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tiny mighty moe

no moe no moe MOE NO!

February 4th 2011 10:08 pm
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Yea that is what she says to be everytime, and then I get down but jeez I was just looking at dat bird I wadn't touchin it or nothin she just gets so goofey over that silly "little boy bird" but after all I am a cat and he is a bird.
See mom has the little parakeet she had before she had us and skids never bothered with the bird she grew accustomed to it and it could fly lose in the room with her (they kept each other company when mom and dad usedto travel) she had a bird previously so knew he is family, we are still learning about birds as family, mom doesn't trust me or the others with him unless she is in the room with us and then if we try to very gently touch his cage she starts in with "Don't touch the bird" kind of a silly rule for kitties. Well ok just to be fair she does say nice things to me like "hey pretty moe moe my little girl moe, love that kitty moe, when she does that i don't even mind that she makes up silly rules that don't make any sense. Good night kittes snuggle up and stay warm.


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