeeooow' banana with me. It is stuffed with catnip, and I enjoy it. I will stare up at Daddy as he gets the carrier, and let him know. I am just as glad that mommy will still be at work. I know how she hates when we have to go to the vet and 'stay over'. This is not my first vet stay-I did have my teeth done by the rescue, after all. I will not note the RB's look of gloating as he slinks into my cat bed. The RB will not gloat so much when it is his turn to go and have his face fixed. (he came to mommy and daddy with a tiny hole in the side of his face, it doesn't hurt him to eat or anything. It just leaks a little.) I will not gloat over him going then, though. I am the bigger cat. Well, in nature, anyway.

But I blow you kisses, Kit-tahs, with my tiny paws. And tell you, yes, I will write again.

With sighs of courage,
Natalie the NatCat


Of things chicken and salmon...

January 17th 2011 1:05 pm
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Good afternoon Kit-tahs. I hope all of you are well, and enjoying your cat wellness.
Last night my Person, the Mom, made salmon for herself and Dad. I and the other cats had a bit each, as a treat. I tried to prevail upon them to give me more, because I would rather that than cat food. But it was a tasting only. But today things look promising. She came in from outside, with a bag, and took out what smelled like chicken and put it in the warm thing called the oven. I read her lips, she said the chicken thighs are for us.
I would like to enjoy them alone, but alas, there are other cats here.
One of them I have discussed, the RB. He at the moment sits insolently in the window, gazing out. The other cat is an older female. It is obvious that she is Top cat here-she sleeps on a fluffy mattress on which rests a folded soft blanket. It's on the small sofa like thing, and takes up half the space. The humans can't both sit on it at the same time, because this fluffy white and grey semi long haired feline rests there. My mom curls up beside her, and brushes her, or pets her. The female appears to like this devotion, and I would venture to say that they are bonded in a way some humans are with us. The female and I have crossed paths on occasion. I have to say that she is fiesty, and does not back down, but I refuse to bow before her as though I'm a mere new cat. No, I will hold her eye and growl. She stares at me, her fluffy tail extended and doesn't move. She is a tough cookie. I back down only when Daddy comes in and puts his hand on my side, breaking the visual contact. But I expect this. To date, our matches are a tie. I have swatted, she eyed me as though I were a a fly, with sneering disdain, and watched me as though asking what else I was going to do. Daddy broke it up, and I moved back into the bedroom.
The other cat is sitting on the small rug by the bathroom. He's a dark orange cat, a boy, with very vivid orange swirl patterns on his side. He has learned respect and when I growl backs away or moves discretely from being too close to my Self. He loves food, and is the one who appears to get mealtime started around here. He's very good at weaving between the people's legs, and sometimes getting his tail or paw stepped on in the process. But usually the humans cave in and feed us because of it. For that, he is a useful animal, and to be honest, doesn't trouble me. He sometimes sits in the windowsill, but just now he sits close by Mom to see if she will rise and go and take the chicken out for us. But I could tell him from experience that it won't come out til it's done.
This cat, this 'marmalade tabby' as mom calls him is called Orange Ruffy. From what I hear tell, Daddy named him for a fish. It seems appropriate, for he loves fish, and will moan and squeak and make little baby kitten sounds that are so pathetic that eventually Mommy or Daddy caves in and gives him something just to stop them. If he gets, we all do, so again, I am grateful. His coloring is near to mine, too, which is also why I think he is a handsome beast. But his coat is more patterned. He also has a large head and solid, sturdy paws and body. Yes, he is handsome, I give him his due. And useful in a way that is tolerable.
The chicken in the oven smells good. It has made me pick up my head. Ah, and look right into the RB's green eyes. He stares at me, as though I will give up this spot. But I will not. With Mom a mere 2 feet away, he doens't try to muscle me out. She is not paying attention to us, but thats ok for now-I know she will if I say 'Mrrrrt?" in my lovely loud deep voice that I myself can't hear.
Mom is here with us, a lovely treat today. How I wish one of our humans was always here to pet us and brush us and feed us good things. But I have been on Daddy's little computer and must say adeiu for now, before Mom catch's me here. But she may know, for she reached over before and absently stroked my head as she headed into the other room. I think she's checking the Chicken! I see Ruffy run behind her and even the RB is gazing through half slitted eyes, his nose tilted in that direction.
Well, I sign off now, to find out if our chicken dinner is in the works.



TGIF-well, we'll have the parents here more, anyway-my- thoughts on adopting a 'Senior' cat.

January 14th 2011 1:26 pm
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Greetings fellow Kit-tahs!

Got onto the Dad's little computer again to blog. I think he's realizing it. He commented he'd need to plug it in and recharge it later.
I have been reading some of the Catster questions about adopting, and wanted to address something here that seems rarely addressed-the issue of adopting an older, more experienced, seasoned, good time gal or guy cat. Not like me. No one could ever be like me. One can only aspire! But there are so many reasons you would benefit from taking an 'older' cat into your home.
One is this: Experience. You see, we have Been Around. We aren't little kittens, who are all so fresh and new to life. Nope. We have things figured out. Like for the most part, things you humans might want a cat to know, like the litter box thing. We know what a litter box is and we know what it's for. At the rescue shelter I resided in some of the little kittens tried to eat litter! Why? Well, dear, simply because they were trying to figure out what it was for! Luckily, most learned with a little help from friends, or watching others-there is little privacy for a cat in a shelter, you see. But we feline elderwise Know These Things.
I believe also, we have alot to offer. We're charming, cultured, we know what it's like to be in a home. Most of us wind up in shelters, or sadly, on the street through no fault of our own. Sometimes our former people 'surrender' us because they fall upon hard times. Some are just squish heads and should never have been allowed to live within 2 feet of a small brown cocharoach, and some, sadly, pass away and someone boots us out, or boxes us up if we're lucky enough to wind up in a place that won't 'put you down' (and I don't mean with disparaging remarks, either).
Also, Elderwise cats are smart. We've gotten through some tough times. Some of us have had wonderful lives, and would love to continue doing so. Some of us have had a tough time, and would relish some positive interaction with someone willing to love us, feed us, provide us with clean litter and good vet care.
And age, as they say, is a state of mind. I am Elderwise. I am deaf, too. But I love to play with the silky cords my Mom dangles before me and makes dance. I enjoy being picked up, snuggled in my daddy's work shirt, which smells of roast beef, gravy, roast chicken, cream, and so many wonderful things! (He is what they call a 'Chef' I believe.) I even love savoring the warmth of the radiator and through half closed eyes watching the RB in the spot he's taking up space in because he can't be in My Bed. Speaking of the RB, he is probably a 'purebred' Russian Blue, if that means anything to anyone. He was probably pitched out when the people Mommy refers to as "The Queens people from Deliverance" decided they wanted a Dog. At least thats the story on the street. SmokieBoo, I have learned, was in a sorry state when Mommy and Daddy found him. Mommy is Sure he's a 'Purebred' Russian Blue, and you see, it's sadly too easy for even one of the 'Royal Blues' to wind up in the gutter. While I'm not overly fond of the grey lug who's eyes sometimes cross strangely, I do not believe any cat deserves this, even him. While I can't count the RB as a Senior, he was not a kitten. And there are too many of us, past the 'kittenhood' stage who need purrrmanent homes.
I'd ask you this, dear humans...before you consider adopting another cat...and adopting my friends, is the only way to go until there are none of us without a home...consider us, the Elderwise who have so much to offer you. What you ask? Well, headrubs, purrs next to you on the couch, and liquid, mysterius eyes that hold the wisdom of the universe in our souls. Do you dare to take that step over and seek out the magick of the Elderwise? Well, you might want to-and let our Wisdom guide you. After all, as we gaze upon you, do you not feel in the company of Sages? And do not our Purrs and Kneading banish sadness as you are permitted to stroke silken fur?
I bid you a jolly weekend, and to you Kit-tahs, many happy naptimes in the warmth of a patch of sun, or in a warm bed. Daddy will be home soon, so I sign off with many Purrs.

Natalie the NatCat


~Happy January to the Kit-tahs!

January 13th 2011 9:15 am
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Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm still figuruing out the keys on my daddy's little computer that mom presented him with at Christmas. For those of you Kit-tahs that don't celebrate that holiday, on that holiday there was a little plastic tree that had something daddy called 'fiber-optics' that lit up. The reason I knew it was not a real from outside tree was that Smokie-boo tried to eat some of it. I don't know why-kit-tahs I know do not eat pine, fake, real, or otherwise, if that in one's wildest imagination, was what it was supposed to be. Anyway, the RB (Russian Blue)after a few seconds of fruitless chewing made a face and looked up at Daddy with incredious disbelief. Why would a human bring in a fake tree, place it on the towel covered coffee table, then drape the bottom with a lovely red sparkly velvet cover? Ah, it occured to the RB then. It was for him, self serving creature that he is, to lay upon! And he stretched out, pushing out of the way the oddly shaped boxes that mommy had just placed there. Daddy said 'No, no, Smokie' as if that mattered. Anyone who has figured things out here has already figured out the one person that the RB listens to is Mommy. The RB looked up at him with large, very puzzled eyes, which was a complete act. The RB knew what was being said. I learned the first day here that he understands 'human' very well. He just, like many others with Foreign origins, chooses to understand only what he wants to, and pretends he doesn't know what's being said otherwise. Well, Daddy picked the RB up, put him gently on the floor. The RB watched him turn away and leapt back up under the tree, and stretched himself out below as though he were on display for the next issue of Cat Fancy. The RB is nothing, if not vain. Daddy turned, saw him there, and said 'I told you...' to which Mommy then said 'Oh, he loves being under the tree! Look how pretty the light shines on his coat! Isn't he beautiful there?"
If cats gagged on anyhting but furballs or food, I would have. The RB remained, Daddy took a step back. "He is pretty there, isn't he?"
Yes, the RB knows how to work things around here.
He even tried to take over my bed, the one the Mommy had put on the big bed for me. He has been creeping into it, slinking into it with the furtive look of the fox in the henhouse. Then he gazes at me with gloating triumpth. To which I wait for the Mommy to come in, bleat up at her planitively and loudly...for I can't hear myself, being deaf. I see her lips move, though, and I know what she's saying: 'Why Smokie! Thats Natalies little bed! You have your blanket and your Cat Tree Nook!" And then she lifts his over-rated grey carcass from my bed and puts him on the comforter a few feet away. He glares at me, but the look changes when she sees him. Then he almost simpers and curls up, as though he's contented.
When she leaves, he may remain, or he may come and glare at me, trying to Muscle me out. However, for his size, the RB is really not all that. I can stand up and glare at him and meow crankily, and he will, after a few moments of trying to get me to melt away, back down, usually in the spot not too far away, in case I leave this small space.
Lately, I have found Daddy's spot on the bed, under the comforter more appealing. It's cozy in here, and with the radiator hissing steam into the warm room, it's a wonderful nap place. I love the humans-they bring food, treats, trinkets whenever they are here. They tuck me in between them, and I hold the fort, even as the RB tries to flow up the comoforter and push me out. But they don't allow this, though Mommy spends alot of time petting him, and soothing his considerable ego. It's clear the RB would rather I took to the basket in the corner. But that Will Not Happen. I have this spot, and it's mine.
The other cats-well, thats a tale for a different time. For now, my paws grow tired, and the sun shines outside in cold brillance...and my musings need to be interrupted for a catnap. So adeiu for now, Youngsters!

Natalie the NatCat

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