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tiny mighty moe

Rags to riches !

May 19th 2012 9:46 pm
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Yes we all went from rags to riches. Tiny told our story in detail tonight and many of our friends already know it but he told it again cause we have made a lot of new friends this year. We were poor tiny kittens born to live the dead end life of street kitties and Moma Ivey did what she could to prepare us and she was not ever scared of people! Now we the three of us litter mates that are still here Calie, Tiny and me Moe (mighty MOe) live the life of aristicats!
It was about a year and 1/2 ago when mom found catster and we often hear about the "old catster" and it must have been grand we are sorry we were not here then. We know this; no matter what "catster" does to the site it cannot change the way we feel about our friends or how it lifts moms spirits to see "you have received a comment" and to get a pawmail or prizzie from of one of our friends. We still feel happy when mom gets an email that says "Moe is a daily diary pick" (or Calie or tiny Little Boy, or the angels skids, alley,Ivey, booboo, and our extended family freckles, shorty, angel little bit.)
We love yall thanks for making catster a great place to be.

Purred by: Rex (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 12:36 am

We know how you feel. We too are all so lucky to have found a real home and to have found Catster. It's a great place to be with so many friends.
Purred by: MALLEE DG My Baby Girl, Angel (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 4:51 am

Yesh oh my yesh, Catster iz a PAWSOME purrlace to be, MoeMoe~! It'z so mush fun~! I soo happy U founded a great furmily to live wif 'n a purrfect furefur home~! Happy Gotcha Day sweetie~!! Love U gurly gurl~!

Purrz 'n hugz,
Purred by: Natalie the Natcat, Forever (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 4:51 am

Oh MoeMoe! It was so nice for Mommy to hear you talk on the phone!!! She said she liked saying Moe! Moe! and hearing you talk!
Did you hear me?

Welcome in from the cold, as Ruffy would say. We love you and your family.

love Natalie and family.
Purred by: Natasha (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 6:44 am

This place has helped my mom with my passing on and the support for her new kitten who will be coming soon. Her DH doesn't have to hear about the cats and their problems. She is glad to come here every day and loves the conversations. It isn't always sad but happy news spreads quickly.
Yeah for Catster.....What a wonderful place....Now, can we invest in this place instead of Facebook?.......hmmmmmmm.........
Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 11:05 am

Amen, MoeMoe! Amen!!
Happy Gotcha Day to you!
We hope it will be a furtastic day!

Pipo & Minko
Purred by: Skylar db#39A (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 7:03 pm

Happy Gotcha Day! I was one of those street kitties too and now I have a family and a family here on Catster. Life sure is something!
Purred by: Marmelade DB #98 (Catster Member)

May 20th 2012 at 9:43 pm

Hi Tiny!

Our stories are so similar. I was a street kitten too but destined to have a forever home. Happy Gotcha Day and thank you for making Catster a wonderful place!

Purred by: Blade (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 4:02 am

Happy gotcha day MoeMoe!! We are so happy you guys were gotten by your lovely family. and we are super happy you guys found catster!!
Purred by: Meep (Catster Member)

May 21st 2012 at 7:46 am

Hey Moe Moe! SO glad you got to be a furever home kittie cat and got to tell your tale here in Catsterland. May 20 must be a furry lucky day!


Tiny Mighty MoeMoe~Dreamette #


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