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Musings from the Granny kit-tahj!

A view from the Bridge, and some comforting words from- Natalie the Natcat

February 28th 2014 6:38 am
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Ah, hello Kit-tahs,

As I sit here, basking in the early morning warm of the Sun (yes, there is sun here, and lovely things) I became aware of something...

My mom has been feeling sad. She is missing me, and she is facing something hard ahead, a good friend of hers is dying of cancer. She went into hospice last night. This is tough because her friend is very distressed and upset, and has periods of anger and rage.

Last night, mom said to daddy 'Why?'

There are no 'Why's'. I can tell you that there is a reason, it's a reason that is wrapped in mystery. Do I know why?

Well, we cats know much more than we let on..and those who love us know this.

Dear Mommy,
When the time comes, I will leap out through the portal. This isn't so difficult as might be imagined, once one knows how to make it open, rather like throwing open a window I will do so. I will leap back over, a blur of sienna tangerine fur, and purr...and appear in a blaze of light, and healing...for yes, we can and do bring magick. I will not let your friend go gently into the night, I will appear as she needs to see me, and I will gaze back, and yes, see those who have gone over before come to her, and let her know that all is well.

Humans fear death, for it's the unknown. To us, it is Known. We cross over, if we choose, a dozen times a day, our energy changing as we do so, and sometimes, we send messages, for some of us know our people must be given the ever present nudge to move on with their lives, to dry tears of grief, and know we are close but we are, truly fine.

And I sense your frustration-with me, with your friend. Why? But that is the question you'll understand perhaps at some other juncture. For now, the best I can give you is the ability to know, as I rise to my yes, very present strong tiny paws, that I gather together all the will I have, and sauntering faster and faster, with absolute joy, leap through a circle of pure white light back to the world as you know it, but you, with your sense, know there is more to. And when the time is right, I will come close enough so you too, may whisper my name and know that I don't hold back for lack of love, but for love, for you, my dear, must simply learn the lesson of fate.

But for one who lays, frightened, and perhaps feeling alone, I assure you the portal opens and we may all, all she loves or who love her 'on the other side' come and go.

But this is a mystery everyone remembers with time.

I turn around and see a large white cat, and he comes to me, lays down, and gazes at me with all knowing eyes. And we purr in unison, as he weaves back and forth, every once in awhile he dances across the floor, after an imaginary toy, to amuse himself. His name is Comet, he is part of the welcoming group here, along with several others who I have come to know well-they will join me, and together, one of them a gentle large orange cat that perhaps others know as Calvin, leap up high and then there is an electric static in the air....and we are there.

I leap up onto a bed and gaze at the woman there, who senses, but can't yet see me...but peace is the gift we can give, and a sense of fun. For yes we remain joyous, and we frisk about, and knock things down and loll in patches of sun.

Calvin has found a place near a sunny window, and his purr is loud, so vibrating that someone from the hall looks in, and we amuse ourselves with the human looks of bewilderment. But our 'patient' is now somewhat calm, and the fear is dissipating. In time, she will be able to see through the 'between' and take pleasure in our antics.

And like this we will stay for awhile. As need be we will leap back and forth-there is no real barrier-simply a changing of energy, and in our immortal form, it is easy to do.

And after awhile, Calvin gazes at me, one mango sienna orange cat to another, our noses touch and I watch as he turns and stretches, arching his back. He leaps up to the bed, goes to the woman who lays there, and tenderly, touches her forehead with his paw.

The Power of The Paw is real, my dears, and with time, the fear will fade completely, for how can one fear such as us? And it is all too obvious, we are anything but ghosts, we are, as always, Cats.

Calvin lays down by her, and his purr vibrates and travels across the bed, a wall of pure melody that only we can affect. The morning light brightens with all our energy, and the room is awash in sun and air and light.

I curl beside your friend, and her hand touches my fur. At first she pulls back, she can't see me, but she knows...knows because she feels. And after awhile her eyes close and she rests, and even in the chill outside, birds sing, and twitter and the morning is joyous and peaceful. Yes, even here, all is right with the world.

I will be here as needed, there are enough of us, and her loved ones will come. She will remember that life is not one dimensional, that every human 'faith' has a basis in this, for all faiths are universal in love. Something we cats knew from the beginning...

So my human family, though you shed tears of loss, and sadness, breathe in the light and the love, and know, as I lay here, meeting the eyes of others who have chosen to accompany me, and as I add my purr to theirs, no one we love is ever really alone.

I love you,
Natalie the Natcat
Tiny Face, Tiny Paws


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Purred by: Platelicker ♥ DB#69 (Catster Member)

February 28th 2014 at 8:24 am

Sending love to your Mom ♥

Purred by: Queen Tallulah Angel Dreamgirl (Catster Member)

February 28th 2014 at 4:11 pm

We are purring for your Mom and her friend, we know this is a hard time for your Mom knowing her friend is so ill.

Angel hugs and butterfly kisses
Purred by: Renee R

March 2nd 2014 at 4:19 pm

It is so hard to go through - we have lost too - there surely are no easy answers, and many why's. What have we learned from it? Live each day the best you can, and always tell those you love them. No regrets.....We send your momma many hugs. This is a touch thing happening now and scary too. purrs

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