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On the Island of Calypso

The Box That Must Not Be Named

January 6th 2011 10:27 am
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Thank you to all of you who congratulated me on being diary of the day. It is such an honor that all of you are willing to read the words that my not so little paws type. I hope that you continue to read and enjoy...

Anyways, as you may remember, yesterday I went to the vet. It started off as a good day...lots of food, naps, and even some play time. Then my mommy called for this thing called a cab. I didn't know what it was at first. After she called and hung up, she went to the closet and removed this big, blue box looking thing. She put a towel in there along with a toy. She then turned on her 'such a cute kitty' voice, and coaxed me into her arms. What? I have a weakness for being told I am cute! Anyways, she picked me up and stuffed me into this box! It was horrible. I was so afraid that she was going to get rid of me. I know I was a good cat, she had told me that before. I cried and cried, pleading her not to get rid of me. I was happy where I was...with a mommy and a daddy. I didn't want it to leave. She then shut this gate thing and I was trapped. I cried even harder. I headbutted the gate as hard as I could sobbing trying to get out. I even tried to open it the way she did with my paws. But it didn't work! She tried to soothe me, but I didn't care at that point. I was scared. She finally dropped some treats into the cage and I calmed down a bit as I tried to hunt them down. She sat next to me and petted me while I was inside. It calmed me down a bit. Then her phone rang and she answered it. After some talking, she put a blanket over the box so I could not see. I then felt like I was being lifted and moved. I was so scared. I tried desperately again to get out. Meanwhile, she was trying to calm me down. I refused! I did not want to be abandoned again!

I heard a bunch of doors open and then felt a cool breeze. I then was set down and heard strange music and smelled strange sounds. She lifted the blanket off of me. I was in this thing called a cab. It looked like any ordinary car to me, except she was not driving, some strange man was who smelled of spices that I have never smelled before. He was listening to strange music with words that I was not used to. After a lot more crying, I calmed down again. My mommy put the blanket over my head and got out of the cab once the moving stopped. I had no idea where I was. I had worn myself out, though, from all the fighting. Too much emotional strain for me. I grew sleepy, weary, in need of a nap.

I heard another door open. My ears instantly perked up. I smelled cat. She was getting rid of me! I felt the box hit the floor. I was so sad! Abandoned again! I let out one more pathetic cry and plea before laying down in this box, soaking up my misery.

I heard my mommy talk to a nice woman. She mentioned another cat. I twitched my tail. Another month spent looking for a new mommy and daddy. So many people looked at me, pet me, but as soon as they saw my tail, they didn't want me. Finally someone who accepted me for who I was....gone.

My mommy came back and lifted the blanket off the box so I could see. This place looked new...there was cat stuff everywhere. And other cats too! But they weren't in cages, they were being held. No one else was in a box, so I didn't want to be in one too. I cried extremely hard this time, hoping that my mommy would let me out. It was successful. She let me out of the box, but forced me to stay on her lap. This place was so exciting, though. I wanted to explore. So many new sights and smells. They even had this square thing full of tasty fish! I wanted some really bad. I struggled to break free of her grasp to explore, but once my mommy threatened to put me in the box again, I settled down.

After what seemed like a while, I heard a man say my name and said he was calling me. Ohhh she was giving me away! After some struggle of trying to balance everything, my mommy had that stupid box, me, her fur, and this thing she calls her purse in her hands. She brought me into this room that smelled clean. I was set down on a cold table. But mommy held on to me and told me she loved me. Maybe I wasn't being given away...

A lady then picked me up and put me on this table. She said she was seeing how heavy I was. I was then put back on the table. I looked at my mommy and she had the most loving eyes on me, like I was the cutest cat in the world. She stroked my head and told me to calm down and relax. I started to really think she was not giving me away. The man then touched my ears and looked at my eyes and teeth. He also squished my sides and said I looked healthy. He then ran his hands down my back and told my mommy I was getting chubby! I looked at the man with disgust. I, Calypso, getting chubby? I think not! He told my mommy to not give me full run of my food and to limit my intake to a serving size a day so I don't become obese. How offensive this man was to me! I think I looked perfectly fine. He then put me back into the awful box and then gave both my mommy and I a sticker. Like that would make up for him calling me fat.

I was picked up once again and brought back to the room that had the smell of at least three cats, maybe four. My mommy then called a cab again and then we were moving again. I was so tired at this point in time that I just slept. I let out an occasional pathetic mew to remind my mom that I still wanted to live with her. Eventually the cab stopped, the blanket was thrown over the edge of the box so I could no longer see and I was being lifted. After what seemed like an eternity, I was set down. The blanket was lifted. This place smelled familiar! It looked familiar. I was let out. I was home!! She had not abandoned me. I was so silly to think like that. She had told me before I was going to the vet. I laughed to myself for my silliness. I then heard a treat jar being shook. I ran up to my mommy and she gave me two tasty pieces. She then dumped my food back into the bag and gave me a smaller portion. Stupid vet.

But that is the end of my horror story. I spent the rest of the day playing with my mommy, who then took a nap about 15 minutes into the play. She told me that all my crying and attempts to get out of that stupid, evil box had worn her out. I curled up next to her and took a short catnap. My daddy then came home and I played with him for awhile.

I guess what all you kitties can take out of this is if you do go some place, there is a great chance that your human is not going to get rid of you because they do love you. I was silly to think otherwise.

Also, on a different paw, my paw pads will heal with time. They are already looking better. Thanks for all your wishes and concerns.

Oh yes! This not having free run of my food sucks! I ate all my food and my mommy and daddy didn't fill my bowl again until the next day! I actually had to wake them up to feed me. I was so upset, but mommy seemed worried, so I didn't pig out and stopped when I was full. I think knocking the cup of cat food out of her hand because she was going to slow scared her. I must watch out for scaring her in the future. I don't want to worry her too much.

Anyways, once again, my eyes are dropping. Thinking about my trip to the vet just wore me out again...or maybe it is just that time for my first catnap of the day.



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