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tiny mighty moe

tiny, the lamp, and the phone, and I am active poster

February 20th 2011 7:11 pm
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Hey I was listed with active Posters pretty cool!
Mom got this new smart phone and she even knows how to use most of it the thing of it is that now all her emails come to the phone so it goes off alot and it makes the msot anoying scary sound I cannot even describe it it's kinda like buzzzzDING my heart lurches and I have to jump down and go hide somewhere. Well i am here under the lamp on the desk with mom she's telling me I am beautiful and it keeps going off now I finally calm down and got back up here and comfy then here ocmes Tiny (what a joke that name is for him) he wants to lay underthe lamp mom showed him the other one since there are two he looked it over then came over here to lay with me....he's tooo big there's not room then the phone went off we both jumped down and he got back up there before I did so I guess I will get comfy over here under the other lamp on this side of the oooh my cats there goes that crazy phone, I am outta here.


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