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tiny mighty moe

old toys are like new!

September 20th 2011 11:23 pm
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ok so mom pulled out some of the old toys we have not seen in a while and callie, me and tiny played like we did when we were kittens, the that crazy "let's chase moe" ivey cat tried to join us and oh my girl callie slammed her with one mighty right paw and she went down, on to her back and bared all four paw claws and backed her ears, so callie gave her a mighty growl that plainey said "you fight like a little girl now back off of moe" ok maybe she just said back off. I went back to play with new/old toys cause I am not gonna be scared of her I am just staying near callie and then callie smelled me and rubbed my shoulder (mom thought it was so cute.)I said "mrr' to let callie know I am okay.
Later that mean Ivey chased me into the patio door and so mom locked her up. I feel so much better when I do not have to watch out for her. So when momma told boo "I love you booboo" I chased her and she ran and then stopped and we had blows. Mom said moe if you don't like ivey to do that then do not do it to boo...but see it is waaaay different when I am the one doing the tormenting because of course we all know I am just playing around. kitty smile

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September 21st 2011 at 10:37 am

me gran kids tuna N sauce be doing de same bee a fite in de other then give it a day or few N de next one be startin sum came home frum werk a few days ago ta find sauce bitin de be jezuz outta tuna's butt...after her breaked it up her toll tuna...see thatz what ewe get for pickin on sauce all de time...then sauce said...thatz cat speech !
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September 21st 2011 at 10:25 pm

Of course it's different when you do it! I know it's way different when I swat than when I'm swatted at!


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